When you set up a system to win 99.7% of the time is that fair in say a casino? Who would play at a slot or a table that you KNEW going in was a 03% of a win possibility? Less than 1% chance? Who would proceed?

No the only table with that level of win record is the “set up” created by the US JUSTICE DEPARTMENT that “frames” in its cases. The US Justice Department requires reform since the 1700. It is unfair unjust and simply a “rigged game” today.

In my opinion. First of all lets look at system that:

  1. Has those charged which is simply some paper work – no big deal to charge – but your life is ruined from the very act of charging you – and you are rewarded in your JOB by the numbers of charges you bring. You are measured – number this month to month last year – to year to date – its like a pressure to issue more charges this month than anyone in the job has issued or at least tie to the out put of charges your supervisor is breathing down your neck for.
  2. The Supervisors need to turn in total charges per prosecutor and team and rank their “performance” ( output in charges issued that month ) to measure if they are doing their job properly as reviewed measured assessed and ranked to you on your charges this month.
  3. The Prosecutors are ranked also by the number of convictions the ever rising charges bring, divided into plea margins ( over 90% of your cases ) and the few that go to court – where you move because they made you do all that work into NO MERCY in sentencing when you win 99.7% of the time you go to court.
  4. Because going to court is cost and time – you do every “trick” in your book of “tricks” to stay out of court. You give defendants sweet heart sentences you maximize the sentence if they go to court and you impress on their lawyer the enormity of your evidence and your track record of winning 99.7% of the time. Most of your cases do not go to court.
  5. You are punished if your “CONVICTION WIN STATS” fall in any way from the graph of the prior prosecutor who held your office and our your on stats on any three year average – with a goal to bring the OFFICE NUMBERS even higher or keep them max rate but to never not EVER LOWER the office numbers – from which the office gets its budget and full funding. Its an equation.

A system that rewards the entire teams for NOT BRINGING CASES and for lowering the number of cases in the system – is my JUSTICE REFORM. If you make a system like we have now the system is a CHARGE & SENTENCE FACTORY.


America has corrupted Justice in the USA to a CHARGE AND SENTENCE Factory. The economics ( funding ) of the system works on rewards for the maximum’s:

  1. The maximum number of charges brought annually
  2. The maximum sentences from those charges annually
  3. Sustain or elevate your budget and funding – or not based on stats

Our outcome for such corrupt unfair and broken US Justice is a CHARGE AND SENTENCE FACTORY. The Buarue of Prisons was as an unarmed group one of the smallest government agencies for 300 years.

Today the BOP as it is called is one of the largest budget items for the USA and hosts the largest armed group of grown ups in any US Agency outside the branches of the US MILITARY ITSELF – more than the FBI or CIA say.

The outcome of our “JUSTICE SYSTEM” is that we have the fastest growing population in the USA – inmates. We have the fastest growing city in the USA – Prisons. We have the highest incarceration of humans against every 100,000 in population in the world by a wide winning margin. We lock up more of our citizens per 100,000 by more than 100% than say China – North Korea – Russia – Sudan – The Gulf.

Yes. The USA is # 1 in locking people up. In the CHARGE & SENTENCE FACTORY we are paid to have prison cells built for one inmate per cell to now have four to five per cell – inmates in America often wash their clothes in toilet bowls. Cruel and unusual punishment – go visit sjust one federal penitentiary and everything you just “know” to be true about your America is going to revise itself……as it should.

Today the CHARGE & SENTENCE SYSTEM can and does gather in all your circle of close contacts – then threatens them if they won’t testify against you just the way the prosecutor wishes. You may say “surely” to prosecutors will not put words into a witness’s mouth? I say how cute how naive how immature. Of course NAZIS IN SUIT drunk on powers with zero oversight or checks and balances can and will “frame” their case and ‘put words” into witness mouths. Facing untold prison time with less than 1% chance to beat the most powerful nation on earths “framed in charges” the witness – makes a deal to stay out of jail and become party of the necklace of “hard evidence” against YOU.

While your word against their word may have a minor chance, when its multiple witnesses developed like a necklace your word is reduced in value to near zero I a court of law.

A court with miles of marble and huge seals of the US government with judges sitting a mile in the air looking down at you – the defendant. If you believe you are innocent until proven guilty in that “set up and setting” you must think again. The Truth is with a 99.7% conviction win ratio and a system that cements that into institutional “normal” – the jury and everyone concludes in fact – that – you are stoned to death guilty unless your paid attorney can pull a 3% of 1% victory in which you are proven innocent beyond any doubt what so ever. Any doubt you might be guilty – your 99.7% going own as an American.

