Through Trumps eyes, earning half a billion in ordinary income annually personally – not corporately – Trump has glasses you do not wear. For example consider these eye chart details you my have missed without Trump BIFOCALS –

  • Russia as a national budget is the size of the state of New York State budget
  • Russia military spending is 90% below ours – don’t get excited out there folks
  • Russia is in deep recession and with oil prices going down even worse
  • Unless sanctions lift Russia can’t recover economically during Putin’s term
  • Russia is a golden key to Iran solution to assure no nuke Iran and North Korea and ultimately China

So can good faith dealings between opposing parties secure a NEW BOX TOP RULE SET FOR THE WORLD? Well not over night. But yes, it can be done with leadership in relationship and dialogue versus Cold War aspects to moving forward versus going in reverse.


Its a lot of data. The first thing that amuses me is the Trump Presidency. My opinion on the avant Gard modeling includes these points for your consideration as my readers:

  • Trump is the worlds most successful sitcom – versus a Presidency in tradition – THE White House – we watch the kids and family like ROYAL WATCHERS. The highest ratings for media – for news print – for any outlet – is record setting for advertising and attention and global eye balls by the many billions impossible unless the POPE himself where President.
  • Trump Behavior have become a voter immunity – they don’t care – the opposition is numb to it – the effects of prior generations have no impact – TRUMP is the TEFLON President of Presidents – and SUPER STAR watchers expect only outrageous leadership and the majority seem to want it. Even protesters are tongue in cheek and hate him or love him your global markets are booming because of him.
  • Trump defined with a red line in the sand ten prior Presidents have talked about and jaw boned about and done NOTHING TRULY – THAT – The USA 70 years after winning World War II as the decisive player in the victory – WOULD NOT CONTINUE forward in 2018 to pay 70% of NATO Cost to DEFEND EUROPE. Trump requires NATO to reduce USA ta payer subsidy support so many years after the war – by billions that the EU picks up. Is nations in majority pay a pee stream of dollars from GNP to defense relying on the US TAX PAYER to close that GAP – when Greece on its ass pays 2% and Germany does not – and most nations pay 1% or less – all changing now because of what ? You know the answer.
  • Now while experts and congress and TRUMP BASHERS unite to define THAT a Putin Summit should not occur at all. A Cold War draining nations should continue in the very dark space. The USA Attorney General playing Trump Politics as never before – holding Trumps campaign manager in Solitary confinement as a purely POLITICAL PRISONER for making a constitution protected phone call – and just as he goes to meet PUTIN politically timed indicts Russian military – as Mid Year tampering is on going from agencies of state – the larger threat to a real democracy – biases agencies and political agencies acting politically. TRUMP moves on as leader to find a way forward with PUTIN as a SUPER POWER one must include with China Iran North Korea and Syria and the Gulf with Russia partnerships – to have any hope of resolution. Perhaps if the crises of INTEGRITY continues no good will flow forward – but IF – a new bond of integrity between leaders – just leaders Trump and North Korea – Trump and Bejjing – Trump and Russia – a way forward ( and fast ) may be possible. Thumps up or thumps down the ratings will be higher than any time in history on Monday selling mindless crap to the rest of us from the White House SIT COM show. Thats for damn sure.



The Fed is high risk blinded by antique charts that no longer define the future by raising interest rates way to soon way to fast way too high. The Fed telegraphing they would normalize their bond holdings and interest over 25 year schedule would secure world prosperity for a long while. Today at record global debt carrying capacity – loans that must ROLL OVER from low almost free interest to 300% to 500% higher interest in the roll overs – at 300 TRILLION DOLLARS or 310% of global GNP – largest debt load ever in human history – risks a SUPER DEBT BUBBLE BURSTING into a DEBT SUPER CASCADE in which the current system bankrupts in bad debt and freezes up ( banks close ). Again. Why? The Federal Reserve board error in policy guidance – same as in 1907 same as in 1929 – the FED errors create depressions and world war. Dust of your financial bifocals folks.

