The Peoples Bank of China – PBOC – is not the Federal Reserve Board and you know as an economic  investment banker that I believe the Fed should be MERGED into the US Treasury. Keep all existing FED SYSTEMS that work as a  system modeling and US TREASURY really will change nothing but three things:

  1. Remove FED  stock ownership by banks and investment banks and its secrets – audit it – check and balance its operation with accountability and oversight protecting policy and  dependance Treasury already has – AND – pay off the debt owed ( its power over the nation ) with 100 Year Super Bonds issued to market by Hughs & Hubbard of Washington DC led by Roel Campos. Bam the US is in the Black – look ma no recession for 50 years – and found money for US infrastructure. WE merge assets and liabilities but we don’t merge the fed corporation that banks and investment banks in secret actually own the shares of – never audited in 100 years – a fraud on the American people scroll and read my data rich blogs with third party proofs on the truth of the FED SCAM.
  2. The US treasury no longer pays interest to PRINT MONEY in a fully transparent fully accountable Fed, with AI and on going open policy to the world creating the strongest most stable currency upon the earth – with debt now fully managed for infrastructure and forward upgrading of the nation into the future we all believe in. The USA returns to the first 300 years of Treasury printing currency as constitution required with no depressions and no world wars until the FED created them by horrors in economic policy taking place now in 2018 for the greed feasting of its criminal bank OWNERS. The FED is NOT A GOV AGENCY FOLKS google and see for yourself.
  3. The corporate shareholders of the private not independent Fed ( A pure fraud inside a rushed 80 page act to congress when the pony express delivered the mail and high bandwidth was a telegraph ) – is paid via the debt repayment by a new  class for sovereign nations we invented now reaching sovereign nations world wide called  SUPER BONDS ( 100 year bond terms available only with conditions to sovereigns )  and the nation is placed on the sound foundation of monetary policy the constitution and founders set up – never did they want a privately owned corporation to have a contract to print the peoples money for interest and free profit as a contractor. Today the world believes central banks are government agencies accountable audited and managed – that is a pure fraud. You can’t have criminal central bankers controlling money supply as shareholders of the FED private stock firm –  without having the banks and investment banks be criminal as well. For you see the crises in the world is systems not people – bad antique old system modeling – that the new AI modern world needs to upgrade smarter systems  – but greed and the truth conflict with INTEGRITY – the crises is integrity – and interruption of greed franchises ( central banks and all global cartels as crimes against humanity ) – starting with Central banks merging back into their national treasuries – with future policy that is systemically accountable fully reporting and transparent in real time with AI to markets that moderate any monetary policy that is unsound for a nation. We no longer need the greed – take heed. Economic ignorance enslaves 7 billion people and economic revolution outlined in Redemption The COOPERATION REVOLUTION brings us Cooperative Capitalism – the final upgrade for global economics. I strongly urge your education by reading a copy:

THE Peoples Bank of China is not the FED nor does engage the tools the Fed engages. First issue – the Communist Chinese economic model borrows 300% more than it makes – every year – for decades and the mountain of debt now includes – estimated because the opaque centrally controlled communist committees operate SECRET MONETARY POLICY – 100 trillion in bad loans.

The BAD DEBT in China is like a teeter totter economically and has two outcomes based on historic models:

  1. The teeter totter breaks in half and no longer functions
  2. The currency is worthless like Venezuela’s currency at over 1,000,000 % inflation this year – a dollar to buy a loaf of Bread in communist Venezuela in only January of 2018 would cost $ 1,000,000 by December. Which is why millions are leaving a nation of 30 plus million and those remaining can not eat three meals a day including their own military now splintering and bring to kill the boss – within Police state crack downs like Nazis Germany on its own people.

For some time China is as a whole doing the best they can as over 1 billion people compared to the USA with 300 million and a large % children – to get our of their yuan and get into other currencies. The Yuan as sunk 15% in a month and is sinking more now. The PBOC which stabilizes Yuan globally is off setting Trump Tariff’s by cheapening its own currency – US dollar goods cost so much more in China more than Tariff’s and Chinese goods dropping in quality an rising in price are cheap cheap cheap – take that Trump.

This policy has problems as speculators who understand the debt issue and risk issue for the teeter totter breaking are RUNNING out of China. This means that trillions are betting against the currency recovery. The currency may I. the end CRASH if a trade agreement is not reached very soon.


