In the world in 2018 the Iran Card is the next sanity card. Iran influences peace in Syria – Afghanistan – and Pakistan – along with alliances with Russia in all those regions.

Pakistan sinking in a debt spiral and political unrest with elections about to upset the old guard for new politics – is a major atomic power with weapons focused at arch rival India. While Pakistan a nation house DIVIDED completely – insights in a quiet internal revolution – Nukes may be sold to terrorist – nations like IRAN and more in the middle of “no one is really looking” at how bad all this is.

Iran the NON COOPERATIVE nation, paranoid on regime change from past history fails to understand ( yet ) that no nation wants any change in Iran.

The USA wants to have a meeting between the two leaders and the top. To list out the differences. To Find a HIGH WAY FORWARD together. Iran cares less about Nuke Weapons which only puts it in very stressful perhaps Fatal economic outcomes. Today Iran economics are falling, capital is fleeing, riots are occurring daily, the currency is nose diving to the floor boards and the economy is in a death spiral. The US Brutal global sanctions rising are all designed for one outcome.

An outcome Iran doesn’t care about really.

The Outcome is to create a REAL LASTING NUKE BAN DEAL connected to specific time lines of exchanging sanctions for massive re-investment and world trade with IRAN opening IRAN globally. Welcoming Iran into the nation of HERO’s on policy for global peace.

We believe Iran can influence more of the region in peace than in war as policy. We also believe the hair trigger to debt defaulting in Iran is now tragic for the IRANIAN people if the leadership sells out prosperity for failure of an easy to develop treaty deal. Iran knows the last deal was a loop hole filled sham and not real long term policy.

Iran only needs to live what its policy statements have said for 30 years – Iran has no plans to develop nuke weapons.

If they live that and document their agreement and commitment prosperity flows over Iran like desert rain to desert flowers. If not – Iran mail fail as a State Economically.

The notion Iran can block oil trade in the region while possible, brings on full NATO WAR and destruction that Iran only recovers from over fifty years. Iran can not win with strategy to oppose the entire world. That failed idea will take a small nation relatively with an outsourced military budget and degrade in a month 100 billion of military assets and resources Iran will never replace. Not ever.

Further Iran can not survive the fall out economics – keep its economy and military going and paid – and manage its soaring debts. Can’t be done.

ONE MEETING WITH TRUMP and a deal is ascribed to both can easily commit to and live with – and Iran takes the financial up ramp and that economic up ramp leads to nation wide 100 year prosperity and stability in the nations government. People on all sides will stand up and applaud despite political theater blow back from factions.

Leadership with integrity can map out a future not seen right now. One meeting away.

The Iran POLICY between the USA and IRAN maps out outcomes by agreement for Afghanistan peace and trade and Pakistan peace and trade. Those outcomes regionally prosper Iran the most and develop stability in region for all minerals commodities and trade in theater. One final agreement and the world is a. far more stable place.

One agreement with Iran maps out Policy with Russia for North Africa and other hot spots.

As China and Russia and the USA police the world collectively on agreed upon shared prosperity policies the new world order everyone wishes to move into NEXT that sustains peace, ends violent solution – exterminates real terror institutions faster and more elegantly using collective AXIS OF COLLABORATION from the US and China and Russia apply SUPER AI to seek out and destroy digital terrorism – and vaporize resourcing terrorism – the world moves into security unknown in recent times via COLLABORATION OF THE NATIONS – where the insanity of competition ceases.

Open ended competitive capitalism consolidates wealth so that 1% own more wealth than 99% which is systemically fatal and unstable over time.

Open ended state controls with communism lacking check and balances develops the same consolidation of wealth into elites and is undesirable economics as the melt down of such system consolidations is unavoidable.

Can we do better?

Yes. Cooperative capitalism which is 12 laws to create a system:

  1. That recycles wealth in whirl pools of checks balances tax policy as wealth self corrects into the maximum benefit for the many for the many versus a system of the FEW against the many. Collaboration is the superior economic system to competitive modeling.
  2. The cooperative capitalism system has central banks all merged into their state treasury.
  3. The system displace unmatched self correcting real time transparency on all data metrics.
  4. The system operates in a rule set of integrity checks and balances and self correction on ethics integrity and tell the truth faster economics.
  5. The system is real time reporting, audited, and has no secrets.

Cooperative Capitaslim is the final human economic revolution, a global Earth Federation System that works for all 267 nations with no nation left behind – on new box top trading rules – and adapting nations operate within rule based economics constantly modernized and updated in the new age of SUPER CHANGE to accommodate the ever growing digital divides and AI.

