WHAT IF IN FACT in truth in REALITY Russia simply didn’t do any hacking in our elections. Is that even possible? Lets pretend shall we.

First lets us pretend the first rule of hacking? If you are an amazing hacker what is your first main skill set? You don’t leave tracks. No one can ever know you did it. Who did it. Even if it was done. The State level hacking is not conducted by fools.

So why would Russia be so clumsy hacking to our election? Would they have left tracks at all? Would they have left tracks to indict specific individuals? How? Would it be possible Russia is being set up by North Korea or another State Hacker like China far more likely?

The hacker attacking the US election system and the Democratic Party would wisely – seek to throw blame – onto others that America would buy into forever disguising its own guilt. That would make sense to me in hacker world from the research I have done.

The implicated party would be in a wash machine wash cycle never getting out of the endless bashing from the TRACKS the state terror left to implicate say Russia. If it was RUSSIA at the highest state level would we not NEVER KNOW IT WAS THEM AT ALL? Logically?

Is that possible if we are pretending?

You might say – no way. OUR NSA knows everything? Folks I remember as long as we all pretending a time not so long long ago – when the NSA the CIA and the United States and hey General Colin Powell told the WORLD that Iraq had – and the US HAD ABSOLUTE PROOF – that Saddam – had WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION. In fact and in truth THERE WERE “NO WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION – just like old Saddam whom we hanged – told us over and over and over again. Saddam asked to abdicate and turn Iraq over and we would not let him – we went to a war that is still going on and cost us 3 trillion dollars based on the USA intelligent agency LIE the FRAUD that there were weapons of mass destruction.

I ask you to just PRETEND is it all happening again in Russia with the near hysteria going on over it all?

I told you Putin was entrenched over the USA agreement to not move NATO EAST when they let the Berlin Wall Fall – and then we moved Nato East as if we never made an agreement with Russia. The World is not happy with America because we sign agreements and pay no attention to those agreements as years pass. Putin held America responsible in Ukraine when we didn’t like the President they elected and organized a COUP to take the country over for our side. How is that not an ITEM when the country touches RUSSIA and now you want them joining ┬áNATO right on Russia’s border?

Putin yesterday brought up the NATO moving East issues again just as we reported here.

Is America so white washed we act as people like zombie’s in lock step to state issued media – our own?

So the TSUNAMI wave rises against Trump on the pure notion PUTIN is guilty ( without any hard real evidence ) of State Hacking the United States.

WHAT IF RUSSIA WAS SET UP so easy to do in hacker world? Russia is the say emotion to channel America down into while hacking our brains out and no one knows it is all CHINA.

Russia asks our special Prosecutor to stop all the Russia Bashing and come to Russia and their state will open its treasures to the US investigation – using their superior state hackers to present evidence who really did it and it is NOT RUSSIA. ( We are just pretending remember ).

Suggesting this model is NOT POSSIBLE or reality is to deny any rational way of looking at this. To say what our Intel present is gospel and without error brings us to history of countless massive mistakes our own intelligence agencies make all the freaking time – with the best intended and hard working men and women. If a STATE is setting up RUSSIA are we dong anything to see with new glasses?


Tried Guilty and fully in the shit hole – by PRESS – without any due process and no one thinking RUSSIA “IS” INNOCENT until proven guilty.

In the UK the notion Russia would use a never agent and be so sloppy that nerve agent would infect others – or that it would be a nerve agent throwing suspicion on them – seems truly odd to me. Russia has endless ways to strike where NO ONE EVER KNOWS ( and that is for sure and like the USA ) that it is RUSSIA. You might suggest Putin wants the world to know – but it can not prove it – to send a signal to its own traitors – we will always get YOU and we will get your family.

As we can’t do anything to SNOWDEN protected by Russia I could see this idea nesting.

If another STATE was implicating Russia both on the ground in the UK and in Cyber Terror what is the rising wave FOR?

Say that nation ( CHINA ) Is in trade war with the USA and soon to enter a real war. They want us attacking RUSSIA. The Nukes go off and we see SUPER SONIC deliver from RUSSIA. Only it was all a set up and we find it was actually CHINA in the end that SET RUSSIA UP. Only by then we had nuked them and they nuked us and China inherits the earth.

You may say thats a big pretend.

Down Down Down – will this fall never end said Alice – and here she became very tired and sleepy and she began to repeat – thinking of her cat Dinah – as the child was thinking there must be bats in a rabbit hole this deep – DO CATS EAT BATS OR DO BATS EAT CATTS as down down she fell…….in what seemed like forever….

Yes I’m just pretending Children. Alice in Wonderland is not real.

Could Russia be set up by China? For a long game? You may think that is impossible.


As a thinking process.

So you can buy into the UNITED MEDIA the United Agencies – and Trump stating I’m not fully convinced yet – for reasons we set forth here just pretending but there are so many other pretend dreams would could open up for YOU as possibility and Trump is despite your style and denial on how he offends in media manners tweets and sound bytes – he is not an idiot – he is reshaping the world box top rules economically – and he has been making America Great Again whether you can see that or not.

The Russia Scandal – what if it is all a manipulation if we are pretending and state sponsored to take attention off who is really harming America in all out cyber war fare?

I’ve read Kevin Freeman’s THE SECRET WEAPON so pretending it is China is just not that challenging for me. Bill Clinton’s Book of fiction has Russia as the center player but he just as easily could have picked China – but for we are in a love fest with China because they make our STUFF – and Bill well knew the RUSSIA PHOBIA or brother James Patterson well knew – that – it is united global readers to think it IS RUSSIA.

I’m not saying it is not Russia.

I’m saying WHAT “IF” IT IS NOT RUSSIA and the real villain is attacking the USA now always implicating Russia again and again to ramp up world war between the parties so they win. What if that is the long game at State level?


Or do you believe there are weapons os mass destruction remaining in Iraq. I don’t believe that myself and I do believe our intel agencies with the best intentions to protect us made a mistake. Or were manipulated by politics. I hope not the latter.

I hope that is not going on right now.

What is the truth?

Here is the truth.

WE DO NOT KNOW IT YET ON THIS ISSUE which is for sure a political mess consuming billions when we don’t have those billions to put into this endless indictment machinery where the Presidents Mumphort is in solitary confinement defined bail because in free speech America he made a constitutionally protected phone call.

THAT bothers me.

But then I’m thinking and pretending folks that is just moving over possibilities in WHAT IF.

Mindlessly buy the hype?

I read different tea leaves and I’m not buying.