What is that investment?

We all see the stock market and USA markets are rolling up and up. We told you. We told you buy in the dip if you wish to stay in the casino capitalism. We predicted the second half of this year would set even new record highs. Our readers see again we were correct in the SPRING correction forecasting and we are correct in the Summer Rebound. Remember though we said it will remain a wild volatility ride as AI software controlling 85% of capital flows makes profits in the downs as well as the ups. And profits is what drives the casino. Overall our opinion is new record highs by December barring unforeseen events which if they occur won’t effect you if you read this blog as a critical option just for you .

Stepping outside the CASINO Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are on record stating to leaders globally that the BEST HIGHEST RETURN INVESTMENT you can prioritize is always to invest in your own self improvement FIRST. Why is this so urgent and important for leaders this summer as a NOW event in their forward planning to year end.


  1. We know we are in the highest boom economic global growth of any living generations memory or lifetime.
  2. In August we set records as the longest boom cycle in recorded record keeping of all historic record keeping.
  3. USA profit reporting is off any chart and the momentum in USA economics from becoming the largest global oil producer in the world in 2018 ( yes America ahead of OPEC and RUSSIA ) to minerals to a trillion dollars of new manufacturing to sustainable growth leadership across all innovation sectors. Our IP leads the entire world which is why they all steal from us exclusively. America leads the world today.
  4. The second half of 2018 will become the biggest forward opportunity of any business owner or CEO leaders or professional in practices adult lifetime – from NOW to DECEMBER. You upgrade to get a better % of you miss out.
  5. To secure a FULL HARVEST your full partnership in that BOOM CYCLE where 78% of all spending IS AHEAD OF ALL OF US THIS YEAR the leader needs to close their own competency gaps, CG’s – leaders develop an improved master plan for this second half – acquire some improved team execution competencies to FULLY EXECUTE that short term improved plan to DECEMBER and to acquire missing resources to perfect the full harvest of the second half of 2018. Without these steps income will remain as it has been for years – as you missed the opportunity of your lifetime.



What we also know.

CEOSPACE July 16th – Tuesday to Saturday is the # 1 ranked business and practice accelerator in the world by prestigious third party press ( lots of press ) for five years in a row – setting journalistic records for quality and outcomes. May we show you that proof on line as you explore facts.

CEOSPACE  CEO grade conference formats permit CEO’s to run their operations virtually during their short time on site during what is a BUSINESS BUILDING MACHINE process versus a seminar or workshop – you can run everything virtually never missing step from the world class resort. CEOSPACE stands alone as a CEO BUSINESS BUILDING ENGINE the only on going process that self amortizes as quality ranked # 1 for his decade for a reason with ceo’s from nations everywhere attending this July.

CEOSPACE suggests CEO’s attend July 12th for the July 12th weekend  arriving early to recharge and to acknowledge and give back a  sole focus – to their families and home teams that sacrifice without reward or acknowledgement for YEARS to the CEO focus on their venture building. This ME TIME will set up a residual reward of switch on turned on home space for a tax holiday that gives ME time to your most precious stake holders – your precious home team –  so long over due and CEOSPACE is the one and only FAMILY play ground that includes entire CEO FAMILY in the process every July. CEOSPACE transforms family support for CEO’s as no where else in the world. Many of you benefit from that aspect you would not appreciate if I failed to alert you to that benefit. BALANCE is a huge benefit of the SPACE.

CEOSPACE will take any CEO challenge list you create form micro to macro – to high level Fortune grade consulting on social marketing – web marketing – off line marketing – from leading agencies and world authorities to internal staffing outsourcing and investment banking – your entire challenge list will be checked off and fully resolved in four days – with one on one Fortune level mentors providing 250,000 Dollars of market rate solution dynamics saving years and oceans of lost opportunity as your challenge list removal is an asset for the mid year focus on closing your own competency gaps many of which you remain unaware of. If you can identity your own leadership  weak areas and your block spots – any  hold back areas those are also removed by leading CEO mentors in that space specifically for leaders at the top privately and confidentially –  saving oceans of time as those blocks resolve for the development of the leaders full potential in the critical second half of 2018 when 78% of all spending occurs. To get your FULL MEASURE of the second half  this list of CEOSPACE deliverables must be resolved to upgrade the boss – first – and what process do you have that is so low cost – immediate – and profitable in return to achieve those outcomes presented here? The value is enormous.

