Today Saudi expels Canada Ambassador and stops all trade and financial investment in Canada. Why? Because the real King running things is a kid full of hormones in his early 30’s.

The PUPPY KING represents a fork in the Royal Family Tree if your tracking Saudi History from Lawrence of ARABIA ( rent the movie ) to now – one family forged the nation of tribal alliances and ruled as a family until the Fork a couple years ago. Now an entirely new tree the PUPPY KING and his Daddy are King and KING NEXTIE’s – and they took 100 billion bucks from the old family TREE calling them corrupt.

Then the Puppy King moved to liberal laws – say for woman – and the old agency heads are in civil war arresting the reform for woman rights activist into prison ( like rape and torture Saudi prison ) giving the finger in Saudi culture to the Puppy King.

Now the grown ups who paid well over 100 billion in state legal theft one family tree to the other reside in an eye for an eye culture that spans generations. To consider that 100 billion is enough in a Saudi world where $ 5,000 completes a hit on about anyone till death do us part – that the OLD family tree is not planning plotting to unseat the new upstart family tree in power and return things to the old way is a like TRUMP in the USA. Go figure.

Only Saudi has executed 100% people in 2018 than in prior years as the PUPPY King see’s the finger coming his way – fuck you – and he at 3 am kills em deader than a door nail. That is rule of law Saudi decides and understands.

So factions. Old and new.

So Canada says our citizen female right ABUSE folks you just put in prison PUPPY KING have to be released. Puppy King gave the FINGER to Canada. Not realizing that in fact the USA is closest to Canada in every way as a national alliance that present trade war resetting of THEY TAX US 100x more than we tax them – is being modernized finally – lots of rhetoric as old guard wants to PROTECT while the new world order is COOPERATE no more competition – we all help each other get ahead.

Those having their 100 billion taken off by state protections coming off are not amused and create financial bullets in the press to mis direct attention and keep the unfair benefit as long as their bought and paid for law makers can execute such insanity but the insanity is coming to an end.

SO Puppy King does not realize the entire world of buyers is united to two realities. First the criminal over charging by cartels for the price of everything led by the PUPPY KING is coming to a permanent end – and the only thing preserving a real two way street here is Puppy King lowered the price not for Trump by to flip the finger to IRAN the enemy he wishes SAUDI to go to WAR with but he needs the USA to take over Iran and put it under his Puppy Kingdom. Nice plan never going to occur though. 

Second the entire world is united in woman rights with Canada against the recent flip the finger to Canada – which is a 30 something running a nation on hormones versus wisdom. Adults take time children never do.

Mistakes occur when Children act out. A spanking is sometimes not enough.

So its complex. The Puppy King is in full on civil war in factions and tribes diving and splintering as not seen in Saudi in 70 years. Saudi’s danger is never from neighbors or outside it is implosion from within which is historic. Tribal uprising in culture divides and religious divides. 

The Saudi Kingdom requires 75 dollar oil to stay in the black at levels of buyers it used to have. Today America and others as the larger oil producers during the period Saudi PUPPY KING error by trying to SINK THE USA OIL INDUSTRY – leaves him totally fucked economically. How?

We’ll Saudi crashes prices from 140 dollars a barrel peaking to 37 dollars a barrel it never saw occurring due to failure to CRASH AMERICA we just kept on coming. But economically what does KEPT ON COMING MEAN?

In the error in oil policy that totally fucked Russia the # 1 producer till passed in 2018 by the USA – and all OPEC – where the lower oil price caused customers – of Saudi – to buy easier cheaper to refine oil from AMERICA than always PEAK priced opec much higher priced oil much higher cost to refine crude sulphur crude – where even the specifications in bills of ladings are also OFF and LIES – adding cost – but what can an OPEC customer do – buy oil cheaper from South America – Canada and South America.

So imagine a lake of budget spending – subsidizing citizen income with revenue and keeping gas cost almost free – in Saudi – and building with debt money that works at $ 75.00 a barrel and fails at lower – where Saudi is annually in the RED INK borrowing more than it earns now annually – 2015 – 2016 – 2017 – 2018 – due to economic failures of PUPPY KING POLICY. 

Puppy King promise trillions in new economic diversification with plans for an Amamco IPO we say will be a fraud and the most failed IPO in history following the Facebook Morgan fraud all the law suits are still in court over at billions.