Justice Reform? Are you more or less afraid of your own government today than you were ten or twenty years back in a park on swing sets?

Only in America are this many citizens locked up for long long sentences where the majority of crimes are minor drug and alcohol related crimes – non violent – and victimless no victim. Repeat violent offenders – really I don’t have much mercy or regard for them – lock them up forever. Excepts judges should be able to weed out.

Judges should issue sentences. Although they “DO” they do it with lap top sentencing guidelines without discretion of the past. This model is also terribly broken and puts folks in long prison sentences who should be on probation with a program in anger management. Really.

US Justice to keep their 99.7% win inside their CHARGE & SENTENCE Massive conveyor belt factory hooked up in all fifty states – enhances sentences where the entire system is paid per inmate head in each institution. An institution built to house and securely and humanely custodian prison sentences for 1200 inmates now houses 5600 inmates in the same facility – which is now cruel and unusual punishment – and increasingly unsafe for staff who are being slaughtered in the USA due to Justice being BROKEN.

No one knows the system is broken or unfair like the majority of inmates and their families. Five million folks in prison – five million staffing and caring for them that would otherwise have great challenge in finding a day job in America – and fifteen million family members effected by those five – in MAJORITY – know how unfair unjust and broken US Justice is.

There are many other factors. The USA before you are convicted of anything is one of the only nations to confiscate your bank account your cash your savings your investments and all your property – your boat your pick em up truck and often your house and your lawn seed is gone. Few nations exercise this GUILTY TO PROVEN INNOCENT confiscation policy in which those charged have ruined lives immediately, the most powerful central government in human history takes UNFAIR ADVANTAGE by assuring the defendant ( YOU now labeled forever soon to be convict and inmate ) can not pay a lawyer to represent you against that nation.

Now when you text – I just tweeted to make sure – and yes sir REE Bobbie – there were numerous tweets from the FBI. These tweets seek to unite the community ( us – we the people ) to rat out on one another – they want us to be extensions of their unlimited powers to spy on us with cams everywhere – hear us – from IPHONE to Computers – from the internet of things – to listen watch and monitor us – and yet they need US to spy on each other FOR THEM. Nazis turned families against one another – communist nations like China have secret police in every tiny village and cultural protocol “officers” of their justice department – encourage families to spy on each other and individuals are rewarded financially in status and acknowledgment for supporting the Justice of such unlimited spying and lying to gain from pain.

Justice REFORM ! It is not 1796 any longer Dorothy and you can NOT click your ruby slippers and return to Kansas honey bunny – you just can NOT. You reside in a trend rising of 54% convictions in the 1800’s to 97.7% conviction averages in the 2018 DIGITAL YEAR where the UNAFIR and IMPOSSIBLE ADVANTAGE of the Government weighs down upon you as an individual. Said another way – if THEY want you – your toast.

Unless and until there IS real Justice reform.

You have to visit a Federal Cafeteria as I’ve done to witness the prosecutors of your in process trial eating with the Judge in the trial and their staff. That is prevented by the rules of the court. We are not present. They are daily over a long trial assuring the 97.3% conviction win ratio applies to ME. It takes some “big ones” to go through the sham show – as it is a true SHAM SHOW – for the principle of what is right about the nation you love in fact. You know your going to lose and its wrong and its a travesty. But your just one of countless float sum on the conveyor belt of CHARGE & SENTENCE and truly no one cares – no one remembers – you just pass through – and your a statistic – one of the 95 million American’s today with a past prior of some kind or other. Almost half the adult population.


In todays world the Press is a 24/7 world wide starving animal seeking never ending CONTENT to retain audience to sell mindless crap. Thats the formula. Right and wrong do not enter into it. Rights? In the press? There is no check or balance no idea of privacy or your rights as a citizen and with JUSTICE REFORM there could be.

The Justice laws were written:

  1. Before the pony express
  2. Before the telegraph
  3. Before the radio
  4. Before the telephone
  5. Before the train linked the nation together

Before all of it.