CEOSPACE is a Tuesday to Saturday CEO to CEO master mind of unconditional cross support by CEO’s to CEO’s. Working in total COOPERATION with rule sets CEOSPACE defines – SPEED IS THE NEED and outcomes include – new clients and customers like a living conveyor belt of load in of new customer base and markets – new affiliates new alliance partnerships – new sponsors – and more. Real transactional business made possible by RELATIONSHIP MIXER technology that ranks CEOSPACE # 1 in the world. The # 1 ladies and gentlemen club for CEO’s and Professionals to help one another unconditionally for a short time span. Miracles happen inside such COOPERATION which members report to our leadership teams over more than 30 years supporting over 140 countries of CEO membership  is as a core asset  priceless. Half our community is composed of LADY LEADERS. CEOSPACE is owned and run by lady leaders as we stand for full partnership for woman in the work future. Many films define on youtube just search CEOSPACE for countless super star endorsements – as to the safe space CEOSPACE is for our lady leaders from over 100 nations.

CEOSPACE charges leaders a one time 1988 lifetime membership price – with access to five business accelerator markets – every sixty days – every 12 months – free for life – for one low affordable – membership price to join the club as a tax repurposing of a liability ( taxes ) to a core business asset that returns high profits. My blog readers get discounts as new members ask for them.  It is our opinion the highest return investment – dollar for dollar returns in profits you can make in 2018 and 2019 is a July 16th CEOSPACE membership and we hope you extend to July 12th for a FAMILY ME TIME acknowledgment of how grateful you are for your home team support – as you have to tell them and show them -as  they can’t not read your mind or heart. You and only you can recharge their cell phone batteries with this mid year opportunity to create a switched on turned on home space as well as a switched on turned on work space with new tools and tactics.

New tools and new tactics are skills you grow in our own leadership in yourself. As Bill Gates and Warren Buffet told leadership to prepare for the TSUNAMI of opportunity in the second half of 2018 make your first priority an investment to upgrade YOURSELF as a leader -as nothing pays higher returns – nothing comes close.

The # 1 leadership growth in execution deliverables and new customer base ( just one new client  pays for membership at 1988 price levels never raised in 30 years – who can say that ) and a GPS to the second half to the year that delivers PROFIT RETURNS on INVESTMENT that are not matched by other options. The profits now to December will be elevated if you join CEOSPACE July 16th for just a few amazing days of growth.

The CEOSPACE money back guarantee removes risk from your equation. If you follow me Berny Dohrmann on any social platform there are videos to define this hard data related to the HIGHEST RETURN INVESTMENT ON PROIT you can make is to accelerate second half results ( guaranteed ) inside CEOSPACE four days July 16th Tuesday to Saturday and your second half will be more rewarding and profitable. You will depart with:


  • New customers
  • Customer riipples to December from the one event
  • Referrals
  • New alliances and affiliate partnerships
  • Upgraded social marketing and brand strategies
  • Upgraded WEB results that are dramatic
  • New marketing channels and new markets entirely
  • Push into maximizing your existing in place marketing via leverage missing today
  • Improved plans time lines and goal milestones to December
  • Improved teams to assist you execute more fully
  • Missing resources acquired during the CEO to CEO master mind week – where every CEO helps every other CEO within compression you have never experienced before in efficiency or your membership is refunded before you leave the hotel – zero risk to high returns – you know before you go
  • Ranked # 1 – the one conference you can’t afford to miss by third party press world wide for five years in a row – superior – the best – the certain outcome results you desire anyway.
  • On going mentor support help and support missing today at this quality level that is on going and never ending. Once you start CEOSPACE you own a new community and the benefits and process NEVER NOT EVER – END. Acceleration is on going.

