From tax rules to security laws, from state and federal rules globally across nations to product cycles that once were sixty month cycles and are now sixty day cycles. Compression is everywhere. Management now requires a process – a new process – to simply remain current in leadership. The NEW C SUITE CAPITAL is now “currency”. Management that fail to remain current become stuck in reverse and unable to steer their brands into the future. This is as true for Dentist office in the New AGE of Super Change as it is for a fortune institution.

WHAT IS YOUR PROCESS TO BE BROUGHT CURRENT AND REMAIN CURRENT? Do you even have a Super Change currency policy and process for your venture? If not why not? No other priority is more compelling for superior choice and decision making.

If you are not current in SUPER CHANGE In your silo options and opportunities will be missed. And so fast. You will slip further and ever more behind. Catching up becomes more time cost and far greater investment cost. STAYING CURRENT is far more ideal than falling our of currency and slipping behind in your industry sector.

CEOSPACE July 16th in Tampa Bay brings CEO’s current. CEOSPACE is the # 1 ranked Business Confernce globally five years in a row – half a decade inside SUPER CHANGE. CEOSPACE is a PROCESS to bring CEO’s and management teams current, and keep them current in the NEW AGE OF SUPER CHANGE.

Leaders today must schedule to work on the box remotely from their box to remain current. Leaders require team mentorship in their silo at the top of competency to foster guidance to their challenge list. CEOSPACE checks off the boss’s challenge list with the highest mentor expertise.

CEOSPACE has led the CURRENCY PROCESS MARKET for the NEW AGE OF SUPER CHANGE for leaders. No alternative was present to provide comprehensive CEO at the TIPPY TOP guidance at their preferred pacing and level of mentorship. Elevating the PROCESS for SUPER CHANGE to a new higher CEO STANDARD took years and cost some investment to re-tool these assets into the CEO SUITE we offer five times annually in Palm Harbor Floria.

CEOSPACE is the one and only venue that encourages families of CEO’s to attend together. Home support is important for CEO leadership in a. switched on turned on work space. Sacrifice is often required at home and stake holders ( the CEO’s family ) who understand better the CEO required commitments, are far more enabled to support their leaders at home and at work which frankly is another aspect of CURRENCY. To lead out front in SUPER CHANGE home support is as important as work space support and CEOSPACE is the one and only global institution serving over 100 nations that includes FAMILIES inside the PROCESS we call the BUSINESS GROWTH CONFERENCE Or BGC. We grow business faster and CEO’s appreciate the support that is missing in other venue’s.

The Support at CEOSPACE is unusually complete. CEO’s tell us all the time – if I had only KNOWN ????

It was so much MORE than I suspected?

I have profited so deeply from this time at CEOSPACE and forward executions now save years not months…thank you.

The MASTER MIND CEO TO CEO THINK THANK Including Fortune leading mentors – provides a missing PROCESS that works for CEO’s who are the leaders and decision makers and their senior management teams.

Fortune Institutions are increasingly buying CORPORATE MEMBERSHIPS which remain unchanged in price since 1988 – at only 10,000 US dollars – where corporations own the LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP and can rotate every sixty day – senior teams they wish to reward for performance to upgrade skills – tools – tactics – divisional solution metrixing – and to accelerate silo bottom lines. Again CEO’s so often express….IF I HAD ONLY KNONW….as CEOSPACE blows performance outputs off all matrix’s we have measured for 25 years – you outperform services we paid 1000 times more for and you deliver 1000 more within for less. Its that large a ratio difference.

If you review testimonials you will find for 31 years there are zero brand embarrassments with leaders from AT&T to Zellerbach having curled the CEOSPACE PROCESS to keep leaders fully CURRENT in their complex Super Change career paths today.

We believe no University yet prepares the leader for the NEW AGE OF SUPER CHANGE within which you face daily challenge. NO leader is more over whelmed than the leaders attempting to remain current in their C suite back lacking any PROCESS for being brought fully current and for remaining out front fully current and bleeding edge in their silo of SUPER CHANGE.

CEOSPACE does all that Tuesday to Saturday with families of CEO’s enjoying this process together. There is no other # 1 ranked PROCESS In this Space world wide for five years. CEOSPACE is the industry leader and the # 1 ranked to explore for value based leadership upgrading.

