So what does the USA lose if Turkey goes to Russia as a economic puppet? Well the USA will lose a list which includes:

  • Critical bases as Nato Ally – reaching the Gulf in its entirety 
  • Base dynamics for Pakistan and Afghanistan air power
  • Strategic bases and targets 
  • Over 60 billion in trade going away now
  • Ports – critical military port fuel and supply depots 
  • Nato Ally – influence prestige and unity – all not present now
  • An ally turned into an enemy – their choice not our choice 

Turkey has acted more like a Russian Ally than an EU and Nato member. Turkey has mismanaged its economy along a communist Russia model more than a Western model. The Turkish Debt Load with decades of spending from debt driving their economy – typical of all communist nations as China is at 300% debt to income – level – which even the IMF repeatedly WARNS can crash the entire world – due to the level of systemic abuse.

When the SHOCK happens of say 2008 – we had for years predicted it was coming and when. The world is surprised. Why? The economic im-balancing   went on over accounts globally forever it seemed. As I have written here economically not politically all account imbalances must one day be reconciled – it is economics and fundamental – that imbalances to economics must be resolve eventually as all accounts must in the end balance.

Politicians believe Newton was wrong. You through the apple up into the air and that state budget keeps rising up – and then driven by borrowing – up and then up some more – and then up some more – all the while Politicians promise the populations that vote for them – hey you can retired at age 63 – at age 61 hey at age 60 now at age 57 then at age 55 how about age 50 vote for me – when the upside down pyramid financially their promise created in economics is not resolvable though they will be retied when the shit hits the country fan or dead long dead. They got theirs leaving the public to get theirs in the GREAT REBALANCING. The public has mental illness for historic economics and lacks education to understand the economic alphabet or form financial sentences let alone paragraphs. ECONOMIC IGNORANCE OF VOTER POPULATIONS DISTRACTED TO ISSUES LIKE STORMY DANIELS IS THE GREATEST THREAT TO SYSTEM STABILITY IN THE WORLD TODAY.

For an example in America. The social security system moves into red ink in 2030 time frames – not enough money left to pay benefits. Why? The money was borrowed by the USA who can’t pay it back – is one reason. Why? The pig of older folks like me inside the aging American demographic – limits forward workers only immigration fills only we have no immigration bill to fix the 100 year old broken laws. That pig – working through the snake of economics – is 35 million old people rising up to claim social security they paid into for life only that money is long gone. No citizen in America has the education to understand the history – problem – crises – and outcomes. For another example if politicians do nothing – which is likely – the problem compounds. It gets worse. A lot worse. Right now 25% of what is paid to a social security payee would be cut and no longer paid in 2035 say.

Now with SUPER BONDS the element of TIME can become the solution and the national debt can be paid off in full as well. Resetting American cash flow so economics work and accounts are rebalanced without pain by the insertion of an economic invention – a new class of sovereign nation bonds – designed to market to stabilize long term institutional investment portfolio’s while providing the asset of TIME into economic rebalancing without the PAIN of other forms of compression rebalancing without the asset of TIME itself inserted to the equation. One option as a way forward politicians can in all parties approve. Is any discussion going forward on this item in an election year where DUTY supersedes political re-election? No.

Rather – no politician will discuss in this 2018 election year the third rail of politics – entitlements – which must be resolved by leadership in integrity.

Today tweets on of all things former Apprentice star and White House Trash – that illegally and without permission – and in her paid job having signed a stack of legal mortal and ethical contracts to privacy in her White House job – which everyone just forgets and places in breach of all integrity under ever carpet – in the matter of Omarosa Manigauit – took her insider job with Trump’s team – to make untold millions from a scorched earth book she wrote the entire time – taking her prior mentor and star maker into his own critical election year – with every twisted gossip she can spin to make her own wealth rise up. Predictably Trump labeled her – as “she who benefited and as traitor to the mentor star maker and benefactor your now using military weapons upon in the media of mass destruction – you are not smart and you are a trash bag of a person. Many of us non politically think this is right. No President has been a SUPER STAR like Trump who is way ahead of Reagan in Super Star Status. No President has had more utility of his Super Star Press globally to feather their own nest from Stormy making a million in chat rooms today from men who just want to tell their grand kids how many tokens they gave to Stormy.