If you study  See QUICK LINK for videos – you come to appreciate we deliver one product – your outcome acceleration in growth and profit. It costs nothing to exchange a tax liability for a hard business lifetime asset – the profit return is the highest you can make repurposing a tax buck in 2018 and 2019 combined.


What is the largest cost to business? Missed opportunities missed options. CEO’s put themselves in the direct path of opportunity and options to PROFIT in the vital critical second half of 2018 – the longest largest global BOOM PERIOD OF YOUR ENTIRE LIFETIME – where leaders create superior plan models together cross mentoring CEO to CEO and with our Fortune mentors tithing their expertise  ( no up selling just free expertise delivered to you on one one ) for a week to you one on one always  – private and customized for your business precisely. You are buying a quarter of a million in consulting for pennies.

CEOS are obsolete every quarter in the new challenge leadership age of SUPER CHANGE the title of my Holiday book release this year a for sure NEW TIMES BEST SELLER coming to you from a top five publisher this year. But you get the book live at CEOSPACE. The critical path for leadership today is to step back ( if only for Tuesday to Saturday – four very short days ) to pull your sling shot back – to ready aim and fire not fire aim and ready – and to upgrade CURRENCY in the SUPER CHANGE MARKET SPACE. You hit the bullseye of profit by December with full energy in your sling shot more precisely aim and we are beside you as you take the winning shot. Pure opportunity for your growth.

What are you facing? What challenges should you focus on reallY? As experts let me suggest you include in your list:

  • Competency gaps you know and don’t know you most close
  • Improving your time line goal milestone month by month plan for the second half of the year – just critical for leaders
  • Being brought fully current on fresh to quarter this summer tools and tactics missing today
  • To urgently speed up resolving YOUR CHALLENGE list in July removing those challenging issues as you accelerate into the second half with SUPER FOCUS on profit accelerations.
  • To GPS around election year issues that will effect your customer mind sets and to adapt to them and stay ahead of those change items coming to us this second half.
  • To GPS around TRADE WAR events certain to effect markets and to maximize your harvest fully of the second half of this year.
  • To grow your own skills our own critical improve plans, teams and resource matrix now versus allowing any time to pass when HARVEST of the second half and upgrading % of outcomes is your CEO priority period.
  • The first sole priority of the CEO is to prioritize the best option to grow your business faster and that better option third party press reports if you just research it is CEOSPACE JULy 16th.
  • We suggest you impulsively stop Friday the 12th and plan a CEO tax holiday and deeply acknowledge your home team for all the support they give you as a leader and to acknowledge the sacrifice your time away from them and often the lack of real balance creates in their lives and let them know how dearly and much you appreciate them. We highly suggest this priority for leadership. CEOSPACE is the one and only resource for CEO’s to revisit BALANCE as a critical lifestyle decision for their future engagements. Which frankly elevates all outcomes IF you take action by making a decision as  THIS ASPECT you will hear as advice no where else – supersedes the priority of second half profit because it is core to that agenda as well if you truly pause and consider the value we have presented to you for home space benefits as well. Only at CEOSPACE . All CEO grade process with respect and dignity for your station.

JULY 16th you move to the COMMUTER LANE and you by pass all the traffic and noise out there. July 16th you speed up your growth for sure guaranteed. July 16th you grow yourself and you grow your better plan. July 16th you load in new customers impossible to get staying home Tuesday to Saturday – you miss the opportunity of the year – and you CAN RUN EVERYTHING inside CEOSPACE which is made for that – your in breaks every hour to do that step. You miss nothing and get everything you require and desire as a leader. CEOSPACE becomes the double lines so you will not hit the curb as you pick up VAM – velocity acceleration and momentum – VAM is a CEOSPACE outcome.

The magnitude of the opportunity is significance …….

