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Hedge funds private equity and 10,000 Super Money pools that need to be leading – bleeding – read this blog. Today financial press suggested the market would open 125 points up – it opened 125 points down – which in AI trading means nothing. How AI closes each day is all that counts. AI is betting ( right now ) that TURKEY won’t get well in currency until Turkey releases the minister to the USA.

The cost of holding that minister ( politics over economics is untold billions because Trumps red lines are all real red lines – cross them and it costs money a lot of money. Also insanity competition versus sanity cooperation. Turkey says you have a minister of ours we want back. The difference is that if America returns the asylum granted cleric to Turkey the Turkey government will put the cleric in prison and then kill the older man. In our case the minister will come home be free with his family and having nothing happen as he did nothing committed no crime but is in Turkish hell prison for no reason but their leadership flipping the finger to Trump. Hows the worked for you and your people – well?

World leaders read this blog. Circulating this blog is so appreciated.

For instance my peeps in Turkey can not read this blog as it is blocked. China friends have a great challenge to read this blocked blog. The truth it would seem is not what leadership wants their people to read. How filtered is the news today anyway.

In many nations our sheer size of readership globally invites label as a media outlet and our blog is blocked in that nation. Getting the blog content by email or what app to those you know in blocked nations – like China Turkey or Russia – assure the truth is alive well and circulating.


China has invested almost 30 billion in 5 G for their nation. The USA has invested around 4 billion. It is possible the USA will now never catch up to China. Why is this an item ? Well it is how China uses 5 G.

China has ripped off the NSA and every defense contractor. The latest future technology not out yet China is developing first from ripped off IP they stole from the world not just the USA as a totally World WAR III Digital winning asytemetrical warfare strategy their planners are winning. To get ahead of this unfolding WORLD WAR III read Kevin Freeman’s THE SECRET WEAPON and you discover 2008 was a crash made possible by the first digital weapon attack on the world markets – totally effective where our enemies made over a trillion dollars on our pain while almost ending our financial system I one test digital weapon firing. Kevin is a DOD contractor with security clearance and knows what you must learn next.

So China today is the old movie most of you can’t recall by ORSON WELLS the futurist who imagined BIG BROTHER controlled and watched all its citizens – and no freedom was allowed outside total conformity to routines the nation set for you with AI.

China this week stopped a bus in a far out there province. A man was removed from that bus. The government knew which man. They took his IPHONE to a black box and plugged it in which reviewed the phone in absolute raw terms – then the man was taken to prison for having information not favorable to the government on his iPhone. Also this week 100’s and 100’s of Chinese seeking to take part in a peaceful public protest of P2P Lending on line China is having riots over – were visited by police teams told they were “considering” taking part in a public demonstration and were then arrested in early AM hours putting the public riots in a “mommy I shrunk the kids” moment where the rally dissipated like fog on a summer day over San Fransico Bay ( my birth home ).

China has total surveillance now all the time on its citizens via gait faec voice and biometrics to all citizens from DNA to other biometrics. 5 G will create a nation of all information the public receives is government filleted – where freedom is a cattle Shute the government defines for individuals – where dissent means prison or death in a police state – where collective mind control is an on going experiment in china like the world has never known before.

China borrowing 3x ‘s more than it earns for more than a decade is awash in bad debt over 100 trillion it can never not ever repay. This communist failed state ( another one in economics ) exists on debt and military power internally and soon externally.  China is lending its borrowed economic assets to other nations at over one trillion in annual corporate and state loans in total. Debt on Debt. Readers in China can’t click and open my blog in nation.

So China will have its 1.5 billion rapidly aging – 2/3 population moving to over age 65 with insufficient workers at ages that keep up with China demand for skilled workers – no long possible – such that war with neighbors to get younger population work forces in nation is their only way forward or a modification of immigration policies to flood gate workers into China. Today China is the # 1 total saturation monitor what you wear – where you go – who you visit with – what you say when you visit – your text and postings on social monitored ( for social allowed Googale and others who will not reside their Chinese customer data base IN CHINA under THEIR LAWS such that a) Google Technology and source code can be stolen inside China and hardware – b) China can monitor all google customers in china in real time. Providers that say no are banned from Chinese customers. Trump is trying to change that and other closed door policies to open door policies.

China can spiral into ever great supervision and management of its entire population but in the end the population will revolt and chose freedom as all human beings do. The yoke of Information Age throttling is repulsive to many of the 8 billion of us world wide such that freedom is a driver leadership should encourage never discourage. Dissent is ok and reflects real freedom. China is having nation wide riots right now both as to economic slow downs, dissent on censorship, and dissent on P2P lending shams on line the nation itself must revisit now that social unrest is nation wide and not stopping from the massive arrests of anyone protesting not just the leadership who are all in jail today.

