1000% Oil profit margin is excessive, is criminal, and is only possible from an elite oil cartel of the few greedy Elite’s controlling a crime of price manipulation against 7 billion humans. The FEW criminals elites against 7 billion of all of us in the world. It must stop as 1000% profit margin is a crime against humanity when the commodity is the PRICE OF EVERYTHING ELSE in 2018. WE VOTERS must STOP the THEFT OF NATIONS and our collective prosperity assured with fair low price energy cost torn from criminal classes here is HOW.

So lets say the US GOVERNMENT the largest buyer of oil – the cost of everything – in the world – elects to stop dealing with oil elite criminals who manipulate prices without regard to humanity.

So keep statistics in your thinking:

  1. Oil cost 10.50 cents to lift as hard cost to market distribution.
  2. The cost of oil at 80.00 dollars a barrel is an 800% profit margin.
  3. Oil should be a 300% maximum profit margin at say 35 dollars a barrel and 1.25 cents at your pump.
  4. Everything higher is PRICE GOUGING the world 7 billion folks – as a tax holding back all prosperity.
  5. Criminals will never act outside their own greed.
  7. NERA opens new technology to find – drill – recover oil – at lower and lower costs under soil and seas – and to make oil that is cleaner to burn synthetically using new USA patented technologies they license even as they directly go to market.
  8. NERA also advances break through refining technology for zero pollution high break through efficiency refining – resetting the industry.
  9. Nera also develops new break through motor technologies to engage pollution free transportation for energy NERA brings to market.
  10. In less than 36 months criminal cartels would no longer set global fuel costs – NERA WOULD – and the criminal theft of nations would be ended.

The US Tax payer would make enormous profits by normalizing oil margin to market with environmental impacts the existing industry will never invest to remedy do to their short term profit greed pathologies.

If you can’t join the criminals break them up.

After all its all economic.

President TRUMP could announce NERA by President Finding. The congress could permanently fund NERA overcoming oil criminal lobby efforts to block the move to stop 1000% greed margins of the FEW against 7 billion – keeping the cost of everything else at a prosperity limiting switch – so that an elite oil class and make immoral profits.

Folks use a magnifying glass and get transparent on what is really going on out there.

End the oil price abuse in one policy choice. Other nations will join a NERA PARTNERSHIP creating a space station like collaboration to provide endless cheap energy to prosperity of nations food security and health security while reversing climate change with NERA policy.

There is always a better option.

There is always a simpler solution.

This one has ZERO COST to treasury – who prime the bump with discretionary agency start up – to self sustain paying off the USA National Debt from fair profits from oil – the nation itself assures it remains independent in providing to itself – securing the future our our Military our research and our environmental policy. Plastic would fade from use and NERA replacements would be environmentally healing.

We are one NERA AGENCY from kicking the criminals in their economic balls. The USA pays off its national debt with 1 and 2 as policy as set forth here and the USA moves into the black and surplus versus red ink – we profit from two policies. We sit upright with ballast in our keel again. Against all storms global or domestic. Climate change resolves. ITSELF with these 1 – 2 policies.

All that is needed is voter unity in resetting the two policies that are the MOTHER OF ALL MODERN POLICY RESETTING taking criminals out and putting constitutional protections back to work.

VOTERS have the powers if they will educate and unite. That’s all.

My suggestion is we stop lying to ourselves when dealing with crooks. There is zero integrity in the criminal greed class. The crimes against humanity from the OIL cartels are greater than any crimes outside NAZI Crimes in World War II – Terror ever since – and only the Central Banks are worse crooks than oil crooks.

OIL CARTEL ( OPEC ) is a few elites manipulating false market price to the cost of everything else as a crime against humanity that is killing over 1 billion from illness and starvation a year – for what? The greed super focus of the elite oil crooks against all humanity.

The way out and the way up for lower prices for critical global energy for all people is NERA a USA POLICY choice on energy to correct the 1000% excessive margins only crooks could with lies and spin even begin to support and continue as policy. Greedy criminal class – label the crooks for what they truly are.

So Oil Policy bought and paid for by the Super Money Pools of the Oil Sovereign Nation Wealth Funds and private oil wealth collectives who focus investing on price gouging 7 billion we the people of the planet earth – as the biggest crime next to money monopolies of central banks ( another greedy criminal class of elites ).

If the back bone of both cartels – the money cartel ( central banks merging back into their treasury ) and the OIL CARTELS ripped from their phony pricing by NERA are remedied world prosperity unfolds for 300 years.

Avoid false symptom issues.

Focus on CAUSE only ISSUES.

The two economic issues are:

  1. Nera to break cost of everything cartel manipulation on price for insider criminal class greed the FEW against the many.
  2. Merge money monopoly from third party private NGO corporations known as central banks who shares are secretly privately owned by the banks themselves – back into treasury of nations to secure oversight and integrity in money policy – isolating greed and conflict of interest of private money monopolies.


These sane versus insane policies are simple – but their by product is WORLD WAR III is avoided.

If not…..not so much ….if you follow the economic bouncing ball as our blog lays out for you.

Just think about options.

Just think about innovative opportunities in policy.

One corrective IP idea and the entire system rebalances.

We the people have all the power and we can save ourselves. You just have to avoid 100% of the incoming distraction to keep you off balance – apathetic and inactive as a voter with unlimited power – and collectively focus on TWO ISSUES:

  1. Nera – resetting oil prices for the world forever
  2. Merging the FED and all central banks back into treasury

Remain focused on 1 and 2 and your through – you reset the entire world. Get distracted on symptom versus cause issues and not so much.

The more you hear the greedy use fear for these policies the more you are assured you are correct and pedal to the metal. They are panic mode.

You are not.

You are IN CHARGE ….the criminals worse fear is you would wake up know the truth and take the powers back from their years of lobby success to rob you of those powers.

1 – 2 and your all NEW.