China: Red Tape – Tax – Lying  -Theft – What “IS” going on Out there. So for years doing business in China required what it requires today. First lots of time and money to set up “Local partners”. The Local Partners and law firms quote you X $ to Start but IN fact it will take years more time and oceans more dollars – as they will consume as much as they can steal.

While your SETTING UP ( almost ready to launch ) your going to have all the paper work for each Province passing on each line of each paper before it is official and stamped – including as if  your  Chinese law firms are in fact protecting fully  your protecting your IP in China which is when they tell you your protected ( I have patented in China – a  joker wild card in your own deck. Legal IP protection in China is an economic oxymoron – look that up.

You’ll also be employing your partners family members and perhaps family members of the officials approving your “permit” and then their family as long as they get MORE out of your AMERICAN wallet. On more brother – two cousins at only this per month ( low see ) and we get the STAMP. We will. They tell you. Smiling. Because they know what an idiot you are – big firms do it another way but they spend millions an shrink five to seven year launch cycles ( delaying your launch to assure Chinese rip off’s are out first and thriving protecting their internal model )….to say three years and still the big firms brands are ripped off from Coke to Cars.

While  your employing the family of the circle that is SUPPORTING your Launch in China a paying out for nothing economic every which oh way – the partner is STEALING your product and service and setting up a launch for a Chinese Based competition usually series of firms so you never know who ripped you off as that was internal anyway to the system – which will be the BIG BRAND in China in fact – happens to McDonalds – Apple and Merry Jane with a unique baked item.

Years into your LAUNCHING IN CHINA you do in fact way over time and impossibly over budget  launch in China. This ramps up costs monthly that grow for years never to decline so far above what you anticipated you are in profit pain as there is no way to make a real return on time and money at all.  As you grow you have staggering city state and federal new  cost “your attorney” did NOT fully explain to you. You may have to start and stop as you manage all the required state communist requirements – which are often made up year by year at all levels as you go. Depending on who did not get paid.

If you go after the Chinese firm that stole your IP you have issues. Your car is damaged. Your multiple little reminders let you know that you as an American are not in Kansas any more Dorothy. Your Partners have a very serious meal meeting with you  and share with you how well things are going and growing – although you can’t get any real return on your investment back out of China . They also as you pay the check for the fancy meal they set up – remind you that they themselves have been threatened and their children by “unknown” players – and it would be best to leave that competitor alone – it is not effecting YOUR BUSINESS. Plus all these new costs ( they drop a file of huge sums ) go AWAY if you let that item go away. Even you from Iowa get the farm boy logic and turn away from rule of law in China – your broken into the Chinese success story.

Eventually – ten years ahead of your start you may discover – you are losing money and wish to close the operation down.  The loss is too great or the margin and profit is painful and not worth the distraction of focus and resources many other areas even near by could profit your firm versus the SINK HOLE THAT IS CHINA 2018 until a TRADE AGREEMENT occurs. You may decide if your making money by manufacturing in China and delivering where you can make a real buck – that – it is better economics in fact – to make the whatever – in KANSAS Dorothy. You make more money and you have no one telling you their kids are threatened.

What takes years in China takes clicks in the USA.

Labor is cheaper but robotics don’t have quality issues and are just as cheap as made in China.

So China is on trade a place:

  1. That taxes USA goods 100% and 100% and 100% and 100% MORE than we tax their goods making it impossible to sell in China on fair terms as a market.
  2. For 70 years our support to China has created the economics of China transforming 100’s of millions from the lowest human poverty on earth to middle class within miracle modernization and upgrading ( on our trade all protecting their minerals industry and business against the USA and UK ).
  3. Remains filled  with corruption nepotism cultural barriers in cost rule barriers to do business all protecting Chinese ventures to win in China and to assure other ventures have unfair barriers to open and develop markets in China.
  4. Until even now a partner was needed in China – your data base has to be in China – your IP is in China and China steals your IP and sells your invention on product or service back to the world having illegally and immorally and unethically extended a disrespect for intellectual property – which is all we have on earth – and its OWNERSHIP – as a nation that remains barbaric in civilization due to a failed economic systemic model – communism – where this form of desert to integrity is the culture not an individual fault of course. 