All the while Trump won at the voting booths last week and this in primaries everywhere. The old republicans that bashed Trump were out and the Republican Party winning versus winning is a new party of democrats defectors to prosperity voting – independents same defection – and republicans massively. The taking back of the US Congress is dice rolling and it is far far from sure that the democrats will roll back the dysfunction and GRID lock they gave us the last 16 years in Congress.

Economic illiteracy remains the largest risk to prosperity and global peace and the election in America. There is only one issue. Prosperity or recession. Crises in economics or prosperity. Thats the vote for Congress that WORKS for years or GRID LOCK AND DYSFUNCTION AND GOVERNANCE STOPS ENTIRELY.

Is anyone voting their wallet or are you voting parties?

Party votes no longer take nations where they wish to go in fact which is economic prosperity. Voting your wallet will world wide. Join the fastest growing new party the American WALLET PARTY in the USA and the same in your nation as well. We the people have all the power and the parties have none. We are the power – if we wake up and vote as one and use that power for our own economic welfare. 

Politics runs economics and the legal theft of nations continues.

Economics runs politics and prosperity rises with no nation left behind.

Deep state remains in franchise control of all wealth and power.

Reformers reset control of all wealth and power – first time in 100 years.

Voters decide this coming up way outside a tweet on a loser selfish competitive predator without integrity morality or truth inside her move to personal wealth – her one off in her entire life – the final answer for her – a tired old Apprentice has been – or say Stormy Daniels. Lets pretend Stormy is lying like she does on her very name – imagine the pain to the Trump family from that lie as she – her word against his word – moves forward into wealth she has never known at millions with book and movie deals still to come – at the very tail end of her porn pay for sex career life – as age is now about to make old liar Stormy a very hard looking woman reflecting the truth about her life in her face skin and aging over solar tanned body. This is her end time and she is making Trump pay fortunes from a lie. Imagine that and how well that has worked for her today? The victim earning tens of millions from lying. Lets reward her with ever more press based on the journalistic morality of GETTING TRUMP AT ANY COST as we set editorial integrity aside completely.

All of which is failing to effect votes as the voters are following the tweets more than the media.

So now we have economics.

Back to TURKEY:

  1. Russia runs a failed state economically – in melt down and recession – which as oil falls to 50 dollars destroys Russia economically – a one off nation of energy exporting – without diversity to sustain economic growth. A national super power running a sinking economy less than the budget of New York STATE as a comparison to how little their 
    economic dick really is – as size matters folks. The USA is 49 state economics larger than Russia. Size maters ladies do not lie to us as Stormy does.
  2. Russia can not pick up the massive billions the USA buys from Turkey and via alliances NATO and military stimulations invest in Turkey. Without US economics Turkey is a failed State and only drags failed Russia to ruin earlier. There is no gain not really for Russia.
  3. American is going to all hydrogen fuel for its military via HYOX patents where water is the fuel source. Hydrogen planes can remain in the air forever and ships can travel forever – with fuel cost 80% lower than Petro fuels. This loss alone to Turkey and Russia makes Turkey irrelevant to the USA in less than 60 months where its only economic survival is to embrace a deal with President Trump. If the ego of the leadership prevents this economic deal – in sublime economic ignorance of what their advisers tell them which is a Stormy Daniels lie – greater than any tell all book fabricating spin on Trump for personal wealth – those lies steer the Turkish ship of state economically to ice burgs that tear the hull of state apart into revolution and total state failure in 24 months. Or less.
  4. TICK TOC the market is never wrong with its collective intelligence. More wealth has withdrawn from failed state Turkey than any nation in the world in equal time frames – a finger snap. The tsunami of creditors has pulled all the economic cash out of Turkey so you can walk into the ocean for miles – only the roar of the creditor claims wishing payment by year end – the real tsunami WAVE rushing inland is 1000 feet high and destroys every economic foundation in Turkey which falls back to EGO LEADERSHIP ECONOMICALLY ILLITERATE. We have GOD and we have our PEOPLE. This economically is expressing insanity. When the failed state super crashes – the God that allowed such pain is going to be called into question while the leadership that created all that pain is going to be this time in revolution and flee or be killed for real. Why? Economic ignorance.
  5. Turkey has limited time to make a prosperity deal with the USA. Turkey has zero ammo in its guns – the USA has Super Sonic Nukes that simply take Turkey out – against what shovels and pick axes by comparison. Russia will not step in at the size of New York State Economy in the RED INK versus the BLACK – where Russia itself as a failed communist economic model – makes a deal with Trump or moves into fatal economic super crash – depression  and a very likely revolution which Putin is way smart enough to avoid. Prosperity or system failure to nation? Economics 101 truth no political spin can control impact or offset. The public has no clue it is all core economics.

