Prime Day bends to the “NON ALIGNED” Powers of influence are best included in policies of inclusion and dialogue. The outcome is always reduction in cost. Cost can be:

  • Defense cost mutually bough down by agreement including disagreement but not with a fuller clarity on issues points.
  • A process – on going – to resolve disagreement to consensus.
  • A Collaboration replacing conflict
  • A FRESH START within new box top rules that revolve
  • Agreement versus disagreement
  • Sanctions cost everyone and removing sanctions within agreement and new box top rules prospers the entire world and the Russian PEOPLE.
  • Putin has an 80% approval rating at the voter polls. No leader in the world has more population support that PUTIN and you can not defeat that truth.
  • Dealing with Putin is a talking point for so many Presidents going back 20 years – now we are forward of Reagan talking to Gorbychav now Trump talking to PUTIN.

What comes out of the talk can only be long term positive – irrespective of playing to hostile audiences in both home zones – requires management politics and double lines. The forging of new box top rules takes times, requires teams and nations can reset and do. This may be historic to do just that. As Putin is the STRONG MAN where we are not – in Syria and its outcome with Iran non their dirt – with Iran to meet Trump – with North Korea to really engage – and with China to resolve Trade and really support North Korea engagement – the resolution of Russia – to common ground – is not a small agenda and the first stone in the lake is today. We’ll see where those ripples take us and the public consumption never tells us the actual facts. For example:

  1. When Camera’s were not rolling what to the wise Queen of England as the leading lady leader of our century tell Trump about PUTIN. It was important.
  2. What did May tell Trump about Putin. It was important.
  3. Other World leaders.

Meanwhile Democrats and their surrogate sound bite leader – an energy of President Trump from the campaigns days – John McCaine ( a republican by any other name is not as sweet in fact it stinks in Politics to have betrayal in the leadership on cornerstone votes like health care ) – but – they went to press to STOP THE PUTIN MEETING. Really? Thats the answer?

As I wrote so many times – Trump and America economically hold a FULL HOUSE of their cards aces high at the table. Russia and China hold two two’s. And have losing hands on their economic debt driven cards. Russia is an economy the size of New York State so you have the math model. Russia is a one off nation driven by Petroleum and mineral exporting. Russia spends 90% plus less than the USA on its military and is not in deep recession and can’t afford to pay its military as will prices begin to crash. Which Trump is not fooling around with phony cartel oil price manipulation.

This weekend Trump suggested we sell tens of million of barrels from our billions in strategic reserve to drop the price in July. Doing something versus talking about issues is re-setting trade – tax – infrastructure – immigration and cornerstone policy in the USA modernizing and upgrading very old antique laws passed when the pony express delivered your mail folks.

Like the 80 page act that made a private stock NGO ( Non Government private stock corporation ) look like a Federal Agency ( a pure fraud in 1900 ) known as the FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD. There is nothing federal about this never audited – secret shareholders and inability to check balance or overrule any Fed decision. Its a bad if not horrific item of legislation. With full digital real time transparency on money supplies for all nations – central banks are obsolete. Worse 100% of their policies enrich their bank shareholders – steal from the tax payers of their nations – for ungodly profits never reported or even taxed – and all while we all PAY INTEREST to print money that was FREE TO PRINT when our treasuries printed the money.

So we lament we need to MERGE THE FED to modernize money management of nations back into the US TREASURY – seeing all Fed systems and people who will stay – up their pay – save the interest and pay off their absence debt all at once in 2019 and 2020 with 100 YEAR SUPER BONDS via Hughes and Hubbard leading bond firm for nations – via Roel Campos father of SUPER BOND THEORY with me – and former SEC commissioner who with the George Bush leadership team ( five cabinet members and Roel ) in my opinion – saved the entire financial system of the world. Merging the central banks back into national treasury with oversight audits checks and balances real time reporting no secrets any longer and monetary policy that is clear compelling and makes sense is what is required for nations. Legal theft with FED 80 page acts passed largely in rush and secret before automobiles – phones – radio – TV – the internet or technology existed has now defined how antique the FED model of a private contract to a private corporation operated in secret with no oversight at all but phony fraud appearances of oversight – is in fact – the red line for nations to prosper or be manipulated into world war. The Fed causes all crashes and all wars and If you fail to appreciate the economics of 100% failed Fed Policy since 1907 you need to hit the GOOGLE and start a little research – Federal Reserve – SCAM – FRAUD – DECEPTION – FAILED POLICY its not hart to get because today not only will the TRUTH ( reported here ) set you free but GOOGLE will bring you the truth as never before in human history – click and check if I’m right on this cornerstone item.