My Blog and this item would have me visit prison in China at my age for life for expressing the Crime in America we call THE TRUTH IN AMERICA.  

Armies of Americans from all parties are working as a united 10,000 to usher in a new world order of FAIR TRADE AGREEMENT IN 2018 –  from the lack of rules today in a digital world – where unfair trade creates bankruptcy for nations who are its victims. Because the bankruptcy ( trade imbalances say to the USA with China having Mount Everest of dollars flowing in from its PROTECTION POLICY of the past – and the USA having a Death Valley below sea level sink hole growing into a new Grand Canyon as all our sand ( dollars ) flows one way – into China.

This model is economics not personal not political and LIES from China have no water drops stick to the Trump Ducky as he is oil coated for the China RAIN. China was asked, invited,  requested, demanded, threatened, to upgrade their ILLEGAL UNFAIR IMMORAL TRADE POLICIES as economics 101 by the past five Presidents for almost 50 years of time. 

The talk was never one act as the actual in fact outcomes was layer after layer of more trade barriers to USA firms.

The RED LINE Trump placed down at the Golf Course to President XI fully understanding President XI is not a dictator and President XI has buttons all over the China Star Ship enterprise to push to make a turn in course at warp drive. Teams on the bridge have to act together. Not easy.

Trump is removing the DILITHIUM CRYSTALS that power source the China SHIP OF STATE. Since no action and more talk till Chinese spit flew over Trumps Red line occurred – Trump – simply stepped back and did what the Red Line promised. 260 Billion Dollars of TAXES on 100% of what China sends to the USA in the worlds largest ROLLING PIPE LINE.

Trump knowing China is never in a hurry – is on his White House Deck – sitting in his rocking Chair – smoking a very nice CUBAN I am sure cigar related to their Red Line – rocking and rocking in the summer evening in Washington DC – thinking how much he likes his FULL HOUSE In Chinese Poker with those Aces High – and projecting how those billions will now pay off the National Deficit for the National Debt in the USA.

Thats right. Listen. $ 260 BILLION IN TARRIFs ( can add up annually ) and Americans buying Chinese goods pay off the national debt without a tax – because you keep buying Chinese. Now you could stop buying Chinese – delay your IPHONE SALE THIS YEAR just because you ARE AMERICAN and China – would feel lay off ‘s if you bought:

  1. No clothes first
  2. No Electronics second
  3. No Steel or heavy manufactured goods
  4. No produce or agriculture ( look before you buy on labels )
  5. Chinese food by American Chinese is OK folks lets not hurt them

Nothing would effect TRADE POLICY like Consumers united as Americans to help send the message – drop your tax on us and we’ll match you. Go to ZERO we will match you. Reduce the red tape in a digital world – stop the lying and theft – protect IP – stop partnership issues – make trade AGREEMENTS that create a NEW WAY FORWARD – INTEGRITY FAIR TRADE versus the FAKE NEWS you print in your press. This Holiday buy noting made in China Americans and watch TRADE AGREEMENTS rise forth.



Today Chinese Communist Press reported for example of their fake news to over 1 billion people who have no open access to the internet or world news at all – that  in their nation wide press today 1.5 billion folks read and heard this communist propaganda – APPLE HAS MADE RECORD EARNINGS AS THE FIRST TRILLION DOLLAR INSTITUTION AND THIS AMERICAN COMPANY MADE THAT PROFIT OFF CHEAP CHINESE LABOR “VICTIMS” AND THAT APPLE PROFIT SHOULD BE RE-DISTRIBUTED TO THE CHINESE PEOPLE ( which means the elite party bosses ).

Now this creates hatred for Apple as Chinese stop buying Apple. State news is showing TRUMP – FUCK YOUR READ LINE BUDDY BOY we will take our buying power off the table and your Trillion Dollar Baby will crash to the floor board.

Today China flipped the Finger to Congress and to America.

