This blog is for my Chinese readers IF they can circulate the facts inside China – which is doubtful.

First this is all economic 101 not political of which I have no experienced as an investment banker lifetime in economics.

Since President Richard Nixon created the new CHINA Policy in the 1970’s to today – China has benefited from the kind generosity of the USA. The USA subsidized trade and helped the Chinese leadership move untold millions from poverty into cities that didn’t even exist and jobs that didn’t even exist based on our trade – we sell less by 5 to 1 than China sells to the USA. Over time this trade imbalance must rebalance or the USA goes bankrupt or China does in a race to the bottom.

President after President has said THE TIME HAS COME and talked and talked and no one took any action to stop the imbalance and drain going on. The drain hole has exploded in size as Chinese leaders said – we’ll work on this – only to make it worse and worse and worse as it escalated and escalated.

The effect has:

  1. Cost the USA impossible economic cost to buy more than it sells – which is going absolutely bankrupt but slowly so you don’ t see it as our debt accounts rise.
  2. Massive shifts in labor and employment from the USA to China have made our debt rise and rise as our unemployed and factory laid off take welfare and unemployment from state and nation while they cease paying taxes to state and nation a condition reversing in 2018.
  3. China uses its wealth from the USA to raise up its military and to challenge the USA. China recently claimed an entire ocean as its sphere of influence removing “rights” of many many nations – which the World Courts unanimously ruled was illegal – invalid – a crime – and only the USA is policing the phony rule China came up with to “OCEAN GRAB” like land grabbing in old days for minerals and wealth under those waters – blocking other nations even RUSSIA – from drilling for oil in claim rights protected for Russia and its allies – by 400 years of marine laws China just throws into the wash.

The old communist motto – holds true today. Push on the USA and PUSH no matter their resistant until you feel the steel of a blade then back up.

Donald Trump has economically assured China feels the blade. He has talked nice on the Golf Course with President XI about the issues China wishes and issues the USA wishes noting where Trump has red line. Unlike prior Presidents Trumps Red lines are all real and when Syria used Chemical weapons Trump bombed a billion dollars off their inventory list in minutes. RED LINES ARE REAL THE USA HAS STEEL.

The World is assured by Trump the USA can be the GREATEST of friends and if not your worst nightmare as an enemy.

Trump is not talking to China. Trump has set down absolutes. So lets look at arithmetic:

  1. China taxes our stuff at 100% higher than than we tax their stuff.
  2. China has been asked then told to change the unfair trade protectionist policies.
  3. China started this and continues this unfair practice and the day of warnings is done and over.
  4. Trump has stated he wants zero tariff’s and trade barriers between the nations.
  5. China refuses to be fair and wishes to bankrupt the USA but Trump caught this earlier enough to bankrupt China – which is now taking place – in policy error by Chinese leadership.


We have told the world in this blog for two years to SELL OUT OF CHINA. We have told the world there is an absolute RUN on China at ever level – which is why China communist leadership imposed ( which never works ) the most draconian currency controls and money flight laws in the world today to stop wealth from leaving China.


  1. Deposits are running out of bankrupt Chinese banks holding untold bad debt that will never be repaid – bankrupt in fact if accurate accounting were applied.
  2. State Run Organizations – SRO’s in record bankruptcy and zero way forward.
  3. The World is running out of China and moving production to other nations.
  4. The investors are running out of China by the 100’s of billions now.
  5. The currency for China has fallen 14% and is in free fall to levels of collapse



Why did Tim Cook meet in India recently? How much of China production can move to India and how fast? As cost of business soars with 25% tariff’s on all China electronics – how fast to AMERICAN FIRMS move if they MUST? Like WARP DRIVE with 250 billion in cash in the bank are you kidding me China? This economic will never not ever return to you.

China is talking to our trade group after failed policy to go silent – until they meet steel that is real that Trump is turning now in the economic soft spot. There is no Chinese Defense.

Meanwhile the Fed in Atlanta predicts 5% Growth for the USA with Trump economic policies coming up – and plants and investment into the USA are soaring – the opposite of the RUN on China.

