Is the global Debt Super bubble led by China about to burst in fact? Always a risk of trade war confidence interruptus. Will the Meddler in Chief be able to jaw bone his way out of this unintended consequence of his mis timed sanctions on Turkey – the economic silver bullet that triggered DEBT CASCADE potentials the market is now factoring in.

So Trump’s team sanction Turkey for its NATO lie and its direct opposition to USA alliance criteria. Turkey shoots down a Russian plane. Turkey arrests American citizens with zero due process. Turkey was given to last Weds to release a US Pastor held illegally in Turkey. Their leadership again refuses the USA demand. Trump on that red line sanctions Turkey – and sanctions Russia ( also debt ridden with its currency in the toilet right now in August ).

Turkey currency since last week dives to record 2018 lows a complete crash of its currency. Why?

Turkey has been one of the highest growth miracles in the EU. However Turkey is driven to its growth destination by pure debt just like China borrowing 100% more than it earns over years of time.

Today with the economy mismanaged for years, with economic activity in decline unable to sustain forward debt super bubbles – international investors suspect a default of Turkey Debt will be like a child’s wading pool to Greece Defaulting. The ripples to EU banks and then American banks will be significant as a phrase.

The rising cost to pay Turkey debt with currency now down 40% from last week and diving even lower today – is a DEBT SUPER BUBBLE burst sooner than expected -by a nation other than China as expected – but the beta test defines the outcome of say Italy or China reaching a debt super bubble global moment – when confidence in the fiscal policy and teams is shattered completely. The confidence shattering is the BURST OF THE SUPER DEBT BUBBLE as you can’t repair it. The team that brought you the problem remains in total power. That team lacks competency to bring you the SOLUTION to the PROBLEM they created and just want more of – more debt to keep things going and growing. 

For Turkey debt is now over. There is from 100x their GNP debt to fuel growth and expansion no money for growth and expansion. Consider that AI investors moving in flash trade volumes the world has never seen before – that:

  1. Turkey has zero new debt
  2. Turkey must default on current debts coming up
  3. Turkey is issuing a new 90 day debt bond to stay in play
  4. No one knows if the Turkey new debt will sell well or at all even
  5. Turkey has zero new lenders willing to play but they don’t know it
  6. Turkey has zero new investors willing to invest – only they don’t know that fact yet fully
  7. Turkey has a run on the bank that is so large their bank stocks are being trashed world Wide anticipating bankruptcy in the bank sector

There is no only NO TURKEY confidence there is anti matter – there is distrust and protect yourself from Turkey failed state out comes against all other super money pools that wait and see.

Today AI is 100% of super money pools are out and none are waiting to see – a new experience in modern markets.

So today – nations that look like Turkey – Italy – Spain – Greece – China and India are seeing their currencies ravaged as AI projects how Turkey will effect them – each a look alike DEBT FUELED NATION.

Today the Fed with some 4 trillion of dollars in circulation 2018 say five times the total of 2008 in the last financial crises – has limited tools to effect any forward outcome. The Fed interest rate ? Really? Coming off free money at still under 2% at Fed rate – we have with low inflation – a yield curve no one expected right now. Confidence in the Fed managing inflation successfully ( the yield premium charged by Super Money pools for ten year long term Fed Debt notes being held ) has declined versus elevated. Capital investors are receiving a yield on short term government debt that is almost the same as long term – meaning the confidence capital holds for FED planners to do well over time – is almost non existence.

The crises therefore is in global investor confidence in nations and their leadership fiscal policies.

Seeing a drunken sailor spend everything he has than gamble his watch to get a final beer – one lacks confidence in that sailor to plan his future and have a positive forward outcome. Same for drunken nations using debt to drive their forward economics. At some point nations must operate in the black or a world system failure unfolds as historic outcome.

Is this the start of world system failure? It happens so fast with AI today unlike prior periods?

Turkey has triggered a sell off of RISK DEBT ASSETS in the EU and in Asia all at once in trillions moving.