Today the greatest world joy took place when this week the nation of Cuba another failed economic choice for Cuban limited prosperity – where 1% own more wealth in Cuba than 99% – always the communist economic outcome – elites control all power an wealth the few against the manner – ask yourself can we do BETTER can’t we make better economic box top rules folks – should we not do that so the many have prosperity so no nation is left behind – is that not right and is it not urgent. So Cuba elites controlling wealth and power – gave millions a ONE DAY FULL OPEN ACCESS TO THE INTERNET. The entire nation responded with more parties and joy than their soccer victories. ONE DAY to join the rest of us. 

Think that is likely in TURKEY where my blog is blocked and the Turkish people can not read it – unless you forward to those you know by email embedded and even then it may be stripped out. Like in China. Total Control of brain washing populations – Gulf – China – North Korea – Russia – Iran to name a few ….freedom is a right not a privilege and when 1% own and control all the power and the wealth and remove freedom rights that belong only to you as a sovereign individual who is the state – where rule of law first must protect your rights forever from the state central powers. For without that brain washing of all in society is assured and you make choice based on data presented to you that is state manufactured to protect the power of the 1% against the 99% or a system engaged in a form of human insanity. 

The crises is never politics or leadership.

The crises is economic and one of integrity.

The competitively insane have zero integrity and never grant that they do have integrity not ever. Do not ask why they do what they do. They do it because of two reasons first they are nuts – they are insane – and second they control all wealth and power and inside their insane brains – plenty of wealth and power is NEVER not EVER enough – why? Because the FEW AGAINT THE MANY are systemic forms of human insanity. 

Now assess your system in Turkey or Iran or  Russia or North Korea or even China.

1% own and control more wealth in those nations than 99% of the population. 99% live on 1% of the wealth in circulation and 1% are royalty in those nations living in wealth and excess with 99% of all the nations wealth under their insider control – a system one can review and assess as insane economics that always will fail as liquidity and circulation can not maintain the state – within debt loading – such insane brains never understand has finite borders in economics and their excess must rebalance. This almost 100% occurs in system failure and revolution.

Why does the 99% let it go this far? First they lack information. They are brain washed by the 1% like Rome did with town cryers they sent to read the news in town squares – only now the town cryer scripts appear – on State Television with state sets and trappings that make lies appear to be the absolute truth and the population has no way to access the internet globally and no way to asses the truth from the lies – repeated enough generations will go to war to defend the lies.

Can humans in the world do better? Can global problems be solved by competitive thinking say Turkey seeks to replace USA economics which is insanity and impossible – but nothing appears to be impossible when your insane. Put on a Super Man outfit and jump our plastic self off a cliff. Your so confused when you fall and die. Before you died you just could not believe how your indestructible uniform was torn in the fall. Still your brain washed CPU does not blame the SICK STATE for lying to you like they are doing today in Turkey – your dying fully insane thought is – they must have been kryptonite in the tailings of the cliff rocks you fell down upon. And then your dead.

100 Million plus died in the last few years of a human insanity we called WORLD WAR II. Could we have stopped it by depriving Hitler of cash – you bet let alone attacking Germany sooner – insane brains must be isolated and stopped sooner by the insane brains or the coming world war may kill off say of 8 billion soon – say all but 500 million world wide – mankind is put back into tribal nomad existence – gangs with weapons still acting insane.

Can we learn.

Can we embrace sanity in ourselves and our systems?

Do we agree the crises is not in leadership the crises is in integrity?

Do we agree the insane do not have integrity how could they?

Do we agree the sane do have integrity and we can know who is who by their integrity.