DO you think the founding fathers would have created their own Justice Reform if they could have seen:

  1. Television and cable
  2. 24/7 news cycles global in scope
  3. The internet and tweets go around the world in a click factor
  4. Facetime
  5. The internet of THINGS

Or the modern press and how it invades the rights protected by the constitution but never considered in the constitution. Does the USA Constitution require a 3 year Pittsburgh 2020 CONSTITUTIONAL CONGRESS to upgrade the constitution to the modern internet world – a document whose sole purpose is to PROTECT THE SOVEREIGN INDIVIDUAL CITIZENS “FROM” THE MOST POWERFUL CENTRAL GOVERNMENT EVERY KNOWN TO MANKIND?

Justice reform in trial by Press.

Should Press by law be precluded from reporting any government “charge” until conviction?

Or something else?

Or do we magnify the Government win ratio of unfair and unjust 97.7% of all charges brought end in convictions – where those charged have no % hope of any kind of winning in fact. Did you even know that?

So now the PRESS convict you. They don’t this week give Donald Trump the benefit of the doubt – as in mass they are the TRUMP POLITICAL UNITED RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. When Richard Nixon fired the Director of the FBI Edger HOOVER assured that Nixon was going to be brought down BY THE FBI. Do you think it was any different when Trump fired Comey? The entire three letter agency community came together behind any Trump back or authority in charge’s back – to GET THE PRESIDENT OUT OF OFFICE as a guaranteed reply and message to the next President.

DEEP STATE: Protect budgets and power at any and all cost and terminate anyone attempting to REFORM  the process and procedures we have in place – to protect our wealth and power. For our group PLENTY of wealth and plenty of power is simply not near enough for us.

REFORMERS: Upgrade and modernize antique process and traditions – zero consideration for deep state interest in wealth and power as after reform they still have more than enough of both – to create long term structural efficiencies to assure prosperity in America into 2030 and beyond.

The Press has convicted every single Justice “TARGET” so that you and I would vote guilty if asked right now based on what we have read. In court the best actors on earth ( Standford Harvard and leading legal brains the best government endless money can buy and grant unlimited powers to ) work against in huge massive % court appointed attorney’s like I had – that as in my case – have never once tried a complex white collar crime. My attorney’s reported at the start of my trail decades ago:

….we are a husband wife team….appointed ty the coach as the third attorney in this complex matter – we have never tried a complex white collar case – primarily pleading drug cases – we have no defense witnesses no defense prepared – we are in the middle of a terrible personal divorce as two recovering alcoholics and we are not prepared to try this matter or put on a defense….the judge ordered the trial to proceed anyway……fair? Just?

I knew it was over before it began but I refused to plead guilty to conduct I never once had a brain cell upon – a crime. I had posted in the company system wide before we sold it – shut the company down before you break one law. In Modern Justice the firm was not charged with anything wrong – nor where its officers President who did all the transactions – he was granted a free boat ride to testify against me with his thumb having this huge enormous white taping from his construction hammer hitting it – facing the jury with that damaged thumb sky high over his prepared testimony – and the jury never appreciated the thumb was damaged for sticking it that far up my ass and pulling it out that fast – they just didn’t get THAT. HE was the President who did selling for 87,000 dollars ( parking meter money ) and I’m the one charged – only me. Just me. No company no board member no conspirators just me. Sound unusual? Now if the prosecutor was your best friend growing up – more unusual? 

Now consider the broken Justice lies to the Jury and tells them I own the company – when I did not. The jury never knew they were lied to by their own government. The trail was not about fraud or security law breach it was a charge of “contempt of court” lowest Federal violation that does not require INTENTION and is a virtual 100% conviction when applied. The trail was about “sending a higher standard to the owners of public brokerage firms in the future. Since my conviction and the higher standard 100% of my tribe – the larger brokerage firms have either resigned to derail a CHARGE BY JUSTICE or they paid 100 million dollar fines – billions total for all of them – for crimes ( not 87,000 alleged totals but billions and billions – they pay chump change to never go to trail – never go to jail – because justice in America is and I’m here as living evidence living proof – Justice is FOR SALE in AMERICA.

This makes every single one of 8 billion across the world think America is no longer the light house it once was of HOPE & OF PROMISE. America is becoming a digital police state – giving up personal freedom like rain – to some how be more free – which never works. My view:

…there is not one American freedom protected for a three year little girl that a long long time ago a gang of crazy brains bought and paid for by Gulf nations got lucky once and took our Twin towers down….that should be given up by that little girl who should still be in the home of the FREE go to the gate and meet her grandma flying in……but no she will have to wait as monitoring us all of us all the time is not enough to the controls they wish to place on us till we are all chipped up entirely……which is coming without justice reform…..