More likely Apple will move its entire supply Chain to India and work where folks speak English and agreements are solid versus China agreements where like quick sand once the ink is dry they are starting – just beginning to RE-NEGOTIATE as the agreement is never solid never binding never solid never over. Doing business in China is economic QUICK SAND there is no “there there”. If no trade agreement is reached wait for it…..

Donald Trump is a President with business all over the world who unlike prior Presidents has oceans of experienced in China himself. He knows the wealthy leadership and respects the culture and choice of pride in their communism. However as an American Trump wishes to assure real trade reform occurs.

The outcomes include:

  1. Massive business returns to the USA and we grow and prosper and China moves into its deepest modern recession ever – debt default cascading – inflation one can’t imagine – and a decline back into poverty and a full on revolution to the system.
  2. Or a Fair Trade Agreement is reached soon as # 1 is rising up and can’t be stopped if the Communist talk on the BRIDGE but fail to push any buttons and act. Their star ship will come out of warp drive inside the SUN. Flame on and be gone. China as we know it will be gone as their economy is the MOST FRAGILE IN THE WORLD versus the most robust. They will lose their # 2 economic standing soon to Japan or India and sink to # 3. Trade war is already a spiral of unemployment and lay off and cut back about to advance riots and social unrest. TIMING IS EVERYTHING but Chinese leaders do not grasp economics they grasp social protection of internal firewalls to their own modeling – which is antique broken and is not a road that leads to the future in fact.

Trade War.

XI is now in endless consumption on managing the trade war and strategy on all sides of how this unfolds or comes out. I think they will walk around like Roosters to October and announce a TRADE DEAL AND NEW WAR FORWARD to assure future prosperity for all and also cement a Republican Congress – if that is all planned out between XI and TRUMP. But XI powers inside China may Derail the best of plans we’ll see…wait for it folks….

Trump has team managing ( over 10,000 of em )  going forward around his red line may pole in a summer breeze –  all that as THE PRESIDENT OF THE FREE WORLD  is smoking his famous 1 AM  cigar – rocking at the White House in a big white rocking chair with that creaking sound on the old wooden floors of the porch outside  – looking at the stars and considering – how to get the Mid Year Election to BE REPUBLICAN return to A CONGRESS THAT WORKS to pass infrastructure which once passed – prosperity moves to 2030  and the budget of the USA will have a debt DECLINE over time and with SUPER BOND THEORY be balanced in years not decades – and the USA will have 300 years of leadership assured. He smiles thinking of HOW GREAT American is becoming globally in only 18. first months of work.

It is all  economic. He is so grateful he knows how to read the economic play book globally.

China is enriched by Free Trade and impoverished without FREE TRADE.

America prospers either way and China is a one off anomaly the USA created and then withdrew support for allowing a self sinking of a nation – their choice not our choice.

All the lies all the fake news all the PRESS IN CHINA ( today re-distributed invented and globally made with parts from China only ) our USA APPLE WEALTH should be re-distributed to the CHINESE PEOPLE. This is the Communist leadership INTEGRITY TO THEIR PEOPLE in a RULE OF LAW world.

The DISRESPECT CHINA DEMONSTRATES for their SOURCE of Wealth is to assume that China economics are SELF SUSTAINABLE.

As an investment banker economist I beg to set the record before the people’s court. If the 500% buying from the USA to the 100% buying from China of USA goods stops – the USA sells that 100% to the world markets and China is bankrupt on a dime. Economically.

What China does not see is not political or economic but effects both. China in failing to make an agreement they have lied to us about for 50 years – an agreement facing a 260 Billion Dollar – you guys pay off our national debt with taxes to get in to the USA we charge you – unable to cross a REAL DOLLARS AND CENTS USA RED LINE IN ECONOMICS AND YES NOW WE “MEAN BUISNESS”  China is in panic.

