CEO SPACE LEGACY starts right here in my mind and heart. Thursday as I went into surgery, for a tear in my tummy wall, never pain free, and always a risk, I was filled with gratitude. I was overwhelmed with peace and joy that in a worse case of complications I have left the world better with CEOSPACE inside it, serving 140 plus nations today and growing toward 200. We can no longer count the Entrepreneurs blessed, the futures transformed, the teen youth upgraded, the CEO’s having thrilling lives, all within a pay once for a lifetime membership value that just keeps on contributions over an entire life walk. Who else does THAT?

Ranked # 1 – the One Conference if you OWN A BUSINESS OR PRACTICE you can not afford to miss – the # 1 fresh to quarter very advanced C suite management training options – all by third party press ranking CEOSPACE setting journalistic records for FIVE YEARS IN A ROW. No one has ever done THAT.

Standing for full partnership for lady leaders, with half our conference CEO’s five times annually in Tampa Bay, are ladies. Our example is our CEO and President and all Vice Presidents and silo leaders at CEOSPACE are WOMAN. While the old boy 25 year club of leadership got us to third party press # 5 on the global rankings – the ladies ( as we Stand for full partnership for woman in every aspect of life ) reached # 1 their first year and kept us # 1 for half a decade. We should have put woman in charge twenty years ago.

So how proud am I – retired now and watching from outside?

So proud. Founders who achieve the impossible – replacing themselves before they needed to – create institutional legacy. It is hard to let go but is so important for communities being served. As you approach 71 years of age you want to assure the institution of CEOSPACE serves entrepreneurs world wide, better tomorrow than ever was done yesterday. CEOSPACE excels at that single mission.

If you scroll you will see CEOSPACE JULY 16th in Tampa is an opportunity to accelerate second half of the year results. You will see my blog on SUPER CHANGE which should speak to any entrepreneur running a business or practice at their very core. CEOSPACE is the leading process for Fortune Institutions and any size venture space in any silo to be brought CURRENT and to remain CURRENT in the NEW AGE OF SUPER CHANGE that challenges us all.

I get to cheat. I have world leaders – world economists – world law firms – world insiders at the tippy top – attending CEOSPACE every sixty days and I get to learn from all of THEM as a master student – my self appointment for life. CEOSPACE attracts teachable spirits and cross mentors CEO master mind mentorship like no other venue in the world.

CEOSPACE is a transactional process where real deals get completed to grow faster doing the event. CEO’s benefit from expanded markets, processes, customers, or capital source relationship access.

Unlike Seminars and workshops, CEOSPACE Is a CEO ladies and gentlemen club at the top. CEOSPACE associates CEO’s in master minding to help one another without condition of any kind – six hours a day at meals and networking breaks with food. This RELATIONSHIP MIXER is a proprietary process that CEO’s report on video they would pay 50,000 dollars ( us ) just for the DEAL MEALS and their benefits to the bottom line.

Three hours in the early evening CEO’s follow up with appointments made by other CEO’s at the DEAL MEALS to Seal the Deals yet another proprietary process unique to CEOSPACE.

This technology creates the highest “unnatural artificially created” efficiency environment for solid lasting networking outcomes. Traditional networking – revolves around competition and creates node networking. A contact may give you a contact and tell you to say they referred you. GOOD LUCK. All that CEO really wants themselves in 99% of all networking is to secure one non crummy contact and get out OF THERE. It does not work.

And yet your NETWORK defines in 2018 your true NET WORTH.
The qualify of your NETWORKING is your superior growth pathology as a CEO leader. You best get results CEO to CEO if you can find a venue that qualifies and secures higher connection tissue to your core networking.

CEOSPACE processes create an all HUB NETWORKING MODEL from Tuesday to Saturday using artificial stimulators to maintain the quality of pure HUB NETWORKING. The box top rules preclude competitive impulse – everyone is safe – IP is secure with contract NDA’s with leading IP litigation law firms every CEO signs to get a name badge making the entire community uncommonly rich and uncommonly SAFE.