So the Press has no balance of justice. You are truly tried and convicted from the often unfair charge “framed in” and “set up” by the most powerful band of legal minds to ever assemble all working for the United States of America and City and Municipal and State departments of JUSTICE.

Now then are violent actions repulsive and require concerted law enforcement to preserve a rule of law nation all the while protecting the sovereign rights of each citizen to maximum level?

Do you wish any person charged by the CHARGE & CONVICT FACTORY of 2018 and 2019 to be immediately found guilty by PRESS COURT? Once you are charged the bought and paid for press goes to work to make you a celebrity in your walking down a grocery isle – GUILTY as charged which you’ll see as your home tribe try and avoid you — keep their children from even looking at you buying cheese and hazelnut cream. YOUR A FELON YOUR A CONVICT YOUR GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY and thats the day after the “THEY”S charged you which always follows with THEIR Press Conference elevating their statistics to get funding. That front page news with your attorney saying “no comment” which in press terms means….guilty see we told you so….and that press goes on the prosecutor or assistant prosecutor who has your case – office wall so everyone can see their latest WIN when it is hours after the “SET UP” and “FAME IN” Of that CHARGE……97.7% conviction ratings to keep full budget and funding…..don’t let that drop now…..ya hear me…..everyone toasts at the party to the PRESS CLIP going on your wall and the journalist from the press are their toasting and getting recognition for their job well done….and extension of US JUSTICE:

  1. Tweets and wholesale whistle blow on one another as a national culture and help us close the entire loop here on POLICE STATE AMERICA – FORTRESS AMERICA – keeps others out and keeps you all IN.
  2. Monitor you all the time 
  3. Charge your circle or threaten them in extortion your legally immune from at Justice and trick threat black mail and scare the pants off them until they testify as you require and desire to get your next TARGET.
  4. Enhance sentence time to maximum and mean it to deal down to high high time sentences to get YOU to plead versus go to court where you don’t get sentence x. You get sentence x by pleading guilty or you get 97.7% of the time – maximum time possible. I took trial and maximum time versus deal with Nazis in Suits.
  5. Press Justice Power Extension – produces absolute guilty perception in the court of PUBLIC OPINION and in a Justice taking UNAFIR ADVANTAGE to a solo defendant in resources – legal set up and frame work – unlimited resources with investigation agencies of state and top attorneys prosecuting – and press slam dunks for prosecutors doing the ballet of organizing NO MERCY PROSECUTIONS to assure RATES of CONVICTION remain as per office average – to secure full office budget and funding for all.

The humans in the system are good and they are NOT BROKEN.

Which is why it was easy for me. I respected the humans doing their traditional work to slam me to the curb. It was not personal only in my case it was entirely personal. That happens too in Justice that lacks REFORM and UPGRADING from the 1700’s.




On Jury Duty I tell them if called the truth. That I’ve been falsely charged and convicted and I believe the prosecution is far more corrupt than the defendant who I could never vote anything but acquittal for.

I’m disqualified by one side – JUSTICE.

So ask yourself again America….are you less or more afraid of your own government today than you were some years ago…….?

My position right now: I work for Justice Reform in mid year election with candidates – defining our support for candidates that prioritize JUSTICE REFORM as what restores American greatness – protecting our citizen right maximally as in no other nation from the central government – reforming the system so rewards are for how few cases you bring now how many – it is such a better model.

In that model have zero fear violent crime will be dealt with but all violent crimes are not equal – some are true accidents some are pure evil – some have enormous complex moderating issues – Judges not computers are best at figuring out. Moderating bias of judges – can be done by sentence review panels versus lap top sentencing – where an upgraded Justice System operates with JUDGES review of standards set by law in the JUSTICE REFORM ACTS.

I stand for Justice reform.

I find what we are watching this week – unfair – unjust – and no where near what this nation should wish for – both from charge and “frame work” in the “set up” of the cases designed to politically terminate the President of the United States as the singular present GOAL OF US JUSTICE and its community.

The Reformers attacked us and illuminated the need for justice reform taking away our cloak of being INVULNERABLE now the we the people are in fact questions us – we thought we had them hypnotized. To feed us. To know that we require unlimited budget growth – for wealth and powers where plenty in our world is never not ever enough.

You watch endless binge watching on Justice gone bad – on police who are bought and paid for – of Justice influenced and paid for – and you see criminals at the top pay 100 million dollar to multi billion dollar fines ( to who – to Justice bank accounts ) and no one pleading to criminal activity of billions goes to jail because today broken justice has the golden rule on wealth and power – TOO BIG TO JAIL – means more of what we feed on from them. They are now in OUR POCKET.