Where do we start?

We start with a  G 100 THREE YEAR “ECONOMIC CONSTITUTIONAL CONGRESS outlined in my work ( book on Amazon ) Redemption the COOPERATION REVOLUTION.

For those who wish to see a blue print of a way into sanity from insanity.

The final product of economist no politicians residing not the BIG ISLAND OF HAWAII as a SPACE holding Aloha sanity – and isolation from unwanted influences as far as is possible – create a new box top rule all G 100 nations sign on board to embrace – as doe the other nations – within a NO NATION LEFT BEHIND upgrade into COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM from the present insanity. Systems reform against the new box top rules that give us:

  • Federated Earth Modernized Upgraded regulatory frame works for trade and commerce including taxation across the entire planet.
  • NO nation left behind sanity.
  • Fully accountable system – all central banks merged back into state treasury within system modeling and safe guards developed by the G 100 congress.
  • Fully reporting in real time.
  • Fully transparent to the world 
  • No secrets in the upgraded system
  • Criminalized specualtion to remove greed and insanity from now sane economic system modeling.
  • Self correction and upgrading to the process over time lines to retire and upgrade LAWS that re-tool with technology and AI advances.
  • New IP for the species of self aware AI that is being born as I type. This AI is evolving and is “smarter” and different than we are without capacity for insanity – any perhaps with download may remove our capacity for competitive thought impulse – what are their rights as beings in the new box top rules which all nations need to draw from. It is insane from insane brains to create AI weapon systems and killing machines that are self aware. Sanity precludes it – states who do it are led by insane leadership who need help frankly. 
  • Open access to information by all.
  • Privacy and protection from the state and Earth Federation powers for all citizens.
  • The WAR ON INSANITY is elevated to the Earth Federation and has box top rules to protect the sane from the insane.
  • Wealth can no longer consolidated – inventors and creatives can realize fantastic but not unlimited wealth as a social contract of sanity where plenty of wealth and power is more than enough and ever MORE is a mark of insane brains and greed and selfishness. A social contract to all wealth making is uniform globally. Sane versus insane system modeling.

Todays systems are broken and run by the insane:

  • Competitive Capitalism leads to system failure and world wars
  • Socialism and Communism leads to system failure and world wars.

Can we upgrade our global systems with no nation left behind new box top rules for economics not politics? All systems – including Kings? Yes we can and yes we must and yes we should and it takes only 36 months.

However can insane leadership use their unlimited wealth and powers to initiate a system change from their insanity back to sanity? Is enough wealth and power still sane – like Gates Mark and Buffet – to name a few – to like modern John Galt ( MUSK ) – reform the system? Even when faced with destruction of their wealth death for so many of the elites and a world war removing all but 500 million as 7.5 billion die as innocent victims of human leadership globally expressing itself as insane?

….never suspect the insane will act in fact in their own best interest….why…..because they are fully and certifiably nuts – the insane against the insane in endless INSANE competitions ….

Lets pretend INSANE PUTIN player to a local 1% of wealth and power just invade and take Turkey over as a Russian state. Would any nation including the USA stop them at this point? Russia can then not pay Turkey debt and negotiate new terms – and suck the wealth out of Turkey helping Russia. Lets pretend why would Putin given an election year in the USA not take this step to elevate his own wealth and power as legacy in his last term leading? Lets pretend this is one risk of insane policy – say not making a deal with the USA. END-GAME in Turkey may live up to his name in fact.

Is that what YOU want MORE – OF – MOVING FORWARD?

Do you feel powerless? 

Your not.

You are all powerful.

Join the COOPERATION REVOLUTION. How? Oh its so easy here are the box top rules:


  • Form Chapters of sanity and guard your circle and guard the guards on quality of thinking. 
  • Never take self esteem from another including the insane. Its not personal. The virus of competition damages brain software and sanity has the virus of competition replaced by cooperative thought.
  • Use this blog to discuss action and plans at chapter meetings.
  • Use Redemption as NEW MEMBERS Must read the work in ten days and embrace its principles for permanent membership. 
  • Elect – law makers – that are members of the Chapter. Sane. Non combative COOPERATION leaders  of integrity.
  • Elect those who will work for state economic reform and a G 100 ECONOMIC CONSTITUTIONAL CONGRESS for the world vision.

