Love to hear your comments – do we need it?

My thoughts start with history as I’m older. Lived a lot of history.

I have had my own experience with the FBI and I don’t feel it was fair – The courts ordered them to cease in the 1990’s rogue investigations totally without authority . I’m just one of thousands who fought back. It takes fortunes to fight back and it broke me doing so – the US has more money than you or I and they can drain yours.

Justice is for sale. Justice requires investigators – great lawyers – enormous financial resources – expert witnesses – and ability to out perform the USA best lawyers around in the total on contest where outcome is money not fairness. It could be.

Les think of things historically:


So America was a linkage of small villages and communities of sovereign protected by the constitution citizens. A circuit Judge road into your town on a horse or a buggy. Under the Founding Fathers vision – before the pony express or telegraph – let alone internet – digital domination by nations – cell phones and digital file and text tracking – the founders defined:

  1. A jury of your neighbors and your peers who knew you and know you from childhood to today or even a stranger riding into danger committing crimes would have a fair local trial.
  2. The judge would assure facts where facts and that the defendant was presumed by everyone to be INNOCENT Of all CRIMES unless the evidence the prosecution presented removed any and all doubts even one doubt and no conviction even one.
  3. Trails were held in a stable a bar and there as no air conditioning. Local fair and beyond influence of money powers and other factors.
  4. Outcomes provided a superior outcome to the EU where you were guilty until proven innocent.
  5. The USA led in freedom and justice outcomes.



The constitution was drafted to protect us the sovereign citizen with rights over the state and that central government could not over come the rights of one sovereign American citizen by law – a great ideal long ago corrupted by progress itself.

SO Edger Hooever who stated ( our files can bring down any Senator or President if we wish as no one can oppose the FBI and its policies ). Or funding.

So the FBI becomes the STATE POLICE. It investigates its own people. How could THAT happen? Well back then its was communism. The excuse was communism. An unholy unethical bias from the FBI was brought to total scandal by the G David Shine McCarthy ( Senator ) hearings – where the FBI became Senator McCathey’s personal police force to assure the innocent were labeled “communist sympathizers. In an age of hysteria on topic by media gone outside RAW NEWS as reported in my prior blog – one journalist Edward R Marrow individually and at great risk to his life – reported the FBI atrocities and scandals and bought Senator McCarthy Down. G David Shine was a mentor later (  he was young staff to McCarthy then ) and friend so history inside all that I know from the source. It was awful. Worst abuse of a government agency ever. One the founders would never allow – a secret police against the people of the USA.

Over history there are too many abuse CREEPS to mention. They include

  • President enemy listing and actions
  • President tax listing and action against opponents.
  • Inflamed actions against Presidents who critique the bureau like Nixon
  • Hoover said – we can bring down any President at will no one can oppose the FBI

is that the check and balance you wish in America. Has the abuse and complexity of community villages become in massive interlinked city states an evolution that has outstripped decade old legal frame work. IS A JUSTICE REFORM ACT a matter of INTEGRITY for the unborn Americans and as a process to RESET THE LIGHT HOSE OF HOPE AND PROMISE to all Americans? Can our security privacy Balance always in favor of protecting one sovereign citizen from the government versus the citizen is no longer protected – if the USA wants you – your done. Is that how we wish to see it trend?



Today the circuit judge does not ride into town on a horse or buggy. The jury is not from your village and the strangers are PISSED off to be on the jury duty in the first place. The Government has the best attorneys and the FBI to gather endless weight of evidence against the defendants limited money weight gathering. The evidence from the USA is mount everest. If you as defendant have huge money you may offset that and win but the government prosecution from charge to conviction is close to 99% win. Is that justice by the math model? Or is that set up where rule of law needs some reform.

The defendant ( it could be you next ) walks into one of the tallest buildings in the city your being tried in. You are scanned metal searched and moved to your assigned court room. You walk down on the 10th or higher floors these wide marble hall ways. You walk into this huge marble room. You have benches for guests on both side and the PRESS.

You have the defense and prosecution tables.

You have the bench carved circular to the wall station for the clerk and stenographers of the court.

You have a higher level bay for the Bailiff of the court.

Then way up say looking tilting head back up 20 feet is the framed in space for the FEDERAL JUDGE appointed by party for LIFE.

