Why Did Bill Gates Resign as CEO of Microsoft? Anyone remember? Anyone remember the Antitrust Government cases against Microsoft? The Congressional hearings Bill Gates had to testify at? How he settled the case – by:

  1. Allowing consumers to pick their browser of choice in Windows.
  2. Explorere was not required to be the browser.
  3. And many other features locked and blocking competitions out of Windows.

Now comes Google with 5 BILLION IN FINES – from the EU for embedding its own Chrome ( and other features ) in all android phones. Google will appeal. 5 Billion is a chunk of profits and those fines are on going if they do not change their outcomes in 90 days. 90 days is fast to rewrite all that software on all those devices. Really fast.

Google of course is APPEALING so the EU will wait many years for its final answer. We’ll see. The EU may not even be here by then making the judgement mute. Likely in fact.


A new tax bill is silly in fact. What the world needs is a fully upgraded modernized USA. Nothing creates more global jobs, more immigrant jobs, more opportunity in the world and more options for growth for the USA.

The flattening Yield Curves may not matter in digital AI capital controlled casino capitalism. I would throw your old rule book out the freakin window.

Will congress pass INFRASTRUCTURE because if they fail to do this and allow the nation to rot from the inside out 600 bought and paid for law makers BETRAY AMERICA in my opinion but hey thats free speech to the world. My opinion what does that matter in the scheme of things.

Well in Egypt a blog of over 5000 under NEW LAWS is a media outlet and subject to their many rules for media. I suppose my blog of over 30,000 subscribers and 100,000’s of click viewers is a media outlet in Egypt. I am so proud of Egypt its leadership and reforms I think I’m good.



The US dollar is creating a year to date in 2018 high. The dollar is soaring in value. Thank you Donald Trump and successful policies. Oil is piling up in the US storage tanks reaching full capacity again over demand ( just like we said ) and oil prices are going down. Thank you Donald Trump for making it clear to Opec what the alternative looks like.


Drugs are falling in price and not raising in price. Why? Donald Trump. This month Trump tweets caused the largest drug provider to not raise their price and roll back. Today another second largest supplier elected not to raise prices ( we are talking HUGE PRICE RAISES ) and on some rolled back. Why? President Donald Trump. What one President has done for the economy is historic and beyond anything measured by anyone in 200 years. Like him or hate him his economic score cards is A + today.



Only Putin and Trump working together can deal up with Iran. Iran has watched the USA make a deal – in writing – sign the deal – and just opt out. When nations opt out of their agreements it is chilling inside the world community of leadership. Can a new agreement be forged. Problem, Iran see’s North Korea got favored treatment because it developed a hydrogen bomb. What is the prestige to be the first Gulf nation to have Nukes? A third grader can answer that dumb question. The Supreme Leader I think he is called in Iran has ordered massive production of centrifuge and full back to Nuke Development in Nation. The race to get a Nuke and then discuss things with Trump is on. Will Putin be able to make history and set up a Trump meeting to get a deal for prosperity without an Iran Nuke. Frankly given the difference in culture religion and government philosophy – my opinion – Iran goes for Nukes and full blast reacts to sanctions. War with Iran is rising upwards today – I would say Iran is the single hot spot now. Super Red Hot. Sad for their people as the USA against Iran is not a fair contest and Iran goes down. Why? Failure to make a deal on Nukes they say they don’t want anyway. Competition is human insanity. Cooperation is sanity.


We try and tell the truth out there the best we know how to read the tea leaves and reset the information and data to you within what is really going on out there.

Today Civil wars are taking place.

  1. There is a civil war dividing the Democratic Party as never before in history. Democrats are fleeing to Trump in numbers that may give a working real congress to republicans at the mid year – we’ll have to wait and see.
  2. There is a civil war inside the Justice Department with such hard working devoted and dedicated men and woman cut to the bone marrow on either side of tradition – reform – and upgrading to Justice. Is it time for Justice Reform inside out? So our great teams can get back to their core tasks and jobs? The division and divide is palpable and unseen to date in my life time.

78% of all consumer and capital flows will occur between now and year end. The bulk in the final Holiday quarter. The largest boom tsunami of growth, prosperity employment, lower taxes and circulation of capital the world has ever seen is coming globally from now to year end. Entrepreneurs get your full share and measure which is what the experts at CEOSPACE this week are teaching hundreds of Presidents of companies from all over the world. Guests from New Zealand – EU and every continent are on site learning how to maximize options and opportunity in the second half of 2018. It is so important you have a grateful heart for the good times because your inside them right now.

Idea file. Turn off watching all news. Its bought and paid for and not really news. Read on line from global press and set up your Isreali Post and Financial Times of London and pay a bit to get better news and use the BBC more. Balance the news from the USA and make up your own minds. Review the news Monday Weds and Friday on line. Reserve weekends for LIFE ITSELF and creating your magic memories in life. Reclaim your life. Create a shoe box labeled FRIDAY BOX. All negative – bills – suites – anything negative goes in your Friday Box. 9 Am to 12 Noon you manage Friday stuff. And your weekend is free. You no longer react or allow outside anything to influence or control your wealth – your LIFE “TIME”. You control and manage your LIFE “TIME”.

Friday Box isolates all negatives in Life to Friday 9 to Noon. Watch how that reclaims time and rebalances your life.

Folks – world wide – these are the GOOD TIMES world wide. Bask in the good times. If your part of it or not bask that times are better and getting even better globally. Be grateful things are better and we are not seeing a recession or economic down turn anytime soon.

Global Prosperity is rising. Faster than anytime in generations. These are the GOOD TIMES.

Bask in them because these good times folks….are YOUR GOOD TIMES.

Berny Dohrmann – Chairman CEOSPACE and Founder – grateful