You call Jessica Vice President Corporate Relationships 256 850 4710 or Nancy Murphy Vice President Global Market Growth – 256 850 4719 and just explore with these senior executives. No selling ever. Just due diligence and data to make informed choices for a tax repurpose to elevate your teams to SUPER CHANGE LEADERSHIP SKILLS and KEEP THEM THERE.

Following a decade of FIRST and LEADING experience in serving professionals and CEO’s to engage a PROCESS that is on going – builds on layered learning – downloads new tools and tactics for remaining CURRENT in your C SUITE – which now becomes priceless- we are releasing our FIRST BOOK on the NEW AGE OF SUPER CHANGE.

This Holiday you will profit from SUPER CHANGE – HOW TO PROSPER IN THE NEW AGE OF SUPER CHANGE the book for this Holiday Season for CEO’s and all entrepreneurs. I hope to speak at many of your institutions on SUPER CHANGE as you make your teams aware of the new burdens to become CURRENT and to ever REMAIN CURRENT in industry leadership. The new CAPITAL In C SUITE LEADERSHIP.

In 2019 I will release Digital Manners a sequence of how to adapt Digital manners in your home space and work space such that currency elevations assure you are IN CONTROL of your technology and your technology is not addictively in control of you or your personal freedom to make decisions. Many have abrogated  CORNERSTONE DECISION PATHOLOGIES for digital addiction which impairs their ability to lead out front in the New Age of Super Change.

These two works are novel, well researched and data driven, and provide tools and tactics you lack today to assess moderate and upgrade the core software above your neck.

CEOSPACE works with many Ivy League University staff over decades of experience and we do not see today in the age of the entrepreneur the ideal entrepreneur skill sets being instructed to go from concept to markets within the classic entrepreneur sequences. Universities simply are evolving their trainings and largely learning as they go in the Entrepreneur Age without any PROCESS EDUCATION to bring the leaders of tomorrow current inside the NEW AGE Of SUPER CHANGE.

CEOSPACE is the home of the ENTREPRENEUR CURRICULUM LIBRARY. The ECL Library is the worlds largest content library instructed by world class authorities on every imaginable sequence in concept to market or new division to market branding – in the world today. Over 1500 digital 90 minute modules – where content is king – at placement values of 50 million dollars, exist in present digital ECL libraries CEOSPACE is seeking to license to major University partners globally. This content library is priceless as CORE PROCESS to STAY CURRENT in the NEW AGE OF SUPER CHANGE. The content is among the most advanced entrepreneur curriculum’s in the world.

CEOSPACE also has developed global patented technology for any class room education – modality – or content – known as – Tony Robbins hosted the installation of SUPER TEACHING at the UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA while Utah state hosted Salt Lake Community college installation during the Olympics. k – 12  was installed almost 20 years ago in Caledonia Elementary School in Michigan state. There have been others.

Super Teaching is a SUPER CHANGE class room upgrade presenting a teacher assisted VIRTUAL REALITY EDUCATION THEATER drawing on three flat screens and automation. The teacher and the content moves between three screens. Students appear on the screens interactively and they don’t know when elevating their attention. The pattern roll of redundantly presenting information in a YOUTUBE CLICK LEARNER WORLD makes class rooms more consistent to learner technology experience and elevated performance across all learner modalities has been reported over decades when SUPER TEACHING is used in government, institutional, corporate or public private education class room retro-fits. SUPER TEACHING is low cost and creates class room VAM – velocity acceleration and momentum for learner performance. The WEB SITE can assist your institution to explore a low fee license if you would wish to upgrade learning in your centers to full SUPER TEACHING in the new age of SUPER CHANGE. Currency and leading out front is the PROCESS each leader must explore and install for their own agenda’s of currency as POLICY.

If you lack a POLICY to be brought current in leadership and to remain current your first priority is to develop such a policy as making decisions with left behind software that is not leadership current is NOW THE LARGEST COST TO INDUSTRY IN THE MARKET SPACE.

The POLICY is to adopt your process to be brought current and remain current in the new age of Super Change and to transmit that policy to all stake holders frequently and as a culture priority inside your community.