Now investment capital is flipping the bird to Saudi. Oil demand is going to crash off a cliff in all forward years. The old guard knows this and is letting PUPPY KING hand himself. Family tree stuff internal to Saudi. Puppy King is now fighting for his life in fact. Daddy too. A coup can take place here. Or worse.

Hope it doesn’t but hey – young policies lack economic depth. 

Saudi NEEDS SUPER BONDS as the one and only way out and up of the piling debt burden as oil will no longer be enough for two reasons:

  1. America will bring oil down to under 50 dollars and keep it down. Saudi economically goes into a depression with this number.
  2. America is taking enough market share from Saudi due to the PUPPY KING MARKET SHARE WARS that OPEC lost forever – OPEC members HATE THE PUPPY KING for the billions being lost – no end in sight either – its follow the real money – in the cost of everything oil – so that with lower price and lost market share ( enormous market share ) Saudi is debt fucked without a way up and out – which is only SUPER BONDS. We presented it to the Puppy King hand carried by he never read it years back. There you go.

The Old King whom I knew would have read it.

So think along economic compression and powers working on the money really not the public displays. SAUDI is not what it was in stature influence of unification to OPEC despite ceremony and show. Today the splintering inside SAUDI well known to all of OPEC is splintering OPEC. Russia is lip service to policy while every nation for itself in oil.

OPEC is breaking up as we noted in our blogs for years now and will soon be a thing of the past – a criminal cartel that had a short overall shelf life.

Competition is dying.

Cooperations is growing.

The aligned nations will prosper indefinitely.

The non aligned nations will bankrupt out into revolutions internal to their failed economic modeling.

Saudi is in full on civil wars brought to critical internal division when the PUPPY KING arrested the wealth of the old family tree of power and raped those folks – now without power – now labels corrupt when the PUPPY King is stealing from that recently in total power family tree – and how long in SAUDI culture does such offense last?

Ah I’d see the Academy Award Winning movie LAWRENCE OF ARABIA and you’ll come alive with new understanding of powers and forces and tribal pride and community and culture that go back 2000 years of time and like the desert stands shift and move but in the end those mountains of sand never ever really change at all.

Having offices in the gulf forever – with so many mentors from the community having taught me – I’ve done it all to a Beduin caravan – but first nation to SUPER BOND – Jordon I hope as I love the King and His Wife’ policies of sanity in Region – my reward on my bucket list is a FALCON hunt. have not done that yet.

So this may seem disrespectful. 

My Global Readers need to get the rising CIVIL WAR IN SAUDI is serious internal and without end now – the dye IS caste and why – which this absolute full clarity helps you to appreciate the history and the WHY:

  1. Economics – Puppy King has put Saudi on a possible course to bankruptcy – every investor outside see’s as RISK ON and everyone in the world still things its business as usual – far from it – see CANADA today a PUPPY KING over reaction – 
  2. CULTURE – Saudi old family tree will not forgive or fail to consequence PUPPY KING Financial rape – social labeling them corrupt as INSULT that can not be forgiven in SAUDI CULTURE and now record slaughter of PUPPY KING enemies – at 100% more killed by Saudi this year than last year and rising – in the civil war – making it all worse versus healing it all – because – short term policy has long term consequence that is not fully weighted appreciated by YOUTH in leadership. Chess versus Checkers.

The USA and EU back the power on the oil – as our interest. And always against say IRAN until IRAN joins the world community which it economically must or they face a revolution and PUPPY KING is funding Iran like a digital war is in full swing. The USA wants to deescalate and Iran may make incorrect choices economically as they are this quarter and they may be fatal given the depth of IRAN economic decline and currency crash.

Iran may elect to FLASH ATTACK SAUDI FULL OUT and take it over.

That will be a moment ..and PUPPY KING can’t win that war without the USA and we are not ready for that war as a FLASH FULL ON move.

Remember I told you about the economics to this potential first.

So we watch what is really going on. 

SAUDI CIVIL WAR. The investors are lining up but all investment will be delayed and delayed for years and years because the RISK is too high today until the CIVIL WAR internally finally resolves.

If you read Saudi Tea leaves differently – well – you just haven’t been on the dirt with the folks. I have.