Their tools – all the Kings Horse and All the Kings Men can’t put President XI’s trade team back together again ( our USA law makers they are trying to assure are DEMOCRAT to stop TRUMP – with untold wealth transfer to political races – with on line massive influence and fake news leaving RUSSIA blame and foot prints so we never think it is all STATE HACKERS FROM CHINA who have stolen every single thing we have period in a disk drive ) – and none of it is working – the count down to the economic IED Trump has laid into their economic heart pump – just ticks and ticks and Trump smiles at the BLOOD MOON and shakes his head over the Clear clean lights of the nation capital.

CHINA is in a LIFE or DEATH decision.

Revolution as outcome or stability and prosperity as outcome – one or the other is inevitable based on pure time to choice.

There is no lack of prosperity in FREE TRADE and rule of law protection for IP. There is sustained prosperity in partnership and FAIR TRADE and impoverishment for China without it – red lines after all matter – when red lines are in fact REAL. Trump red lines are the absolute REAL DEAL. Ask Syria with billions lost from chemical testing Trump red lines. 

There is partnership for CHINA in opportunity  to join Russia in strategy for the world as a COOPERATION with EU to the WORLD PLANET FEDERATION OF NATIONS.

China has historic choice making to reset world trade – there is no cost to China there is only up bubble prosperity – all American trade in China markets creates massive jobs inside China just as China does for us in reverse we all win. When its fair and open both ways.

Economically never assume those who are insane ( some communist leaders are controlled by the brain virus of competition the first form of human insanity – competition is buggy god awful brain software a virus of the mind the first pollution – is mind pollution – and those powerful leaders  are unable to see sanity or cooperation and collaboration into a way forward ) – they  will act in to destroy their own best interest economically while saving “face”. They don’t see the economic outcomes and they believe ( false data ) that the Chinese economic model is sustainable and will never spiral downward into SUPER CRASH and massive debt defaulting cascades.

You see China has tables projections and smarty pants providing information to leadership – HOW BAD COULD THIS REALLY HURT US. That data is in error and biased.

They look at given’s which are not complete and lack full data.

So decisions are made on projections that are wrong.

The Chinese fail to see that without press of any kind – even a tweet – American’s may simply stop buying Chinese anything. Apple would more rapidly than folks believe re-tool – and shift its supply lines and bam – along with a trillion in trade and commerce – China is an island of poverty never to rise up as it once did again.



AMERICANS as ONE stopped buying anything from a nation that is by action a full on enemy to us economically and in fact. They seek to engage asymmetrical  warfare documented in Kevin Freeman’s vital book THE SECRET WEAPON for those who wish to read the leadership in China’s quotes and defeating America and reducing us to a third world economically. 

The American teams – Trumps teams of over 10,000 democrats and republicans understand the war is a real war and after loosing 16 years of battles and almost everything in 2008 when China fired their digital weapon at our market space – we are now winning the WAR and the battles are being fully engaged. The TRADE WAR is a declaration the WAR has to end so that both nations prosper – or American prospers and China moves into revolution – as WE WIN THE REAL WAR.

Your Choice China. Those who have won the battles for 16 years find it hard to appreciate they have LOST THE ENTIRE WAR.

Who wouldn’t ….

American’s and most of the world does not KNOW what is going on out there. Putin knows Russia was SET UP but can not afford to have China stop buying its PETRO products. Trump and Putin know the truth while America makes Russia a political ( GET TRUMP ISSUE  ) which is pure ignorance of what is really going on out there – and a few at the top know – but most law makers do not and they circle where their political packs with too many millions coming in to count – tons from CHINA in their financial war to GET TRUMP under the card table ) – but all anticipated by our war planners.

Voters are getting so pissed off that soon they may STOP BUYING CHINESE FOREVER Huge risk to the competitive insane brains delaying a trade agreement in china as their legal theft has to STOP. No one can put that genie back into the magic financial bottle. Already enough pull back is taking place BY Americans – FOR Americans – and INTO AMERICA MADE that China is in a decline spiral they have not seen in decades and decades. DOWN BUBBLE CHINA and the down bubble of that submarine is picking up VELOCITY ACCELERATION AND MOMENTUM as TIME is the asset and China planners are loosing the one item more precious in economics than DIAMONDS…..TIME.