Now if I start with the Communist opaque phony baloney monetary policy tool set I think I will lose many readers in jargon.

Monetary Policy is HOW central banks – in China’s case managed by the leaders of the communist party which mean President for Life XI. Absolute control. They manage how much money is in the system circulation in China.

Here is the thing. China has not even had a computer grid to manage the various circulation liquidity of currency accurately and the PBOC does not in fact KNOW how much currency is out there – what the circulation index in Provence or nation or off shore truly is and management of the entire cake mix is a mess and all top secret. No one has a clue and the currency is not a currency like the EU or Pound or Dollar ( the best and most complexly reporting is why ).

The PBOC OPEN MARKET COMMITTEE is titled to look and act like the Fed. The Fed publishes minutes and full transparency reporting that the treasury also then republishes on M1 to M 6 on monetary flow dynamics to assure the US dollar is the world reserve currency of absolute trust – the currency of last resort always.

BUT the UN-OPEN MARKET COMMITTEE is a mess and fully in secret. The BPOC issues short term bonds their banks buy – they tell em what to buy and they must in the communist system buy them no free market or choice – and when banks across China all lending like crazy chickens with their heads cut off at ratios to deposits that are crimes in the USA and the PBOC has no reporting in real time or control over this spider web of commercial lending institutions – they buy bonds and money is transferred from the banks to the PBOC issuing those bonds. When the PBOC buys the bonds back they high tide money in China or low tide – as one tool. That works not at all in fact.

Then the PBOC has what is known as reserve ratio requirements. This means they can tell that spider web of banks they have no clue how to really control in a land mass larger than the USA within a complex financial grid forged in only 50 years – with five times that is 500% more people than the USA not counting all of us who work and live there too  – anyway they can tell the entire spider web to lend more by % to deposits are levels that would be crimes in the USA or shrink that ratio and banks may or may follow that guidance as it is far from real time supervised digitally yet.

Bench mark interest rates are another tool – much higher than USA rates – and keep in mind the nation Borrows 300% more than it makes and this drives its phony growth – take that borrowing to default a bit – and the miracle of China sinks into a depression economically in a sea of bad loan debt – and the nation of China is in revolution. This is resolved with SUPER BONDS – 100 year new bond class developed by Roel Campos in the sovereign nation leading bond firm of Hughs and Hubbard – China needs to retain Xi’s buddy and friend Roel to work out the debt issues with TIME as the asset – or China will Super Crash in a DEBT SUPER BUBBLE BURSTING.  Monetary policy by the PBOC is trying to FED LIKE but has really 100 years to get even close if ever they can. So interest is also a market issue – too low and the world runs on China too high and the world still runs sensing risk and instability. The PBOC like in Goldilocks the fairy tale tries to keep the hot cream of wheat being served just the right temperature or world markets. The recent manipulation of the currency to keep unfair price advantage to China state dumping – required to keep jobs and the economy from RIOT AND REVOLUTION  is creating a RUN out of China of trillions upon trillions in capital at all levels as an UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCE of failed policy by China leadership – the new rule is – what worked in the past will not work in the future – the big super money pools are profiting from your blunders and punishing you China for failing to make a trade agreement and NOW.

REDISCOUNTING is my favorite communist follow the shell game in economics. They will take a bank loan for $ 10,000 dollars, paid back over time at $ 12,500 dollars and buy that loan for $ 11,000 at a discount making the difference to give banks going bankrupt added cash. Like the Fed did in buying 5 trillion of utter crap contracts they even now can’t sell back to the market in the time frames they desire. Normalization needs to be a 25 year process not a 25 month process and that would end with LOOK MA no recession – expansion like Australia for 25 years up bubble. Aussie Aussie AUK go Aussie.

In only 2013 for the big lenders nationally – to get them more in system – the PBOC lends their buddies at the top when assets to secure the loans are pledged as security – huge sums at the lowest interest expanding money supply. Or not. This is known as SLF or Standing Lending Facility – a currency manipulation tool to money supply they have no clue about what is really in play in their huge growing yuan ocean and rising tides.

