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First Zika is becoming the pandemic of our time and is now global from Brazil – in just 36 months really.  Is EBLOA the killer of human’s next? Now in a second EBLOA outbreak the World Health Organization is all over in the nation of CONGO.

First some facts related to what kills Human beings and where should we invest more of our precious attention and money? So consider:

  1. Sharks – they kill six a year or so
  2. Ligthening kills 100’s of us.
  3. Elephants kill 500 a year ( see a war on elephants ? ) 
  4. Snakes kill over 1000 of us globally each year.
  5. Humans ( drugs included ) kill over 500,000 of ourselves slaughtering “us” punishing diversity versus celebrating it.
  6. Hospitals mis- diagnosing – and drug wrong utility by professionals kills 400,000 of us more than all cancer heart and related organ issues combined into one times x x x x.
  7. Mosquito’s starting with Malaria ( which CEOSPACE Grad Dr. Jerry Thornthwait former NIH research scientist doctor ) has the cure for – absolute cure – but over 1,000,000 will die from mosquito’s in 2018 versus say six from Sharks.

It might help you see EBOLA in perspective. Facts:

  1. Ebola has various strains – some we have vaccines for some not so much.
  2. Ebola kills a maximum % of human beings it infects.
  3. Eblola is a tough virus and survives a long time on door nobs and surfaces and utensils and in the air from projection of the ill.
  4. Ebola is one of human kinds most contagious virus’s that vectors to human’s in the air or via fluid and can infect untold numbers without their even being aware.
  5. Ebola has moved world wide in days weeks not months in prior epidemics from planes ships and ground transportation moving the ill to infect the innocent in days and in hours.

Ebola broke out in Congo in May.

The break out was contained and ended by August by the World Health Organization as the outbreak took place in a tiny rural outpace along a river. Primitive.

In late July early August a second outbreak unlinked – same strain – broke out 1500 miles or 2000 kilometers away from the tiny village. The new outbreak is more urban. Over 100 tribal sects inside an election year end process in Congo with 20 active “cells” of armed opposing tribal leadership – may or may not allow World Health Care Workers into the infected ground zero areas. 

The more the delay the more we pay.

Tracking every human with contact to ground zero infected with ebola – human # 1 the PRIME – than moving all circles to other primes and their contacts to get them all – is – early enough say 30 to 100 humans – later – 100’s to 1000’s – and later – 1000’s to 10,000’s and all the manpower and dollars later costs – also it can move to millions and all of us in 180 days if not contained –

Also economically it works like this:

  1. Not contained in Congo – Congo trade in and out stops and the economics die till its fixed 
  2. Not contained in Africa – due to borders on second outbreak – and trade in Africa with the world – in and out – stops – as does all capital investing and circulations – Africa begins to economically die 
  3. Not contained beyond Africa – trade with EU or ASIA or North or South America ( whoever is infected without absolute controls on spread ) is quarantined as a nation – all trade and in and out stops to that nation – isolated and their economy begins to die from Ebola.

The second outbreak is being SET UP right now. The time is passing and others are infected rising up to 100 today from 30 or so 48 hours ago and not a flat line number yet from WHO.

It is too early to know how bad and how fast this one is to the nation and world. It is border cross and how many nations will be infected in August alone and by September how bad economically on markets will EBOLA be.

The biggest risk to prosperity are now ranked by has as:

  1. Congress – Democrat Grid Lock and Dysfunction the USA government ceases to work – or Republican and Congress works infrastructure and prosperity to 2030 
  2. Ebola – rapid containment or economics super cash over the opposite
  3. Interest – too fast too soon too high – always creates Super Crash. Already 500 billion of world liquidity is removed from first half of 2018 and another more than 500 billion for second half by FED – or over ONE TRILLION OF SYSTEM CIRCULATION INVESTING AND LIQUIDITY just evaporated by the Fed Risk matching Ebola in capacity to Super Crash. 300 Trillion of record world debt can not flip over at 500% interest and more elevations in a few months versus 15 years of time – without time – the Fed failed policy kills the prosperity. 

Trump with a Republican Congress may merge the Fed back into the US Treasury for oversight audits and check and balance – its lies about being “independent” when it is far from that claim – we can discount as all Fed leading banks are criminals who have pled guilty and paid criminal fines – since 2008 – because the Fed that the banks own controlling stock in – ( scroll its all data laid out with third party proof on this blog site just scroll Fed truth seekers ) – yep merge the Fed into USA Treasury and you have the future of integrity for prosperity back and hey – Trump with a win in Congress may be the one to do it – Kennedy’s were exploring it but that didn’t work out so well for them.

So EBOLA not reported in news across our land because we are focused on the important issues of our age – the issues that effect us all:

  • Stormy Daniels chat room access and cost pricing 
  • Tweets by Trump and his tribe 
  • Response by Journalist about how bad Trump tweets 
  • Fake news as our new normal
  • Emotions – either Nancy or Trump pick the hand puppet you love to hate most I suppose 

EBOLA can bring the system we benefit from to live our lives down – closed – walking dead like the movie no kidding – and fast. Why is this story with a timer ( ebola infected count ) not the lead BBC and global story of our time – until it is resolved. Why?

