What kills more humans this year – last year – than anything else? You think its cancer or heart attacks? No illness is the leading killer. Mal practice kills over 300,000 of us annually in hospitals and at Pharm use from our own docs and health care workers.

  • Shark Attacks kill six of us. A year.
  • Snake Bites kill 1000 a year
  • Mosquito’s largely with malaria kill 1,000,000 of us a year
  • We kill 500,000 in brutal slaughters punishing our diversity
  • But what kills 3 million a year and we encourage addiction to it?

If you have been scrolling we attempted this week August 25th last weekend of the month in this Summer August – to drive home a bit of PERSPECTIVE about the world’s favorite SIT COM THE TRUMP White House television show. Running up to the November election the press will focus on – with bought and paid media inside an election year – where the # 1 advertising is – and remains – your brain washing to vote.

The entire media is super focused on the issue of getting Trump. Right now that is for “crimes” by “association” and generally a “frame” by the bias Department of Justice – to charge Trump with “crimes” to foster impeachment – which can’t win in fact – grid locking the USA “from” Trump by design. A two step program to win back congress and then the White House in Two years. A billion behind the plan.

We are now to November buried like under a Hawaii Hurricane flash flood that ever ends of FAKE NEWS to swell up a tsunami of wave “issues” to get our vote in November. Watch.

Meanwhile what is killing over 3 million of us EACH YEAR is legal, everywhere, encouraged, advertised, promised, and sold to us all the while this toxic poison of humanity is protected legally, and it works to demonize anything that would lower or reduce its own consumer. What is the KILLER issue in 2018 you will never hear about from any candidate running for office.


Today’s report you can look u on google in national news – if you can even find the article amidst the TRUMP White House SIT COM this weekend with HE SAID SHE SAID – in the TRUMP/SESSION bashing – where the man that just loves President Trump – Sessions – attacks his boss through his direction of Justice daily, protects all those doing the attacking of their own boss, and daily he personally attacks the man he loves like no one else on Trump’s team does – and for now – he gets away with it.

JUSTICE REFORM might begin with a DEEP STATE MASSACRE – where on a Friday like TODAY – Trump walks over with say 50 people in tow – including his new folks – and fires Session – and all the management circles – and the Special Prosecutor. And appoints new management on the spot in each firing bam. The Justice Department is now under new management and proceeding with all agenda’s and no one is attacking the boss that they work for. Its the American way.

Then and only then – at some future date line time – if there ever is really Justice Reform – the item we are dealing with below may become a headline or an item as in ten years 30 million of us are destroyed while their top five lobby protects their industry from any harm whatsoever.

Why is just in America ( the rest of the world the math is staggering ) asleep to this issue?

Why when 3 million die of Alcohol each YEAR does no one DO anything? We protect the killer industry from pot that kills less than an prescription med you consume right now – where POT is a Federal Class A drug. All the class A drugs combined together do not kill the 500,000 we ourselves slaughter each year – humans killing humans. Why not have a WAR ON HUMANS much more meaningful than a fake WAR ON DRUGS that zaps nations economically in:

  • A war on drugs nations lose and never win prohibition never works 
  • No war on snakes
  • No war on mosquito’s 
  • No war on human drug deaths and medical Mal practice deaths 400,000 a year 4 million in ten years in just the USA.

Voters are not economically educated and are brain washed to keep money flowing in a Deep State bought and paid for unless reforms continue to roll back the “way we have always done it” into something new.

Legalize drugs and license distribution to state outlets in which drug recovery is offered free – and high quality low cost drugs of purity that will not kill you are open and available – and – no one registers as an addict – no stigma – and jails empty – crime and theft stop – black market which is less pure and higher cost are lifetime sentenced so that black market dries up economically – and we redeploy WAR ON DRUG talent into the WAR ON TERROR.

Death by fire arms is in the 100’s death by Alcohol is over 3 million in 2018.


Given how many of “us” drink Alcohol todays study appeared on the front page of bought and paid for media ( by alcohol doing that pay out ) no where. The article appeared almost not at all in USA Press consumed with the Trump Sit Com and get Trump OUT by November.

SHAME ON YOUR AMERICAN MEDIA for you are killing us – by the million by failing to spotlight and keep the spot light on our:

  1. Leading killer more than all disease combined and then some
  2. Our single largest cause of crime
  3. Our largest cause of illnesss
  4. Our largest destruction of family relationship parenting and marriage
  5. Our most toxic epidemic making pills like zero by comparison

Todays report the LARGEST LONGEST MORE COMPLETE ever on Alcohol concluded for human beings THAT – there is no safe level of alcohol consumption – compared to say healthy non killing pot – ranked by Alcohol KILLER LOBBY – demon weed – to assure healthy pot does not main stream and reduce billions of dollars in daily alcohol consumption so we reach 5 million deaths a year – they don’t care.