China communist leaders are slow to respond to events which are taking place economically like CLICK SPEEDS. They don’t see in real time the PERMANENT DAMAGE their failed economic policies – are creating  – where politics drive economics versus economics drive politics. Its business as usual in China. Today they said – we have to respond to the USA ( noting a full on trade war of their replies impacts our GNP less than 1% and at 5% communist politicians – we have plenty to spare ).

I’ve also written as China attacks the USA ( politically only as economics they have no bullets where we buy 5 to 1 in trade we hold all the cards ) – our consumers will stop ( on a CLICK and all at once all of us together as one ) buying anything made in China IPHONES included. WATCH. Never to in generations buy from China ( our enemy ) again. If China takes it this far – the HUGE DANGER to China – misreading American consumers – China moves to not recession – but economic collapse and depression and a revolution takes place in China. Which the USA does not want but well understands WHO is in control of the bride of the star ship Enterprise – economically – while the Chinese drive an off brand they make at home on bad roads. No contest to PHOTON ECONOMIC TORPEDO’s.

China politician’s trying to influence the MID YEAR ELECTION to alter or Change TRUMP’s direction – ( far more than Russia influence it is CHINA wishing Democrats to win and block Trump ) – their last card really – which is a joker and won’t work – failed policy – puts forth FRAUD that:

  1. The USA started the trade wars
  2. The USA is the cause and is unfair
  3. When China had 30 years of requests to revise trade rules and lied
  4. China never intended any change and made things worse and worse by tax law
  5. The USA now has STEEL that is REAL and talking is OVER – plain and simple

China still won’t ACT so the USA pushed the steel in more firmly.

A China tipping point begins to occur if the leadership does not create a new policy but they are not doing so.

They are saying ( for local consumption ) that – they must preserve their DIGNITY as a nation. What a bunch of political horse crap and its smelly warm and misty to the wind.

They make it harder then to reach a real revision.

Trump is going to push to the tipping point:

  1. The RUN on the China Nation economically sinks the country entirely
  2. American Consumers stop buying MADE IN CHINA ANYTHING FOREVER

We are reaching that tipping point due to failed policies of Chinese leadership which could have resulted in a calm market globally and a healthy new frame work that is fair and in integrity. Today it is about integrity and China is doing what it always does – China says one thing and does another – we call this LYING. Cheating. We call this a crises of integrity between nations. Integrity is what is required and desired but we do not have integrity surprising save for Trump. Who like an ice breaker sets his course and then breaks through the sea ice setting a new channel in his wake for America.



This is an important principle – Communism and Socialism as economic systems have 100% of the time led to elites controlling all the wealth ( not much different than competitive capitalism although far more people prosper in one than the other ) and always end badly in wars and bankruptcy. Communist economics are 300 years of failed utter nonsense economically. The world needs COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM outlined in my work REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION as a revision to upgrade for 7 billion the final revolution for human kind – economics. Those box top rules are outlined in the book: which I encourage YOU if this interests you at all to read – both socialist minded leadership and capitalist as we all get the best of both thoughts ideas and outcomes inside the upgrade to global COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM the FINAL REVOLUTION. I plan to get a NOBEL PRIZE for this work 300 years after I’m dead as it is forward in time as IP to the World leadership trapped in politics running economics – always a failed modeling systemic.

So China is in full 2018 economic melt down. Its GNP is dropping like a stone. Bad loans and defaults are soaring nation wide ( oh you didn’t know – the liars do not report it or the riots taking place ) . Capital is flying out of the nation at over 1 trillion alone in 2018 – do you have any idea what this means to the leadership unable to CLICK factor decision making? You can’t get it back when its gone Chinese leaders and its not only going its a whirl pool in your bathtub of failed policy drain. The Ship is sinking and you don’t believe it.

Huge investments are being postponed projects in development are not stopped and all are moving to other locations FOREVER as China lies and dies.

What is needed is a WARP DRIVE move to new trade agreements.

China leadership this week will attack the USA for defending itself against years of being fired upon by China – now that is the economic truth. Enough is enough. We are firing back with full powers China lacks. 5 to 1 – full House for Trump two two’s for China.

Trump is pushing all the Chips into the center of the playing table and calling China’s BLUFF ( steel is real folks – economically ).

