The Administration announces what everyone has been told and told again – that 200 billion of trade taxes to match the tax China unfairly places on our USA made goods – in a reciprocity trade warmatching tit for tat tax costs for the first time in 70 long years – which is driving China crazy. They try and spin it all for politics but the economics are that a run on economics – read prior blog and my AI poignant blog on AI and the future coming – to grasp the enormity of the sea change rip tide going on in economics.

The truth – China does not KNOW what to do – and what to do is urgent – make a deal and lead the world forward.

The only issue IS will politics ( in China ) run their communist economics into a depression and revolution – or will economics run politics into a trade deal for decades of leadership and cooperation and prosperity. The old model or the new way forward?

In the markets AI running 10,000 super money pools and 90% of all global circulations and market trades – flash trades – high velocity trading – side bets up and down profiting in any and every move maximally – the key phrase is VOLATILITY as more of that virus infection markets means more and maximal AI profits.

Like a barometer on weather changes in pressure – AI is predictable. Any sound byte like trade war – is pushing markets artificially lower immediately. Then after taking profits AI makes new profits buying in the DIP that AI created projecting forward faster than humans can.

AI “knows” the economics of trade war “suggestions not even executed yet” have zero effect on profits in American roaring booming markets where profits are rising even for Tesla and their stock soared – where the Fed in Atlanta projects 5% third quarter profits and no trade war does anything to that growth and boom through the rising HOLIDAY BUYING bonanza – biggest best of any generations lifetime breathing today. Use it or loose it ….

Folks – AI creates cycles and profits from them and today they are all artificial. You got to know when to HOLD THEM and also when to fold them and 2018 is not when to FOLD THEM.

Next consider this.

  1. China wants to delay delay delay and keep their unfair pay pay pay until the Mid year election – where the biggest risk to global prosperity is Congressional grid lock and dysfunction. Bang the boom is over. Americans voting the new WALLET PARTY if by majority keep congress republican – we have economic prosperity as a FACT. If democrats win with their plan to grid lock and impeach the consequence to prosperity is U TURN.
  2. China well knows this and hopes that a change in Congress will with their billions helping that change – defeat trade war authority to the President of the United States ( which it will not in fact do ). Wrong bet all counts.
  3. China not Russia is influencing our elections. Russia has soaring prosperity toward the future by making a deal with America and Trump. They can’t give back what the took in Ukraine because they had their own red line on moving NATO EAST as the USA broke OUR AGREEMENT with RUSSIA not the other way around and they warned us for 20 years. History will confirm our facts here. Putin as said it over and over.
  4. We suggest China is implicating RUSSIA as Russia Hackers believe me are best on earth and like our own leave zero tracks. How stupid to leave FACE BOOK footprint pointing only to them.
  5. It is CHINA folks and they are investing legally and illegally to swing our election as they no one else has the most to gain and they are in fact wrong. As the media begins ( finally ) to suspect then report this truth – the public will get furious at China and may stop buying MADE IN CHINA on a U TURN that sinks China into depression and fast.

My suggestion to media engage Phylis Newhouse of XTREME SOLUTION to confirm what I confirm – that China is manipulating our elections for 20 years and is at peak in the mid year as trillions are at full risk to them.

If that part was discovered and made known – China would make a deal out of economic self preservation. Which is in fact if you read my prior blog their only way forward.

So AI created a DIP as it does in each global sound bite for profit to itself and their 10,000 SUPER MONEY pools at maximum gains in 2018 at fastest time lines. One sound bite at a time.

Then profits by buying in the DIP they created back on up – say Face Book is a steal of a deal at AI manipulated price point as they will in our opinion surprise you in the third quarter and last quarter with revenues that beat what their guidance conservatively suggested – aim low and deliver high and Mark ends with RECORD HIGHS at year end. Remember I said it the day after the 100 billion dollar phony AI dip in FB pricing.

Watch 10,000 with trillions upon trillions rebalance FAANG with record earnings – and I note there is no assurance with China as wild card that AMAZON will not beat Apple and Tim Cook where Bezos is second as of WEDS  to TRILLION DOLLAR CAP RATE in 2018 and beyond. Nip and tuck there. Hey today AI elected Tim Cook and Apple stock – which I own – to a trillion dollar first CAP rate firm in that AI DIP day – so Bezos comes in second not a bad spot either though is it…today was history for FAANG and will and is dragging FACEBOOK back to restored values – if you bought in that dip you are IN $$

CONGRATULATIONS APPLE AND TIME COOK FOR HISTORIC ECONOMICS IN 2018 IN THE USA. Now think – this took place on the AI trade war down day – are you seeing with new glasses yet? 20/20 vision moving forward? Helpful? Good? Accurate? Truth full first? 

