The USA Is booming. Other trading partners caught in the tip tide of new TRADE AGREEMENTS – understand software in the USA is gradually automating reciprocity tariff’s. Software will take Tarriff’s up or down with trading partners as they wish to match Donald Trumps desire to have ZERO TARRIF’s in all directions. A new world order of trade. Fair and better for all nations. But the tip tide of transition is a process.

Next up to BAT is NATO summit and then PUTIN. Trump wants following world war II and victory to stop paying 70% of EU defense costs. The EU is strong and booming today and can afford its proper share of costing. The USA facing red in EU trade BARRIERS from WORLD WAR II a subsidy from the USA to their rebuilding – and unfair barriers to trade creating the red INK has done more to reform world trading than any time since President Eisenhower. Long time.

Since Taking office the Trump Teams have attempted to negotiate new fair trade protocols. No nation has done anything. The old barriers from WORLD WAR II remain in position as protection to trade at enormous cost to the USA as the largest buyer in the world.

Trump has taken action to bring decisions to the process as cost now are reciprocal to our trading partners. The work of new trade agreements is taking place 24/7 by dedicated teams world wide. Patience is required to re-order world trade after 70 years of time.

The Penalty of leadership is never an easy burden. You can never make all factors happy – no leader can – not ever.

Democrats and republicans are working together and more closely than you realize to resolve these issues in a united pathology – something has to give. An American concept.

Trump doesn’t care what NATO thinks of him. He is only talking about the money. 70% of defending the EU is on American tax payers and that has to reduce as burden. American can not shoulder the RED INK and the pay outs – its arithmetic as Bill Clinton told us all. Do the math. Its not political. Its economics.

Trump doesn’t care what Putin thinks of him either. Trump believes the world is secure and safe with cooperation in place between Russia and China on critical global issues. He wishes to forge a new model – not that we all are in a love fest – far from it.

Trump seeks mutual respect for trade IP and rule of law in a consensus between SUPER POWERS – again a new world order moving forward. Trump wants a DEAL WITH IRAN that is not all that hard just a real NUKE deal. For prosperity and full partnership for IRAN. Nothing political and easy to develop with right mind set. Iran doesn’t care about Nukes it cares about security and prosperity as it should. Any new agreement will assure them of both in more concrete terms. Look for a TRUMP meeting with IRAN as a historic next milestone with China and Russia helping for their own best outcomes and ours.

New agreements are needed. China and Russia are involved super powers. Economic forces. And with the right solutions a new model can develop.

We reside in the ebb and flow RIP TIDE of a new sea level. For the entire world. NO one has tackled these issues on all fronts all at once in our lifetime …until now. America is 30 years late and we have paid trillions of our wealth out by letting things go along. Trillions. It must rebalance now …it is economics. 

Frankly America has be GREAT AGAIN to shoulder its financial burdens and responsibilities all economic rule set before our nation to the entire world. There is no longer 30 years late any wiggle room – things must change. For the benefit of all. 

So huge change is in the world order.

We say 7 billion of us are fully hostage to the outcomes leadership around the world create or fail to create. It will take more time to see how lines up WITH AMERICA and who lines up against America.

Keep in mind America can prosper with new trading partners as we leave old partners behind. I caution all partners the AMERICAN PEOPLE may stop buying from those who line up against us – which profits AMERICA and to others effected its a long fall downward if American buying patterns shift – and they are – right now for say CHINA. Look at their numbers in 90 last days…down bubble. A crash in markets and values and every matrix. We need to repaid good will with American buyer mind sets that China is working with us not aligned as our enemy. 

Time is on our side. In my opinion.

Oil prices being cartel manipulated too high – say 1000 % profit per oil barrel is a crime against humanity for a plentiful commodity without price cartel manipulation. If America goes into directly product oil – oil price will nose dive to market levels that are correct.

IF oil soars and interest soars debtor nations like China will default on debt and cease being able to pay for things like their military as soon as this year or next year if this doesn’t fix rapidly.

America will prosper irrespective of individual nation outcomes –  watch. 

So we wait. Batter Up. Nato and Putin next all tied to IRAN after and China too.

In reality in behind public sound bites there is a fantastic calm as new trade deals come together. Just takes patience. 

If might be wise to say a prayer for Global leader cooperation and ask the competition be removed with grace in our earth space. Together we can solve all the problems. 

I’m for prayer this week for all leaders each doing the best that they know how to do -seriously.

Its economics that resolve this all not politics. Wait for it.

Berny Dohrmann – Monday July 9th – WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON OUT THERE TODAY