Keep in mind America with its FBI emails slamming the President who is the boss of the FBI – and its Special Prosecutor sanctioned to investigate crimes related to Russia Collussion – but using his power as a pseudo Attorney General without check and balances – has swept up all the Presidents circle into CRIMINAL CHARGES that go AWAY if they testify on crimes the prosecution puts before them as to scripts and with that circle of witness testimony begins to indict the Trump inside team to get them to turn against the President on crimes the prosecutor can’t manufacture so they construct a frame for OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE as a crime in their endless use of Government open end check books and resources to topple A US President in conspiracy with the FBI . The FBI last sacking of its own director was Richard Nixon and the FBI sent out DEEP THROAT to leak flow damage to a point the PRESIDENT was forced to resign to protect his legacy agenda which he did in fact. It is happening all over so don’t critique China too quickly when the USA pot that influences elections all over the world far worse than face book ads, has no AMERICAN wiggle room to frenzy on nations using face book ads in our election as if that mattered one wit to anyone. Even the Special Prosecutor office publicly stated – no meddling worked or had any effective influence as to out come. So why are we investigating again in not WITCH HUNT but a PERSECUTION OF THE PRESIDENT as evil as the Spanish Inquisition was against women at the time. The Spanish Inquisition and the Special Prosecutor PERSECUTION have zero basis in either JUSTICE or RULE OF LAW.

Are we a nation of nazis in suites where due process to collect records by court orders are replaced by swat teams at 3 am bashing in doors of the Presidents attorney at his home with his family and his office – versus due process – as a NAZI in SUIT Special Prosecuting exceeding all possible parameters of his mandate from Congress – now a pseudo non appointed ATTORNEY GENERAL with unlimited powers and budgets – is endless into an election PERSECUTING PRESIDENT TRUMP and no matter what party your inside of – this is WRONG FOR AMERICA – this tells you JUSTICE REFORM Hilary harped upon – is urgent and late to put into play. JUSTICE REFORM NOW. The PERSECUTION should be retired by President CLEAN SWEEP firing 100 at the top in Justice and sweeping the house clean appoint new leadership to REFORM JUSTICE – no more NAZIS IN SUITS IN AMERICA – no more using family and friends with immunity to testify so you won’t go to prison but the person you adore will go to prison – on your manipulated testimony from leaders in “JUSTICE”. Come on this is what third world nations do …are we now the KGB STATE we once most feared inside Fortress America? 

No American Freedom should have ever been stripped away from us because a couple of bad brains in a small gang of crazy brains – got lucky at 9/11 decades back. We can be safe and the most free nation on earth and grandma can walk to the gate to pick her granddaughter up with full on safety in the Skys. Today our sham is giving our nation the right to monitor our freedoms versus we are protected FROM CENTRAL GOVERNMENT by constitutional intention – such that our sovereignty superseded state rights. When this reverses we have to stop shouting at other nations on values as they know America has lots its values and its way.

Who takes us seriously today? Until be get our values back with authority from this expressed values to lead the free world, we lack standing to lead except for our superior military. But when the barbarians have the weapons of Rome – as China and Russia do with super nukes and 20 minute super sonic deliver time we have zero defense against – 20 minutes we are gone – 20 minutes and they know THAT – how do you negotiate really when your survival is 20 minutes from that discussion?

Our leaders stated ….you can’t be our friend when your building weapons to defeat us we have zero defense against ….that is not a friend that is a threat…..we have no choice but to deal with national threats that can destroy our nation entirely – ideally we both don’t send money punishing our differences ( insane ) we celebrate our differences and find a new integrity for the way forward in cooperation versus competition.

We’ll see.

So Turkey where you can’t read my blog has complex problems. Is one minister worth 500 billion dollars to Turkey? Evidentially yes. Insane brains do not act in their own best interest. If the minister were released would Turkey be able to negotiate face saving USA foreign emergency aide package – I think yes and market stabilizing outcomes. If not the risk grows.

The rule is – a nation in crises economically pays ever higher price to get out of crises the longer the TIME is to get the fuck out of the sinking quick sand the leadership of the nation brought us . Why? To be RIGHT and to flip the finger to America – which while smiling and jerking your hand with the birdie up three times – your nation sank 500 billion in net worth in 72 hours and is still sinking. Your nation can no longer pay its debts and in the sink hole debt default may spread CASCADE of debt defaulting across the EU zone. Turkey continuing to hold “one minister no one really cares anything about outside the symbol – risks a full on revolution and change of power.

