Caught up in Mid Year election NON SENSE the Congress of the United States is the one and only institution betraying all of America both as individuals and collectively as an institution.

America is sinking into an abyss of 1920’s work projects decaying and rotting as assets.

America NEED INFRASTRUCTURE. The Infrastructure legislation that Congress will NOT PASS – is the highest return on money legislation of our adult lifetimes. Why?

Economically INFRASTRUCTURE lays in CORE ASSETS that pay us enormous dividends and profits for 100 years into the future. Our modernized high speed transport systems, our super sonic transportation systems, our flying cars and delivery systems, the next generation of rail systems the elevated modernized bridges, highways and road way systems, the modernized airports nation wide, the renewable power grids upgraded across America, the G 5 system and beyond elevated to install nationally as tax credits to generate SPEED all work to provide:

  • Unmatched 25 year prosperity
  • High priced jobs
  • Environment for investment factories and untold job creation
  • Roaring tax receipts to repay out national debt
  • Second to none in the world core infrastructure for our strategic plan
  • Elevated defense and more
  • MARS – mutually assured reconstruction assures MADD no longer is relevant because we reconstruct so rapidly with MARS.

INFRASTRUCTURE is the CRIMINAL NEGLIGENT BETRAYAL of 600 men and women who sell out this nation. Why?

For Mid Year election politics. Today President Obama stated in his speed that in the old days – politicians lied as they do today. President Obama suggested that politicians ALWAYS LIED. That when they got caught they made amends and accepted they were caught red tongued. Today President Obama stated they just double down and they KEEP ON LYING. That is 600 LIARS betraying America.

President Obama said that cooperation relies on facts. If President Obama said the podium was an elephant how do you start to debate on that fact? If you say climate change is not real and despite 90% of all science saying it is and what the cause is ( mankind ) how do you begin if political groups world wide say climate change is not even a fact.

Congress lacks facts:

  • NO one KNOWS what is causing Climate change in FACT.
  • No one knows if Russia hacked us or if they were set up by a state to take the fall. Why would Russian Hackers leave any footprint at all – they never have in the past not ever? How sloppy or was it not them?
  • What do we know is fact and what do we put out as suspicion as if it was fact and that is a betrayal.
  • Is being tried by CNN a reality today and if so how screwed are we all really if that is the fact.
  • What is due process? If Russia has a treaty requiring the United States who signed the treaty to use due process its any criminal suspicion involving the Russian State as to process – protocols and evidence sharing – and America betrays that treaty like they have so many others they signed – when is America respect trust and regard evaporated as to integrity where the only respect is the bully boy of our military power – how is that the AMERICA we wish to be in the world today?

Congress is united with Press Spin and Political Theater for one purpose. What is that purpose?

To win the MID YEAR ELECTION BETWEEN NOW and the weeks to November. To advance every possible scandal that is not a fact but is a SPIN to effect the outcome. To DOUBLE DOWN ON LIES to win the mid year election by theft deception and manipulation of real data real facts all in Political Theater.

The SWAMP of the Deep state the majority wishes to drain bone dry is pumping in massive water spending over one trillion dollars to win the mid year election.

The populist tsunami that elected Donald Trump has only one issue – DON’T BE FOOLED – but Deep State Spin – as they invest a trillion dollars to match and oppose the deep state.

If Congress goes republicans we have years of a working congress and INFRASTRUCTURE the one core economic issues will resolved itself immediately.

If Democrats run we will have congressional melt down grid lock and likely impeachment of the President of the United States to deny any working government until the next Presidential election years into the future. America simply stops and prosperity stops as well. Stops dead in its tracks and recession rises from the boom of today. Bubbles Burst. Massive unemployment. Massive national red ink. Everythings moves into reverse. Why? Political theater and congress betraying the America people for what – for greater greed and powers.


THINK for yourself.

Now this week Putin met with Trump and over hours defined a new world order and sequences and deals. We have no public yet idea what those private discussions led to in agreement. That the Two Nuke Super Powers are talking and now have a relationship is not evil – it is positive. Trump has no Illusions . Trump knows Putin’s track record – politics – he knows Putin values do not mirror our own values. Can those who are not like minded make deals? Of course they can. They do historically. Is it wise? Yes? is it timely. Yes? Is it great the two nuke power decision makers with fingers on that button – just them – for years forward – spoke and in private to talk clearly frankly and to fame ground rules for agreements? To discuss real agreements and disagreements with zero political spin.