Do to leverage the 4 trillion of dollars in circulation plus the super money pool leverage to invest exceeds 440 trillion dollars I 2018 manipulating prices for less than 4 trillion dollars. A Casino Capitalism the world has never known since 1929 – but digital debt makes casino capitalism driven by AI today even worse – and that is far far worse – than 1929.

Can the banks and investment market close into bankruptcy. Yes? When  ? In 72 hours of global debt defaulting cascade.

Cascade is when Turkey say – defaults on billions and billions in loan repayments and such loan due dates are called into account but have no way to be paid. Turkey is bankrupt a failed state. Happens in hours not days with AI in casino capitalism. First time for everything.

Simultaneously capital runs out of banks in problem nations and investment withdraws starting with their currency the world super money pools vote thumbs down upon. As is taking place now in India – currency crashing – China -currency crashing – Italy currency crashing ( EU ) as the DEBT SUPER BUBBLE BURSTING CASCADE ripples across the entire world.

Now keep in mind that actual defaults ( which are coming to Turkey by year end – an inability to repay its debts ) will match Iran defaulting Venezuela defaulting and now Turkey with China not far behind. As China fails to make a trade agreement and India too with the USA the USA dollar rises and rises as their currencies crash and crash. Their lower currency makes repayment of dollar based loans impossible in fact. The spread is now too wide for debt containment. The IMF worst fear of all to the system at core.

The system contagion is spreading into the new financial outcome we call DEBT DEFAULTING CASCADE the cause of system melt down to system crash – all banks world wide close and all currencies of nations are worth less than the paper they are printed upon. Untold numbers starv and a world war to rebalance economics is the only way forward based on history.

The cause of all system crashes looking to the first global depression and the outcome WORLD WAR I to rebalance economies of debt – then a few years after that horror 1929 and the System failure and global depression and world war II with over 100 million humans slaughtered and a billion wounded.

The cause:

  1. The newly formed Fed a private corporation acting like a government agency when it is so far from it – owned by the financial institutions it is supposed to regulate – silly really – FAILED POLICY – raising interest to high – too soon  – too frequently causing all great crashes since its formation – the FED is the cause and its policies are 100% wrong – with zero accountability. The Fed must be merged into the US treasury before it is too late if it is not already too late.
  2. Trade War – rising interest from the FED into global trade war created DEBT CONTAGION in the age of the pony express and telegraph with no phones – tv – fax – internet – email – in those times the FED and Trade war killed global system economics deader than a doornail then the Fed and its insiders made fortunes during the slaughter of war – where today the largest economic of nations is the military industry complex borrowing from nation to project wealth into the future. Largest employer in leading development nations – government over private sector. Economic doom.

Blindly we go where no man has gone before. What does that data look like?

