How serious is Turkey? It is very serious folks. What caused the crises?

The Federal Reserve Board make no mistake about that. The Fed as we suggested here is doing what it did in error – in 1907 creating a global depression and World War I and then again in 1929 – creating a worse global depression and WORLD WAR II. The Fed a private stock firm owned by the banks it regulates all in secret. Look it up on line or scroll we laid out all the third party links from GOOGLE on our blog related to the truth. The Fed is impossibly conflicted – is NOT A GOV AGENCY that is a fraud on you folks like all central banks – and making profits for THEIR SHAREHOLDERS they are once again…raising interest rates way too soon…way too fast….way too frequently.

The first consequence of this failed policy on rush to normalize – is – that liquidity in the system dries up. The Fed seeking to now no longer buyer bank Fed member crap assets and bonds from banks giving them Fed cash for that bond – which they borrow and we pay the interest they profit from the spread – but anyway they have taken 500 billion out of system liquidity globally in the first half of 2018. We estimate over ONE TRILLION DOLLARS will be removed from the system by central bank rush to tighten which is SUPER HIGH RISK as the system – world wide – is in a weak slow recovery that is fragile to Fed error in policy. Which is why we advocate for:

….merge the central bank of your nation back into their treasury – have all their systems experts and staff do what they do now – but under their state treasury – no more paying interest to print money – and exiting debt to central banks is repaid by one SUPER BOND with its 100 year time term for sovereigns….now Fed process is audit transparent real time daily reporting and no more secrets in our financial system….

If I was hired to consult to EndGame in Turkey what I would suggest to the boss is:

  1. Take 100% of Government including manciple debt into one oil drum as a total number. ( Keep in mind the problem in Turkey is corporate and private sector over borrowing ).
  2. Take 100% of future infrastructure Turkey wishes to build out over 20 years forward into another oil drum as a total number.
  3. Take that new total of both drums into ONE SYNDICATED SUPER BOND via Hughes and Hubbard one of the leading sovereign bond firms in the world – with the father of SUPER BONDS Roel Campos partner at Hughes and Hubbard and former SEC Commissioner.
  4. The currency roars to new highs.
  5. Forward economics and jobs grow into 2030 due to Turkey infrastructure.

There are “conditions”. The two big ones are: 1) The nation must pass a law it will not spend more than its GNP during the 100 year life of the Super Bond as the nation will be current account debt free with the SUPER BOND have a huge positive cash flow which will grow with infrastructure and 2) the nation must bow to IMF/WORLD bank escrow managers progress paying the infrastructure billions being invested to make sure every dollar from the Super Bond works like five dollars on the ground.

The way forward for Turkey. 

What is the big deal here?


The best way to see economically for the very first time with new glasses that give you 20/20 vision is to consider this virtual reality education which is after all the TRUTH. It goes along like this for scan click readers:

  1. Central banks regulate banks.
  2. Central banks have vast powers no nation can over ride.
  3. Central banks are despite appearances not accountable to their host nations.
  4. Central banks are owned in secret by the banks they regulate.
  5. The largest most influential lobby in bought and paid for government is the FINANCIAL LOBBY that funds every other lobby.
  6. The exclusive franchise they protect – is – the most profitable franchise on earth – to print money for your nation and charge you tax payers a fee for every dollar in your currency you ever earn possess of circulate. They over ride money. All of it.
  7. The more money is worth and the higher interest we can change the more money our controlling ( secret never audited non reporting and fully outside any accounting to the host nation of any nature ) shareholders – the banks – make and earn from the entire market place in our conspiracy that 1% own and control 99% of all wealth of all nations.

Now in economics 101 – with this new reading glasses in your mind – the Fed enriching itself and its members is again raising interest rates too fast.

The first result is Super Debt Bubbles of nations – which repay debts in the WORLD RESERVE CURRENCY for inter NATION debt settlements – is US dollars. A feature of winning World War II. Of having the strongest global currency which it remains by far. Those debts against a dollar up say 500% in interest from this time last year – has soaring new debt settlement cost.