Is that positive?

The press and congress in mid year election year rhetoric define Trump is weak – Putin won – no ramifications to what? Do allegations no one can prove in any context? Do you all understand that. There is ZERO PROOF.

Is it China? Framing Russia given what is unfolding ? How smart for them?

Is it North Korea – how smart for them.

Better the best hackers on earth are in IRAN and they ace America into division and melt down and bite Trump endlessly all the time blaming Russia – how SMART FOR THEM. When Russia is being asked to set up a meeting with them.

Is it Russia. Really? Leaving sloppy tracks? I don’t think that is there style as a fact.

If we have proof and evidence it is Russia ( perhaps planted by endless players out there from Vietnam to the Gulf even Syria hackers who are really good ) we are REQUIRED BY TREATY to cooperate with Russia and work with them and they will support our Justice in IN NATION INVESTIGATIONS – but violating that treaty is what we have done at State and Justice as a betrayal of American values as we signed that treaty. Putin keeps saying – why don’t they furnish us the required proof and come over and assist our own investigation – they can question each indicted official show us the proof required by Treaty and we’ll help you. NO PROOF. Nothing. Treaty violation.

What is THAT?

That is POLITICAL THEATER folks and a betrayal by Congress. The song that comes to mind is by Michael Peterson – available at Michael Peterson Music google it – and get the song – THEY FIDDLE WHILE ROME BURNS and yes he means the Congress of this nation and Michael is a BOB HOPE – teaching at CEOSPACE this December who has been every Holiday for years in the war zone performing for our troops and almost being killed half a dozen hair raising times ( a dear personal friend ). He is not amused by the Political theater going on right now.

Tried and convicted guilty in media ? Is that OUR AMERICA? Do we now reside with justice becoming Nazis in suits in America? Is that OUR AMERICA. Zero due process. Conviction by media. Zero presumption of innocence. NO facts. No evidence. Just INTEL agents saying in media – we are sure Russia Did it. How? What proof. How exactly? What evidence?

Are we AMERICA or a MEDIA public manipulated by sound bites who has given up our franchise to think for ourselves as self reliant educated and informed citizens who are slow to let media influence OUR SACRED POINTS OF VIEW without facts and real facts.

Now then against this the economics.

The Federal Reserve Board ( you know I believe should be merged back into the US Treasury ) Chairman stated to congress today:

  • There is years of jobs and economic growth still ahead.
  • The state of the economy is good.
  • Trade Wars have an unknown negative impact if they go on long and spiral higher without new agreements.
  • No recession influence is seen as near term.

The Fed see’s this as rewarding their stock holders who own the Federal Reserve Board a private corporation – owning an 80 page exclusive LICENSE to print all out money for profit to themselves – with banks and investment banks controlling the fed – those they seek to regulate own them – ( insanity ) – but they reward those stake holders by RAISING INTEREST way to fast way too frequently way to high. This is the ONE RISK of causing a SUPER CRASH – the FED.

Today they said full speed ahead on raising interest rates. Scroll and read my hard facts on that failed policy and its outcome to cause the last two world wars and global depressions. The Fed made fortunes out of all that. in fact the largest burden of every nation is the debt owned to the CENTRAL BANKER CRIMINALS via legal theft of national wealth. Which ends only when voters become financially literate and vote in candidates who will pass laws to merge the FED BACK into US TREASURY the cornerstone issue in all elections – no one raises at all.

They all just lie.

Vote for your favorite liar out their then.

Thats what is going on out there on Tuesday …be entertained it is high drama the ultimate SIT COME – The TRUMP White House where the world watches the children as if they were royals in fact.

Berny Dohrmann – Disgusted with the Betrayal of the US Congress

PS: At 71 will they trump something to  me to stop this blog – I think probably yes if subscribers keep soaring as they are world wide – yes – but frankly  as age never matters to the deep states – but hey I”m an old Man and frankly I REMEMBER AMERICA ( another Michael Peterson song you should all play this week – it will make you cry if you remember too. Those who would love to see anything occur to assure the outcomes IS  silencing this blog – go for it as  the truth is not an item you can ever silence forever……that is what is really going on out there . The Truth is a cache file and on line forever now ….just for you. One old man to the rising generations.


….share this blog as there is no clue how long I’ll be able to present you the truth and funny thing – you KNOW the truth when you hear it – its calming isn’t it. I believe America is reforming and I think that reform is needed and GREAT frankly as to the economics ……