Maginault Newman is a yawn – another one – and I’m so tired I don’t need Musk Ambien to sleep tonight. Another ONE. REALLY.

All these ladies working against Trump who is presiding over the largest Woman from Supreme Court to leading positions inside – to state and legislation LADIES UP FIRST this year – the world has yet seen.

So Maginault Newman who has her boss and benefactor who gave her a future beyond anything she had known as the APPRENTICE – and then elevated her into the White House relying upon her. Then she FUCKS Donald Trump not the other way around folks – just like Stormy Daniels who is about to lose her children as a consequence of her own BIG LIE – but hey they are making millions ladies. Millions by the hour in chat rooms where Stormy loses her kids but gets to tease men world wide who pay her tokens as a Trump Star in the White House Sit Com.

Frankly I don’t watch sit coms.

Then comes Maginault Newman.

Now having signed a stack like you can not believe of agreements and contracts on national state secrets and privacy and conduct and policy before she worked Day One – what does she do?


Maginault Newman brings her phone to tape record to enrich herself the inside of the White House for personal gain. Now everyone is all over the TRUMP BASHING TRAIN WRECK led by Stormy Daniels and Maginault Newman as morally bankrupt human beings.

We go lift up societies worst loser and allow law breakers policy breakers fame and status in media gone fully bad? In my opinion. Take the facts ( not reported ever by anyone ):

  1. Maginault Newman committed a base line crime for tape recording without permission in any room of any house in any state in the USA. Law breaker.
  2. Maginault Newman commits federal numerous felonies ranging from TREASON to garden variety theft of state secrets and confidences by tape recording in say the SITUATION ROOM of the White House without permission and violating countless contracts.
  3. Maginault Newman should be on her way to federal penitentiary for crimes against all of us – without bail – or the remainder of her life as a traitor to her status country and job pathology.
  4. Maginault Newman is profiting from lies and self celebrity status to get her movie deal – kicking Donald Trump in the balls – who benefited and lifted her up to a height she could reach those balls in the first place – Maginault Newman is a disputable human being.
  5. Maginault Newman should be boy cotted for everything. Products – air time – ratings should plunge as we all change channels on Stormy and Maginault Newman – no chat pay – no money – they are surges and are identified as the SCUM of AMERICA versus its very finest.

Maginault Newman thats all I have to say about that and I hope they arrest her soon – hey they broke down the Presidents Attorney’s doors at 3 AM versus a request for information – with swat teams at office and home with family and so forth – I think Maginault Newman deserves at least a swat team weekend don’t you?

if you think she has quality and is good.

I beg to disagree with YOU and I respect your position in my own disagreement. I think her arrest without bail as a traitor is about time to send signals to those who sign our secrecy act that SNOWDEN’s decision is in the final outcome – fatal – and that traitors have consequence in speed and outcomes that are worthy of a nation that enforces rule of law.

Maginault Newman broke so many laws ( Stormy too ) where consequence to the millions they are making today – is something they can’t see – until say Stormy loses her Children – worth it now ? Say?

Consequence ?

Folks are we innocent to proven guilty or are we guilty in fake news press on publication?

What nation works for you?

Do you want White House Staff able to record and make big bucks as traitors moving forward given all our enemies out there or do you wish to have rule of law and consequence for crimes and breaking laws rule the land.

I think what is not fake news headlines is:

Maginault Newman arrested for TREASON and taken into custody without bail as national security risk. Where is THAT SOUND BITE AMERICA ITS THE LAW………

She can be an apprentice in Federal Custody – so much to learn and master there from the lady mentors inside those walls – wonder who those teachers will be for Maginault Newman? This is all coming trust me.  Hey Maginault Newmanget an illegal cell phone  inside  and tape record your fellow inmates to deal down your life time –  and see how snitching inside  those box top rules – inside a penitentiary – works out for you little darling? I’m just reporting on consequence for you today.

Have no fear for whom the bell tolls Maginault Newman…for this bell tolls for thee and thee alone. You screwed the most powerful nation on earth – us – we’ll see how that all works out for you in your 20 minutes of fame right now before they all spit you to the curb -its coming. Patience for the Karma. YOUR KARMA.

I’m big on INTEGRITY. Lady Leaders regardless of party do not reward in any way breaches of integrity by our lady leaders with power privilege access and obligation. Hold such leaders to a far higher standard when they act out from the gutter they reside within versus the C suite that rewards integrity versus its lack.


  • Click to anything but  Maginault Newman or Stormy and watch that dropping click count change their story.
  • Switch channels when they appear
  • No chat rooms for stormy gentlemen
  • Write your law maker to incarcerate Maginault Newman

Become a little more active on crimes against us all which is way beyond politics as it is garden variety treason in the White House my fellow American’s – nothing personal just 2018 violation of so many laws the indictment must move to the floor – but will a bias against Trump law enforcement seeking to GET TRUMP also enforce the laws on treason as in any other modality – arrest would have occurred by now. 


Why is justice protecting and about use at special prosecutor traitor Maginault Newman? Those who work with her in protecting her – are they now conspiracy TRAITORS under the law as fairly applied?

IS TREASON a direct act against your nation OK today?

When lady leaders step into integrity breach to make millions personally by scum bag breach of faith and trust personal enrichment choice making  – we all should withdraw – as this is not whistle blowing – this is a bad blow job. It is treason when you blow a nation folks and the whore to the laws needs consequence legally to her breach of so many laws and signed agreements and policies long protected in White House Service over 100 past Presidents.

WHY IS Maginault Newman being protected by US JUSTICE versus arrested for law breaker as a traitor? Her tapes are illegal and not admissible in any court of law anyway. IT is all Maginault Newman betting on untold book movie deals and riches from her crimes. Against us. Thats OK now at Justice I take it……A OK – anything GET TRUMP is OK under the law and the law is bendable by Justice if it helps justice ( illegally ) get TRUMP? Is that what your telling us all today.

NOW THAT SHOULD RED TIDE CONGRESS to JUSTICE REFORM IN NOVEMBER for a majority who wear 20/20 reading glasses to integrity in public office versus the crises of integrity breaches taking place in public office today on all sides. Rule of law is a NOW event – arresting Maginault Newman is an easy law item – yesterday is already way too late for US Justice on this item. Historically what we watch now could never not ever happen –

Something is very wrong now – something is broken now – and it is not TRUMP’s team folks – its not.

Thats all I have to say about the traitor Maginault Newman.