What do “I” think is going on “out there” really?

You mean like Crammer? 

Only he is so old. Isn’t Crammer old?

I mean Crammer was old when “I” was a kid?

Was not Crammer on when there was a test pattern and TV was only on for a short number of hours – with all that static unless the nine kids in a daisy chain got the antenna turned just right toward the station I fact – that Crammer?

Announcing with Edward R Murrow ( oh you don’t remember Ed? ) Or Goodnight Chet? Or This IS Walter Cronkite? That Crammer? Was crammer not here when Jack Benny and the Honeymooners was a radio show with the Long Ranger? Or is that just me? Crammer was broadcasting when I kept my tushy warm from the tubes in the furniture we called a RADIO?

You don’t remember? Before the internet or any of that when a call was pick up the large black phone head set – no dial – and you got an operator and IF your PARTY LINE ( don’t remember party lines either ? ) were not engaged you could have the Operator connect you to your number – if you had and new the number – in those days like GARFEILD 9-er 9er 9er – seven.

That number.

Oh you don’t remember?

Fast was a week delivery by the US mail. No Fax – no apps – no App Stores – no internet – or email – or cell phones or virtual reality – though cartoon character DICK TRACY ( don’ t remember him either ) had an IWATCH even in the 1950’s when Crammer was broadcasting and hey Crammer was old then.

First of all I don’t give investment advice ever. I give my opinion on data we report here from third party data sources – and to which we give our opinion on what that data means. Then you all work with your licensed professional experts to get actionable future choices you will make for yourself with those professionals and you have your best advice – real advice – which can only occur from licensed professionals versus opinions of a very old guy who may have some expertise left…but who knows I’m writing you from an assisted living center in Florida listing to the bald eagle babies about ready to fly for the first time this season….say that level of expert ? Ah that is the caution is it not …in the Super Change age to which we now all reside.

Everything that seems to be real is not it is Fake News and that we thought was REAL is in fact illusion and the reality is far stranger than anything we thought was real and all that reality was fiction anyway. Today we are truly inside our own living matrix are we not? And in the end for God’s plan, you are NIEL, yes it is you, as in the Matrix …for you and only YOU….are in FACT….the ONE !

So what “I” personally think in my opinion what does it matter really to anyone? I presuppose the track record since the 1980’s is becoming alarming in accuracy, but one day I’ll be WRONG you see and what then? You call take 99 rights and 1 wrong and move to the new pundit? Every 30 years plus I get one wrong and your gone? Is that our new age?

Really inside the new casino capitalism it is all dice rolling.

One Chap has super shorted Musk and Tesla. I said buy-in the dip. I think going private is ideal for Tesla itself a trillion dollar firm in the marketing given its diversity of invention and scope of product line depth. But thats my opinion on Musk you may have another with your experts. I think the Short seller I first sent into wealth with posts about the 2008 real estate Super Duper Pool of debt risk – made the shallow end by today’s nothing is fixed 300 Trillion Global Debt Super Bubble of today. 

What do “I” think…as in thinking….really? Like at my age I can still take a blue pill and then THINK for any good at all…but I’ll try. My wife says I’m ok without the pill but she’s younger what does she know?




Are you kidding me?

So this weekend what I think is chart concentric from data and track history –


  1. I think – the market will go down this summer before Labor Day in an AI profit taking others may brand as a correction.
  2. I think there will be a market shifting from FAANG leadership stocks in 2018 to more broad well performing stocks many just off peak earnings but not by much – punished by the market for making record earnings just not the earnings peaks the market expected in their own expectation drug they take before earnings are reported – I don’t do drugs. So data looks more pristine to me – don’t drink either accept once a month when short sellers drive me crazy on their side betting in the casino markets of today.
  3. I think the big bad boys ( and girls ) are on vacation as minds over 10,000 super money pools controlling 440 trillion of fully leveraged capital circulations side betting to manipulate all price ranges into super bubbles all asset classes in a spiral rising globally now to secure mindless profits in the shortest time frames.
  4. I think the big guns will assure there is record wealth profits across the market boards of indexes by year end as a portfolio manipulation to stock price including record stocks buy backs by year end.
  5. I think if the election goes Republican to the Congress we will have a congress that WORKS and a 2019 that will set records. Again. If we have Infrastructure legislation the other tripod leg of economic stimulation I think we will have prosperity into 2030. If we have a Democrat Congress – total government dysfunction Grid Lock and a congress that NO LONGER FUNCTIONS – I see Super Crash and recession if not debt default cascades and a real depression unfolding globally – as the outcome of this years CONGRESS ELECTION upon the world due to economic tipping points that no longer can be remedied within CONGRESSIONAL DYSFUNCTION and SUPER CHANGE Globally. Voters may fail to vote prosperity or poverty and vote by political manipulation with billions spent for that outcome.

Politics running economics has become fatal for any nation moving forward in the current global interlinked economy – casino capitalism – the phase we are in today preceding a potential G 100 Economic Constitutional Congress – for without that – a DEPRESSION AND WORLD WAR “IS” COMING IN MY OPINION – due to the items of data I presented in REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION book you can buy on Amazon for your library. 

Click and know what I think; https://www.amazon.com/Redemption-Cooperation-Revolution-Berny-Dohrmann/dp/0692646051

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6. 2019 is a feature of the Congress as Politics running economics will crush prosperity ( I think ) and economics running politics will extend prosperity.

7. 2020 will be a horrible economic period ushering in Democratic politics into office – by design and plan – or Republicans will be in extended prosperity and they will extend into the future as will prosperity which is no longer political – it is how we vote our wallets is how I think.

We vote in economic ignorance …

Or economic 20/20 vision and see finally our way forward….

Thats what I think is going on out there.

A race to the bottom or top and no one knows which way ….wins.

We are about to find out for the future of America and short term Crammer does not matter …its long term that matters folks.

Berny Dohrmann – Weekend Reporting just for you all…today