Oil – the cost of everything – is plentiful – and the world is drowning in oil. The idea oil is scare is a GREAT LIE. Oil price is controlled by wild speculation with trillions invested by entrenched interests and speculators in industry. Oil average lifting cost is 10.50 cents ( high side too ) across all drilling modalities and charts to market. A 39 dollar per barrel price is almost a 400% margin of profit. An 85 dollar barrel is almost 1000% profit and is price gauging and sucks liquidity from the entire system to a small group of criminal elites. These billionaire elites are a risk to global prosperity as they use legal theft to manipulate oil prices and no nations act against them. Trump is now discussing moving millions upon millions of the billions in strategic oil reserves the USA holds – back to market to lower and crash prices from the monopoly speculators in the market including CRIMINAL OPEC.

Putin and Russia a PETRO NATION have vast influence on this agenda and the Monday Summit will deal with the COST OF EVERYONE as Trump is all about economics versus politics – as Trump earning personally half a trillion a year in income – can’t be bought or influence and in his 70″s doesn’t care about anything but superior economic outcomes – deals that make sense versus status quo that is insane. All this while China the huge user of oil is declining into recession with lower output – flight of capital – flight of customer base – flight of investing – and the longer they wait to lower barriers to entry and protect IP really – to world markets the more customers will cease buying anything made in CHINA ( us and all consumers world wide ) and when WE STOP BUYING MADE IN CHINA – we just stop – China is washing economically off the map as we will not buy again until China resolves the fair trade issue – and it make take decades to get customers back. China will drown in a tsunami of debt defaulting having run their Communism miracle growth using 300% borrowing over GNP which has created a Mount Everest of bad debt at about 100 trillion dollars worth that will without TIME and Super Bond Theory ( expressed on this blog search for it ) have zero hope of a work out. Any short term decline ( which is 90 days down bubble in China today with investor flight becoming massive and permanent ) is a death sentence for central planners. China requires a 2018 DEAL to reframe RECIPROCITY TRADE so that Trumps vision of zero traffic’s for both nations and legal protection of IP security by rule of law – delivers a new world order model with China. Russia included makes more sense than Russia precluded. This is not theory this is economics 101.

The news press reports political spin and bias.

Trump and his team act on economics and disregard political anything. That is NEW for any President in over 100 years.

Trump is not the first Maverick President to be sure. But Trump is the first Super Star Sit Com global Super Wealth – to assume the Presidency in the media age that he masters and controls agendas for where the political theater has been powerless to hold agenda’s as Trump’s next tweet resets the entire world media to his agenda not their agenda.

The big risks to markets moving forward include:

  • Cracks in orderly bond markets as the canary in the economic mine – we think unlikely from now to 2020 but still a factor to consider and monitor as we all are doing.
  • Default trigger to debt by failed Fed Policy which fails to slow down normalization acting on data that is irrelevant today.
  • Oil prices soaring in reaction to political super waves that combined to fed interest failed policies remove liquidity at core and the system debt cascades into full system failure.

The Super Rich are investing fortunes in massive bunkers and security to reside out the chaos inside what from New York to Monte Carlo they call THE EVENT. The Event has various theory causes but it all comes back to:

  • Economics versus politics
  • Liquidity Evaporation Day
  • Triggered by massive oil spiking and interest rising

The system failing presents the world with chaos theory to follow. What do 300 million weapons in the USA do when toilet paper and power and water are no longer available for ten days in 30 million population say just LA alone?

THE SUPER RICH are out of dodge in obscure locations protected by para military teams – following THE EVENT – in their bunkers to ride out the new world order that way. Did you know that is their plan and what they are thinking today?