China will fold – protecting its dignity into revolution and mayhem the world has not seen for a century. Internal to China as the lay off’s the down bubble in their economics now becomes IRREVERSABLE because the Chinese leadership waited to long to make a DEAL – which preserves Chinese Dignity – not their failed policy of lies and deceit. Its a communist leadership what do you expect world – the opposite is not much improved with politicians.

President Obama said recently

…..the problem with politicians ( world wide ) is they all lie all the time but when they are caught lying up until now they lowered their heads and said oh Gosh and by Golly – but today folks – what is new and different is that the lying sons of a bitches ( I inserted that ) will not stay bought and they….just keep on lying and lying…world wide…….

Regardless of the system.

Insanity for humans is simple – insanity punishes human diversity in any form.

Sanity CELEBRATES and RESPECTS all human diversity faith politics all.

Are we globally teaching this MASTER PRINCIPLE OF THINKING?

No we are entrenching insanity upon your next generation versus sanity the single largest failure of education globally ( read Redemption and load improved software on your own brain CPU and delete the GOD AWFUL buggy virus ridden software others loaded on to your whole brain computer without your ever knowing it – one click to delete your VIRUS OF THE MIND ) then with virus free thinking – share the book as the first global VIRUS REMOVAL TOOL. Written for world leaders first.

So virus brains are acting out in China predictably.

Without a trade agreement the water sinking China economically and listing their economic 2018 model – will sink the ship into recession and depression and bankrupt and debt cascade ( worst than contagion and the IMF’s greatest fear globally to entire world system melt down ) – and full on revolution in China – say in the distant future of 2019. That fast from the USA STAR SHIP ENTERPRISE VIEW.

Trump has pushed all the chips into the center of the table and his RED line is REAL.

China has never experienced a President like Trump where all their old manipulations no longer work – nor do their threats work. He tweets them into the sewer where they belong as they are lies.

The Truth is:

  1. China has a very limited time to develop a fair new trade agreement with the USA before their pumps are in overwhelm as the Chinese economic vessel begins to truly sink – no recovery once that begins economically ……
  2. The longer China delays the more China PAYS.
  3. If they had the deal done in 2017 or early in 2018 they would be on a way to prosperity for decades.

The USA wants a prosperous strong Chinese partner – but refuses to be a victim of China trade policy one more quarter in time. The steel is real. The Red line is absolute. China defending its dignity – folks if American’s stop buying MADE IN CHINA which they will when threatened and in a CLICK and FOR GENERATIONS – then China will in rapid count down decline into utter bankruptcy and chaos.


China leadership failing to appreciate the economic reality of the GPS is using maps to navigate into a rocky coast line as they sink into the deep waters. The failed policies of the FEW AGAINST THE MANY are ending and China either rights their economic ship of state now taking on water seriously for the first time since the Revolution – and listing to their port side internally – or – they simply economically sink into pain and suffering their people have not known since the revolution. War won’t save them either. May distract and delay the outcomes but not by much as the economic ship is sinking now.

The time is very limited. Trump is looking at his GIANT USA chip pile smiling at the leaderships fail policy and moves for political dignity – whispering the words – and the USA CALLS… me your cards.




A 40,000 dollar car in China made in China sells for under 50,000 dollars in the USA. A 40,000 dollar Chevy in the USA sells for $ 250,000 dollars in China. THAT IS FAIR TRADE?

We started that?

Thats the economics of truth versus all the communist lies.

The world has to educate to the truth versus the lies. We subsidized nations around the world into prosperity.

China is still listed as a developing nation – the second largest economy on earth holds on to developing nation loan grant investment and related privileges when my JAMAICA came off the developing nation list in 2015. Come on. Jamaica is economically so advanced Jamacia is not a developing nation – but CHINA IS STILL A DEVELOPING NATION – lies versus integrity folks.

The time of communist lies is done and their is a REAL STEEL in the Red Line. They just can’t stop testing to see if its all real and they can’t agree internally on what to do and folks in China the run not the NATION itself is beyond all this. Read on. The leaders in China have no one assigned to the pumps and no one is bailing water.



China is the second largest economic nation on the earth lying about being and preserving developing nation status. China forces global firms to partner such the local Chinese can steal the world’s IP and then attack the partner investing business back at home.

