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Are you a professional proudly in practice and you wish more balance profit and growth now versus later?

Are you a leader of a silo in a larger Fortune or entity  or institutional management ( including not for profits we equally accelerate with specialists on site ) as your next  responsibility and you want to be brought more fully current in the NEW  age of SUPER CHANGE challenging all CEO’s today  – remove your current challenge list moving forward with superior teams of Fortune level mentor expertise available no where else ( tithing their private team coaching to just you alone on site with us for a week )  and close your own competency GAPS now versus later?

As you CAN run your empire virtually today and CEOSPACE puts you in a break every 60 minutes ( CEO PACING ) – you miss nothing Oct 8th Tuesday to Saturday and your FOURTH QUARTER is better or we refund your lifetime asset to you before you leave the hotel. NO risk. to you as you explore as we only ask here you to explore a BETTER WAY ranked # 1 for years by global press ( see our press section for proof of claims ). 

Are you a a successful entrepreneur or not for profit leader of three to fifteen year maturity who wishes to hyper grow into the final quarter – accelerate markets and customer acquisitions – or a development space who must grow faster or raise capital now versus later and develop resources missing now versus later?

As the leader acceleration is the next priority and all other priorities come way second.

If you see yourself or someone you know in 140 nations globally who wishes to GROW FASTER and earn the HIGHEST RETURN ON INVESTING POSSIBLE – might you just EXPLORE a CEOSPACE lifetime membership and join us October 8th in a CEO to CEO master mind that will elevate your year end cash flow and change your 2019 momentum with a money back guarantee to remove any risk. Family and corporate plans are available.

WOULD YOU JUST EXPLORE WITH US NO OBLIGATION EVER until you yourself conclude – wow a tax dollar becoming ten is math benefits that economically I must try out to grow FASTER. Just THAT:

For those who wish more income faster the following is what we will explore as economic:


  1. Thousands of tax dollars flow back your way with a CEOSPACE membership acquisition at year end  ( lower price Aug 15th which is why I’m sharing to my readers lowering YOUR not MY price ) as  last chance for the boss to lower taxes personally or corporately and you should and must in fact plan tax reduction  out. RIGHT ABOUT NOW.  Or you shovel resources to asset right  down the drain.
  2. Thousands are saved in our ONCE A YEAR sale to our 1988 price set 30 years ago and never raised once – discounted one time a year by thousands for you (grads and new members and their circles ) BIG once a year savings world wide – for your family and circles – but August 15th is the final cut off to get that price protected with tax investing.
  3. High returns defined by videos you can roam through on youtube by the most famous leaders you read and study from on our faculty –  Over your next beverage break having made a book mark of this link – return and see short due diligence CEO level video’s to prove the claims so you KNOW before you GO.
  4. Make a Book Mark to this link – you will wish to share the proof on profit – from leaders like yourself in a space where billionaires do walk around with millionaires for the rich contacts of a lifetime. Share this link on social and in circles you bless others when you do that step as a leader – and wait for the WHY there is much more WHY below that should make sense economically my only subject and topic ever. 
  5. Last Chance to impact final quarter accelerated income by improving you plan to market – resolving challenges – closing competency gaps now – improving execution teams and associations – executing better plans better teams better resources and missing options now on board Oct 8th. The value is built in at your level if you answered yes to the catalogues above. Did you? If you answered no and your an employee share this blog with your BOSS. Be the blessing.

Third Party Press states and you should pay attention:

  1. CEOSPACE is the one on going process as a  business building machine  not a seminar or workshop but interactive and CEO cross engaging – a sequenced growing of stages and phases to grow any outcome faster using the process over time  – lower cost lower TIME to CEO existing  goal attainment – Forbes states …if you own a business you can NOT afford to MISS CEOSPACE. Highest ranking in our industry.
  2. # 1 ranked business accelerator see our press section on line for proofs and more videos on our web site Bookmark for sure you will wish to save this site for others ….trust me.
  3. Oct 8th the CEO cross mentorship masterminding for a four day  week of quality acceleration time –  CEO’s  a third at the top – a CEO third in the  middle -and a  third rising up …and all agree to HELP ONE ANOTHER WITHOUT CONDITION as our CEOSPACE 30 year  secret sauce and we make sure before registration we qualify that mind set in our 140 nation community of CEO’s  being served –  with our money back guarantee – as we remove risk entirely but we require MIND SET from members who are lifetime for the one tax dollar asset acquisition to the business. 