  • Free money world wide for a decade to extend time from system failure due to debt.
  • A new world market where 90% of leveraged capital speculates on price manipulation in all asset classes bar none – via 10,000 super money pools engaging AI wars to advance AI software to manage 90% of all capital flows world wide – the dog is not speculation and casino capitalism side betting on which way assists will go – betting long on oil betting short on Tesla all with a mind set of GREED AS THE NEED for ever shorter term profit taking.
  • Trade Wars present risk to Ai confidence in nations spiraling up debt wars with no end in site versus making profitable deals – protectionism by the majority of nations kills world economic flows dead  – trade wars are digital today and capital flows respond to sound bites instantly in the markets. New to world economics.
  • AI software manipulates prices by deployment of 440 trillion in circulations that by pass central banks of the past and national treasuries of the present – as ladies the lying stops here – SIZE DOES MATTER and in fact – the 10,000 super money pools are greater in outcome influence to system in 2018 than all nations combined together in policy making. But all nations are divided and not combined together so their influence is splintered an less effective to system confidence than 1929.
  • Confidence to nation planners with debt imbalances too great to manage moving forward is shattered by Turkey and cascading globally.
  • As DEBT DEFAULT CASCADING UNFOLDS across digitally linked lender space the RED INK upon balance sheets – good assets going bad – will soar. THE AI is already taking profits to protect its own enormous money pools – two leading hedge funds in New York control over 11 trillion in capital flows and there are 10,000 more of them – making up THE MARKET PLACE. Today. New first time in economics.
  • Capital flows with AI to make the maximum in short term profits at any cost – a wrong minded axiom for capitalism – competitive capitalism is as corrupt and broken as communism – both lead to elite 1% controlling more wealth than 99% which impacts core circulation. Both default into a casino capitalism of speculations manipulating price ranges for all asset classes into a Debt Super Bubble that feeds the short term profit taking until it no longer can – than the economics rebalance from enormous distortions by Debt Super Bubbles – into Super Crash – core system failure – and world wars. 
  • WE are NOW repeating past history although it remains early yet. It is likely we will fibrillate the dying Turkey heart and move to the next debt super bubble crash until the feeble ability to restart the economic walking dead is no longer working – confidence is shattered to never restore itself. Every nation for itself in the worst melt down in economics yet from the worst longest abuse of economics yet.
  • The solution is SUPER BONDS and a G 100 global regulatory reform into COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM that precludes consolidation of wealth and unwanted speculations or debt into the now re-regulated new world order.
  • The promise of the G 100 ECONOMIC CONSTITUTIONAL CONGRESS re-sets world confidence and infuses the missing core asset of TIME to complete a 30 decade WORK OUT of the aging demographic of nations today – and the DEBT SUPER BUBBLE of today. Without TIME to work the debt pig out of the belly of the python the beast suffocates and dies in its own debt feast.

Which of course we have been telling you all about for years. We suggested you explore  in January:

  1. Sell out at peak highs of the market – all time highs 
  2. Reposition into diversified guaranteed insurance investing 
  3. Earn the higher returns permitted by law with principle guaranteed 
  4. Invest with firms that paid when banks were closed in the 1930’s
  5. Protect yourself and forget casino betting in the market in 2018

Those that did it – have protected profits and enjoy high returns even in August 2018.

Those who did not are experiencing some unexpected loss in August.

What do do now?

When in doubt…….do nothing.

Wait till year end record profit making and we suggested markers as to why economically.

The wild card.

DEBT DEFAULT CASCADE which has not even happened yet but could be only weeks out from now. Wait for it…..

If we see Turkey defaulting you will KNOW the SHIT has and IS hitting the fan.

Then all bets are off for anything normal in the casino capitalism and we suggest you read this blog a lot in such times if they unfold. if not you can read less and your good.

Meanwhile we will do our best to keep you informed on what is going on out there.

Today Super Money Pool AI is taking profits across the national landscapes and rewarding economics the AI has confidence in and punishing economies the AI has lost confidence in. To read the tea leaves look at currency prices plunge in Debt infested INDIA about at its own end game on DEBT – Turky that has reached its own END GAME – in not making a deal with President Trump the leadership is risking revolution in nation for lies and failed fiscal policy over years of time – now confidence in leadership in TURKEY is shattered – I’d fly to DC and make a deal – hat in hand – or your last coup will look prophetic – economics trumps politics in the end game Turkey has no reached –

Nations in failed economies like Italy and China are shuddering and India as they see their own futures in Turkey. They simply can’t maintain their debt loading. All economics must reliance remember that one sentence folks.

Folks – the world is testing DEBT CASCADE THEORY whose first taste may be so toxic to system failure – that there is a huge pull back and profit making on the way back to the top.  A collective breadth.

However once tased that poison is known and mindless AI will repeat the horror until the core system fails. How and why?


AI will create all and permanent sell orders. There will be virtually no buy orders in such a Super Crash. The liquidity of the system will evaporate LIQUIDITY EVAPORATION DAY. While this created the 1929 last super crash and global system core failure – all banks closed – today the system is much richer in debt imbalance and digital so trading to LED day is seconds with no recovery. Lacking liquidity with runs on all banks all at once – world wide – the system collapses into bankruptcy. All banks fail all markets seize up and world trade stops completely.

