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Lets go back to the last SUPER CRASH in 2007 and 2008 we predicted correctly right here on this blog and told folks what to do to protect themselves. If you scroll we have done that now for the coming SUPER CRASH still a ways ahead though.


The elephant in the room is housing as a prime jobs economic and driver of everything else. California is the largest market. Southern California is the largest market in that state market. SO WHAT DO WE KNOW?


Today we know that June Real Estate sales fell off a CALIFORNIA CLIFF ( if the homes did not burn to the ground as they are ration for 50 gallons of water per person max per day ). For three months CALIFORNIA ( the trend for the rest of our economics ) has declined month after month. The average home price exceeds 500,000 dollars in June. The great % of home buyers do not qualify for this level of average home price. The June plunge was alarming at 7% year to date and a full CRASH OF SALES and pricing is now challenged. California Real Estate is also up 7% in price year to date while sales fell over 7% year to date a full CRASH in weeks. Three months down down down the rabbit hole.

New homes in inventory went up for the first time in years – so the inventory is growing and home buyers are falling away like flies. Why? Price and loan qualifications.

What factors influence home sales moving forward:

  • Oil the cost of everything being high not by lies of supply demand – but by – speculators making ungodly profits including the oil producers who join those investments to elevate their own profits – the few against 7 billion of us. Nations must act as one but with every nation in it for themselves they can’t act and the criminal cartels profit in unholy alliance as crimes against human food security health and housing. That simple on economics.
  • Cost to build rising at every level from red tape with government to building supply costs starting with massive oil price rises for no reason but pure greed and we pay it why? We all need to buy electric now moving off fossil fuel with electric being renewable and in USA natural gas plentiful cheap. As oil the cost of everything else comes down ( say Trump releases reserves ) then building cost moderate.
  • The Fed raising interest rates far too soon far too high – far too frequently that will as it always done in their failed 100% failure policy over history – create a SUPER CRASH and Global Depression. Its historic economics folks. The cause the other factors are symptom.
  • As Fed Raises cost of money and criminals raise cost of oil we have inflation and higher prices and banks have limitations on home loans as borrowers can’t now afford higher interest and the economy begins to SUB BREACHING to the sun to SUB SLIDING BACK INTO THE ABYSS OF RECESSION AND SUPER CRASH – all Fed created.

Cause versus symptom. You think politicians lie – the FED is the FATHER OF LIARS the ANTI CHRIST OF THE ECONOMY. Lets review once again so you can copy this URL and circulate it to your tribes today.




The Federal Reserve Board is a secret fraud.

Now once again I’ll repost the most important economic information of the Wallet Parties adult lifetime if you want to be educated to financial literacy on the Fed. Here is the video because you guys are youTUBE today more than readers but all LEADERS ARE READERS so thank you for the click – book mark this video please to share with those who need truth over lies and fraud.

Economist data not mine folks.

So what do we KNOW:

  1. The Fed is formed in secret by an 80 page act of congress when the pony express delivered mail and information came by telegraph. Today an average act of congress is 1000’s of pages.
  2. The Fed is a private – stock company like we all own – whose shareholders are secret and include the banks oil firms and elites of the nation. The Fed answers to their shareholders in secret profit sharing.
  3. The Fed can not be audited – check of balanced or overturned in any decision – as by congress it is insulated by immunity for its crimes and insulation as INDEPENDENT which is a fraud and lie. The Fed is created to control our money and nation and is about POWER to insiders who created it.
  4. The Fed has never been audited. Reporting to Congress and President approval of FED nominated chair persons – is as sham the control is with shareholders no one knows and no audit by the people for the people can ever uncover.
  5. The Fed is greed machine seeking to maximize profits for its bank controlling shareholders ( in every central bank nation ) versus the profit of the nation that set it up as error. The Fed caused by failed too rapid profit making rate rises for its bank the Depression of 1907 just after it took over control – then shortly after World War I created by the depression the 1929 SUPER CRASH and WORLD WAR II. The Dot Bomb speculation super bubble in tek and the 2008 horror do to member bad bets in housing we spent 11 trillion to save the Fed and their banks – from those bad bets as tax payers. That is a good policy? IT is happening again after ten years of FREE MONEY.

The Fed is doing the same failed policy.

It is raising interest rates way too fast way too soon way too frequently for the economy of its host nation so that its shareholder members can report astronomical profits which they in fact are reporting. Already California housing as our canary in the mine shaft is falling over dead – economically – from Fed Policy.

In 2018 we have:

  1. Digital real time reporting
  2. Ai money and circulation management
  3. Market dynamic to money supply and currency value

It is time to stop the insanity of having a regulatory agency said to be INDEPENDENT that is fully controlled by secret shareholders and truly the Fed needs a USA AUDIT don’t you think. Some folks will go to jail. Finally including most heads of banks. The French cut their heads off in their economic revolution.

So lets pretend if you scroll over a few blogs that armed with new education – you see the AMERICAN WALLET PARTY elects a manipulated CONGRESS THAT WORKS that picks up Republican seats – a lot of them – surprising the deep state and old guard. We voted our WALLET.

Now lets say an emergency act of congress I admonish should be 80 pages exactly. Ends the former FED ACT in one sentence and merges the FED into the USA Treasury – keeping all its processes and systems – but removing GREED.

Now the treasury of the US returns to hundreds of years of printing our own currency without global depressions and world wars. As the founders ORDER IT where no third party company can print money of the people – period. We have what?

