Two weeks to hell? Do YOU think so too? Why do you agree with me? Oh no I don’t think the boom has stopped. I think the Trade deal with China and Mexico will set up the entire WORLD. A new prosperity into 2030 with our own Congress being the wild card. I’ve told you WHY on that part.

We are now in the longest boom expansion cycle globally in recorded record keeping for humans.

If congress passes an infrastructure bill – the other stimulus – and if the Fed slows down – we may have time. Prosperity would with those big IF items continue in our opinion ( and others ) into 2030.

Now let us focus between now and year end.

If you are on vacation but you manage 100’s of millions of dollars to be a minnow in the BILLION DOLLAR BOYS CLUB of 10,000 SUPER MONEY POOLS in August 2018 all managed by rapidly evolving AI. AI will have little “steering” or influence by the owners of each AI over a pool of money. The AI may trigger on sound bites volatility to which “IT” shows “ITS” OWNERS profit while they were away. For “IT” knows when “THE OWNERS” Left and “IT” also knows when the owners return – something new just for you in 2018 – ‘IT” KNOWS !

After Labor Day the owners are likely to move in their chess wizardry core into 2019 portfolio’s around – the biggest move of capital in markets of 2018 in our opinion. We call the market “casino capitalism” and we have explained why in detail – scroll”. When “STEERAGE” by “THE OWNERS” of AI occurs – buying steps our of parameters for global AI. AI than lags in repositioning ( lag means profits are lost on both sides of the trade or rope ).

It is our opinion that what we now call THE HOLIDAY BET.

We see under valued stocks effected on price and earnings weighted to the Holiday Season – period. The OWNERS will STEER AI to take risk AI would as a non human fail to take – a HOLIDAY BET that leverages such REPOSITIONING – FAANG having led the 2018 global market upward – with the most narrow band of stocks doing so – we see that band growing larger as the big guns return from VACATION and at that time STEER their HOLIDAY BET and YEAR END BUY – where HOLIDAY FACTOR EARNINGS reported into the first quarter will assist year end closing wealth to be at record all time highs. OWNERS think that way boys and girls.

The MARKET will FOLLOW the OWNERS who lead. As it is now after especially THIS Labor Day in THIS election year of the tweet wars – the OWNERS will sneak a trade in – here and then there – but AI will “see” it and “act” plus other “OWNERS” will know instantly what that trade here and trade there is when SUCH TRADES are out of parameters for AI. They ALL “know” and they all GOOOOOO ! 

It is my opinion then that we will see “woe is me” profit taking by AI giving their version of a “HOME COMING” to their “OWNERS”. The week after Labor Day will be typically but not always calm. The “OWNERS” take a week or so to get back into “control” and then to ” STEER” toward year end REPOSITIONING.

As the Fall REPOSITIONING WARS OCCUR I suspect all time market high’s by year end even the election November. All time record high’s for the market – the yield curve fluctuates but does not invert ( if it inverted we could have two years to recession by historic trending no inversion the boom goes on and on ) – and the base of stocks NOW participating in the HOLIDAY BET are going to make big bucks from Face Book to Tesla ( bet against the short folks at the casino table side betting on price ) and so many more from JC PENNY to Macy’s. THE GREAT REPOSITIONING IS COMING which gives America an even more solid economy moving into 2019.

The world economy has two election outcomes:

  • Democrat victory – Grid Lock – Gov Dysfunction – impeachment – endless investigations – nothing happens in forward years of time and the markets crash and American sinks into a recession.
  • Republican victory – Congress works – infrastructure is passed – economy keeps GROWING & GOING in 2019 and into 2030.

But until November we will now KNOW if the new WALLET  VOTER who votes outside party in 2018 and votes their Wallet or votes hard line party in Nov.

The Economy is hostage to “only congress” as without INFRASTRUCTURE the economics to grow without recession accommodations is increasingly challenged. Can we continue to grow? Without infrastructure in the short term – no. With a sane immigration upgraded legal immigration frame work and infrastructure the Fed pressures of rising interest and dollar in global markets can perhaps be managed without a triggering Super Crash. If the USA moves to Congress grid lock – like it has been for 16 years – with average over two decades for our “AMERICA” of growth – average – was 1.8% which given how they lie is really about zero growth with a lie on top for a statistic. It is SHAMEFUL. 

So AMERICA share the blog that suggests you CLICK MORE and turn channels less – you all vote – and to the extent spirit moves you – step out of party and politics and lets all vote our WALLET – for if Congress and Gov WORK we are going to have PROSPERITY into 2030 – if we don’t we won’t.

We’ll see….its like the old circus shell game – as the crises is in INTEGRITY – world wide – the shell has the truth but which shell – truth truth who has the truth – try and find the truth is it here – or over here – is it there or over there – where IS the truth I ask you….the whole truth and nothing but the truth…….is it in the POST or CNN is it on FOX or BBC? Or is it in ME?

The Voter may have a result they can’t imagine as outcome.


The. Wallet Party has the truth and votes on the truth – they vote their wallet for mechanical 5% plus GROWTH versus 1.8% almost zero growth for some 20 years in the USA. The Wallet Party votes to make sure CONGRESS WORKS – as a truth. Outside of party’s and outside of all the media brain washing so bought and paid for.

As more and more drop into the WALLET PARTY ( world wide too ) what WORKS?  What vote assures PROSPERITY?

I can not predict the Nov outcome I can only predict what occurs either way as a truth.

It remains my opinion as expressed all year that a record high will occur at year end due to THE GREAT REPOSITIONING. A lot of short folks are going to walk like roaches near to the floor to the door by year end – beware of the short pairs – 

2019 will be a feature of Congress – down if the GRID LOCK begins and not so much – if Congress WORKS in 2019.

For now – until Labor Day? I’d click make a BOOKMARK and when you have an easy beverage break – look at two or more short films under QUICK LINK TAB at your new BOOKMARK for the MONEY.

Plan some fun.

Inside the longest book of human history……FUN……”IS” important……hey “THE OWNERS” – ALL KNOW – THAT ! 

Berny Dohrmann on summer lazy days in Florida Paradise SPACE