We ascribe that there is no crises of leadership in our world today. We advance that there  IS HOWEER  a CURRENT LEADERSHIP  crises of INTEGRITY inside leadership globally today self resolving now. Competitive modeling creates imperfect performance systemic outcomes in any venture size. Cooperative culture reform elevates and uncorks unlimited human potential. CEOSPACE has proved this profit outcome for fortune firms and for a law office. You are next.

Competition depletes us.

Cooperation replenishes us.

Competition lacks integrity and is not expected – shields up.

Cooperation DNA is “integrity’ and we are safe together all over again. We will cease cooperation when integrity is in breach.

A community of ever improving integrity – collaboration – cooperation – with an utter absence of competitive thought – is a safer market space – a superior acceleration market place – and things that take years take days inside CEOSPACE on October 8th.

WHAT is IT WORTH to reside in a larger community of leading CEO’s culture cooperating and cross mentoring and supporting success for one another? How much faster can immediate outcomes take place?

If growing your outcomes faster is important this principle is urgent in the new AGE OF SUPER CHANGE where being bought current – on boarding options you can’t see right now – closing competency gaps ( and yes you have them and they prevent the growth speeds you deserve ) – and staying current – is the new “C” suite leadership asset – currency itself inside SUPER CHANGE. What is YOUR PROCESS to STAY CURRENT TODAY …..for if you lack that process CEOSPACE is the model you can’t say no to – a tax dollar grows to ten with continued use of your LIFETIME membership – with free access every sixty days to CEOSPACE accelerators ….in 900 acre resort in Florida you recharge at Holiday Inn discounted rate suites with stuff to do that is off the CEO chart …..which is why so many bring children and their spouse – we have nine year olds in their FIFTH BUSINESS MODEL doing best selling books and television shows having started ventures at age three. Parents are wildly grateful for the family plans for those super stressful jobs at the top of the landscape we support.


  1. Accelerating Maximum HARVEST to the Holiday quarter IS the only next priority for leadership – period. Tune up your under your box total plan with advanced ranked # 1 OUT OF YOUR BOX options and resources you lack and will Oct 8th acquire. Guaranteed.
  2. Reduce YEAR END TAXES with a lifetime asset ownership paid by the taxes saved – Corporate ideally or personal CEO memberships ( lowest cost ) or Platinum if your needing larger Tax deductions – step up to the CEO SPACE Platinum leadership.
  3. Reduce Membership ASSET with lower investment by thousands if you buy the asset ( only once a year is it offered ) by August 15th. We want you to have an almost FREE MEMBERSHIP with our price reductions price protected by August 15th and tax refunds in the thousands bank your way in 2018 ( or not your decision ) to acquire an asset with guaranteed profit performance and lifetime asset value for almost FREE.

PHONE 256 850 4710 or 256 850 4719 to just EXPLORE ( no selling at CEO level just “telling ” to match your agenda to accelerate – having a ton of fun making connections are your level not possible outside our Oct 8th event – price protect your parties by August 15th.

As founder and Chairman of CEOSPACE you wait a while to have a JUST PERFECT STORM of priceless value for our own clients – and October 8th is that blend of mix wealth talent success and leadership anyone should follow the principle I suggested in my text but did not put in play for the pay to hope you would read and stay for it:


CEO’s wishing to hit the bullseye of profits and growth impossible without improved plan to outcome tweaks – elevation to execution teams or elements to effect final quarter accelerations  – challenge removals now versus later – resource load in and access to new markets affiliates customer base and brand impact messaging – must consider.

Your box is moving toward the Goal wall you and your team have set.

Your wake is some what less than a straight line to that goal wall ( for most )  for some very zig zag looking backwards – you want to make that line a straight line to the Goal wall. Lowers time and cost as the boss does it not?

You can’t improve your course inside the freakin box and under the box day to day existing  obligatory routine. The boss needs a retreat now and again with peers to work ON THE BOX versus under the box. The tipping point to accelerated outcomes in our 30 years of leading service to CEO’s.

IT TAKES SOMETHING TRULY POWERFUL to upgrade time utility performance gains and productivity outcomes starting with the boss and then moving to the target bullseye.

The boss is under the box they created.

The boss just found out for the first time the box top rules on how to fire to hit the bullseye more directly are 50 yards blown backward outside the box laying on the playing field of the ocean of all possibilities and missing options to opportunity – missing options matter to the boss as leader.

