The thousands of supporters who could not even get in to the SOLD OUT Trump Rally – dwarfed the couple hundred protestors who didn’t even matter. President Trump said basically I’m NOT LIKE OTHER PRESIDENTS I KEEP MY PROMISES have you noticed that at all…and the crowd went wild.

He pretended to act Presidential even doing the PRESIDENTIAL FORMAL WALK and said – see I can do that – but its not ME and I chose to be me – cut up have some fun – be outrageous to those bought and paid for egocentric old antique law makers – and I chose to cut up on the road in rally and have some fun DO YOU MIND and literally the entire crowd of tens of thousands went absolutely wild. They want TRUMP not a package that was obvious.

I turned down the invite given my honey is off to a West Coast Conference and it was my son’s 20th birthday – lets see the Donster or my son – I chose my son. He had a rally of all his friends and a blue birthday cake I ate way to much of frankly. So we had our own rally in our family.

AT home versus the parking security and all that JAZZ.

The Rally was sold out and thousands came to the attend the support outside and believe me the team felt that support. As the mid year election heats up the polls and the press might be cautious from their overwhelming prediction HILLARY was a shoe in for President – and the congress would land in Democratic hands.

Not Since they predicted President DEWEY as President have they been that wrong.

I read off shore press report on the Trump Tampa Rally and its pretty accurate. I watch US press report like CNN and its so biased – chilling – attacking – not news – it is pure spin. The Communist News Network as my United States Marine calls them – is alive and well with spoon fed bought and paid for spin. So you can fly to Fox for Trump support and by ratings the largest by far viewer audience or you can fly to CNN or MSBNC and read the left side and Trump Bashing. The truth is in the middle some where if it exists at all anymore in BRAND SPACE bought and paid for bias advertisers now having their brain washing flow outward versus say THE NEWS.

You can click to get the real news but its work. You can check in here and get economic takes on news versus political anything as we care less about the politics. We focus on the economic policy and outcomes. So our readers can plan.

The rally suggests to us that the mid year election is not as CNN would have you believe a slam dunk for the democrats in fact a huge pick up for Trump is likely. The majority of the USA the national WALLET PARTY is voting in private with their wallet. They want MORE. More 4% growth that 16 years of prior Presidents failed to deliver. Thats fact # 1 that IS NEWS. They want more in their wallet which tax cuts did deliver and frankly as promised by a candidate – delivered in full. That IS news. They want talks with North Korea 40 years of Presidents failed to deliver – talks with China on Trade and EU and Mexico and Canada and yes YES and RUSSIA. Those are facts and NEWS. They want infrastructure and the sinking USA turned around and rebuilt to be the model of the world – a republican congress gives all of the USA THAT and anything less does not.

I suggest one not under estate the TRUMP teams and the unity of purpose. There were a LOT of democrat moderates at the TRUMP Rally in Tampa Bay – a lot. They see their policies fully embraced by Trump who is beyond parties and politics. They want the RESULTS the OUTCOMES the PROSPERITY.

The spin on Trump is a failed Nancy Pelosi model of Justice gone bad – obvious to everyone – Stormy Daniels and METOO needing checks and balance and rule of law versus guilty by press as FREE PRESS is bought and paid for bias as you can see and no longer NEWS ( Good Night Chet – This IS Walter Conkite saying GOOD NIGHT AMERICA – remember those days of real news now long long gone ? ) . We don’t trust those institutions any longer or the spin doctors who try and brain wash a nation.

The billions to brain wash America are NOT WORKING.

The fringe left is not united and is bonded by a hatred of everything Trump and a love of everything free and liberal one can imagine – but they lack the votes to win anything.

America is alive and well. Her majority is composed of massive democratic unity and republican focus on THE AMERICAN WALLET PARTY AND PROSPERITY outside any party – politic or spin doctoring.

Forget its Trump as a personality you may find is not your style frankly.

Consider the TRUMP TEAM made promises and has more than decades of Presidents delivered on those promises. With a republican congress can you imagine the PROGRESS INTO WORLD PEACE AND PROSPERITY moving forward given what you already have seen and know in fact and that is NEWS.

Think about it American readers and the same for any nation – think about your leadership all over again.


PS: Apple is soaring and the market is going up including Face Book did you buy in the DIP and don’t rule TESLA DOWN they will surprise the world first and than stun them.