So the report details the toxic harm – to organs – brains – thinking – judgement – action and motor function – and the massive premature death caused by toxic consumption. Smoking kills 100,000’s of us – nothing kills millions nothing but ALCOHOL a preventable death in each case.

What can we do. Banning anything creates MORE DEMAND.

So we suggest new alcohol laws:

  • Legalize and license all illegal drugs winning the war on drugs.
  • State licensed stores sell those drugs with free rehab
  • Taxes pay illegal drug enforcement – and rehab costs and profit USA
  • Alcohol is taught in school to be a toxic poison with the study data
  • Alcohol is labeled as toxic and serious health risk # 1 human killer
  • Taxes from Alcohol go up – way up
  • Profits from Alcohol taxes are used for massive public education TV Billboards and ads to reduce demand massively and death

Yesterday is too late for the ONE issue this weekend – you will not find any candidate running for office talking about…..

The Number # killer FIRE ARMS at 118 deaths in 2018 – no way.

Alcohol and its massive lobby and pack contributions – to state THE # 1 human killer MUST BE ADDRESSED IN AMERICA FIRST ? Come on folks no one will talk against all that money no one. Not in a bought and paid for casino capitalism – until it reforms.

The reformers – will THEY win in November – could be most of us on that.

The Deep State and that is the way we like it – as the song goes – do they win – if its most of us – then we live with the old way going forward. Millions more die while profits are made until the earth kills us all if we don’t kill one another first.

Congress is the only ISSUE really.

This weekend I wanted attention – our real ATTENTION to rise up to the math model of what is really killing us – what is our # 1 killer and WHY is that killer not clear to 300 million of us today and how INSANE is the fact lobby money makes the truth impossible.

I expect by year end fake news that alcohol is good for us. The study concluded that any reported health benefit of Alcohol which the report questioned as industry studies lacking MERIT – but concluded IF TAKEN ON THEIR FACE VALUE AND NOT QUESTIONED THE OUTCOMES OF THOSE BENEFITS ARE OVER COME BY 100 TO 1 NEGATIVE HEALTH IMPACTS FOR USING TOXIC ALCOHOL IN A HUMAN BODY WATER CREATURE – DO NOT POLLUTE YOUR “BLUE WATER”.

So keep in mind while we see US Justice – fully biased no question on that item – super focused to November on the one American issue facing our people – GET PRESIDENT TRUMP – worse than GET NIXON and fully engaged as if this was WATERGATE all over again – and issues that kill and pollute over 3 million of us are not discussed as an easy no cost fix to reduce deaths by over 1 million in say 2019 if any reformer took up that issue. Imagine the billions invested in you if you agree to block any of that?

So in bought and paid for America life or death comes down to:

  • System reform in 2019 or not
  • Deep State and thats the way we like it….or not

The voters will decide – America bought and paid for is alive well and fully engaged and working today – or “we are all mad as hell and we all are NOT going to take IT any more….”

We’ll know when we vote – Americans are smarter than all the brain washing – or American’s are still too ignorant to understand their own manipulations by the super money.

Having been born and raised in a Super Money Family in San Francisco – 5th Generation – with legacy to that city that is rich and deep – having run a public GLOBAL mid size investment banking stock broker institution in my younger years, in New York I was inside the Super Money decision making. I saw up close and personal the law firms of the Fortune leadership and the leadership itself.

The systemic influence to protect existing industrial stability is not desired in America or any democracy. Establishing rule of law to preclude election manipulation in digital ages requires upgrades to our check and balance as does justice require reform today.



That is the question for the world not just America. With Reform the Fed can merge back into Treasury breaking its fraud greed causing all wars and boom bust cycles including two world depressions because the FED is your first fake news to over come. Scroll and read the blogs on the FED right here and you will have data that you should have had in high school and the fact that you did not get this information IN HIGH SCHOOL as an educated citizen is why? Why were you presented lies versus the truth in public and private education ? Ask yourself what cabal what power grid keeps that kind of fraud passing generations? Which is why we put it first. 100 million have died from the FED which makes alcohol more like the measles by comparison.

Still the next largest killer to WORLD WARS and death caused by our error in central banking laws – ( merge the FEB back into treasury as a reform agenda # 1 item for economic prosperity into 2050 and beyond ) – and put Alchohol education ( not banning ) and labeling as JOB # 1 for human health – as the NO SAFE LEVEL OF ALCOHOL is now known by science to exist in human consumption – pass REFORM LAWS to win the war here on LIFE and stop the crimes of fraud and death upon us all.

Voters read with 20/20 new vision eye ware and see the eye chart for the first time – the TRUTH versus the LIES – and you vote …thats the way we like it ( not at all ) and ( reform ) for the life of us all.

Till life do us part………on Alcohol….stop putting folks in jail for pot …..