CEO’s network at higher effective outcomes from the time they put on their name badge to networking on the Shuttle to plane home. No second of CEO time is wasted. CEO Pacing places you in a break to run YOUR BUSINESS VIRTUALLY every hour – missing nothing at home while you profit from the critical contacts your making on site CEO to CEO at the highest level.

CEO lifetime members report to us ( on video always ) that they created a ten year new network in four days which is priceless to their forward growth planning. All CEO’s report they improved their planning – their teams to execute improved plans and added in missing resources that would have outside CEOSPACE consumed years of time and untold cost.

The vast majority of members report CEOSPACE reduced cost ( by a lot ) and time by ( a lot ) to secure growth goals the CEO had set in place anyway. CEOSPACE was their short cut to goal attainment.

There are numerous price plans to fit any and every budget within price plans unchanged ever – since 1988 to our member protection. WHO DOES THAT?

July 16th launches our largest richest CEO to CEO networking event of 2018 richer as parents wait a full year to bring their children to our FAMILY CEO FORUM in July including our leading award winning TEEN FEAST OR YEP ( Young Entrepreneur Program ) all game theory teens love versus class room learning these super fast learners view as ….not so much.

The CEO Family forum develops switched on home space for the sacrifice leaders must make to run their ventures ever up. Members tell us this is a truly priceless unexpected benefit of a program that starts and ends in prayer for all worship modalities including atheists. In cooperation we celebrate all differences to our human tapestry and ever punish human diversity inside that celebration. The world we all want is the Community CEOSPACE members create and maintain together globally and its huge numbers 30 years of service later.

Legacy – I woke up out of anthestic thinking gratitude that I get to see even more of the futures being transformed. Today is my first blog outside oxy and pain management feeling truly GREAT. So I wanted to share what goes through your mind at such moments.

YOU were on MY mind. Thank you for reading and sharing my blog. One of the faster growing blogs globally read by CEO leaders business owners investor private equity hedge fund and national leaders world wide for the content we try and present as useful when mapping forward planning inside SUPER CHANGE.

We have never advertised CEOSPACE.

We never market or sell CEOSPACE.

Our programs are filled by members who tell other CEO’s and professionals by word of mouth.

We invite guests to explore and consider turning a tax liability in 2018 into a business core asset of lifetime membership.

You call:

Jessica Lowe Vice President 256 850 4710 Florida office times to explore – no selling – just what we call SHARE & CARE. Answering your questions. You know what to ask when your exploring for you.

Nancy Murphy Global Vice President of our Markets 256 850 4719 with her vast customization of CEOSPACE for your venture or practice or Fortune Management teams when seeking a new fresh process to REMAIN EVER MORE CURRENT in the fast SUPER CHANGE markets we reside in quarter to quarter. The new C suite essential skill in 2018 and 2019 and 2020 is CURRENCY in SUPER CHANGE. What is your process for currency?

If you lack your own ideal process in this essential step for leadership you might phone and just explore an ideal fit for yourself. As our team learns about your growth plans and your challenges we will define specific short videos for your business silo or practice from other CEO’s in your precise field for hard data as you explore further. It is all fun and never holds any obligation of any kind. We are the lowest pressure zone in the industry world wide which is another reason we retain our # 1 ranking. Service standards to our prospective CEO’s exploring.

There is nothing like CEOSPACE. The experience we are told by you all is nothing like anything they have ever experienced and they are so grateful CEOSPACE is new – fresh – and out of all boxes the CEO knew of before.

Which is what the CEO wishes for as a leader.

Leaders helping leaders at a higher level of completion. That is the acceleration CEOSPACE provides a money back warranty on precluding risk to OUR CEO”s on their fit and taking all risk of any table to a new member – because we guarantee our own performance to you in absolute terms you not we can measure fully and we make sure no member is left behind – another unique on site pathology we invented. NO MEMBER LEFT BEHIND in their business growth accelerations.