The majority of the % of SUPER RICH are discussing these items collectively in their chats and emails:

  1. The timing potential of THE EVENT forward of 2021 if not before from a surprise political moment
  2. Evacuation protocols to the SAFE HABROR BUNKERS following THE EVENT ( now keep in mind these are all billionaire well informed leaders in the world )
  3. Security – how to keep all of US from invading their bunkers for sure – and what security forces weapons and powers are required to keep the rebel ( all of US ) from every over taking their wealth supplies family and THEIR SECURE BUNKERS.

Why is so much thought and money and increasingly TIME  for the Super Rich now revolving around THE EVENT?

Trump is trying to remove THE EVENT as an item and that requires new box top economic rules between nations.

Perhaps Bill Clinton on Meet the Press said it best after reading my leadership work – at Amazon on PRIME DAY – the book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION. Look it up on Amazon. Order ten and give them to your own best customers as a huge mid year thank you.

President Clinton said… closing…..its simple folks we compete and we perish together we cooperate and we thrive together…..

I agree.

Does that mean we are doing a romantic slow dance with North Korea or Russia or China or Iran? No of course both sides remain in distrust and negotiation. If nations buy into the energetic thinking principle:

  1. The new world order occurs in collaboration between nations with disagreements where each step is taken with a new higher level of national pride and integrity between the parties. THE DNA of Cooperation is and remains INTEGRITY.
  2. Competition is devoid of integrity and spirals into betrayal spirals that accelerate LED day occurring in economics over digitally based casino capitalism a first with AI controlling all circulation. Which means the risk of distrust and negotiation ( and not talking ) is cyber war on economic markets ( which make no mistake is the 2008 attack and on going attacks ) and we as the WEST have been loosing all those first battles with enormous trillions evaporated in wealth from failing to be ahead of WORLD WAR III which is digital and on going. Read Kevin Freeman’s THE SECRET WEAPON to become smart on these data points as our DOD is already.
  3. Can we slowly develop a new trust – one baby step like Monday with Putin – defining double lines so we don’t hit the curb for both nations? We can. The crises is not in leadership. The Crises is in Integrity. Global integrity.

Putin is a leader that has among the highest voter approval ratings in his own nation of any nation upon the earth. Putin is trusted not just respected from the Gulf, to the EU to a majority of nations in one of the longest single rules of any leader over a super power in history. Like Putin or Hate Putin we have to deal with Putin he is in for a long time by overwhelming voter support for his final term.

Putin leading Russia – from Stalin to today – is not the USA or the West in Culture. Competitive capitalism is among the most corrupt and failed systems ever created where 1% own more wealth and enormous populations suffer poverty and lack of full partnership. We are not short workers in America there re 95 million long term unemployed in America – so consider that work force we at the store of a pen no longer count at all – why? Politics. Lies. Breach of integrity from the nation to the people. Ask yourself in North America the one issue to vote on in your mid term – ARE YOU PRIVATELY MORE OR LESS “AFRAID” OF YOUR OWN GOVERNMENT THAT YOU WERE JUST TEN YEARS BACK? If you answer I am more afraid – I would elect a republican congress because congress will work and pass laws and change things. If you elect a democrat give that president a democratic congress are reason. Make government WORK because you the people control economics over politics ( Presidents get majority in congress because we voters insist on economics not politics ) or we have chaos as politics destroys economic foundations at core.Voters decide.

So wishing Putin was a GOOD GUY and plays like say May in UK is a fairy tail. Get real with what RUSSIA is – follow the money and what it takes to create government – unity – and with a single economy PETRO ECONOMICS attempt to recovery from deep recession in your nation – to secure diversification that will usher in new prosperity impossible without inclusion and sanction relief.