Leaders who appreciate the deficit CEOSPACE fills understand their own cell phone batteries often depleted by the dog eat dog competitive markets out there – are depleted as you arrive more than you know  and CEOSPACE leads in recharging the boss to engage fully recharged into the second half. Your confidence with the mentorship worth $ 250,000 during the BUSINESS GROWTH CONFERENCE we host July 16th is elevated by improved plans, time lines, help, support which is on going and never ending once your a member inside  the resource pools we deliver to your transformed better future – propel you. You KNOW before you GO how valuable your decision was to profit.

THE HIGHEST RETURN INVESTMENT YOU CAN CHOSE TO MAKE IS REPURPOSE TAX BUCKS TO LIFETIME ASSET FOR YOUR CORPORATION. To explore – without any selling of any nature as we only invite your exploration and address your due diligence questions specifically is quick just call:

Jessica Lowe Vice President – 256 850 4710 east coast office hours

Nancy Murphy Vice President – 256 850 4719 both specialist to help

Write these exploration numbers down for later use. Good?

They will when and only if you decide as NOTHING HAPPENS UNTIL A LEADER MAKES A DECISION – NOTHING HAPPENS – but when you decide they will in five minutes walk you through the clicks to:

  1. Own your lifetime membership asset
  2. Reserve hotel space at the huge resort discounts for your family ( your dates in and out )
  3. URL you to book mark the pre class CEO prep site which is fun and way cool to maximize outcomes while on site
  4. Help you get the just the right suite
  5. Alert you to the many amenities from couples massages at the world famous Innisbrook SPA to a long list of fun options.

Keep in mind you have LIFETIME access to five accelerator markets annually at your own option for LIFE. No one offers a 1988 price with that lifetime value in the market globally another reason as a value press rank CEOSPACE # 1 in the world – the one you can’t afford to miss ( their words not our words ). Our Vice President can click you to those proofs on line.

Not since 2010 have we at CEOSPACE offered the resources and size and quality of the July 16th – critical BUSINESS GROWTH CONFERENCE to the world. Half the year is gone already. Do you really think you can upgrade the full % of the second half of the year if you fail to secure expert mentorship you can’t afford outside CEOSPACE to upgrade your plan and resources? We all need help to secure the best outcome to this boom economy option to the second half. You frankly deserve # 1 when you pause to consider growing your own leadership tool box…don’t you?

From thirty years to our apex this July – as father of nine with adoptions included – where family value is a mentorship I’ve provided on BALANCE resets to leaders of FORTUNE institutions for 45 years – THAT NEW BALANE IN YOUR OWN FUTURE  – if you reward your family and bring them with you ( explore that package with our Vice Presidents ) YOU WILL ENJOY ONE OF THE BEST WEEKS OF OUR ENTIRE LIFETIME EVER.

Keep in mind our environment is COOPERATION rule set. If you want a CEO to CEO master mind with hundreds of top CEO’s cross mentoring – sharing oceans of critical connections – networking as you never networked with CEO’s at the top ever before – the COOPERATION proprietary best practice protocols we set up for you are priceless in outcome. Also keep in mind cooperation accelerates multiples past any competitive modeling which is well proven by our work reforming fortune company cultures form competition internally to cooperation cultures in the work space. The glue of cooperation the DNA of cooperation is INTEGRITY. There is no crises in leadership today. There IS a crises of INTEGRITY. Leaders attend CEOSPACE to frame in CEO COMMUNITIES that value integrity in business ethics and dealing.

We are told by 100,000’s of members and those they influence globally that of the long long list of TOOLS and hard skills we impart during our time together at the # 1 Ranked Business Growth Conference – THAT – the cooperation rule sets are priceless to the owners. They rank it on departing as their number one value moving forward. Competition is so limiting and depleting. We live in fear punishment and exploitation in competitive modeling.

In the work space revolution taking place globally CEOSPACE launched in the 1980’s – COOPERATION CULTURES reside in reward and goal attainment and celebration and recognition. Do you realize how replenishing this model is against a defensive life of fear punishment and explotiation. Which we hope may soon become a fresh  priority for your own better future. Is it now for you? Right now? Is that better richer CEO lifestyle any priority to you right now?