So China is:

  1. Failing to make a deal which is killing their economy deader than a door nail.
  2. Making policy errors economically which are hard to repair later.
  3. Having zero impact on the USA really – we work around it all at 1 to 5 buying?
  4. Influencing our Mid year election like no nation on earth and implicating Russia as distraction and Russia is about to help make all that known clearly watch.
  5. Our own NSA and Home Security has HAD “IT” and a deal is the one and the only way forward in digital world war III – no more stealing IP no more lack of rule of law of rogue nation and no more economic prosperity without a deal.

Trump’s red lines are real – or as George Bush my buddy once said to the billion watching….READ HIS LIPS.

So the truth is what we in our best efforts and opinion in free speech present here on our blog as to WHAT is really going on out there. Just for you and always first if your counting – years of track record of winners out pacing any loser calls and always first on the truth of it all. Which is in the end…follow the money economics.

For the masses they are led by sound bites that sell more ad revenue in bought and paid for sensational news that now is an entertainment more than news in the USA fully biased and fully brain washing its segmented audience largely mindless worshipers – in order to sell record sums of mindless crap including never ending over priced pharms.

Also consider the largest spenders – Walls Street – Pharms – Technology – And Defense contractors – who have lots billions upon billions by stealing from America as Trump rolled back their prices and price increases – do you think they forget and forgive?

Do you believe that if your thinking it through today? Really? Are you kidding me?

Do you believe they are investing 100’s of millions in packs to elect those who would grid lock TRUMP as pay back – manipulating inside our nation the election? With endless money the Supreme Court says is A OK to put into political races state local and federal today in 2018?

Those that Trump cost billions to for AMERICAN TAX PAYERS are being focused to return their LEGAL THEFT from the public trough an consumers of the nation. Count on that.

Have you read ONE even ONE Media story on these two election manipulations taking place in 2018 from free press and media? No? Wny not its the biggest story:


  1. Internal to American GREED
  2. External to China GREED and implication of Russia as distraction to China

Because the internal GREED MACHINE pays for all that media and media is not going to free press report on its own money source in 2018 entertainment news making record profits are they?

THINK about it.


Then begin to talk up voting in the new AMERICAN WALLET PARTY outside any party any politics – just common sense. The new rule for the Wallet VOTER is prosperity and only whats right for the WALLET in that voter booth. No brain washing. No spin. No emotion. Just ECONOMIC VOTING.

  1. If we have a democratic President moving forward prosperity dictates the majority of voters – vote their wallet – avoid congress grid lock and assure congress WORKS IN FACT by voting IN a democratic majority pure and simple economics.
  2. If the opposite and a republican is President vote in a anti grid lock and a pro CONGRESS WORKS IN FACT republican majority as the only issue – the one issue AVOID GRID LOCK – for the American Wallet Party – which is outside all politics and phony issues they whip us up into.


Common damn sense.

The biggest fear to the GREED MACHINE is my global blog – gains viral traction and millions of voters read this blog site and vote with informed common sense.


Because we the voters have all the power and 600 law makers have zero without our vote by the millions.

If we vote outside the GREED MACHINE we all win and prosperity continues no matter who is in office.


DO THAT and we get AMERICA BACK no matter who is President folks.

China knows that.

Greed Wealth knows that.

Voters in bought and paid for media are slow to discover the truth.

Who can viral this web information and will you do that while we have time to on line circulate the truth from non truth?

We’ll see won’t we – there is a lot of time in election terms – a day is like a month – a month is like a quarter and a quarter is like a year.

Plenty of time as the fastest growing poll defeating voter block is not longer democratic – no longer republican – no longer independent and surprising no longer not voting and apathetic – America is waking up to its own sovereign power of one vote and the faster growing party is the new AMERICAN WALLET PARTY.

Personally I am so proud of American’s for seeing with new prescription glasses back to 20/20 vision.

While the fringe is filled with hate the American Wallet Party is filled with promise and hope and pride. We all in majority stand and salute our flag as one.

That is the American majority and we are coming together as never before since world wars.

Personally I am just plain proud media aside.

I’m proud of you all.