Germany abused economics 101 in 30 years or protectionism – exporting wild surplus’s over what it buys from others – an economic imbalance that always ends very badly indeed.

China is worse because the ratio of trade surplus is even larger and longer and largely fueled by Super Debt Bubbles in Asia – which are combinations for terror beyond the horror the German rebalancing will represent.

The longer politicians kick this can down the road the greater the adjustment pain later – faster lower pain – longer higher pain. Politicians hold the PAIN HANDLE …which way? Which way?

The economic abuse since World War II has been since the 1950’s a American subsidy support for war torn allies. Over time this institutionalized support including the largest foreign aide budget of any nation – largest trade support – largest direct and indirect investment – and the source at core of over 100 nation economies globally.

Over a long time line of abuse in economics – namely = that all accounts must ultimately lay in balance eventually……..

The long sucking of USA wealth in the largest wealth transfer of human history including IP stolen and ripped off – in the history of humanity. This sucking sound has now entered the largest lender grantor nation on earth – into one of the larger borrowing nations in human history with over 20 trillion in current account debt.

The USA moving forward can no longer subsidize nations at any level. The USA can no longer do so as it lacks credible buying power to BORROW such funds for such endless red ink – to future tax payers. The US lacks the DOLLARS to subsidize nations.

Today the USA must become profitable as a nation which is taking place in fact. We must pay our national debt off even as we stop its growth. Removing entitlement pay outs – and collecting taxes from those who were taking tax dollars by the millions 24 months ago. is a double sling shot to reduce debt and repay national debt faster than anyone assumed. Good Policy creates improved outcomes.

Today America has all wagons circled economically. Reciprocity software monitors all peer to peer trade. Instant consequence occurs or reward occurs as trading partners move conditions down we match instantly if they move conditions up we over match instantly.

Those suggesting trade war with the USA is evil –  are moving into national depression like Venezuela and Pakistan – with others in deep recession or moving toward one – from Russia and Iran in recession to China moving toward one rapidly. They’er evil trade practices must reform to prosper.

Economics are rebalancing because the economic leader must rebalance its trade accounts and as she does so many partners adjust theirs as COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM replaces finally competitive communism and competitive capitalism.

A GIANT COLAB is taking place between nations. A new world order is being forged without war or violence. A better improve global set of box top rules where no nation is left behind and prosperity is everyone for everyone versus every nation for themselves ( the FEW AGAINST THE MANY is always competitive insanity ).

The CO-LAB PARTNERS are creating a revolution of economics in the new digital AI age – where COLAB PARTNERS will have economically sound relationship capital and trading rules that work for all. WIN WIN period. Everyone wins and no one is left out or behind but those who compete versus cooperate.

This world COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM REVOLUTION – CEOSPACE launched in the 1980’s – has become more than a movement and truly an economic miracle.

We only wish it all could move into cooperation faster but in historic terms this revolution is taking place in the blink of an eye.

Super Change. Folks your witnessing Super Change.

Germany and China are reforming at pace levels required for successful cooperative capitalism when old models obviously are toxic economically – and end very badly indeed.

As COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM is forged by agreements between collaborating partners – the improved legal frame works usher in a speculation free high integrity model where cooperative capitalism stands unique as:

Cooperative Capitalism obsesses with customer quality upgrading while making a profit via endless innovation and value improvements to society lacking any environmental or toxic outcomes. The Many for the Many versus the FEW against the many.

COMPETITIVE CAPITALISM is obsessed on making short term maximum profits for its stake holders at any cost or consequence. Communism is the same with the elites being the stake holders – both the FEW against the many.

A revolution is coming. Read REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION on Amazon to be ahead to the economic revolution taking place before your very eyes. Be ahead versus reactive. REDEMPTION will elevate life to a switched on turned on home space as well as a switched on turned on work space. You will reside forever in your own economy the one you create and maintain.

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Germany and China are two of a long list of TOXIC UNSUSTAINABLE TRADE SURPLUS accounts – that must rebalance to stabilized the core system itself. Delay is the cost nations can’t afford to pay.

THE GREAT COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM REVOLUTION is sweep the world not because it is easy – but because it is not. It is because everything else has failed and is not working. It is because whoever COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM is tried – the prosperity and growth are 100% and simply work better.

Cooperative Capitaslim is a BETTER WAY FORWARD for all of us. Fully economic having no politics whatsoever.

Once understood resistance melts way. Leaders embracing it all own copies of the Revolutions Manifesto – REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION ( The non fiction book ).

Learn earn and return.

Expect cycle volatility in toxic surplus nations unit account rebalancing is stable and under way.