I want to tell you nothing in my blog is political – it is always economic and outcomes relating to my best opinion on the economy. Period.

With that said I believe the # 1 RISK to the world economy is if the democrats win Congress. You have read my take on congress. If we have a Democratic President moving forward I think we should vote in a Democratic congress so the system works avoids grid lock and government simply works.

If we have a REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT I think we vote in a Republican Congress the more the better so government works and we have the enormous boom continue for 7 years into the future which experts all feel it will.


If Democrats win we have grid lock – impeachment – and never ending waste and a recession nose dive to the economics. For sure in so many expert opinions both demarcate economists and republican.


What do we know in America the largest economy ?

We know that we are booming. If we keep going like this we get trade deals and infrastructure as the FINAL STIMULUS which lasts for more than a decade of prosperity.

We know there is unlimited money over a Trillin in an industry called MID YEAR ELECTION. Super Money pools of the DEEP STATE and Status Quo want to stop Trump and put congress in democratic control. This is economic civil war in America lets call it what it is – CLASS WARFARE – elites – the few against the many versus the many for the many.

The REFORMERS with their super money are in the change of a lifetime to reform and they are putting unlimited money into refining and congress in Republican hands and improving the margin – taking seats from Democrats.

Who controls the majority of media ? What money owns and is behind those media stories bought and paid for as spin today? You know the answer. You are seeing the frenzy rising to sway your votes are you not.


  1. We aware – know what is going on
  2. THINK – gather information and make informed decisions take your time
  3. Balance mind data and mind information away from emotion calls to you
  4. Resist bias spin and see the truth the whole truth and nothing but real truth
  5. Get all sides and make an economic not a political choice for what keeps the boom going when privately voting.

Most important VOTE. We need the MID year to turn out like a PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION in this historical moment. We need everyone to really and truly vote. Your vote so matters. I call upon all sides to vote and let the majority rule. I call on voters to vote with intellect and no emotion. Remove emotion from economics. Make economically sound vote choices that reflect your desire for the boom to be on going.

IF we vote that way we will have a boom go forward. If not we will have a huge mess and crash with a lot of wealth lost for reasons of predictable economic outcomes set forth here rationally.

It is no longer about politics and positions and postures in my opinion. I think it is about in this historic time – economics. I think we all need to shed politics and simply make the nation WORK.

If we want economic change for the Presidential year change the President and Congress if you think that will boom forward if not re-elect the team creating the boom. Then vote next to the team best likely to economically develop more boom.

We need to assure Congress works and WE THE VOTERS have all the power. But we are in a swamp of bought and paid for media.


No one that thinks believes Putin shares our values. Russia is a different culture – proud and important and not a friend in any recent history. Dealing with Putin is possible without failing to put in double lines so we don’t hit the curb. Trump and team are not stupid idiots and they typically in 18 months are not making bad iconic deals that I can see.

Putin is respected and trusted by North Korea China and Iran. THAT WE KNOW. We are unlikely to get prosperity we want with China North Korea and Iran with NEW DEALS without Putin’s support. He wants prosperity for his nation. We want him to be a citizen leader not a rogue leader. What deal can be made? Should we provide some time to make a new deal?

Not dealing and just bashing and sanctioning – what does that do? It brings Putin to the table to offer Tump deal points in private and Trump double lines to Putin in private. Should we allow the most important discussion process in 100 years to unfold? Into a new world frame work and the goal is Putin helps with China North Korea the Gulf and Iran?

This we know. This is not mid year election spin shit this is real factual work hard work with all of it still ahead by very smart teams of democrats and republicans.

Putin has his home factions upset he is dealing with Trump and America – there is no free lunch for Putin who took a risk in the meeting. There were no winners or losers the WORLD is the winner if a new frame work is laid down and in which is history and leads to deals with North Korea working and China and Iran finally. That new peace and prosperity is the goal economically.


FACING THAT REALITY mentally – something new must be tried. As it has been. it may fail. It may work.

It can’t be undertaken by Russian Congress or American Congress it must be undertaken by leadership creating new frame works they agree upon and which then are approved by their congress institutions.

Its a process.

Bashing the very effort is mid year election issue spin to win the congress one side to the other. Emotion and fear is used to propel us into division far greater than any nation influencing anything.

What we know:

  1. The USA influences elections in South America – Africa – EU and Asia and Russia.
  2. Some in congress who know this and bash first historic discussions to explore a new frame work are hypocrites who approve budgets for our own election influencing …

We know this is fact.

That does NOT mean we don’t stop Russia from influencing blatantly. Trump told Putin – I won’t have it – the first step of the new frame work is Putin you must stop the mid year election meddling at core and root right now. Will he? We’ll see. Trump is tough. He will not stand for more and he will counter attack and sanction.

What we know..Trump is a marshmallow with Putin: ( LIES )

  1. Trump red lined SYRIA  and sent Putin a huge lesson РNEW SHERIFF in town bombing Syria twice.
  2. Trump built up NATO and Ukraine not talk billions in weapons to the Russia front line saying NO MORE just Don’t TRY US.
  3. Trump issued more sanctions on Russia not talk but the toughest sanctions in history which Brought Putin to ask ..what does it take to reduce them?

