Question: what is the WORST performing down crashing – equity market in the world in 2018?

Answer: China. Before trade war spirals upward with some 500 billion in Chinese primarily trade goods effected in that ramp upward , capital by trillions of US dollars are  flying out of China – customers are moving to other nations to MAKE STUFF and China is in a Canary is dead in the mine shaft already in 2018 and the WORST IS YET TO COME for China. Millions will soon be out of work why? Because the serious work of making a deal has been and continues to be in trade wars – every nation for themselves period. Yet the old subsidy model where the USA pays to be economically stabbed to death is ending. Economically stabbed.

Question: What is the Canary in the Global Mine Shaft?

Answer: The USA Stock equity markets. If the trade war unwinds the US equity market space and you see the threads  in the robust markets of 2018 begin to unwind and stay unwound if US markets begin to crash truly  – the Canary dies in the mind shaft – you KNOW – that a serious recession even global depression and system freeze up is around that corner in that mind shaft. So WAIT FOR IT…….


My opinion is never advice. Get advice  from licensed investment professionals exclusively. My opinion is my own. This blog  information is a source in draft for you to consider even as you gather from many other even better  sources you may elect to draw from until you and your professions reach your own final copy by cementing all information into your own frame works. My opinions are simply my own. Another set of data to consider one of many you draw from as our Blog policy always restates for your best guidance. NEVER ACT on a single source of information not ever.


First I would avoid developing and emerging markets. Capital to those markets is likely to dry up for long periods of a trade war. Debt economies like Italy and China will not be able to invest in developing nations while their own debt burdens limit their activity during trade wars which crash their economics.

Second I would focus on the USA. The largest strongest economy rising up substantially in 2018 and into 2019 is getting stronger and stronger while China and other developing countries are in serious decline like Italy and many EU nations. India is in a banking crises with over 100 billion of bad loans on state bank books, the tip of that ice berg as another trillion is not yet reported but is there as well – and if forced to write off those bad never to repay  loans of  today off in 2018 or 2019 many India state banks would be bankrupt. A common economic condition in developing nations so watch those canaries. Debt default cascades is an item to watch as trigger for with digital counter party agreements debt defaulting spreads to balance sheets of financial institutions in minutes not hours or days. A first in digital debt contagion new very dangerous economic history – as the DEBT SUPER BUBBLE is unlike anything in prior depressions and is pure scary when you do the math to the rising DEBT LOADS of nations institutions and individuals globally.

I would focus on retail and back bone infrastructure industry that will benefit from trade wars – those made in America shifting as American buyers who are massively PART OF TRADE WARS cease buying brands NOT MADE IN THE USA. This will shift trillions of buying powers to USA made everything and have long long lasting economics following trade wars. Many industry’s will benefit in America from military ramp ups, infrastructure rebuilding, and simply made in America offers to America along brand advertising coming soon – HELP US WIN THE TRADE WARS buy Nestlies – or Wheaties or US AUTO’s or US FOODS exclusively – etc. All that is likely outcomes to WATCH FOR as trade war spirals up and up which is historic till SUPER CRASH occurs from the trade wars not resolving – which has always been historic.

Fourth: I would focus that failure to cooperate as we moved into the insanity of competitive spirals of trade wars – failure to get real reform agreements – which could completed by now in good faith for sane economics – but never in  the 2018 trade war mind set of only DISTRUST AND NEGOTIATION which is where we all reside today -which  means a LONG LONG PERIOD of trade war spirals upward and the process of negotiation may not reach new agreements before a SUPER CRASH the trade war crashing economies – creates globally and we fear most is super debt default cascades triggers by global slow down from trade war effects – watch those canaries in the mine shaft..

Fifth: I would invest in the SMART TRADE WAR BENEFITING plays and I would stay around from massive DEBT LOADED bets or firms who spiraled up debt accounts. If investing yourself versus insurance managed investing – would review debt loads of any firm you buy into.  Many ( you’d be surprised ) loaded upon on way too much debt with Fed Decade ( a policy error ) of FREE MONEY – putting a pig inside an economic python world wide. Today trillions upon trillions must refinance into 2020 from zero interest and FREE MONEY into MARKET RATE INTEREST on average a roll over averaging 500% higher loan cost ratio’s – 500% for US Treasury we are over 300% already this year – and soaring spiral upwards as the FED raises interest rates in error policy – too frequently – to rapidly overall and very much too high to fast. This failed Fed Policy caused in trade wars the global depression of 1907 and World War I and a few years later again the Depression of 1929 and World War II. What caused those horrific outcomes – failed fed economic policy. Which is why I lobby to merge the FED back into treasury as the USA will face a system failure and World War if failed Fed history repeats in the coming years of trade war. History has no lies inside it. Accurate economic history anyway. So avoid Mountain of Debt firms at all cost and buy backbone dividend paying companies largely neglected in the boom. I would sell out of TEK early and move into backbone equities sooner. But thats me. Time is not on your side as the trade war spirals.

In the Second Half of 2018 expect unforeseen surprise events to upset markets and cause huge upswings in markets as well. Volatility is going to be wild into year end and we suspect and overall uptick in market value. Largely driven this year by over one trillion in stock manipulation to price ratios via stock buy backs which as this level of casino capitalism, should be an illegal speculation with each buy back approved under new anti speculation laws congress needs to empower the SEC and fund them adequately to assure NATIONAL SECURITY include economic security which we do not have today – no way close – as Bill Clinton’s Best seller on all book shelves defines is possible – one hack from no more America just one hack. Read Bill’s book so your in the know of those realities facing markets you invest into.