CEOSPACE is the # 1 Growth Acceleration Process ( GAP ) we close those CAPS to grow faster now not later. You gain the second half of this year – the biggest longest boom of any CEO adults lifetime – when 78% of all spending this year lays ahead of us. To improve strategic harvest of the second half of this boom years capacity to your venture growth is what the July 16th four days upgrades your life and future forward into.

Whats the catch? There are several.

Member in pre class set up on line programs are reminded you must contribute as much as you consume as a mind set. You must as a CEO leader at any level:

  • Mentor other CEO’s without any condition and with your full capacity to help other CEO’s for four days
  • Be generous kind and unselfish
  • If these attributes do not appeal to YOU we will FED EX back your lifetime membership before the program begins
  • Our money back guarantee repays YOU if you feel it is not a fit upon attending – before you depart the hotel – zero risk


I know of no other superior four days of 2018 to grow YOU as a leader – as a person – as a business – than CEOSPACE creates in your future –  July 16th.  The huge opportunity option of the 2018 year for those who explore and get the facts data and details.

As you go under surgery that could be life threatening following your 25 double pneumonia this June – which all makes you think differently. I was filled with gratitude for legacy. I thought – you know my life is “enough” more than enough in contribution. Nothing perfect like any life – full of laws mistakes and redo’s you learn from to be sure – but always seeking – always searching for mentors and teachers – to make ME a better person. In the past five years I’ve worked with Dr. David Gruder author of THE NEW IQ INTEGRITY on my personal integrity upgrading to the leadership world interface with heads of state deserve. You think your IN integrity until you work with a master on YOURSELF. Dr. David Gruder is teaching July 16th. My mentor. As is Adam Markel. As is Sharon Lecture Super Star author of Rich Dad Poor Dad which sold for 40 million as a successful CEOSPACE brand win. Greg Reid author of THREE FEET FROM GOLD and many New York TIMES BEST SELLERS and founder of THE SECRET KNOCK the CEOSPACE # 1 recommendation for our members to also attend this September where I myself teach. You access SUPER STARS like Bob Circosta of HOME SHOPPING ( who puts products for our CEO’s on Television before the Holidays in 2018 ) through meals and one on one coaching – up close private – one on one time with the super star mentors.


I aslo have worked for five years with thought leader author WENDY DARLING on emotional capital – on baggage one does not even know they are carrying – and at age 70 working still so hard on YOURSELF is the mark of leadership I personally admire and try to example. My fathers famous saying – to his nine children –

….always remember children the Lord God is never through cooking YOU. When you are best the Lord requires you be excellent. When you ARE excellent the Lord requires you become fantastic in a never ending journey of coming close to your real source – love your journey to that source and never not ever cease working on YOU…..

Dad – I’m doing the work in 2018 and 2019 and I won’t tire or quit attempting to personally know source even more intimately always a solo journey no one can take for YOU.

So now healing up and out of the envelope of threat I still retain a gratitude for a legacy that helps so many all over the world and has passed from the era of the founder to the next generation. An award winning program that keeps improving, keepings winning # 1 status and frankly ask yourself…..

….when is it time for YOU to profit from the # 1 leadership development program and business accelerator in the world versus anything less than # 1 – ranked by third party press world wide in 2018? IS now- right NOW your time to improve and grow? Everything you wish for comes from that choice you realize?

So I use CEOSPACE to grow ME. For thirty years. It never fails ME.

I recommend it for you. I suggest delay is the one cost too great to pay. Delay in missed opportunity. Delay in missing income. Delay in options. Delay in your own growth tools and tactics. Delay in resource acquisition. Delay in superior mentorship.

If you show me your results I will show you your mentors. Success is a feature of the equality of upgrading you decide upon in your own mentor circle. Yesterday its already too late to upgrade your MENTORSHIP in your life and future.