  • Transparency
  • Audits
  • Full reporting
  • Full accounting
  • Real time data
  • No secrets
  • Winning prosperity policy long term

Oh and we issue 100 YEAR SUPER BONDS to pay off all Fed and National Debt and Social security short falls and we are in the black with new FOUND MONEY for infrastructure ( it is economics 101 ) and we pay off the 100 year bond principle with pennies on the dollars based on our population and commerce in 100 years from now. Easy peasy. COMMON DAMN Sense the GREED Of the criminal banker investment bankers and Fed will do anything to assure you don’t know.

The Fed employees enormous resources so if you click FED SCAM or FRAUD on google you have to have the patience of JOB. They stack in first pages – their work fighting fraud and scams – which they can do better inside US Treasury with their enforcement tools and Secret Service. But if you have the patients of Job on line from google past their REPUTATION DEFENDER fraud – we find this:

Which is the TIP of the TRUTH and ICE BERG on the fraud of central banks. ALL CENTRAL BANKS TO INSURE NATIONS PROSPERITY IN 2018 AND FORWARD “MUST” BE MERGED BACK INTO THEIR GOVERNMENT TREASURIES. The Fed was a mistake that has cost 100 million lives in multiple global depressions and world wars they caused.

The DANGER TO THE GLOBAL BOOM IS NOT TRADE WAR not in economics no way – it is:

  • Rising interest rates and failed Fed Greed Policy
  • Criminal Oil Price manipulation by criminal speculators

Those two will sink us. The immediate risk this year is:

…a congress that grid locks and is dysfunctional due to voter manipulations – if the great new AMERICAN WALLET PARTY becomes the majority they will mechanically vote a republican congress massively in and CONGRESS JUST WORKS.

Trump while posting a majority of FED Governors once in they never are loyal to him – they are loyal as with any board to the shareholders they serve profit and who can in fact vote them out if they wish. Law if funny. Ignorance does not protect you. Even though you were innocent of crimes because you just did not know.



My prediction of record market highs by December remains. The Boom has momentum. If we have a mechanical wallet party congress we will get 2019 infrastructure the other stimulus leg that may off SET FED GREED of

  1. Raising interest rates in five years rather than 25 years
  2. Way to fast as historic failed greed policy
  3. Way to frequently
  4. Way to high each raise
  5. The FEW ELITES against the 300 million many in the USA

You can see an economist film read the google page and click more and learn more and become MAD AS HELL frankly. Elect law makers who vote to merge the FED BACK TO TREASURY and we secure world peace and prosperity – or bury your head in the sand and watch sit comes and NETFLICK – they trust you will do that.

California June real estate is economics 101. It suggests a huge barrier is now here due to FED POLICY and economic growth in housing will percolate nation wide to stop and then decline. The SUPER CRASH and recession if just that given trade war – is preventable and criminal.

Criminal banks guilty of billons in crimes against us own the FED now that is the truth. So the FED is criminal.

The FED knows we need more time as a nation to win our trade war and reset trade deals. They are not helping. They are massively harming the nation by raising profits to banks for no economic reasons under any son but GREED GREED GREED.

Their lies – far greater than any politician – are all lies. If you believe those lies you are economically illiterate not your fault. If you trust them you trust Ike Clanton versus WYATT ERYP. I trust Trump saying to the Fed at great Fed political fall out – predictable – you all are insane raising interest rates

  1. Raising interest rates in five years rather than 25 years
  2. Way to fast as historic failed greed policy
  3. Way to frequently
  4. Way to high each raise
  5. The FEW ELITES against the 300 million many in the USA

Lest I present the economic truth once again. Why are billion dollar donors to the democrats moving to vote their WALLET as presented in this blog series? Why?

They got this folks. A real economic revolution is taking place and this time the FED may end up back where it belongs inside our USA TREASURY – where we the people can admit and check and balance and HOLD MONETARY POLICY RESPONSIBLE FROM GREED.

This plan restores our credit rating and insures prosperity for 300 years. Generational prosperity.



The world is in the largest SUPER BUBBLE effecting 100% of prices for everything – commodities – currency – credit – and DEBT SUPER BUBBLE. Far worse many 100% worse than 1929 and the Great Depression.

The way forward requires time to rebalance economics.

I’ve presented in my work REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION you can order on Amazon – the process for the G 100 working in cooperation to reset rebalancing accounts over time without world war. A first in history.

If we follow criminal bankers failed historic fed policy to the tipping point of the cliff ( we are right at that point now ) we repeat history. That will be a potential for:

  • Super Crash
  • World War to rebalance economics disguised in political lies

Same oh.

Same oh.


Will the Wallet Party win in fact in November?

We’ll see the dice are spinning.

A trillion dollars of economic potential is being drained from the swamp and wasted this year into the swamp to BRAIN WASH VOTERS. Deny them that outcome. Be smarter than they are.

Vote with your wallet all issues are lies there is only one issue:



California Housing is economics with its GPS pointing directly DUE FED as cause. Lower interest rates no down bubble But wait the WORST IS SO YET TO COME WITH TWO MORE TRUMP TEAM OPPOSED INTEREST RATES THIS YEAR.

What do you think will stop the GREED MACHINE? Your letter. COME ON.

Your vote.

Now there you are SMARTER THAN THEY ARE.

So think about it because this blog does tell you what you read no where else at all – the truth about


Tip Pay attention – hey and comment I relish your feedback and comment personally to each….you views are important to me and other readers.