Development nations become the first to fall victim to the soaring dollar. Debt default occurs and may create contagion. Today big national debt packages are syndicated. The risk and the return are shared by hedge funds by private equity funds by institutional investors and by sovereign nation wealth funds. When national debt default takes place it can ripple into default creep or contagion where the private equity must default on the hedge fund that now must default to the SOVEREIGN nation.

Unlike prior periods of history today all the capital in circulation is controlled and flash trading 24 hours a day 7 days a week in markets that never close world wide – all with ever smarter and smarter AI. Billions are being invested to ramp up self aware self learning Artificial Intelligence as a new species. The most advanced form of this AI is expressed in a new less than 60 month old global AI ARMS RACE waged between less than 10,000 super money pools – still consolidating – with AI evolving every quarter – the pool with the best AI wins the maximum profits ….

The insiders all understand the following is true:

  1. The Fed ran an experiment to avoid global system failure and world wide depression in 2008 – by printing tens of trillions of dollars – of buying their bank member bad bets ( 5 trillion on the Fed Balance sheet – never done before ) and kept money FREE for ten years creating a SUPER DEBT BUBBLE world wide.
  2. Most of the FED liquidity did not return as planned into plant and investment and economic resourcing to propel fundemental growth in the world economic. Their EXPERIMENT FIRST began to go very badly and off script when corporations getting almost FREE MONEY from the banks trying to work out of their own very bad bets used the FREE MONEY TO:

  • Buy back trillions in stock manipulating stock prices to P&E ratio’s the world has never seen before finally passing 1929 in ratio to risk.
  • Borrow with borrowed funds – in margin leverage trading in unregulated super high risk side bets into off shore electronic trading accounts now controlling some 440 trillion in circulations from such system abuse and SUPER BORROWING where margin re-leveraging all digitally expressed by AI – may leverage FREE MONEY DOLLARS 50 to 1 in the speculative side casino capitalism betting – on which way any asset class may go – up or down – winning both ways with AI. A first. Digitally NEW never done before. New and just a few years distorting price and all market spaces. Super Money Pools make more money faster on such casino digital betting than in long term real economic risk taking.
  • The FED seeing its members make fantastic returns ( you are all seeing in financial sector profit accounts ) is raising interest rates to further enrich their own shareholders and themselves – a conflict to the national interest of a 25 year normalization to this EXPERIMENT and the unintended consequences of SUPER DEBT BUBBLES which require TIME to work out of the system….as in DUH …you do not required two post graduate degrees in economics to see with these new 20/20 financial glasses folks.

So the FED is making the same old error it always makes pushing the world to a red line – debt cascading defaults – world depression system failure and world war. Why? Short term GREED. 

which is why YESTERDAY is already too late to merge the central banks of any nation back into their state treasury removing conflicts and installing transparency and rule based monetary policy … secure forward prosperity ….impossible with Fed “independence” which it never had any of as it is a private stock firm owned by secret shareholders in an 80 page contract with the USA say to print our money without their influence or control – rushed in secret to pass – only 80 pages folks when mail was delivered by the pony express and the big news came to you by telegraph………

20/20 reading glasses.

No class teaches FEDERAL RESERVE FRAUD and the truth about the biggest scam and rip off of all time – stealing the wealth of nations for no added value through the lie Fraud and deceit the Fed “IS” a government agency. Alan Greenspan the Fed Royal of our time addressed a key question…..

….there is no authority on earth that can over rule a fed decision…..


  1. Only the Supreme Court can overrule congressional law or a presidential authority against it and only its interpretation of the US constitution authority as the final check and balance.
  2. Only the US treasury responsible to congress the President and we the people can print our currency.