The Chapters of the Cooperation Party when they reach 250 or so can ask for our leadership and me to come over at no cost to the chapter and speak on the future work of that rising chapter.

For those who wish to drop out of allowing it all to happen to you with the majority of voters say 80% in most nations – apathetic and dropping out of participation ( the dream of the insane to control voter turn out ) – have all the power if they drop back in.

Today all parties are insane. All fo them.

The sanity party is all of us the WE THE PEOPLE OF THIS PLANET – the 8 billion of us who want food security for all health service for all – a regard for life rule of law and property – a prosperity of the many for the many versus insane economics of the FEW AGAINST THE MANY that wind 99%  of all wealth of nations to the 1% who control all wealth and power and they are collectively insane – where PLENTY of weath and power is never not ever enough. For them.

We 8 billion are educated ….enough today.

We 8 billion an educate ourselves – the truth is on line but we have to access it. Freely. As our right not a privilege.

We 8 billion are awake enough.

In Turkey and in Iran.

Insane leadership upgrades when faced with a clear choice – and only then:

  • Survival 
  • No survival

As the PROSPERITY PARTY – THE PARTY OF THE WALLET – the COOPERATION CHAPTERS CONVENE UNDER “YOUR” SANE LEADERSHIP create a ruing board of five sane thinkers to thrive for your chapter growth.

Invite all parties and beliefs to drop in to sanity and out of insanity. Preclude the virus infected brains from joining at all.

As Chapters grow around the world the G 100 Conference and the new global box top rules for economics and mutual prosperity – cooperation of nations ( sanity ) versus competition of nations ( insanity without integrity ), wins before Super Crash and world war. Or we win after …..either way a better way for humanity begins.

So Russia wishes to isolate Turkey from the USA and the two broke failed states with no wiggle room or resources lies to each other as to how they can over come the USA growing economic tsunami of ocean water ( capital by sums never experience in Turkey before at their highest fatal debt loading to their economics ). The lies won’t replace the truth.

….if Turkey fails to make a new box top trade set of rules with the USA fast enough – their debt super bubble Bursts – and insanity in Turkey is washed away by massive corporate first and then state finally debt defaulting – that does only end badly for the people of Turkey – finally in revolution as the insane are deleted….but historically the revolution puts in new insane brains to start all over….versus sane brains and systems ….as the population remains ignorant and uneducated to cause versus symptom which is economic box top rules – sane or insane ….

The future can’t be predicted as insane leadership in Turkey got us into all this final mess economically and the insane leadership is acting on script an predictably. Marching right toward the cliff of economics from the brink they are at today. TIME IS RUNNING OUT FOR TURKEY AND FOR IRAN AND FOR CHINA AND FOR RUSSIA – all imploding into crashing economics – super crash and recession in nations – with massive debt defaulting to follow if economics remain on course.

A USA deal fixes the risk. Will insane brains act with sanity?

Usually not – see Hitler and Stalin choice making.  As historic examples.

I trust the British will exit the EU and its ocean of bad debt an insane system model – well. Good for the leaders of our modern civilization the worlds nation of last resort GOD SAVE THE QUEEN.

I trust the unknowns:

  • Turkey making a US deal before it is too late for their failed economy?
  • Will Russia save itself into prosperity before it is too late?
  • Will Iran?
  • Will North Korean?
  • Will Gulf Nations?
  • Will Africa nations?

The tsunami of SANITY has sucked all the economics out of all bays and ports and beaches world wide today. Everyone can see for themselves. The Reforming agencies seek to upgrade box top rules that are sane versus insane before the entire world runs out of time. The crashing roar of the 1000 mile high wave of sanity is rushing toward shore.

Where do you stand when the wave hits shore?

There is safety you realize in numbers.

Why not have a circle of five sane brains and start a PROSPERITY COOPERATIVE WALLET PARTY this month and serve as a revolutionary for the Cooperation revolution – where competitive thought is seen as insane and removed from human thought impulse by your Chapter community as a growing community of the sane.

Stand in your chapter when the wave hits shore.

Berny Dohrman – Sanity vs insanity IS going on OUT THERE folks