Old economic theory models and institutions all fail in the digital AI age, due to conflicts of interest, secrets in the system, abuse of the system, debt super bubbles the system at present allows for, wealth consolidation that falls the system at core all repaired and fixed with twelve laws to any nation that a create the rule based improved economic system upgrades – into COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM.

WE are smart enough to learn from our own history and to avoid repeating the history of system failures, and world war to rebalance economic accounts. Are we not?

Elect candidates that understand the Cooperative Capitalism debate and buy those candidates REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION that defines the 12 laws and policies to upgrade existing systems into COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM. Vote for COOPERATIVE POLICY DRIVEN CANDIDATES and vote against old model competitive driven nasty minded politicians. You know them by their works not their words.

Elect awake leadership. Change the leadership and you change the world.

Voters who come together on upgrading it all – win.

Those who are led divided and brain washed lose. Distracted by non essential issues versus the core issue of upgrading the systems to assure we don’t repeat past history of SUPER CRASH system failure and world wars. Because we are close to doing so as our blogs outline for you is all economics.

Iran is the Final nation to execute a WORLD CHANGE GAME. It is one agreement – not even a hard agreement – not even any issue that does not benefit Iran – one agreement and IRAN is the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE NATION. In my opinion Iran is best advised to:

  1. Do their politics for local consumption as always.
  2. Develop their list of we get this to give you that.
  3. Open a meeting with Trump in say UAE or ideally in Tehran itself.
  4. Meet in DC after that meeting.
  5. Sign drafts that lead to final agreements to open trade and flood Iran with investment by the Holidays of this year.

No other strategy does more for billions and no other strategy returns prosperity to Iran and its leaders before economics becomes crushing to the nation due entirely to failed policy.

Who cares what leaders suspect about the USA. A good agreement for all will be approved by all and floodgates of capital flows into Iran will open up as reward. That truth is an agreement away.

The longer delays to step up to the history of this opportunity the greater the crushing economics will be in Iran and that is unwanted outcomes for the leadership in 2018 not 2019. The pain in such internal division and fighting is all avoidable with 1 to 5 above presented here.

MASSIVE PROSPERITY AND STABILITY or a failed economic state and civil war in Iran all unwanted by everyone.

So Iran leadership made a really inadequate Nuke deal, that was a short term agreement without any real legality to not develop future nuke weapons. Trump wants a REAL LEGAL TREATY that will by agreement assure no Nuke Development is POLICY in Iran. The Prosperity machinery Iran wishes would be wrapped into their new agreement – time lines – billions – welcoming into world voce and contribution as a FULL PARTNER – prestige missing and sustained state elevation globally as a consequence.

Iran influence is best expressed from prosperity and a booming economy versus military and bullets. Iran as sovereign state retains all rights to help neighbors when called to do so but Iran would work with the Gulf, Russia, China and the USA to secure regional peace and end violence in the entire region as a collaboration partner.

The TIPPING POINT for PROSPERITY versus isolation and economic destruction within a contest of economics IRAN can only fail upon in moving forward against the entire world and Gulf, is a teeter totter. Butt slammed to the ground – or HIGH ON THE HIGH SIDE held up by prosperity and regime protections by treaty – where IRAN gets every detail it wishes – every time line – every item – and it gives what? Agreements to by policy never develop nuke weapons and to agree to avoid destabilizing military or financial backing to declared terrorist institutions. COLLABORATION VERSUS COMPETITION. SANITY VERSUS INSANITY.

Politcal name calling labeling and both sides are terrible at the messaging – look at North Korea and America for decades – all turned on a dime from ONE SINGLE MEETING of the leadership.

IRAN needs the ONE SINGLE MEETING OF THE LEADERSHIP to rely on outcomes they wish anyway.

PROSPERITY versus war and destruction now engaged economically. Why? A terrible silly agreement that could never stand. Not legally. IT was a phantom agreement. Not real.

A Real Agreement can be hammered out in 90 days following ONE MEETING between the leadership.

The entire world resolves into prosperity based on this final meeting and that meeting helps PUTIN more than any other event. Iran wins if they put the meeting on the map FIRST. If the meeting invitation comes from IRAN to TRUMP. They win. All other roads they can win too but not as much as this first step before Putin’s meeting. IRAN controls the agenda for the world with one invitation to just explore a possible outcome between nations.


Resetting history.

Leadership is about options and opportunity.

The option and opportunity is right now.

THINK ABOUT IT? Who do you know in Iran you can share this blog with?

In the end WE THE PEOPLE have all the power. If we use the power wisely.

Berny Dohrmann – 4th of July & thoughts of global freedom for all