No where did the constitution suggest we could CONTRACT and outsource in 1900 printing money – taking away the constitutional powers of the US treasury – and creating a congressional contract via an 80 page law that barely passed within almost todays level of hatred taking place in congress – and allowing the private contractor to have all final powers on printing money and monetary policy without check balance audit or accountability where long ago when those war criminals sunk us into World War I and World War II in the first 30 years of the FED TRACK RECORD up to the failed policy of 2008 when Fed bankers made fortunes in criminal super bubble mortgage banking – the Fed profited too maximally – then the market crashed from the super debt bubble the FED CREATED.

The cause is always the FED it is always error in economic policy and the Fed is the TEFLON criminal gang, controlling media via the financial industry, and assuring no blame ever comes to the Fed who is always seen as the SAVIOR versus the truth ….the FED IS THE CAUSE OF ALL MISERY.

Today you have real reformers creeping up on the FED.

You have the Deep State which is the FED and its criminal bankers in control. They don’t want reformers touching their franchise.

Those are the forces at work in 2018.


Turkey knows all this. Turkey is pushing water uphill. Its currency and economy is growing rapidly fueled as in China by FREE MONEY FED DEBT. They in nation try to keep interest rates low when central banks want to raise interest rates. Inflation begins to soar and without higher interest in Turkey the currency value sinks due to inflation and monetary policy – from END-GAME – that is a failed economic policy for years.

As all economic imbalances must one day rebalance……

The MARKET place becomes uncomfortable – ( less confident ) – from the COUP just a SNAP ago to today post Turkey COUP.

END GAME friends and loyal wealth in nation is rewarded with below market rate interest ENGAME keeps artificially in place. Bad economic policy with soaring inflation.

The result is that the world markets ( those 10,000 super money pools controlled by AI ) begin to sell Turkey. They sell Turkey companies they sell Turkey currency and as the trend is seen by other AI it becomes an avalanche.

Turkeys central bank lacks liquidity to offset the selling.

The stock market SUPER CRASHES and untold wealth is lost this past week.

Then the currency crashes by almost 50% and is still not done crashing .

AI has projected that the dollar up 500% from this time last year and soaring to ever new highs as FED interest rates rises – create global stress. First liquidity drying up out of the world system at a trillion dollars less in circulation which effects sovereign nations first. AI concludes soaring US dollar value in all markets – given the 5% soaring GNP in the USA – soaring OIL production – THAT – nations and companies will not be able to pay their debts when due in dollar cost 100% of times larger than just last year. Too fast too high too soon too frequently – error in core Fed policy. Why? They make and their shareholder banks make more money faster – GREED over rules better monetary policy – normalize over twenty five years not 25 months so the market can WORK – OUT – of its SUPER DEBT BUBBLE SPIRAL at 300 Trillion World Wide – as THAT is the bubble if it bursts that ends the current system as we know it today. The FED IS THE CAUSE.

Turkey has been involved in political one shoe. ONE SHOE in Russia one Shoe in Iran one shoe in North Korea and one shoe in EU and NATO and one shoe in USA. The USA coming in last as the largest economic contributor – foreign aide and related investing and trade partner.

The USA has had IT with spending the money on a one shoe dance. Politics over economics. We agree to provide our Nato Partners with our most advance Steal bomber weapons. End Game makes a deal without telling Nato or US with Russia – to use their anti aircraft most advanced weapon system.

Now Russia can in “training” its great buddy TURKEY and END GAME – explore the system weakness of our latest STEALTH SUPER BOMBER and defeat the billions spent on securing advantage against Russia with this Bomber – by – tweaking its anti aircraft system – impossible without a ONE SHOE PARTNERSHIP.

End Game has also blocked US military access from its own NATO bases in nation to theater operations and blocked supplies and escalated NON FRIENDSHIP for years rising under END GAME leadership. ENDGAME is not a NATO ally partner – ENDGAME is take as much money from the USA and fuck em .

Trump who is less amused by such lack of loyalty to the USA has called Turkey’s bluff finally. He told them for a year release our minister from illegal confinement or it will cost you billions. ENDGAME believing what RUSSIA told him – they will never take action against a NATO ALLY.