In 1929 we had news papers and radios in only a small % of homes. There as no 24/7 news cycle with real time reporting making any event reach living rooms in a nano second. Digital trading and real time news on runs on banking present first Time in human history and economic events.

  1. AI controlled capitalism a 60 month spiral to 90% domination.
  2. Real time news cycle to present crises in real time
  3. Zero ability to control global panic as all of us get the truth of it 

First time in economics.

LED DAY could occur anytime – wait for the debt defaulting which has not yet begun accept for Greece which almost brought the EU down and still may trigger the EU total destruction in a sea of bad EU debt.

Bad debts in the EU zone now pass 100 trillion dollars. Bad debt in Asia China and India leading now pass 100 trillion dollars. That is 200 trillion of 300 trillion in overall global debt – 2/3 carried as good performing assets when in fact 2/3rds is not performing and is no longer paying at all nor will ever repay or are paying partial and way late and have no ability to repay – so crap is booked as gold when in fact balance sheets of financial institutions need to move that crap to shit status and when they do they and nations are in fact bankrupt – China – Italy- India and so many more. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE and so does AI today and so do we.

The truth is catching up to real time and 2018.

Can we insert time to work out the bad debt?

Time IS running out as the Turkey BETA to AI sell off as confidence in global economic abuser including Russia today also in debt free fall – is cutting cords fatal to the economies effected.

How will this first ever AI work out moving forward.

The truth?

No expert has a clue as all their models are silly and relate to givens that are incomplete and lacking full data sets to make any accurate forecasting.

No expert can predict and none known including our teams. Our CEOSPACE teams serving small business – some pretty large – in 140 nations – know a LOT more than many – and we don’t know enough to predict outcome in the first ever global casino capitalism.

The money big boys and girls are on vacation to Labor Day. They are on it but apart letting AI take profits.

Any system save takes place after Labor Day.

Experts give their opinions based on incomplete data with zero understanding of real time trading by AI until after those trades execute. All within gamblers in short and long plays manipulating prices with the majority of borrowed capital placements. In the end unless reset by A G 100 convention – and all it promises in reset to economics – the world system super crashes into LED DAY and all financial institutions close and fail as do nations.

Then we start over in world wars.


You bet? 


Education as outlined in my urgent and important work for law makers you need to assure have the book:

Now no longer an option to read a necessity and buy one for your law maker and become a SOLUTION ACTIVATOR versus passive watching Rome burn world wide. Yes we all matter if we all take action – considerations leads to untimely financial death. Nations are all considering. Time the one asset to save the entire global system IS running out. Yes I remain available to consult to national planners on their way forward. Inside todays mess.

Sanity? Cooperation between nations – TRADE WAR DEALS VERSUS TRADE WAR HELL.

You are the 7 billion of US all. The WE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED EARTH FEDERATION that has all the power and rights no one can take from us all for any length of time. What does you collective intelligence tell you is taking place between nations – the 12 decision makers I the loop at the top – its only 12 folks like Apostles in any nation – only 12 decision makers set all the policy at tops – 12.

ARE THOSE 12 possessed by the competitive virus of the mind to fatal outcomes?

Are those 12 waking up to COOPERATION – the virus removal software for the brain deleting the competitive virus from loading – is that what your seeing?

Comment on the bottom of our blog and tell us all what DO YOU THINK?

Sane of insane when any political miscalculation to economics creates unintended ( insane ) consequence as we see the world suffering today from Turkey errors on economic policy. ALL ECONOMIC ACCOUNTS MUST ONE DAY REBALANCE it is the LAW. Sane or insane? DO you see it with 20/20 new reading glasses. Helpful right ? 

Monday we have AI slaughter to so many nations topping with Turkey Italy India Spain the EU as a whole – China and Russia – with the USA being rewarded by the market for last court of confidence in forward planning remaining for the world – and even that trust may be misplaced in fact.

We all must wait and see now……the dice are rolling early and hard to the wall of the casino crap table – lets see what comes up for the world?

Shall we?

Berny Dohrmann – The Truth the Whole Truth and nothing but the TRUTH !