Competitive capitalism and its sister competitive communism are economic failed models and are rapidly dying off. They reside on a core principle of:

maximize profit outcomes as the sole focus for shareholders at any cost in the short term typically monthly…..

Cooperative Capitalism a far better economic theory resides in:

….obsessive focus on customer value upgrading that is never ending …WHILE making a profit.

Big difference between competitive flawed economic model – competitive capitalism – versus an upgrade economic model cooperative cabalism with its full transparency honest reporting and residing without secrets.

The leading cap companies have all embrace cooperative capitalism internally. For years Jeff Bezos lost money like Elron Musk than grew to the largest success stories in the history of the world in a single lifespan of the inspired leader expressing integrity in cooperate cultures – Google – Face Book ( record high in July all over again ) Microsoft rising with culture reform from competition to cooperation – Amazon and others rising up fast as you read about them.

Become one of them.

Use the tools they discovered .

If you wish to study the master CEO rule book as prep  before July 16th order REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION packed with how step by step to reform your culture from Solo professional in practice or entrepreneur to FORTUNE INSTITUTION whose leaders study this one work. Prime rush it order ten and gift them to your best Client CEOs who will be retained forever from this gift and who will repeat buy more from this gift and refer more to you from this low cost acknowledgment from you to them – the THREE “R”S which are critical today:

RETENTION – client acquisition cost is too high today to lose a customer you have already acquired.

REPEAT BUYING – if we an inspire a business card holder at SAMS CLUB or COSTCO to repeat buy one more time than normal pattern those retail outlets realize a billion dollars of annual new revenue – the low hanging fruit.

REFERRAL MARKETING from your existing customer base. Installing a referral marketing program and the 3 “”R’s is another profit value we install for you in July often truly missing as options to your game plan for the second half.

My call to action is that you – my members all return in July and shift the better opportunity into your second half elevated profit planning. To entrepreneur CEO owner and professionals explore the COST TO MISS CEOSPACE. When the assurance of high investment return and profit is clear to you acquire a lifetime membership asset at a low 1988 price largely tax repurposing anyway. My readers get discounts blow that price just tell our Vice Presidents your exploring as a reader of my blog. Ask for them when you explore with our Vice President wishing to serve you with their direct dial lines posted here for these senior executives. 

I wish you the best second half of 2018 you richly deserve. This message is following my survey last week a bit late but ideally timed and I wrote it just for you. Just you.

The opportunity as world famous Lisa Nichols suggested from her wealth out of CEOSPACE – she stated the CEOSPACE opportunity is a word she invented for CEO’s – she says it is in profitable new income GYNORMOUS.

I wish you GYNORMOUS second half of 2018 profits.

The highest investment return of 2018 is our positive financial decision and choice to CALL and just explore CEOSPACE.

You know this blog is so urgent and important and pure opporunity don’t you PRINT THIS PAGE as you internalize data and hard information so much better reading a print page than a digital scan page as brain proven for leaders.

Also share this page with CEO’s you know need a superior option to harvest this critical unlike any forward market of our mutual lifetimes. The seconds to forward are a blessing into the lives of others. Also if you attend with fellowship circles you cross network for one another on site and trust me you harvest even greater profit.

How many customers does it take to make a real profit during July 16th networking -its not many and you profit on site.

Our money back warranty protects CEO’s from risk taking.

I pray you will elect to phone and explore. Just explore till data assures your profit is our product – accelerating your outcomes.

Thank you for making this item a serious transformation of YOUR BEST POSSIBLE FUTURE which is our only business truly.

Keep in mind I wrote this blog just for YOU.


PS: If you scroll on my blog you will see recent data on CEOSPACE that is fact filled – CEO grade information – no waste of your time. Thank you for your consideration as the opportunity is what is next I believe for your best possible second half of 2018.