Then look through PUTIN glasses which are not your eye ware to be sure:

  1. His prior leadership made deals with the USA – Berlin Wall comes down no NATO creep east to the Russia trading partnerships as the DEAL TERMS.
  2. During Reagan Ronnies word of honor held integrity.
  3. During Clinton NATO crept east and Putin warned us no fooling around on breaking your word there will be consequences.
  4. Than Bush crept NATO east and Putin again warned break your Reagan deal into our sphere and we look at it as war invasion and breach of contract between nations.
  5. Obama lept NATO east and Putin – three strikes and your out – sees a Russia Friendly UKRAINE election – where the WEST funds a SPRING in Ukraine taking the elected leader out which Putin gives safe harbor to – and then reclaims his old Soviet Port City in Crimera – captures 3 billion of port automation and infrastructure for its military – in a community asking for Russia take offer – and by large % Russian speaking and Russian in fact. NATO MOVE EAST AGAIN AND WE GO TO WAR WITH YOU. Putin is not messing around. Three strikes and your out America – seen through Putin’s glasses.

So can a new world box top rule set be worked out? Do you think if anyone can do it – it will be Trump? Do you think Trump has not heard all sides of all arguments and inputs? Do you think Trump acts politically or economically? If Trump makes sound economic deals the politics should settle down and follow prosperity rising.

With new BOX TOP RULES FOR WORLD TRADE AND SECURITY prosperity is long term and global. If congress passes in 2019 a USA badly required INFRASTRUCTURE BILL the stimulus this and tax change will convey to markets will propel a prosperity into the USA and the nations of the planet into 2030. If not we have LED risks from 2021 forward if not before as we sink into distrust spirals and negotiation and the economics spiral into a DEBT SUPER BUBBLE “SUPER CRASH” and system failure and world war to follow.


So thats what we KNOW going into Monday. We are serving hundreds upon hundreds of powerful CEO’s and business owners and professionals – their families – their children – their teens – Monday to Sunday next week – to deliver the most powerful acceleration tools and tactics for business – to enjoy the 78% of spending the second half of 2018 is bringing inside the longest most solid global expansion of any adults lifetime even in record keeping.

Our Teen Program is the best in the world and I’m so proud of those outcomes next week…..thank you to Adam Markel and teen facilitation faculty – always my favorite teaching the teens live next week of my own lifetime legacy – Teen Feast.

An unknown number of Ceo’s are registering at the door on Tuesday and we’ll tell you about the record attendance as we get those final numbers – our best of 2018 by far next week in high service to entrepreneurs world wide. Thank you all.

So the weekend news is worth thinking about separating emotion from the SITCOM where you hate Tony Saprano’s but love him too – a little like Trump. Keep in mind you don’t KNOW Trump and his public brand is not who Trump IS. Trump is highly regarded in relationship between world leaders and Trump is clear – consistent – and does not vary on discussion objectives – which World Leaders may disagree with but respect the integrity of the clear box top rules Trump is seeking between partners.

Decades of ABUSIVE ECONOMIC PARTNERSHIPS with the worlds largest economy ( by far ) and largest buyer ( by far ) are OVER. The abuse is coming to an end finally. Democrats and Republicans are working together to effect a new world order.

It is never a cake walk in Democracy. Democracy is messy with debates and with all factors having a voice and final outcome is always longer than desired and more obtuse than preferred but in the end Democracy with its its flaws and needs for upgrading – self corrects over time and heals all wounds over time and is a most ideal system to Kings – and things and despots and other forms including Communism which is a failed economic modeling system.

Cooperative Capitalism is replacing all prior systems one Amazon at a time and the world is rising up into a new box top rule set to usher in 100 years of prosperity if we get it right.

This is the most exciting time to be alive – and your inside history as no generation since World War II. You and I and everyone else.


PS: Wildcard WWMD – WHAT WILL THE POLITICAL ANIMAL MUEHLER DO – AS A WEAPON OF MASSIVE JUSTICE DESTRUCTION – WWMJD – as a first in history really – nothing like in the modern media world – the war of the Gods. If he indicts Trump going into the election you see corruption in nation up close and personal – if he close the investigation before September you see Justice redeeming itself in fact  You’ll know if it is all political soon enough – every democrat and republican will truly know before they go to vote for sure I should bet . …….hope media picks up on this item.