This blog has reported the owners – the big guns – controlling 90% of Super Money pools and all market trades are on summer vacation to Labor Day. As they return all at once in September refreshed and totally focused now to rebalance wealth for year end reporting  cycles the market is going to simply soar. Also third and fourth quarter results are going to support incurable growth. Record year end wealth is possible with the wild card of year end elections our prior blogs set forth for our now more fully informed readers on the economics.

Everyone including US  is on vacation….wait for it…the boom is on and pundits are so wrong. Wait till the quarter after Labor Day folks and the HOLIDAY 70% of all spending globally – wait for it – best in your entire life time folks. WAIT FOR IT……

Criminal – oil price escalations today – all phony pricing – solely from greedy profit taking oil speculators and OPEC nations investing in wild speculations – advancing a perception of WAR with IRAN and oil supply interruptions no one – especially Iran – can economically survive. Iran disports oil and American the largest oil producer is fine – we stop exports sink the gulf and buy our own better fuels – is all. Bingo. Iran goes into debt defaulting depression and a for sure revolution – Iran doesn’t want that. The notion IRAN will not talk to the USA to make a REAL DEAL versus a fraud deal they pulled off as the best negotiators on the earth with a weak team doing the bend over and take it – is easy fast and costs nothing to fully prosper Iran into the Future. Iran should reconsider and their leader become the Nobel Peace Price in 2018….their people gain so much when economics drive politics not the other way around.

OIL will crash coming forward and speculator spikes may wild move vocality till the OIL PRICE SUPER CRASH forced by America going to 15,000,000 barrels of output. WAIT FOR IT….this blog remains predictive of our opinion speculators loosing a trillion – again – as they make bad bets for greed versus market supply over crashing demand moving forward …’ll see soon enough how right his model is….SHORT OIL make a fortune by 2019……

Today China lost its # 2 Stock market position. We have told you how the RUN on China while they like Iran have zero talks on going. They sanction the USA 60 bill and we sanction them 260 billion – 200 to one – is anyone seeing a FULL house versus a weak weak China hand an no new cards to draw from. China is going to recession without a get out of recession FREE CARD economically unless they make a leadership decision for a new fair world trade deal a model the world. Why would China not desire ZERO TARRIFF’s ? Oh yeah – to unfairly favor their lying cheating IP stealing entities where all that is coming to an end as we counter attack the attacks and its without mercy today. Digitally we lost some battles but now we are going to win the wars. China should regard prosperity over politics or they will sink to a point where Americans will never buy MADE IN CHINA for generations – that is not repairable and is rising up faster than China has emotional capital to keep score with.

RISK rising for China.

Meanwhile the Run on CHINA has sunk the stock value into a crash in 2018 where Japan is now the number two stock Exchange – with Wall Street Being # 1 as always ( again ). This blog told you Japan tied with China may now become the # 2 World Economy as China is imploding in political self inflicted economic suicide while Japan is picking up all this China business for decades and roaring past China to become the NUMBER TWO economic power all over again. India will pass China in 2020 or close to it. China is in decline while the neighbors are in soaring prosperity as China will not create a NEW BOX TOP TRADE RULE on two reform models:

  1. No more theft of IP from world markets within new rule of law by treaty
  2. Fair Trade with agreed upon reciprocal tariff’s Trump wishes at zero zero.

Today the Chinese are saving FACE and DIGNITY by utter decline as leadership sees the DIGNITY of sinking their own stock market through utter failed policy happen in time frames once thought to be impossible. This route of value is just starting as IF China continues the trade effects which will not have ANY IMPACT until 2019 – will crash year end Holiday peak buying – final year results – Super Crash their markets and debt default their bad debt into a non recovery recession event. Why?

Silly policy to preclude forging a historic MOVE FORWARD into world fun partnership leadership event. XI wishes this out come but factions in China have zero economic appreciation for their own self immolation financially and forge political policy versus economic policy which to the Chinese ECONOMIC MODEL is pure suicide.

Wait for it….

This Blog has been right on out come – trend lines – valuations – and Chinese timing right to today’s STOCK MARKET SINK to # 3 as Japan is rising as Chinese is sinking and China is giving their wealth away to neighbors beginning with Japan. China is counter intuitive and my great teacher suggested when brains are insane ( competitive versus cooperative ) in leadership only one box top rule should apply –


…..never assume that such leadership will act in its own best interest…never……

So the energy the USA now taxing China precisely as they tax American products goods and services – returning the favor – in RECIPROCITY TAX MODELING – no trade war save for the one China always put in place to subsidize and cheat in their own economic model for their own companies against the entire world – is now at a cross roads.

The one rule we told you to trust remains in just a short time as the world bible today:

Trump red lines are real and do not erase unless DEALS easy deals RESULT…..

The world is in the greatest reform period since World War II and business as usual is suicide economics by insane brains who forge united political capital in China facing such factions splintering and opposition internal to their politics is the NEW POLITICAL GIFT to unite the opposing forces to communism itself – HATE AMERICA. We’ll see how long that economic failed policy will hold the unification….as smart Chinese will see through that business as usual ….eventually a DEAL is prosperity and no deal is depression and Chinese risk of a pure revolution no one wishes for – no one.

Follow the money – the economic dice are ruling 200 to 1 – 260 billion of Tarriff’s that sink China in 2019 and do absolutely nothing to the USA what so ever really

That is the GNP on THAT.

Berny Dohrmann – on WHAT IS important today OUT THERE in case you missed it.

PS: The way forward for CHINA is SUPER BONDS – scroll and see why