MLF was the big invention when the recession really hit China in 2013 and in 2014 the PBOC introduced the Media Term Lending Facility. This let the unlimited stars in the sky of China phony baloney banks – lending by state order to too many thousands and unknown total number of STATE RUN ORGANIZATIONS or SRO’s – as well as their inner families – uncles aunts nephews and brothers and cousins and nepotism is alive and thriving in Asia – where 1,000,000 of all those loans are years not paying at all never will repay but are kept as good assets on the bank balance sheet when they are in fact crap. Why is this important at all in the failed communist economy of today ( trying to reform folks with great positive intentions ) ? Because the bad debt is climbing to 100 trillion as a weight on the communist economic teeter totter from past idiots of generations past – to HARVARD trained economists trying to fix it all today. So the MLF introduced in 2014 allows China TIME by taking bankrupt corrupt banks at unlimited numbers you can’t imagine and lending them cash for assets – in longer term and higher interest than the big guys get in preferred SLF’s because these mid and small institutions in outlaying states cities and locals lack PRIME ASSETS to pledge as security – so the MLF allows CRAP to be security pumping cash into the system so the banks that ARE FULLY BANKRUPT by the 10,000’s do not fail and the system appears ok as it borrows to keep itself going 300 to 1. This is not a real economy yet folks no where near it. Idiots around the world keep lending as if it where though which the IMF in 12 warnings in the past 24 months suggests – a) the current debt model of China is not sustainable and b) the current borrowing model puts at risk the entire financial system of the world in a China debt default cascade – a new event in world economics worse than 1929 due to global integration of the world systems of loans.

PSL is my favorite brand new tool – the big smarty pants in China leadership created – to save bankruptcy from the nation and to keep the JOB and economic system rolling along inside real accounting bankruptcy. You see without SUPER BOND RESET for current debt and forward infrastructure investment – China the nation and its entire systemic is at the end of the debt teeter totter – bankrupt utterly and risking break in the debt loading – there is not five ways forward there is one and only one – SUPER BONDS. Happy to Fly over to President XI and his top peeps to Assist to really model a way out and a way back up – TIME Is required to work out the debt loading TIME is the missing economic asset.

So the smarty pants create PSL’s. Pledged Supplementary Lending.  PSL.  This THEORY being tested now – injects ( forces ) money into selected banks – state banks – to loan to segmented industries having problems are preferred interest rates – SRO’s included – stimulating key industry food production – manufacturing in sectors desired – skewing money flows to AI – Defense contractors – Technology – electronic transportation motors electric production and more – preferred industry stimulation and as the PBOC prints money the total of which out there is not transparent or known and the PBOC is far from integrity in assuring their public is CONFIDENT of its economic and does see the DEBT reality or panic. Which is getting close now as THE TRUTH CAN NOT BE FIRE WALLED – CENSORED – OR CONTROLLED from a smart phone population as the world is going to find a way IN. WE THE 8 BILLION demand freedom and will no longer tolerate its lack – we will REVOLT even Saudi now is reforming just in Woman rights its incredible to witness freedom.

So final teeter totter failed economic policy at near PBOC panic level is PSL ( in my investment banking economics opinion that is ). 

In 2018 fully in panic the PBOC abandons its control of money in circulation ( which frankly it has no clue about the real lake out there it printed over generations when records where well – more opaque is a kind way of saying it ) . It is replacing that failed POLICY with a theory of INTEREST RATE CORRIDOR.

Now here the smarty pants are not filtering the INTERNET ( good lock on that folks ) they are filtering currency – money they print. They wish to CONTROL ITS RANGE OF VALUE IN WORLD MARKETS internal to the their POLICY.

For example Fed policy is defined by market reaction of the dollar going up or going down. Successful policy such as raising interest more slowly will sustain dollar world pricing so developing nations say 187 of them can join prosperity with TIME as the asset inserted. If they raise interest too rapidly ( as they are ) the development nations will fall backwards into poverty and possible loan defaulting – unwanted by the Fed who has blinders at looking ahead versus close in ) and the dollar will move into recession and fall in value – which is historic.

China believes ( as smarty pant policy error ) that they an internal range control their currency to world markets. Let me explain this fact to China in the new 60 month all capital flows are now AI controlled by consolidating less than 10,000 SUPER MONEY pools in the world today. Never happened before in economics and all outside regulation frame works ( which need G 100 upgrading collectively for the world ).

The total is high margin leveraged trading.

So China with x trillion in circulation and more being printed at 300 to 1 to keep the phony growth going artificially through debt that can’t be repaid – sets a trading range.