The boss must get out from under their routine  box  ( If just for four days and every hour still managing the BOX by the way ) – just four days to grow everything faster  – or longer with capital three bonus skill training days I teach myself in October Saturday Sunday and Monday PRE FORUM OPTION elective to grads and new members Oct 8th  – to get the new and  improved goal bullseye targeting rules – essential to marksman status on the success  range of your own leadership  lifetime  – and work OUTSIDE THE BOX and fully for a short time with maximum expert help ON THEIR BOX to hit the target in the goal bullseye versus hitting the hay bails or the dirt and never hitting the goal wall target bullseye – at all – even though you consistently ready fired and then AIMED.


  1. You must PULL YOUR SLING SHOT BACK October 8th and make a tax dollar investment knowing you will hit the bullseye of final quarter GREATER ACCELERATIONS if you DO that urgent step in this boom cycle –  and earn ten dollars of profit back on your decision to do so via our continued value and use pathology for CEO outcomes. No risk. 
  2. You must have experts help you to AIM to hit the BULLSEYE of this fourth quarter DIRECTLY BAM . You can’t gain that entrepreneur master very advanced leadership tweaking –  skill without authority help legendary for the MENTORSHIP saving years of time and cash outlays in waste and lack of performance desired. Or you need help in hyper growth to NEXT SAY NO TO GROWTH restore balance to your life and remain in HYPER GROWTH with 100 arrows in the bullseye either archer way. Four minutes from one CEO at the top of industry Proof for leaders at the tippy top – you just should not delay on this option to profit ….worth a click. Four minutes …no time waste.
  3. You must allow EXPERTS in your silo specifically to Assist your hand to pull back where the SLINGSHOT of your HYPER GROWTH for the final quarter of the largest boom your adult lifetime – has enough ENERGY LOADED to reach the HOLIDAY BULLSEYE of revenue GROWTH – or you simply will not achiever the profit outcomes.

Do you want to accelerate the fourth final quarter cash flow?

Do you wish to reduce cost and reduce time by orders of magnitude with the # 1 support to reach this goal of time saving time cost and propelling your outcomes into 2019 impossible without Oct 8th upgrading everything including YOU.

Do you wish to grow as a leader truly and honestly and in your own highest ethics and standards for CEO integrity ?

Will you help other leaders to grow without condition as they help you to grow without condition being open to growth and vulnerable to close your own competency gaps you know as well as you do not know and with CEOSPACE as your sling shot to the PEAK HOLIDAY bullseye in 2018 as a tax option to profit  – YOU DO NOT HAVE TO WAIT… accelerate and you will gain profits and growth impossible without our market place or YOUR INVESTMENT IS REFUNDED TO YOU. No risk.

Do you know someone who needs SLINGSHOT TRAINING you can forward this URL to or place it into their life as a blessing on your social twitter or walls. If your in the media and press can you write about ENTREPRENEUR ACCELERATION as a blessing outside the election year mess of never ending negatives one unto the other?

As children we all know that with the SLING SHOT PRINCIPLE this better way to hit a target than throwing a stone or rock must be shared with other children taking turns. 

SHARE THE SLING SHOT PRINCIPLE as so many are stuck under their box with zig zag wakes to their own GOAL WALLS.

SHARE YOUR TOYS ! They change your growth and your world into adult hood do they not?

Since 2008 I have longed for an October 8th year end ramp up to our accelerator. We have improved that ONE SLING SHOT COURSE to be our BEST of our BEST of OUR BEST for you – because – this final quarter is absolutely historic. No CEO can miss the full potential of the opportunity – Fortune managers test your final quarter premise at CEOSPACE as the fresh advanced leadership training your press ranks # 1 above all the rest – reward your silo managers and they will reward YOUR PERFORMANCE in the final quarter and BLOW YOU AWAY.

Entrepreneurs as Forbes suggests about SLING SHOT THEORY  – in their article on our web site set forth here for you – in their words not our words…if you own a business or practice you can not afford to miss CEOSPACE in 2018…..its dollars and sense on returns.

If you invest a tax dollar and it pays you back ten dollars and the profit with on going utility is in fact guaranteed to you….


For the guaranteed outcomes you can phone to EXPLORE so that you KNOW before you GO? 

Opportunity is waiting for you right now….

WILL YOU MAKE THE CALL 256 850 4710 Jessica Lowe or 256 850 4719 Nancy Murphy Vice Presidents serving CEO’s world wide with hard data to KNOW before you pull back your final quarter sling shot.


  1. Last chance to close competency gaps and accelerate profits into the last HOLIDAY PEAK  quarter of our generation’s maximum opportunity – with unmatched support and access to new market penetrations now. For his critical HOLIDAY buying season? 
  2. Last chance to assure thousands in tax return your way.
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  5. Last best FORUM ever produced in the boom final Holiday quarter timed perfectly for the CEO sling shot …yours. 

Share your sling shot.