Trump – initiated pull backs of billions in military gear – projects billions more – trade billions more – tariff’s billions more and END GAME fails to change behavior and remains political guerrilla chest pounding hopping as MR ONE FOOT – the END GAME that Trump has fatally called to END GAME’s economy. As END GAME doesn’t understand economics and has such horrific BAD BAD ADVICE from communist failed economies sinking in dollar based debt declines – super debt bubbles – just terrible advice in 2018 from China and Russia – so that these asymmetrical warfare super execution players – within economic wars they have been winning up till the USA passing them in 2018 – Turkey is caught in its own wrong decisions one after another since the coup financially – where CON CON CON Confidence the Turkey Government once held is now shattered with world super money pools. Seeing the DEBT DEFAULTING TO COME NEXT the market is SUPER SHORTING TURKEY.

EndGame has to take off his ONE SHOE and decide. Russia/CHINA where I am a full on puppet – and bondage to their bail out in 2018 – or the USA where I remain free – but have to take off my China Russia Shoe and stay in my NATO SHOE or I WILL LOSE NATO PRESTIGE AND ECONOMICS NEXT and Trump’s red lines are absolute END GAME.

So with 20/20 glasses watch for CURRENCY CONTROLS that will spin Turkey into Venezuela – meaning runs out of turkey currency will become massive – the super crash of turkey economics will implode and turkey will end up in riots and revolution as our blog presented to you. Turkey will have God and its people but END GAME making any greater economic error in policy – staying in his crazy ONE SHOE dance playing all the dance partners as the love of his life – is no longer working on the financial dance floor folks.

Trump has left the building and without the USA DEAL and a FRESH START with America – Turkey is meat on bones Russia and China will pick off together next. Trading against Turkey while they do so shorting everything Turkey and making enough cash to save Turkey.

AI is smart stuff that way.

So the economics of WORLD WAR III are all digital – digital theft – digital trading – digital attacks – all Digital to weaken opponents for take overs tha are largely financial today – using digital munitions versus real bombs. Read KEVEN FREEMANS “THE SECRET WEAPON” and you’ll be informed on the real world war taking place you can not see….depending on how the digital wars unfold real shooting wars will follow or not – all based on cooperation versus competition and the winning hand.

We think AMERICA IS GREAT for attempting to advance integrity and a new world order to trading with no nation left behind as the objective. A 100 year reset of the rules between nations long over due.

To say America was never that great as NY GOV.  Andrew  Cuomo of the highest tax state in the nation everyone is running out of today – is clear from his vision of America as a limitation. America was never that great ….to the Cuomo New York family. The majority of the state I spent most of my life inside of as an investment banker economist running a public global investment banking firm – I can report proudly is that AMERICA IS THE GREATEST – not just great but truly the nation that has done more good with its wealth and power than any nation in human history – far from perfect to be sure but GREAT? YOU BET. 

America is the light house of hope and promise the entire world turns to in crises to bail out that next tragedy. We can’t right all the worlds wrongs even as we try and right our own internally. We can save the friends we can save and in the future we have to let go of enemies who abuse us like END GAME.

A financial timer is counting down. ENDGAME has to that bell to make a deal with Trump and America. If he economically fails to do so his nation will implode economically as debt accounts balance.

The HIGHER US dollar is a cost to the majority of high debt nations like Turkey that frankly they just can not afford to pay ( yet ) because the FED raised interest too frequently too fast too high too soon in time. Debtor nations from Africa to China to Russia to Iran to Turkey can not any more than Spain or Italy can – pay the higher interest cost in debt refinancing. THEY JUST CAN’T CARRY THE LOAD NOW.

So who is first to begin debt cascade and ripply to global SUPER CRASH?

The next brink we are at is TURKEY then comes Italy.

We are at the brink. 


The failure is politics as usual and NO DEAL. Endgame.

So lets watch competitive insane brains that are not cooperative sane thinking make choices for the people and their nation …with this one final principle in play for your new 20/20 reading glasses….

economics is totally unforgiving for errors in forward policy….