So Trump is humming on the porch of the White House at 1 am – rocking this warm summer I can hear him hum now ……. – round and round the mulberry bush round and round it goes round and round the mulberry bush  than….POP GOES THE WEASEL. And he butts his cigar and blows a fresh smoke ring into the air…..10,000 are winning the battles and the war decisively – the WEASEL is a Chinese full on SUPER CRASH AND  REVOLUTION due to economic SUPER CRASH and DEBT DEFAULTING.

I can hear Trump humming now….

Chinese planners and XI working on their spread sheets all in error – into the same deep night…..humming…..ah not so much. As famous Glen Beck would say….ah not so much… sire reee bobbie as we say in America. No summer hum in China tonight………

REDSTRIBUTE APPLE WEALTH TO THE CHINESE PEOPLE – hey those who wrote that today – the Chinese people 87% not members of the communist party who can’t click onto a free open internet and who are brain washed with only state in nation edited news and entertainment – are about to REDISTRIBUTE POWER ITSELF FROM CENTRAL COMMUNIST FAILED  GOVERNMENT MODELING  TO SYSTEM REFORM AND UPGRADING  TO ASSURE FORWARD PROSPERITY OF THE  CHINESE PEOPLE OR NATION IF A TRADE AGREEMENT FAILS TO SIGN ITSELF AT THE POKER TABLE>

Miscalculate and the communist revolution is a one off that came corrupted itself and died. Economics here never politics.

That is the ECONOMIC  RISK ON IN CHINA – Apple is just GONNA BE  fine folks….and CHINA is running out of time with the American consumer buyer – as the Holiday approaches TIME IS RUNNING OUT.

What if Humming President Trump pulls out his cell phone and tweets to 300 minion reading it as the sum comes up…

my fellow Americans this holiday if you would buy goods that are not made in china we could together effect a real path forward with a trade agreement that is both fair and sustainable – this Holiday lets not buy made in china anything and we as a nation win – vote with your wallet America and help us win.

Round and round the mulberry bush Trade Agreement before – POP GOES THE WEASEL.

Trump’s team has a full house – Aces High – China has two two’s of a mismatched suite ….and Trump pushed all the chips of America against his RED LINE in the center of the global POKER TABLE for all nations to watch the game and leaning back within a poof of smoke – leaned back offer with that Look Trump has and he said……in 2018…..To China…


China’s reply today – from its hacking and theft of our own aero defense technology was to launch a success like Russia in Hyper Sonic Delivery systems to atomic weapons to US cities in 20 minutes outside any detection we have today. But the call is still on as Tump is putting in new sensors to take them out and we already have them in case you dit not know that plus weapons none of the others have yet stolen or know of in fact…..

AND AMERICA STILL CALLS… Iran today said to Trump we’ll meet you anywhere any time without condition – thats new ….and it is all working …all of it – scroll some recent blogs and get on top of WHAT IS REALLY taking place out there – expect a CHINA DEAL that will lead a path into prosperity for the entire world coming up next……

AMERICA CALLS the economic BLUFF……VW Rabbit ( China economics ) and USA Star Ship Enterprise – if you compared the chips on the table ….super sonic weapons of PHOTON TORPEDO’s –  no one wins it is all nonsense …in fact…the future is cooperation not extinction…..

AMERICA HAS CALLED….finally the talk stops… us your cards ?


PS: I CAN THINK as a fifth generation San Franciscan from Silicon Valley anything that would make Tim Cook a republican but Apple may join technology to assure CONGRESS WORKS versus Grid lack as INFRASTRUCTURE is worth billions to them as is winning this trade agreement……REDISTRIBUTE APPLE WEALTH TO THE CHINESE PEOPLE – Apple Employees are more to less likely to vote to keep republicans in charge so CONGRESS WORKS versus GRID LOCK and dysfunction as it is beyond party and plays right into Chinese game plan we feel is going to … utterly.  After all WE ARE AMERICANS and WE ARE PROUD OF THAT…….