Above the Judge hanging up to 50 feet upward on sheer marble slab is the GREAT SEAL OF THE UNITED STATE.

As the court is called to order the bailiff will call:

Criminal Defendant CF 2- c95F600754976 Bernhard Dohrmann to rise and approach the bench – innocent until proven guilty by the jury watching all pissed off on their time away from work and life anyway – ah I don’t think so. Today that jury believes all that SET UP is weighted that THEIR NATION WOULD NEVER CHARGE A DEFENDANT UNLESS THEY WERE IN FACT GUILTY.

Guilty until sentenced maximally.

That is bought paid for Justice with 99% conviction were prosecutors are ranked admonished and called on the carpet as their own reward system if their conviction flow is below the office peak averages the leadership wishes to maintain to assure they are fully funded with ever increasing budgets. Follow the money in bought and paid for justice.

During the 1980’s when President Reagan went to war on welfare the new welfare – prison at state and federal levels became the largest employment sump. Money to help people was challenged politically as wasteful – when money flowed into life support for countless nations like Iraq and Iran and Pakistan till they got their nukes and beyond – all not our friends – sufficient to pay for 1000 years of welfare life supports in Detroit or Chicago – but that all dread up. The insane where put back not the streets and still are.

The NEW WELFARE was bought on crime – Rambo bought on crime – Super Hero tough on crime – and Super Woman bought on crime. Prisons became the fastest growing city ( and tax payer growing cost ) in states and nationally. Five million of our hardest to employ poor ( who largely need help locked up for victimless no violent minor drug and alcohol offenses 80% of them ) – and still growing out of all controls. Feeding the bed count to keep overcrowded prisons fully funded commands ten million workers who hardly can read mail call to jobs in person. The late Harvy on radio stated in one of his last shows PAUL HARVY – if you want to see the dregs of the earth go to any state or federal prison and park your car. Then wait for it. Oh no I’m not telling you to look at the poor abused tortured inmates with no rights or protections washing their clothes I toil bowls – no I’m talking about the staff at the SHIFT CHANGE. Then he went on to tell us WHY – as he closed with the famous AND NO YOU KNOW THE OTHER SIDE OF THE STORY.

Can we as a society do better. Why are drugs not legal via government controlled stores like other nations with the lowest drug use in population in the world. Outlets have treatment offered free. Paid by taxes on drugs.

The war on drugs has failed. We have unlimited rise and death through illegal drugs. We are failing to stop illegal drugs in any way and we pay the cost of the war and the cost of incarcerations for users who need help not punishment. As humans.

Economically the largest employer in so many counties is PRISON. How wrong is that economically? Can we do better. Should we have JUSTICE REFORM.

In one state a single mom having a doohbie – between two jobs – to just calm down – is put in prison for 11 years and her children in foster care. In half the states its legal. You want THAT JUSTICE SYSTEM moving forward – and in the court experienced raised here for that mom who has no clue what hit her as her America became the KGB state we once most feared.

Russia just past laws you can’t torture in prison.

We torture all the time in prison…I’ve been there so you can’t tell me anything on that item. I’ve seen locks in socks kill a man for failing to change the TV channel.

Personally I think we need justice reform.

At CEOSPACE we bet all faculty members for background including me as Chairman no exceptions. Our members get our CLEAR DIRECTORY for free on line and via our web site for members. You can pay a tiny fee and get yours and read about our famous factory and my entire background vetted by USA counter terrorism experts – a VETTING FIRM for any background checks you may require – the Recela’s – and their work leaves no stone unturned. My entire background is life on line fully vetted by those doing work for the three letter agencies from out United States Military another reason Press ranked CEOSPACE # 1 in the world.

So the TREND.

Nixon replaced an FBI director. Deep Throat was the leak to press from the FBI that would not stop until they brought Nixon to resign.

Trump replaced and FBI Director. See any trends ( but far worse ) today?

Is this the bias outside check and balance JUSTICE you want in the evolving technology age? Moving forward. Technology itself is the problem and old antique never updated box top rules are the cause.

With that said the men and woman by masses sacrificing to execute our justice systems are amazing but they in private know justice reform is needed. it will take years and a great think tank of debate but we CAN DO BETTER SO MUCH BETTER.

We need to stop growing prisons and incarcerate the worst of us and help the damaged among us with compassion. It is economic solution dynamics Justice Reform.