So without politics I endorse the meeting with PUTIN for all the right reasons.



We have told our readers to read BILL CLINTONS book on cyber terrorism a novel of fiction – but not so much as his report in this months AARP magazine defines. Buy this book. Also buy and more important for knowledge on cyber WORLD WAR III ghat started in 2008 -is DOD contract consultant – Kevin Freeman who runs a hedge fund PE firm – as well – in his books THE SECRET WEAPON AND GAME PLAN on Amazon. If you want to really scare yourself read both and you’ll become current with this weekend.

This WEEKEND the top Authority on US intelligence hit the media to tell us – all the following:

  1. The US is being attacked right now in July as never before.
  2. The attacks are CYBER WAR FAIR.
  3. The attacks are on our prime fortune top secret contractor our national agencies – including our military power grids – water grids – transportation systems and core vital industries across the board.
  4. We are under attack and the BOSS stated this weekend ALL THE RED LIGHTS ARE LIT UP like they have not been lit since 2008. RED LIGHTS lit up everywhere right now from cyber warfare full on.
  5. The Boss reported these attacks are 24.7 and no let up or breaks and are taking place from North Korea, Iran, China and Russia and Russia is more than half the WARFARE.


The Boss was asked if he was at the meeting with President Trump what would he tell Putin. He leaned forward into the camera and told the world with a passion you would have to review in that sound bite –

..I would tell President Putin that if he would modify behavior and deal in integrity with us in collaboration with us we would back away from this warfare and move into a prosperity he can’t realize without such moderation in action to the world…..if however you persist with Cyber War Fair as you strategy to weaken us morally economically and as a successful democracy ….then sir I advise you with all the rehouses at our disposal America will move forward and DEFEAT YOU ……

We will BEAT YOU where his exact words this weekend. BEAT YOU.

Donald Trump has that sound bite will ready to fire his silver bullet. From a FULL HOUSE – with the largest military that can and would remove Russia from the planet earth – and the economy to tear Russia into depression and economic utter collapse – a FULL HOUSE with Putin holding two twos irrespective of his super duper sonic weapons he pounds his Judo back belt chest upon as he becomes finally a truly OLD MAN. Time is running out for Putin to chose prosperity versus calamity and Trump is a friend you would never wish to be your enemy – I believe Putin has figured that prime agenda out completely and is meeting to explore what is frankly possible. What more could one anticipate for a very first meeting with such broad divides on philosophy politics and economics.

Another Item to consider as this blog is read so well by Russian Press and Russia leadership – that – despite spin over decades the American People fought World War II with the Russians as allies and defeated Nazi Hitler only TOGETHER with the UK and other alliances as we freed all of the EU first – the Gulf – the Asian community and th world. American’s love the Russian People their history food music culture art and futures. Russian people love Americans and we all read past the politics. We want PEACE and COLLABORATION as a PROCESS of sanity and we want insanity and conflict to simply STOP.

Two leaders in charge for years – can effect super change. Relationships matter. Developing a relationship to bridge the rouble waters – the great divides – is work and takes teams and times. But is worthy statesmanship and leadership and the teams on both sides in all parties who made this SUMMIT happen – my hat salutes you all.


Economically I do not believe with the price of oil removed from recent inflation data – that – the Fed needs to raise interest rates nearly as fast or as often. Normalization patience builds a sea wall to developing financial debt super bubbles that can not work in orderly process through the economics of the entire world with 300 Trillion in record debt loading at all levels – nation – institution – individual – global – UNLESS the central bank policy accommodates TIME into their metric of planning. As they failed to do this step in 1907 they caused a depression and WORLD WAR I. Then they failed to do this step in 1929 causing a world recession that was so much worse and a far larger WORLD WAR II. They caused the DOT.COM bust in 2000. They caused the SUPER CRASH of 2008. The Fed. No one else. Fed failed policy. They never not ever are held accountable because leaders are financially and economically illiterate. By design.

The duel edge circulation removal of trillions in stock back backs, in super deb bubble carrying costs now with soaring interest in months 300% to 500% higher than January are not sustainable economics. We will SUPER CRASH with oil soaring and interest soaring as we reported here.

The Super Wealthy are by majority building bunkers to survive what they report as THE EVENT. They focus in the summer of 2018 on how to pay and retain loyalty for their para military teams to keep all of 7 billion of us out of their projected RITZ Bunker compounds under ground and in secret locations. Consider that item a bit .