I’m not pro Trump. I’m not anti Trump. I’m pro world boom economically. I’m pro hard facts. Trump defeated ISIS and without America ISIS would not be out of Syria and out of Iraq a fraction of their power money and resources. ISIS is being chased to ground as never before and its economics are being cut of entirely by the USA world wide and Trump and the teams are doing all that work. Fact.

Russia has decade vital ports in Syria it can not afford to lose for its military so Putin came in. Strong. That helped defeat ISIS.

King Hussain is the King of Syria and he won the war. Do we make a deal with him – not liking him – but he is not going away. Do we assure he remains outside any discussion or do we talk for economics reasons as he is IN and he WON?

I don’t know the answer politically. Economically I know the course.

China is at full out economic war with the US. We have financed China to rapidly move to their intended goal – to label the USA as a declining power while China is a rising power – planning to over take the USA in this full on economic war fare – cyber war – helped by Russia – and North Korea all attacking us – which China gains from. With Putin betting on US for his prosperity China sinking like a stone right now due to TRUMP being TOUGH really tough –

  1. Their currency is crashing and in free fall
  2. Their capital is in flight out of nation
  3. Their investment is on hold and drying up completely
  4. The longer they delay the more American consumers will stop buy-in CHINESE anything – we all get WAR on US in the final data
  5. China dies when this occurs and its close – they need to make a deal and Putin can help.

It is complex and Trump is playing economic CHESS a game he knows and wins at over a lifetime.

Checkers the old game will no win today moving forward.

Imagine Trump being tough with a REPUBLICAN CONGRESS IMPROVED at mid year election. That is a prosperity move on the chess board which is in 2018 ECONOMIC not political. The Politics whip up emotion and spin fake news and partial information and bam it to us bam bam bam over and over till we all puke on it.

The five suggestions above what SHOULD YOU DO as a thinking voter wanting prosperity is to pause and gather up information to November. Suspect everything you hear and see is bought and paid for bias to WIN THE MID YEAR ELECTION because it is.

But the TRUTH can be learned in democracy …wait for it. WAIT FOR IT.

If I had to soap box to you for the best outcome I would follow Obama’s great speech this week:

  1. Avoid fear
  2. Avoid hate
  3. Avoid bias
  4. Come together
  5. Cooperate collaborate

Respond to positive economic data truth and your own gut on the issue of a booming economy we all want to keep moving forward.

Today Trump was tough again doing what no President has done stating what I’ve written about since January economically. The Fed is not independent. That is a fraud. I’ve told you how to google search FED FRAUD in my last blog. DO that. The Fed is a private non government stock corporation owned and controlled by the banks it regulates. Interest is being raised too high too fast too soon and the FED is the second largest risk to the economy. The FED needs to merge back into the USA Treasury with all its process and systems. Trump said Interest is raising too fast – why? It truncates the boom into a SUPER CRASH historically.

Not today. Not in 2019 but it is a huge risk historically and I’ve reported on that data. Good on Trump calling the FED OUT some one must read history on the economics.

The media bashed Trump on the politics not the economics. The media falsely sustains the Fed is a government agency which anyone who reads the 80 page Fed Act knows.

A FED DECISION CAN NOT BE CHALLENGED REVIEWED OR OVER TURNED BY ANY AGENCY OF NATION in any country. CENTRAL BANKS are bad news folks. State Treasury should print currency and make policy with audits checks and balances and just like we did for hundreds of years without depressions and world wars the CENTAL BANKS CAUSED the world.

Economic illiteracy – economic ignorance – a pathology the Fed makes sure is culture in nations – robs us of being informed voters who GET THE TRUTH. It is so easy to google the truth then you wake way up. Economically.

Politics begin to be seen as elite money THE FEW AGAINST THE MANY in a 20118 sea change like no generation to restore the MANY FOR THE MANY and that first reform of 18 months has created global prosperity already. A process.

Under way. A process ….

I know many readers hate Trump. What is hard for me is that any leader does the best they know how and I believe THAT.

Trump won promising his winning majority and it was large – XYX.

Trump took the biggest pay cut of any President ever. Trump gives his President salary to Charity. HE works like a dog sleeping four hours a night. Doing the best he knows how to deliver to his voters X Y AND Z.

Any leader does that.

Perhaps no leader is hated more though for doing that.

We elected a celebrity media star so his unique non Presidential style is unwelcome by any traditional American. There are lots who just hate him.

Nancy Pelosi and her 70 million raised just be her for democrats since January are united in hating him to bone marrow – versus respecting who was elected. That is new as well at this level. NEW.

Rip tide. Old and Reform at economic civil war. The Democratic Party is not united and is splinter CIVIL WAR. The Mid year is more important than any election of this generations lifetime.


Will you VOTE.

Cancel my vote I respect that but vote. This year that is what is important. Lets make America show the most massive turn out of our lifetime.

I trust THAT more than I trust anything else.

So this compass – this GPS defines for you the biggest economic risk – no matter who is President. I think America just works if we give whoever IS President their congress as Americans beyond any politics. I think we prosper if we vote economically.

Whoever is president give them a decisive congress. They gives us prosperity. If not we change players.

Thats my opinion for whatever it may be worth to you all.


PS: As I”m hosting a CEOSPACE business OWNER convention this week – I”m so pressed for time but daily I”m assuring my readers have reading glasses for all the STUFF your seeing in a media global frenzy – back up and clean your glasses I am – still gathering tons of data …..WAIT FOR IT and ME ….its coming