IS this the JUSTICE you want or have YOU HAD ENOUGH Finally?

This week I’m so sad for those who were “turned” by a CHARGE & SENTENCE FACTORY that has become without any intention for it – unfair – immoral – weighted – systemic to 97.7%  conviction ratio being maintained for full funding – convict at any cost don’t damage our win statistic ratio ever – and in fact NOT JUST AT ALL TODAY NOT JUSTICE no way. 

Without USA JUSTICE REFORM America becomes the KGP Police state we once most feared – as we lead the free world in the highest % of jailed and incarcerated “criminals” upon the earth.


  1. Remove the largest cost – the war on drugs. Make all illegal drugs legal and distributed at high quality low cost government licensed outlets that offer ( from taxes paid ) free recovery programs to all users to gain sobriety. This in all nations trying it – reduces both drug use and violent crime by % that you can not image – it is massive cost saving to the treasury of that nation. WE win. Users stop dying “and” society wins retiring a “war on drugs” we actually lost in the 1970’s. World wide. It is a crime to pour money down this lost cause rabbit hole.
  2. ReDeploy law enforcement from DRUGS to Illegal Drugs and throw the book at them now – as its legal hey – and most to the WAR ON TERROR and local and national security better use of our funds. There are enough bad guys out there.
  3. Reform Grand Jury Process – fair just and the best on earth.
  4. Roll Back Freedom – where Prosecutors and staff get pay raises for reducing office budgets and reducing cases brought into the system. 1 to 4 with clemency “time served” for 2 million of the five incarcerated most for minor non violent offenses – are released in a processs – prisons empty – and they become ground zero for programs and processes to help folks return to successful lives.
  5. Retooling justice at core – reclaims billions back to treasury from waste to surplus that can advance the digital and human intel on terror and fund the growing costs to destroy those that would hack and attack the USA – made possible from budgets retooled from JUSTICE REFORM of common sense use of NEW FOUND PROCEEDS.

Justice Reform is a complex process and my simplistic suggestion here is only agenda discussion items. Always economically considered when I’m involved. I feel if economic systems are right the over system is right. If the system is wrong – as with competitive capitalism driving into its final form before it self destructs – casino capitalism in wild market speculations gambling in fact and leveraged risk taking – or communism failing in every nation it has been tried – not one success you can look at – for when you look at success it was not communism by capitalism in private sector grants by communist central planners that brought on any fleeting success – but as in China the DEBT LOAD of Russia China and others destroys the system at core without a SUPER BOND solutions ( outlined in this Blog ) – into chaos and revolution. Always. Like Justice that is 110% historic take it to the bank – why would anyone who has data chose a social communist system to reside under? If they could chose better – a better way.

The ruler of the UAE suggests his one guy runs it all is the best system? We believe democracy can self correct its own abuses over time if the voters wake up and become active to real issues with real information versus bought and paid for brain washing we see in nations today.

Which we all know. Just having access to the internet like communist Cuba did for ONE DAY ONLY creating a weekend of FET PARTIES in celebration and appreciation by all the Cuban people. Freedom is the future and lack of freedom is not going to favor government forms that are not inclusive of the PEOPLE they serve.

This week the PRESS Is magnifying one of the most unfair unjust trail “by press’ set ups in Justice Department history. While Justice is celebrating a victory many in this nation are attending a WAKE for a JUSTICE DEPARTMENT fatally ( now obvious to us all ) damaged by systems that require REFORM and upgrading into the digital future we reside within.

As all human systems always ( our Bain really ):

  1. Resist all improvement or change of any kind
  2. Resist anything that does not preserve – thats the way we have always done IT whatever the IT is
  3. Resist any change to system mechanics as to how we get full budget and paid annually year to year 

Human are afraid that as they dance down the YELLOW BRICK ROAD in OZ long before they reach the Emerald City “change” will create their demise by the lions tigers and bears along the yellow brick road.

Upgrading SYSTEMS and REFORMING nations requires where humans are involved……one drop of courage greater than your fears….

Which is all I have to say about THAT………

My goal this sad apex week for justice reform screaming to American’s is to suggest my readers think how important asking candidates you wish to vote for are as I do….what is your position on justice reform and where is that a priority for you…..as a politican now in the cross hairs  of Justice yourself…..?