We need a system that budgets not for total incarcerations rewarding management to ever increase budgets by ever rising incarcerations where human jail for one person now has four – which is inhumane and cruel and unusual punishment.

We need to win the wars by retiring prisons and shrinking prison population. Is Justice that American has the highest ( far far higher ) incarceration per every 100,000 of population than Russia China Somalia or Iran? Come on than North Korea – come on. Is THAT the rising trend on budget and system you wish for – can we create a modernized humane and smarter Justice system?

Can we help prostitutes minor drug and alcohol users non violent and victimless crimes ? Can lap top computer sentences be thrown out and let JUDGES have DISCRETION. Say a 19 year is taunted by his buddy now kissing his girl friend jeering at him this summer. He comes through the locked screen door and knocks the kid down and leaves. Kid is fine with black eye. Deserved it too. Lap top sentencing for breaking and entering and prosecution enhanced sentencing for – battery and assault with intent to do bodily harm – is lap top ten years. The judge without latitude cried when he sentenced that boy to prison ( as his America died and their families America died ) inside what JUSTICE?

Can we do better?

Trump who has more wealth than any President ever – is his own nation. He fights the FBI tit for tat.

Knowing if the Democrats win they and the FBI will rise to investigate his every anus hair his family until they achieve a PRESS TIPPING POINT to assure he resigns – he will face impeachment as well and endless investigations during a congress GRID LOCKED and politically empowering the FBI to focus resources into GETTING TRUMP.

Thats Justice today if we fail to reform.

If Congress remains republican we will have INFRASTRUCTURE required to keep a boom economy growing into 2030. That is base line economics or Congressional Dysfunction Super Crash and possible Depression and War which will all be blamed on Trump as Justice in America Marges on in bias abuse and mismanagement.

All financial.


Can we do better.

If congress goes Democrat we have GRID LOCK no INFRASTRUCTURE the markets will tank ( we haven’t been wrong in 30 years yet on economic prediction ) and – we rise up impeachment – and endless investigations on Trumps children relatives and business going back decades seeking on appearance one spin they can charge and rise up in many charges to force him to region out. POWER versus integrity.

System abuse.

Box top rules too old to be relevant.

Technology today gives justice UNFAIR advantage against its citizens. You know that.

Can we do better?

Would Justice as a community post reform have renewed respect – standing – pride and commitment ? You bet to a person. But humans resist improvement under the mid brain self talk that is endless…..but that is the way we have always done it.

A better way?


What leadership do you feel will breed JUSTICE REFORM?

Is that a restoration of WHAT IT TRULY MEANS TO JUST “BE” AMERICAN with pride that leads the world all over again?

In the land of the FREE ( are we ) and the home of the brave the issue on top of congress and the future is….

…..at home in private outside party or politics are YOU MORE or LESS AFRAID of your own government today than you were years back in time…….if you answer more afraid shape your vote for a congress that will deliver JUSTICE REFORM finally …or not…….

I’ve been to prison. I believe in this nation with its flaws because in America we can fix them. I’ve seen abuse in our system up close and personal and it’s horrors. I advocate in the system for justice reform and you know what?

I believe a majority not a minority believe in Justice reform as well from Grand Jury reform in a digital age to process reform that makes JUSTICE WORK better while advancing the values of our core and nation in fact.

Police state and personal freedoms given up one at time until what is left?

ROLL BACK FREEDOM while improving Justice in common sense economics that will do more to re-tool budgets to winning outcomes than todays justice where those seeking justice have a 1% chance of getting it – math never lies.

Think about Justice reform this election as it may become important to you and to America as a top five issue itself.

ARE YOU MORE OR LESS AFRAID OF YOUR OWN NATION TODAY and let your answers fall outside party or political thinking – think as a sovereign American for the unborn coming to us next …as this is our watch to honor them is it not?

In all nations this is the same precisely for you…is the not also true?

WE THE PEOPLE of the PLANET can come together and improve the world.

Vote your power. Not politically but with thought for Prosperity and Justice reform or more of same accelerating – as Alice said in Wonderland – which way – which way?

Patting her head with her hand…become a giant or shrink to drown in her own tears.

Vote patting your head is what I suggest Alice.


PS: Men and woman of law enforcement vote as one for JUSTICE REFORM for your pride powers and leadership into the better future – as your will be part of that reform.