Congo can not fix this with WHO not having a G 100 economic response and support to manage the miles and primitive zone of no roads no power no water and massive personnel to protect first – then those infected to heal second and those who are now carrying the illness to keep safe and out of infection all the rest of us. 

Lets say a terrorist cell gets infected and divides up as vested suits with lap tops at a breakfast and lunch and dinner buffet all you can eat – buffet place in say – three cities a day – times 9 of those infected – is 27 – infected spoons and labels to others – and the space and rest room door surfaces and etc and so on – in those 27 restaurants infecting say 5000 each and every day in 9 countries – with 40 countries in ten days and 50,000 moving to infect in the next 20 say 10 million and then month 2 100 million – you see the progression and that is 9 with intention what about 30 just trying to get out of danger – which created the world’s worst ever Ebola with President Obama making the decisive resource choice early enough – to really stop it – that was lets see 2015 – 2016 bam. WORST EVER.

Now a VERY TROUBLING second out break and where are YOU reading about Ebola risk – New York Times ? Washington Post? Fox News? BBC? Israeli Post. Gulf news given their traffic with Congo? Nope no one is telling you – the world – how dangerous this is for human beings.

EBOLA is wildly out breaking in a second in 90 days unliked out break from traditions of eating fresh caught bush meats from the forest where that meat is infected with the virus – and eaten not fully cooked to kill the virus which crosses to humans who have no Clue they have it – as entire families are infected at the meal. Then those family members go to work or play with circles that get infected but they don’t know it – and the circles move out and out – continuously until The Who gets “set up” with technology and resources required to TRACK HUMAN VECTORS from the PRIME FIRST KNOWN CASE to all connections that case has made – down the entire line missing not one – or mosquito’s won’t be the largest human killer – EBOLA will be – potentially killing over one billion of humans – virus the ancient enemy is our RISK to markets and economics today.

Are we on TOP of Congo Ebola # 2 in 2018 as what WHO leadership states is a very TROUBLING HIGH RISK OUTBREAK?


No news tracking.

No resources elevating.

No G 100 ALERT.

Business as usually as if Ebola the most fatal of human virus infections upon the earth – bar none – is a common cold we recover from with aspirin? Folks you bleed out form your ears your eyes your nose your mouth and your finger nails – all organs are bleeding out inside you – and its very painful so you spray enormous clouds of snot and blood particles and EBOLA live virus on your clothes – all utensils – health workers and in the air you contaimenht with everyone else suffering in your Ebola death rooms – WHO Sets up to keep that air – that contaminated air zone and surface of everything in that zone – as HOT ZONE. Read the book HOT ZONE if you want to understand what it is like to work HOT by those who KNOW what it is like – their greatest fear – is their own breach in a HOT ZONE.

Read the book – its the most fringing book ever – because its all true.

Pultizer prize true – get HOT ZONE On Amazon to follow EBOLA.

Last Ebola:

  1. We were first 
  2. We forced news to track it
  3. We encouraged the President to fast track resources. It worked.


The outbreak is ON and its GO TIME in CONGO.

Worse than out break # 1 in 2018.

This story is THE STORY because if they do not control it – and tone of voice to those in charge for WHO does not sound high optimism here – it is going to rise to become THE STORY because markets will crash over this story – one way or the other.

So the market is talking:

  1.  Tables and chart and earnings to price ranges and ratio’s.
  2. That super money pool leadership is on vacation to Labor Day.
  3. Volume is Low and trading is inside ranges with profit spikes up and down for reporting to daddy as they return from Holidays.
  4. We predict record year end wealth growth if a republican congress is held and if not risk rises for a super crash all laid out here in blogs just scroll for hard data on it all.
  5. Now ebola is a factor – controlled by November – we are record high wealth effect in our vision of how it goes – may be wrong of course – and with Ebola not contained by November and cross boarder – SUPER CRASH and world recession or even worse if the math unfolds like it can – was we told you FIRST right here .

Ebola not front page in weekend news – is THE STORY economically to the world – not Trump Tweets – not Special Prosecutor KGB web nets of crimes they invent – outside their mandate to keep the GET THE PRESIDENT mis-use of American Justice – as we have never seen its misuse before – save in Russia or North Korea or Sudan. Never in America until now…..that trial news – he said she said” is not the lead story folks – it is EBOLA than Congress or prosperity stops cold – on the economics.

Keep in mind we told America – 

Vote your wallet and republican law makers. Congress WORKS and we have infrastructure and prosperity to 2030 and win trade wars.

Vote emotions and democrat congress – Grid Lock like last 16 years – prosperity is LOST going from 5% growth to no growth Super Crash and Recession.

Ebola wipes both votes into super crash and depression globally.

Which party will stop Ebola cold in its tracks? I think both actually.

So follow the Ebola story – or – just book mark this site or better FREE SUBSCRIBE which helps our global count with so may 10,000’s of subscribers in over 100 countries as our reader tribe.

Share the Blog as Ebola is no kidding around spreading while our law makers world wide fiddle while our fabulous Rome ( world economy ) BURNS – so easy for it to flourish if we just stop setting ourselves on fire.

First kills as much as sharks – elephants and snakes but no where near the death that humans create this year for one another – versus versus which slaughters millions of us – preventable if we were not so focused on TWEETS and killing each other for no good reason what so ever.

We’ll see if together we can change all that …I think we can…..I know together we will I fact….


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