I’ve stated my safe harbor opinion  to sell out high this summer in the best up bubble and sell high. Then explore moving all investing into:


  1. Diversified Insurance investing is the highest legal returns permitted by law in the most regulated industry over your money – the most conservative money management, where life insurance is a free bonus product you get as reward for the money management you trusted into insurance professionals – who paid out when banks were closed during the depression -the only winner for investors in 1929.
  2. Fixed income investing – explore annuity products with their many various high return products in 2018.
  3. Equity and growth investing – chose index products of which returns and benefits vary so shop shoo shop – its easy to get the pitches at any level small medium or large – and recent history ( check it out yourself ) shows returns averaging say 14% in some index products with principle absolutely guaranteed. A high enough return to keep your powder dry in the coming recession from trade wars.
  4. Bank liquid investing where you need money in 24 hours bank wired to you – permanent whole life products which also pay many many times what banks pay to store money – and you can always get your money – and it grows so fast as you deposit and for entrepreneurs you can write off your payments making the IRS buy you a savings account with tax dollars. Ask your life professional if that is a true economic reality just check it out – because what you do not KNOW is killing you financially as options are the answer. Get your SAFE HARBOR BUILT now before the other shoe drops and just explore with licensed professionals options. Just options. You’ll be shocked at the safe harbor options as right now events to protect you maximally.
  5. In the worst Super Crash and worst economic markets you still get income, you still have growth, and you lose not one penny of your investing. If banks close again ( and they well may folks they well could ) then your still safe within diversified insurance investing. As deflation crashes all asset price classes – we don’t see equal safety in real estate in downward crashing assets in any economic re-balancing – but we see you safe in diversified insurance investing as the island in the storm that protects you in the shelter of their track record through past global depressions not just recessions. PROTECT YOURSELF and explore options – it costs nothing to get the information next week -start with top ranked insurance companies from Google New York LIFE being one of my favorite but I like Columbus and CNG and Hartford and many other primes. CHECK THEM OUT. Google rank them 2018. Then explore. Note you do not seek a life insurance agent you seek an insurance multi licensed professional when you call up. At CEOSPACE you meet great professionals live with knowledge. July 16th and you can explore confidentially one on one privately and learn about options is all.

Brokers locked to equity and bond markets have their own opinions and experts providing advice. You have to explore options and make your own safe harbor choices based on what future you think is likely.

I encourage you to print this page and go over it with licensed insurance investment professionals and just explore what they tell you when they read 1 to five above and the customized spread sheets they can provide to you – where their numbers never lie. Check it out at least just check it out as if your financial life depended on the outcome – and in fact – it well may or could.


  1. Trump economics which is new – wins – and sanity and cooperation develop trade revolutions the world has never seen before without wars. A WORLD WIN if we get that outcome and first in historic economics – as it has never happened before.
  2. Trump economics gets agreements but years into a trade war that sinks the world into deep recession and rising tensions for wars.
  3. Trump economics fails as a historic repeat of trade war history with failed Fed rate policy – that has always historically created SUPER CRASH system failure globally and world wide depressions where economic accounts rebalance by world war. Everyone see’s the insanity in that but we human’s keep doing it over and over.


So in July as we approach the critical July 16th CEOSPACE ( read my blog before this one on the CEOSPACE option and opportunity July 16th as it is staring you in the face screaming for you to register and get superior information to map our your now to December of this year )  – the blog ON CEOSPACE I so encourage you to read next –  tells you the WHY. July we are approaching a spiral up into full on trade wars with multiple escalations from Canada Mexico EU and Asia – multiple economic fronts in full out economic warfare which includes digital remember – which all works to destabilize markets as you well know. We suggest before you see the trade war run out of technology the most effected by ASIA counter economic warfare costing to tek  – into base line industries that benefit ( a lot ) from Trade war inside America –  protected in trade war primarily is the majority of  USA investing – safe harbor investing – we suggest you explore with professionals selling out at peak high now and spreading risk over diversified insurance investing. As the whole world is going to run into the USA as safe harbor investing – we suggest you move into DIVERSIFIED INSURANCE INVESTING EXPLORATIONS and if you see a better safer way let those professionals manage the USA wave for maximum gain for you. Make sense to just explore the options for a truly safe harbor. Later if you lose so much of your wealth look back and realize the golden key to the bank vault to protect you you read on July 8th 2018 and recall the WHY you failed to take action to just explore on Monday? Leaders are readers. Winners are decision makers and they take action.

Which ever market unfolds you will be safe and profit maximally inside your own safe harbor plan. . Without risk of other forms of investing. The one and only last depression safe harbor plan that proved to work.

If your conservative with your money follow your advisers often limited and conflicted advice. If your super conservative as I am than follow my opinion and explore the facts with licensed insurance professionals and protect yourself now and sleep like a baby when the bad news is unfolding because the bad news no longer effects you as it would have had you failed to act – failed to re-position in right timing into safe harbor investing to preserve your wealth and savings.

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So now you have the real canary in the mine shat.

So now you have the options to explore.

So now you have some study areas for what to invest in where to hide out as investors during trade wars to chat about with your own selected trusted investment professionals who guide you.

Make your own tough choices.

The time to reposition your money is NOW through OCTOBER. October and after election markets will likely bring a new peak to year end close – be fully re-positioned before that final spike which still looks likely if nothing changes in between.

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