May I invite my 100,000’s of thousands of CEO members and Friends of CEOSPACE in 146 nations to watch this video as a call to action to consider Tuesday WHEELS UP for your planes to register at the door into the PROFIT ACCELERATOR of 2018 for your success and second half of 2018 growth. The FIVE TO THRIVE minute video is life enriching to our CEOSPACE members.

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We’ll report to you after the PUTIN visit trends. As we have repeatedly told you the markets are likely to reach new highs by December and the sea saw of AI taking profits on a China well publicized in advance set of tariff’s to assure change happens versus talk delays everything – is where AI takes profits one day and then buys back in to the dip AI created and makes more profits the next day as AI rebounds these market trends on profit taking sound bites. Its a new day in casino capitalism all software at war with software within 10,000 super money pools where the investor individual market – almost 90% now in AI software AI ETF trading schemes – has zero influence – as investors trading for their own account are now the tiny % of the market without any influence at all. AI is totally the influence and soon to become more advanced until with quantum computers you have the GREAT AWAKENING of AI self awareness some are stating is already here – but shrouded in national security. We’ll see.

The outcome of all this is presented in my 2019 book DIGITAL MANNERS sure to become a major motion picture.

Stay tuned and thanks for watching this short film – it has data you need to simply consider for the financial up ramp of your own lifetime.

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