The real smarty pants have 400 TRILLION circulating in Ai software with currency policy on buy or sell no nation can influence of control. The AI digests all I’m reporting and so much more that I’m not and places its own RISK on the YUAN and then makes profits and can sink the YUAN out of any range – SEE VENEZUELA and its state communist failure as a future model China is trying to avoid so the 30 million inside the largest lake of oil on earth who can’t eat today – are not 1.5 billion in China not eating. They are trying everything they can grab as they NEED TIME to manage the DEBT SUPER BUBBLE and Super Bonds is the only way out and up.

So when the YUAN sinks by PBOC trade war response to Trump versus removing their unfair high taxes on our goods and ceasing to steal our inventions to fuel their own nation – crimes against the USA one normally goes to war over – trigger SUPER MONEY POOLs the 400 trillion to make bets on how bad things are in China. Supporting China is becoming impossible if a trade deal is not reached – the smarty pants in China delay or risking this trade re set are risking the break in their own teeter totter because TIME is so now running OUT in the China mess of currency management.

1,000,000 % inflation? Could happen in China if the trade deal is not set by 2019. In my opinion and you know why.

So UNDERSTANDING  CHINA economics and one Central Bank change after another since 2010 consumes a lot of our team research and review time. It is so important and my Father was a mentor to Man and assisted in bringing TQM process to China manufacturing in the 1950’s which in fact was the light at the end of the revolution tunnel for China full partnership with nations. So our family has a long standing respect for everything China the birthplace of the technology revolution and civilization contributions equal to Rome/Greece laws and cultures. We have so much to LEARN from CHINA if we can COOPERATE into COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM as Trump and XI wish – but that takes TIME to evolve into.

Imagine if the FED changed core policy eight times since 2010 and introduced new tools and tactics without transparency and real time accurate reporting of outcomes – how the market would trash our Dollar like a Venezuela worthless peso today inside the largest oil asset on earth. Why ? Communist corruption breeds untold wealth moving to the 1% who steal it and in Venezuela the investment to keep its oil wealth flowing to market at record wealth to nation was never made as over 25 years the ports – the refineries – the storage the pipe to ship all deteriorated and as the nation bankrupted it can’t pay its debts and bills and the run out by the Super Money pools leave on revolution as the way out and up – Super Bonds won’t work in the nation without a change of leadership. The Bus Driver at the top of the nation they tried to kill with drones this weekend – is not going to smarty pant his way out with his elite 1% insider state police who now own and profit from what remains of State oil and manufacturing – yes the Military was given the wealth remains to preserve the BUS driver in power at the cost of 30 million people seeing their support for communism have an outcome that is 100% of Communist run nations that do not hybrid into a form of social capitalism like China is leading to try and create – with our help.

It all takes time.


We have reported to you that the world is engaged in WORLD WAR III which is digital. The USA lost the first “battles” like 2008’s digital attack on our markets –  but we are catching up quick now and still its wild out there as digital weapons are fired.

China is trying to influence our elections to derail Trump trade policy with them and assure if Congress goes democrat that their integrated attack – including blaming Russia for manipulation so no one see’s it IS CHINA – ( follow the money folks Russia wants to heal relationships China does not want RUSSIA and USA to define world policy they want China and the USA to define world policy ).

Also they want to send a digital warfare signal to Trump and to Taiwan – that Taiwan is Mainland China”s nation – and by negation digital war or real shooting war China will reclaim Taiwan. They wish it to be like Hong Kong by negotiation but it is absolute for President XI.

So this weekend CHINA Fires state sponsored digital weapon in WORLD WAR III into Taiwan’s largest manufacture – infecting its smart robotics – factories nation wide – all at once – at TSMC – Taiwan Semi Conductor Manufacturing Company. The largest maker of APPLE proprietary chips for IPHONE ( outside China note which infuriates China communist just infuriates them historically to their culture ) – so bam. Now delays for NEW IPHONES right in the pipe line peak sends the following economic message in WORLD WAR III to President TRUMP and his vast teams working on China:

  1. First – we can do this to your entire infrastructure our digital weapons are impossible for you to stop – we can stop your manufacturing – electricity and water. ( Trump doesn’t care he’d nuke em and they know THAT – you have a red line President and his head of Military MAD DOG whose Red lines in the USA are real and crossing them has consequences ). Still China sent a message – as this is an attack on AMERICA and our TRILLION DOLLAR institutions HOURS after it passed that mark – sinking value so AMAZON peaks it up next – to SHOW AMERICA as well as TAIWAN – 
  2. Second a message to TAIWAN leadership – join us negotiate coming home or we will ruin you economically without firing a shot – noting the NSA is not only not amused but will COUNTER ATTACK for our ALLY going on right now – this minute and you can COUNT on THAT in absolute terms. The smarty pants in China made a bad call on timing as this will have unintended consequences in trade war which sinks China totally – teeter totter breaks -in debt cascading default – and digital war fare is about to see our USA new superior weapons for the very first time.