Super Money believes THE EVENT IS COMING. A digital World War III economic event that ends the post world war system are core – banks globally fail in a debt super bubble collapse and we all have zero – power – water – or toilet paper being restocked. Are you considering THE EVENT? Why are billionaire super wealth preparing for THE EVENT? Look under economy on CBNC news on google and read the article about the EVENT if you want some chilling real time facts current to this very weekend. No kidding folks this is no joke and it is a global item of discussion this summer Holiday in the SUPER WEALTH class – world wide. You and I are just not included in any form of care for 7 billion of all of us.

Can THE EVENT be derailed as an outcome?

Yes IF: insanity of competition is replaced by sanity of mental response of leaders such that:

  1. The USA and China collaborate – forge new trade deals and end up closer than ever before.
  2. The USA and Russia follow a similar pattern moving forward – we’ll see – the crises is simple – its INTEGRITY. No one cooperations if both sides lack integrity at core.
  3. North Korea proceeds into prosperity versus war.
  4. Iran process into prosperity versus war.


The EVENT evaporates with such a PEACE rising for the coming 300 years within new box top rules.

Instantly – NOW – the economics of the world are stretching to breaking with EXPLODING INTEREST COSTS and SOARING OIL PRICES at the same time. Bringing both into a moderation would do more to provide TIME to LEADERSHIP to moderate the post world economics – as the IMF and World Bank call for.

Will the Fed slow down interest rate raises and frequency which maximally profit their shareholders – banks and investment banks? They pay you next to zero to deposit and hold and management money and they charge the world increasing premiums at Government loans – institutional corporate loans – and individual loans – our home loans our car loans all our credit cards.

The ratio of debt is higher today than 1929. The 300 Trillion of record debt reported this month is global – not sustainable – and will as a DEBT SUPER BUBBLE crash the world into depression not recession – and world war and a new re-balancing of economics via wars – IF the price of OIL is not moderated by September and the interest rates rise more moderately bringing TIME into the global debt reset as monetary strategy and historic guidance as a way forward and economic policy that is sane.

If we follow the insane policies that led to all super crashes and world wars – we must repeat past history at a global population of suffering unlike mankind has experienced in its entire history.

Our weapons are not survival as as a society in a any WORLD WAR. We are a hair trigger from Bill Clinton’s book becoming reality. Our enemies believe FIRST STRIKE may in 2019 be winnable. In fact FIRST STRIKE is Global extinction for modern society as we know it in any form. Insane thinking.

As all economic greed policy is insane and world wars are all insane repeating such capacity of humanity for insane outcomes with 7 billion largely more educated and woken up souls alive today how would an elite super wealthy greed insane brain trust sacrifice itself and us if not from insane thinking.

RESISTING INSANITY is the primary objective of FREE PRESS but we are seeing a new bought and paid for press that lacks the controls and resets that a NEW GOLDEN AGE OF JOURNALISM may well up as sanity in press replaces insanity and bias.

Never has press and media been an entertainment until 1990. In todays digital age sanity is on line and we all work around the truth with information like your reading now and here. Supplementing agenda for pure economic sanity. Facts. Data. The Truth.

So Monday as the boom goes forward into December with record new highest to asset classes – your wealth effect is secure by current account momentum world wide.

One might ask – rather than fight the largest oil producer off our shores Venezuela – why not if Trump can meet North Korea – not meet Venezuela our neighbor and with a alliance MARSHAL PLAN rebuild Venezuela prosperity – infrastructure and trade – creating an oasis in our own back yard ? Economics versus politics.

We want communism defeated. Why? Who cares what a people chose as their Government – Kings – Dictators – Communist democracy – or Western style democracy of which there are many models and versions?

If we punish diversify of politics of peoples we are insane.

If we celebrate diversity of politics of people no one will attack us and we celebrate all human faith creed race politics and economic diversity as a tapestry that is the best of our own selves – the tapestry of diversity. No one is absolute and right. No one is absolute and wrong.

Conflict between diversity is a form of insanity.

Celebration of diversity is the new world order and is sanity.

In the end we humans repeat history of insanity or we wake the fuck up and collaborate in new integrity world wide and we celebrate our diversity and stop attacking one another in any form over diversity.

That is the new world order …we just have no clue if we get to it before THE EVENT or without THE EVENT.

The Billionaires are convicted the INVENT is close now.