What they can t legally via this terrible unfair policy steal – with no rule of law protecting global IP – and those investments of trillions – they hack and steal. They have hacked:

  1. All our defense contractors and world wide the same
  2. All our technology firms
  3. All our entertainment firms
  4. All our industry for alternative everything health to energy
  5. All our space and related IP’s

They are using all this theft against us economically.

They are the second largest economic power via criminal theft, lies and policies that are unfair, illegal globally, and impossible to defend under any rule of law concept. The leaders who perpetuate this old model are being replaced by XI who wishes for reform into world respect and rightful leadership from those reforms. This is the hour this is the time but can it occur fast enough.


Inoculate your brain from the virus of all this prior generation fraud and deceit. Integrity is all the peoples of the world 7 billion of us – wish from our leaders. Simple truth – uncomplicated truth – the real deal.

Trump has painted a GIANT RED LINE ALL ROUND CHINA. The world is fully respecting the Red line as a full on RUN ON CHINA is occurring as the USA as the # 1 economy is Mount Everest from China’s foot hills which tie in fact with India Japan Indonesia and others who may pass China in 2019 and by 2020 for sure as CHINA is nation where the SUN ALSO SETS as it has in Japan. Everyone said once upon a time back in ancient ages of say 1990’s that Japan would pass the USA. Japan is a foot hill and the USA is the world Mount Everest ECONOMICALLY and for Iran’s purposes militarily.

If Iran creates the mother of all wars and Trump fingers his subs Iran is gone in 15 minutes – all of Iran. Economically same thing and that happens in August as a RUN ON IRAN is taking place and they as crazy brains have no interest to what – make a Nuke Deal that is real – where their talk is what they walk and they exchange poverty recession like China for prosperity and decades of leadership in the Middle East with full on world respect. What insanity to opt like China for national dignity for the LEADERSHIP OF THE VERY FEW WEALTHY ELITES AGAINST THE 30 MILLION STRUGGLING AND IMPOVERISHED. Insane policy versus sane policy.

Always evident of the FEW AGAINST THE MANY versus leadership of the MANY FOR THE MANY so clear in success policy versus failure policy on economics. When economics runs politics you have the MANY FOR THE MANY form of government – when you have politics run economics you have the FEW AGAINST THE MANY as a form of government.

Folks I love social policy from socialists – I just Know economics must balance and you can’t pay for all the good – you have to balance what you can pay for against what you simply can not. That is COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM coming to all nations in the future as the only way forward the blue print of HOW. Click yours.

Viral one book to reform the world if you wish to exit the dog eat dog brutal tribal war invested models of centuries for humanity – and step into the future of a better way – a real way forward – in your home space first and your work space second – as a revolutionary – yes you lead as a general the COOPERATION REVOLUTION and as we united 100,000’s of thousands of us now in over 140 nations we not only change your world we change our world and together we collective revolutionaries elect candidates in all political models ushering in COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM policies we change THE WORLD.

China has an opportunity with XI and his forward leadership to CHANGE THE WORLD by example to others. Nothing rights the listing China ship taking on so much water faster than MAKING A TRADE DEAL in 2018.

If not – the ships sinks and you know why.

If – yes – the ships sails into the future for prosperity for decades and elevated world leadership with the USA and Russia and EU.

Rule of Law.

Protecting IP.

Fair Trade.

That is the truth.

Everything else – all of it – is spin – is politics and is lies.



I can only convey one message to Chinese readers – which is to buy the Kenny Rodgers Gold record from so long ago.

The cards are dealt folks.

The USA has a FULL HOUSE access HIGH.

China holds two two’s not of same suit is all a losing hand.

The chips are all on the table the USA has five to one of those chips and China lacks chips to call.



And that economically is the one and the only truth for billions of us around the world as we are on the table Side lines audience – and watching the game being played but we all can see the cards of both players and we all know – everyone in China knows and everyone globally knows – WHO HOLDS THE ABSOLUTE WINNING HAND.

Also we are learning TRUMP RED LINES are absolute reality…trust them in fact.

Time is not on China’s side this time. As the water is rapidly sinking their currency and economy – today’s numbers are sad indicators of the recession in China and massive unemployment coming as Holiday orders will be the weakest in years inside the largest economic boom in history – unless they reach a trade deal by September – as Trump knows the loss of the Holiday year end business will be economically fatal.