Turkey is having riots for leadership and against leaderships today nation wide. They can’t keep up or pay their bills – already the government is running out of cash flow to pay core bills.  Soon over one trillion dollars will have run out of Turkey and getting that one trillion dollars back is a huge chore. Further the minister worth and value went from zero to over a trillion dollars – the longer they hold the minister the greater the risk of leadership revolution and change becomes.

The insane do not know they are insane. They do not believe they are wrong in any way. They are enabled by other insane brains. Politics running economics ( communism and dictators ) always see their system fail there is no communism success – communism creates elites who control 99% of all national wealth against the 1% of the population who lack access to 99% of the wealth as they reside just over broke – within 1% of wealth the elites allow them to retain. Communism is a broken failed economic system that should never be applied to modern nations.

The future is COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM with the blue print for this better way in my book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION for those interested in changing the world as it is today. 

We believe Turkey leadership will return the minister and the USA will support the lire and by December we won’t remember a Turkey nation crises at all. Or insanity rules and Turkey even kills the minister and the nation rocks and rolls into full on revolution even in their police state as the higher you ratchet freedom out of 30 million switched on turned on humans if they cooperate – cooperation always defeats competition – where competition can never over time win against cooperation – it is force against power and real power always wins in the end.

Today the war in the world is a rising war of good and of evil – of integrity and the lack of integrity – of truth versus lies – of sanity versus insanity in human thought – a dividing line of cooperative awake humans on one side who are sane – and resisting the competitive virus infected brains that act out in toxic lack of integrity punishing all human diversity unable to celebrate it with the sane – as competitive virus infected brains are insane and require ultimately deletion as destructive thought forms.

The great Red Sea has parted.

The Deep State on one side ( thats the way we have always done things ) and REFORM upon the other. Sanity versus insanity.

Good ( cooperation minded virus free brains ) on one side and pure evil – competitive virus infected brains upon the other – insanity – good versus evil – created by software of the mind.

Mind pollution is our first duty at remediation to assure the world of 8 billion thinks virus free – competitive free – celebrates all diversity and rule of law and one another residing inside integrity as human sanity. If we fail to remediate mind pollution all other pollutions continue including war.

Sharks kill six humans a year.

Elephants kill 500.

Snakes kill 1000

Humans kill 490,000 of our own yearly punishing diversity in pure insanity and evil

Mosquitos kill over 1,000,000 a year half from malaria and we have the cure but will not use it how insane is that ( see Dr. Jerry Thornthwaite for the cure Nashville ).

The Spanish flu a mutated flu virus killed 30 million of us at the turn of the century before planes – with trains and ships only – 30 million in little over one year – dead – from the FLU VIRUS.

Facing that and impact events we insane humans with mind software that is buggy and rebooting humanity – war to war – invest in polluting our planet so that life at human levels is not sustainable at all. We extinct ourselves versus working to keep our own unborn generation safe – safe in food security from non toxic food and waters – safe in environment air water soil – safe from future impact events – safe from virus plagues – 

The money we spend on the war machines could if applied by an alliance of nations wipe our human illness, hunger, illness, and usher in longevity to humanity. That is sane humanity.

We are insane humanity ruled by the virus of competitive thoughts. Afraid . Paranoid. Defensive. Opportunist against all others. Competitive thinking – insanity expressing itself as cause – dominates humanity world wide.

Remediating humanities mind pollution – resolving the virus of the mind – competition removal – awakening virus free thinking – is the future of collaborative integrity and value based humanity versus todays antique expression of our lower base line selves.

Our collective potential is squandered via failure to reform education to advance principles and values to remove the competitive thought impulse virus from any control or influence over virus free brain thinking.

The Red Sea on one side is awake brains and brains waking up.

The other side is Turkey Russia Iran and virus infected brain leadership. Trump is attempting to align nations thinking properly to collaborations – zero tariff and open integrity free trading where no nation is left behind.

The “every nation for itself” competition virus ridden leadership can not embrace such forward modeling of aligned nations.

The Red Sea of THINKING has parted.

The outcome between the POWER VS FORCE we will all experience.

A great idea whose time has come is unstoppable.

Cooperation is as better way proven to elevate human performance endlessly in ever rising creative discovery.

You can’ not put competition is a form of insanity or cooperation is the versus removal tool for your own mind pollution – ideas you can not put back in any box. These principles now define individuals and collective consciousness.

You are born to chose.

Which side of the Red Sea will I reside and live within.

Chose well as this choice defines our longevity or our virtual extinction.


PS: In 21 nations this blog is considered a media outlet due to size of global readership….and I”m ok with that – hate being banned or blocked but goes with reporting the truth and reporting it first – just for you today.