So China and the USA are no kidding like wrestlers in pro wrestling entertainment on the World Wrestling shows – strutting – shouting out – calling names – and flexing those muscles. In the match even rehearsed as to who wins in the end the entertainers can get hurt in the act – and some pain is about to flow.

We hope it does not break the TETTER TOTTER. So the USA is all over this national interest “message” sent by China via perhaps an ally like Iran for saying NO TO USA SANCTIONS noting we will buy ALL YOUR OIL fuck Trump screwing you – we will sell you nuke ( perhaps ) as another untold billions to China as a game chip. Perhaps played quietly to the TRADE WAR TEAM -which again Trump will say – may I say again our chips are a pile you have to now match and I call your fucking BLUFF smarty pants now what are you going to do – go to war and fail as a nation into full on revolution ? Game over.

Full house to two twos in China.

Still the Game Trump and XI worked out on the Golf Course is playing out and their our surprises even for Trump.

I hope this helps you set the landscape for the NEW WORLD ORDER being set up by the USA and CHINA as new policy – an example to all – that despite present posturing – is working forward because for CHINA it must or their teeter totter will break – 400 trillion will break it to shreds past the PBOC ability to do anything given the economics are phony dying in a sea of bad debt over decades of time and time is required to WORK OUT the debt super bubble and the world needs to help China. Fair Trade is the start that will MAKE versus BREAK CHINA if the smarty pants can get it right over there.

I apologize for Jargon here but for readers globally that deal with CHINA economically knowing must some of the complex background to China economics – helps you to plan – execute and make better decisions. Why?

BECAUSE YOU unlike the great % of say world population or American’s pounding a Beer on the Table and saying ROLL TIDE within 3 year old economic ignorance of what matters when they vote – have economic literacy.

Finally if China influences Democrats winning congress which is not political today – it is old system protection super money – wishing to stop having billions taken from them by Trump on their over charging as a USA ECONOMIC REFORM creating 100% higher GNP in one single year – if China wins which is NO LONGER POLITICS the issue is only economic this happens:

  1. Democrats win – prosperity stops – the government of the USA and reforms stop – the markets super crash – the economy moves into a great recession – world debt defaults make sink the entire system starting in China ( they don’t see it because they are smarty pants ) and we move to GRID LOCK and billions into impeachment and investigations of Trump as our life and world – the political warfare of reform versus no reform with super money managing the mood of the nation – Russia is not our issue that is FAKE NEWS the problem is election manipulation internally folks and ignorance of the economics – we say VOTE YOUR WALLET.
  2. Republicans win as all parties vote with their wallet on the one single issue – all others are fake – all – which is PROSPERITY SOARS GNP roars to 6% out pacing China which is sinking – infrastructure the final leg to propel prosperity into 2030 as the USA upgrades itself to lead the world ( or not ) depending on the VOTE from manipulations or vote from your wallet to vote for prosperity throwing politics out the window today.

Who will win? If Democrats win back congress China is confident its bought and paid for law makers ( not Russia Folks set up by China and no longer amused as they learned the truth of it and how in digital war fare ) – asymmetrical warfare China invented – and is winning still – will BLOCK TRUMP TEAM AUTHORITY FOR TRADE WAR BY LAW or at least distract and challenge PRESIDENTIAL AUTHORITY including impeachment waste of governance where the USA just STOPS …on a dime.

Voters who get to appreciate the ONE REAL ISSUE IS ECONOMIC PROSPERITY NOT POLITICAL will VOTE FOR AMERICA. Those blinded by the digital propaganda to manipulate your vote won’t? How many Americans can viral this blog?

Subscribe lets see if we can jerk ten million to understand the truth from the fiction.

DIGITAL WORLD WAR III is real – it is about economics and power – and we are going to win the war. So much longer and harder one way so much easier and faster another.

Americans need to come together and win this war.


Berny Dohrmann – KEEPING IT REAL FOR YOU ONLY HERE ALWAYS FIRST …go news readers the story is now your own.