The quality of our CEOSPACE Fortune level mentors is unmatched in the world today. Our mentors is one reason our members never leave not ever once they believe.

Do you ever terminate members or faculty? You bet. If members or faculty exhibit predator behavior we protect the community and self regulate the POLICIES of membership a privilege not a right. Acceptable conduct of CEO’s helping one another is required to sustain membership over time with kind generous like minded CEO’s cooperating in community. Competitive behaviors has zero tolerance inside CEOSPACE COMMUNITY which seeks to example a safe – positive – environment for conducting VAM – Velocity Accelerations and Momentum in business agendas community wide.

Members have access to members in over 100 nations. Everywhere you travel is a tax right off when your a member as fellow CEO’s can’t wait to meet you whoever you may land for life. Geographic markets open world wide faster and for less cost with CEOSPACE community helping you. For life. For one low fee tax transfer into a business hard asset. A no brainer if you explore and just phone to get proofs on profit making.

If you know your investment creates high returns which ripple for months and years after your first one why would you not turn a tax dollar into a pot of pure gold? If you get the data you will of course.

Now there is no perfect answer or community to be sure. CEOSPACE is # 1 and a better answer but there are no perfect answers. In the end every CEO must make their own decisions and build their own venture. All the help in the world does not replace working smarter versus harder. Only you can effect those outcomes.

Many rank CEOSPACE highest value beyond the profit making and into the BALANCE MAKING. We assist CEO’s to restore balance in their lives which so many lack all the joy the work efforts also should bring to you in full measure as owner. CEOSPACE processes work with mentors at the top on BALANCE – leaders in this outcome for you. Is yesterday already too late to restore balance to your CEO lifestyle or practice lifestyle. Only YOU can answer that question.

New CEO’s also discover CEOSPACE is the world’s largest SUPER STORE. From IP audits with top law firms – to any legal second opinions on anything – to resource acquisition to lower cost to get anything done at high quality in less time for lower cash out – CEOSPACE is ranked # 1. The savings in the first year for outcomes you are doing anyway is another way membership is paid back. This aspect you have to experience as it would require.a three day workshop to explain the GRID of resourcing on board CEOSPACE.

Our members call CEOSPACE a new GRAND CLASS Cruise Ship for the Wallet. All that goes on – on board – is not clear till you benefit from it all as an experience – than you own a new tool for challenge solutions. The value CEO’s place highly to CEOSPACE.

Make no mistake – CEOSPACE is not a workshop nor is it a seminar and it does not experience as one. If you click our main web site before phoning our Vice Presidents listed here for your exploration – at and book mark this to share with CEO’s you network with here and there as a blessing to them as my reader family – you will see films under QUICK LINKS packed with proofs on process and methodology. CEO grade information. You will see a big room with lots of people and your mind goes – looks like a big seminar. However you only network in that big room and your only in it a few times during the July 16th week in Tampa Bay on the 900 acre guard gated Innsbrook PGA Golf ( 72 holes all suite hotel ) resort compound. You are 9 hours a day developing new customers resources and markets or investment connections. No waste to your time with us maximizing your CEO productivity with other CEO’s at your level of ownership and senior management for institutions or government ( who also attend ).

The # leadership development program in the world – the one and only on going process not a one off event – with layered development of leadership. Your first one you learn how to work the controls of the STARSHIP CEOSPACE and you never not ever will ask for the keys to a car to move your business forward into the future to follow. The second and third SPACE you CREAM it as your expertise how to get most from it rises and you have a CEO community who now know your business and help YOU moving forward.

We tell all our members one sentence – WELCOME HOME – and many stress weary CEO’s ladies and gentlemen all – burst into tears they are so grateful to be HOME inside this much unconditional help and support.

So now you have a window of my gratitude for the institution I have charged the next generation to move into the future for half a decade….and they have and they are …all without me. That GLOW you can only know if you also have done that legacy step in your own pathology then YOU KNOW my gratitude this week.

