Buy in summer dips? The grown ups are not home until after Labor Day. The AI is playing the markets as a new model. Sound bytes – say Turkey today – trigger flash trade than sustained trade profit taking – all the way down with shorts hedging on all the way back – in Turkey Currency – and in global equities – as AI over 10,000 super money pools makes profits on news.

The market volatility will move down and up in wild cycles and we have said buy equities for 72 months not 72 minutes. If your day trading in an AI casino with billions on software out gunning you and your trading program you just love – personally I see gambling in the AI casino capitalism – the global system today in 24/7 trading markets where the sun never ever sleeps on trades – I don’t believe YOU can out pace out bet or out perform AI. I think holders will win and gamblers will lose. Speculate or wait. That is strategy – invest or gamble – that is outcome. Win or loss.

If your investing I would dollar cost average in dips today with a mind set to record high’s by year end – but – I would work a careful diversification plan with your licensed expert adviser always and legal. Protect yourself. Be safe out there.

So AI see’s profit options anytime uncertainty rises. So Turkey pounds its chest and gives the bird to America. America taxes Turkey who is over taxing America – matching taxes – which it just hates and those “matching taxes” taxing THEM what they precisely tax the USA ( which is all that is taking place out there reciprocity trade tax – matching them to what they tax us – or a new trade deal with zero tax or as they low as they will tax us – matching tax. So they see NEW TAX on Turkey as uncertainty – and they take profits off the world cake of holdings in an AI review that humans would take days to complete on position options – AI has the answer in a fraction of one second and keep in mind AI is trading in enormous volume – in time frames of second fractions ever known before in global markets.

So the volatility can be sensational to prior age charts PRE AI but in the new AI Casino capitalism – such volatility down – woe is us – than way back up ( look at Face Book and Fang all creeping back toward record highs and it is not even Labor Day yet ) – so buy the dip. The volatility is not chartable to past charts as the volatility is NEW AI in new patterns that savy investors on top of casino new charting will profit from in the DIPS AI leaves in its wake for we the small fry.

Invest avoid gambling. Win investing lose gambling always the best advice from Daddy.

Ny # 1 advice this weekend:

1.Scroll and read THE SLING SHOT EFFECT – I’d print those pages and read them – because they define how urgent and priority driven your assuring you earn maximum income at the final Holiday Quarter and do not miss pulling YOUR SLING SHOT BACK to assure you drive results and our performance to BULLSEYE this final quarter of this boom cycle – not to be missed.

2. Share that item on your social and walls as the high point of opportunity for any blog reader this year end – it is the ONE.


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