A high number of our 146 nation CEOSPACE lifetime members – all owners of their business all CEO’s or professionals in practice read this blog world wide. Many of my readers the largest % are new to CEOSPACE so this is brand new for you. If you scroll or search there are articles on this blog explaining what CEOSPACE is in depth and detail –  or you can click and make a book mark to as we live for networking to accelerate profits. Either way best for you.

CEOSPACE is the # 1 ranked ( and for five years ) by the most prestigious global press as the leading # 1 business acceleration conference in the world. Members ( you ) acquire a lifetime membership for a 1988 price unchanged in thirty years as to value. Plus your membership is a tax deduction world wide another value added. The membership give you lifetime access to FIVE annual business acceleration conferences each profit making. These business building machines are not seminars or workshops or we would not retain our # 1 ranking globally over so many years. Explore a fresh way to grow faster is what I’m requesting of you today. I would never waste your time.

CEOSPACE is an always improving business building engine. Our deliverables to you are:

  1. New customers and markets
  2. Upgraded core competency to the owner driving that venture – best available
  3. Super Networking – our invention that opens each with networking and closes each Space with Networking which CEO’s regard as high value.
  4. Priceless connections drive forward profits including alliances and affiliates.
  5. Our money back guarantee removes risk which busy CEO’s appreciate

Oct 8th is our final CEOSPACE to impact YOUR PROFITS during the four months into the HOLIDAY 70% of all spending quarter. Additional values include for those wishing to just explore ( no selling ever just telling we share and care no selling ):

  1. A new trading community of CEO customers – ten year value in a short week
  2. Better plans for the final quarter
  3. Being brought fully current in todays SUPER CHANGE market space

The CEO always in growing their venture has competency gaps they know and competency gaps they do not know. What is your process if you have a process to CLOSE THOSE GAPS the essential to grow faster profits? CEOSPACE is a proven process to close leadership competency gaps from Fortune management teams to a dentist practice professional. Our films on line show proofs in every category and much more on YOUTUBE each CEOSPACE for famous Super Star faculty you read and know as leaders – who are long time faculty at CEOSPACE.

August 15th we end the lowest PRICE of 2018 for a new member. We wanted our readers who have interest in the critical timing within the longest best economic growth cycle in human record keeping period – to benefit from the LOWEST PRICE of the year if the timing interests you.

Is accelerating results into the final quarter your next priority in business? Do you value some expert help to accelerate faster ranked # 1 by third party global press? Do you benefit from tax refunds you would not get without a value like CEOSPACE LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP trading tax liability for a lifetime business asset that keeps paying you back?

If yes phone:

Jessica Lowe 256 850 4710 during Florida Business hours noting we serve over 140 nations and she will always phone you back – leave your Skype ID if your outside the USA and email for her.

Nancy Murphy – 256 850 4719 both FULL Vice Presidents.

Their process is to explore. They seek to:

  1. Learn about your business
  2. Learn what your growth challenges are
  3. Determine if CEOSPACE can resolve those challenges as a profitable value
  4. Explain the registration process and LOWER PRICE to August 15th
  5. Provide due diligence information to you and when your ready to walk you through the five minute clicks to own a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP ASSET with tax dollars.

CEOSPACE is as fun as it is profitable. Our customers tell us we replenished their depletion from the stress going on OUT THERE.

Families attend together and the work with our children is legend ask the Vice Presidents about the family plans – they all own lifetime memberships.

30 years of helping CEO’s grow faster with proofs all along the way for you to explore.

We do not advertise as our membership which is large fills each event with their own happy camper referral marketing. We don’t try we just receive and give back.

If all that appeals to you – a Side benefit to my readers is that the Vice Presidents you chose to work with will:

  1. Set up private coaching for all new readers who read my blog with me
  2. As well as private live one on one additional coaching at CEOSPACE in person

As value added from the ONE THAT STARTED IT ALL hopefully something special there as a value added.

I tip my hat to those who share this message to transform futures ( our only business internally and you are next )  with business owners and professionals you know.

There is no obligation to phone – no cost – and we don’t sell.

Your safe and we treat you as OWNERS which is our culture and business in the worlds largest most prestigious business and professional OWNER CEO Club in the world today.

So the law of attraction is working if this sparks a resonance with you. Which is why I presented it so that AUGUST 15th value does not go by and I forgot to inform  all my readers world wide.

Today I serve you all over again for those this item is a white spark of illumination as to timing -IF immediate  acceleration growth and profits is what your seeking next. May we explore helping you to achieve that goal? We want the final Holiday quarter in this boom to make more profits for you and CEOSPACE Is the HOW.

We are the best at that one thing …your acceleration and growth.

If this is not for you – you may be a bee and bring the honey to a member of your tribe and transform their future. Thanks for reading this for as perhaps that is the law of attraction for your paying it forward. Pay it forward is your reason…….

We are a community where billionaires walk around with millionaires and those in development space as well. You’ll find joy only in a CEOSPACE membership and of course the acceleration is guaranteed or your membership is refunded before you depart our Florida Resort hotel with its paradise amenities and weather in October.

Thank you for sharing we appreciate you one and all.


PS: Scroll for more in depth hard information at CEO Grade on this blog if interested.