You share it with me. You know the blessing of the work.

If you join and register to attend CEOSPACE in July you will make a lot of money faster. You can have private mentoring with me just tell the staff your a member of my BLOG COMMUNITY and they will block time for US private one on one in my Chairman Conference room during the week as often as you require. Sessions are tape recorded and include FLIP chart and work output at the highest challenge removal level for CEO’s ramping up. I can’t wait to meet you frankly and get to know you.

I ask all my readers to comment on blogs as we love your input. Feel free to strongly disagree with any opinion I present as my own as I welcome your views in dissent and I learn from them. I so welcome your comments and I personally respond to each and every comment which only takes seconds to share thoughts view and when appropriate praise for any help your receiving from the data we scour the world to present to you the best we know how.

I always caution my BLOG is opinion – my own. Also I never give you investment advice. I give you suggestions on how to explore solutions with licensed professionals to advise you without substitution as the PRO’s are your guide current to the market moment. I present questions for you to explore to examine potentials for superior outcomes in a market defined by risks that are often not as clear as they might be with just some added perspective on WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON OUT THERE.

Our past record of accurate more often than not forward prediction – like the SPRING DIP ( and we said the boom is not over and buy in the dips ) we predicted in 2015 – again in 2016 and 2017 for 2018 proved again prophetic. But no past accuracy from any BLOG even one as old and mature as our own can be relied upon into the future as we will all be wrong too. The Market of SUPER CHANGE is like no other in the world. For the first time over 80% of all global credit and capital flows are AI digital – a first for humanity. This merry go round is new frontier and no one knows how the FIRST GENERATION of AI over CAPITAL Flows will work out. We use past history knowing past history may no longer apply in the NEW SUPER CHANGE.

We want to be one of many information resources our reader use for perspective to their own choices and we always suggest your licensed professionals be directed to read this blog as they advise you against disagreement or agreement with some or all of our data points expressed just for consideration as draft to your choices never final copy. Only you can chose your own final copy.

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Much larger numbers book mark as non subscribers and read weekly or more often.

As a Top Forbes KEYNOTE Speaker I’m booked ( often by my readers ) to speak at events world wide – India to UK every year globally Romania to New York in weeks.

During peak SPEAKING engagements I can miss a few days of blog posting but as you know I catch you up quickly. WE try and keep the BLOG current to the world sound bite issues taking place to the moment. Readers have seen news reported here FIRST almost always first or a tie become national news stories in hours of a post as journalist subscribe world wide as a pet resource to their content and editor assignments. We release use of our blog information to any purpose and repurposing our readers may desire.


Always FREE a free service first to our vast CEOSPACE community of leaders and CEO’s world wide and then to our readers who are tippy top in silo’s across national leadership fortune firms press and investment institutions.

A pure resource on WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON OUT THERE as an opinion. We never engage in politics. We only report in our opinion on economics that may effect business in the great global age of THE ENTREPRENEUR. 2018 is an APEX for entrepreneurs. The Kauffman Foundation we so endorse you donate into – the leading Entrepreneurs support foundation in the world today reported in 2018 that:

….a record new business creation at 557,000 a month or almost 7 million a year is rising into job creation and wealth creation for nations……

We believe Entreprenuer laws in nation are the most important economic stimulation for any national economic health and well being. We consult to nations seeking to address legislation deficits to their future economics fostering rapid entrepreneur development in nation. CEOSPACE is seeking to have nations engage CEOSPACE to offer our rapid acceleration program to their small business in nation a mature phase of our institution with governments who are seeking such rapid tax base development.

If you have access to national leadership copy and share this one blog with those contact as a possible contribution to national prosperity. The # 1 program is reaching out to nations next.

Gratitude for legacy.

You are up to date on me and CEOSPACE and I hope this blog was helpful to say two of you if just that because you two took action and registered into July 16th transforming your own future this year.

YESTERDAY IS ALREADY TOO LATE for your best possible future.