Leaders expressing such SUPER CHANGE POLICY rise up and remain superior in their services to their community….those who fail to adopt these new required policies – are stuck in reverse and slide backward in market share and are unable to actually move ahead as they once did – see GE for 30 years – see TOYS R US – see COMPUSERVE once a dominant trend setter leading the market share now gone – SEE PAN AM or EASTERN AIRLINE – see COMPUWORLD – how many book stores are gone? SUPER CHANGE see KODAK and so many more.

The issue in leadership is POLICY and PROCESS to assure your teams remain current in the new age of Super Change.

You may copy and repost this content to your peers and circulate to the C suites as you wish. Private Equity – Hedge Funds and stake holder institutional investors are well advised to a) adopt policy and process yourself and b) assure your stake holder investing has board level POLICY AND PROCESS to follow at your example.

Yesterday is already way too late for POLICY AND PROCESS to assure leadership remains current in the new age of super change.

This singular agenda makes billions spent in consulting antique and out of phase with SUPER CHANGE ( a waste in culture and in forward execution ). The priorities include:

  1. Policy and Process for CURRENCY in resident leadership.
  2. Culture reform from competitive culture dynamic to cooperative collaborative internal culture dynamic.

Consultants who install other first priorities we feel in 2018 and 2019 should be delayed or canceled. Consultants who propose tools and tactics to execute these two priorities are the answer to the question – when is yesterday already to late. The one cost to great to pay is delay.

RENEWAL is not a goal or objective. RENEWAL is now an on gong process.

The Box Top Rule Books for this work director was invented and perfected by CEOSPACE over half a decade of accelerating Super Change. Today we have dumb AI running everything including all capital movements world wide as well as global digital leverage – all firsts never seen outside SUPER CHANGE in 2018. CEOSPACE has tracked SUPER CHANGE in the C suite longer, worked with CEO’s exclusively for over three decades in 146 nations and we share expertise with the leading multi million dollar earners historically mentoring CEO’s of Fortune 1000 Institutions as our own faculty collectively.

CEOSPACE invented teams mentorship versus isolated silo mentorship for accommodating SUPER CHANGE accelerations. SUPER CHANGE is rapidly accelerating. The challenge remains for leaders, how do you and your team remain current and relevant as leaders within massive SUPER CHANGE? What is your policy? What is your process? Do you have one? Will you install one?

CEOSPACE is one low cost option but others are rising up too many our own graduates staring SUPER CHANGE solutions which we so welcome. We see SUPER CHANGE CURRENCY PROCESS MANAGEMENT as a 100 billion dollar industry by 2030.

Today is the right day to make a decision to develop your own POLICY & PROCESS for Super Change.

No priority will pay more reward leadership more and give you more peace of mind along your own journey. Leaders need to welcome retreats on SUPER CHANGE and allocate TIME to upgrade tools and tactics continuously as an ON GOING PROCESS leaders commit to within their own core teams.

The POLICY AND PROCESS is the lowest cost, tax repurposing only, allocation of resources for the highest most immediate return to all stake holders. The Boss is transformed in powers and outcomes from the PROCESS itself bringing higher confidence, new high level challenge resolution dynamics, and rushing solutions to markets versus missing SUPER CHANGE windows that pass and never return when they are missed as options and opportunities.


The largest CEO family attending Business Growth Conference in ten years – since 2010 – is July 16th Tampa Bay. You can register your party on line anytime at

Institutions can inquire of Jessica Vice President 256 850 4710 or Nancy 256 850 4719 the number unchanged in 31 years. These senior executives only work with CEO”s directly. They address the CEO’s due diligence questions, secure any mentorship they may desire pre program – develop the pre program due diligence customized to that industry specifically and CEO exactly – associate CEO’s with the PRE EVENT CEO ORIENTATION to get the most of the ladies and gentlemen master minding at CEO level that Vista Presidents tell us is unmatched process rewarding to CEO’s in the time frames. Our Senior Executives also convey CEO PACING where every hour your running your empire virtually from your virtual office in your full kitchen multi bedroom suites with offices. Your doing meetings, zoom, Skype, conference calls, and never out of touch more than ONE HOUR. We call that process CEO PACING which all who fly in private jets on the run way especially appreciate as they must run the empire while upgrading the Camelot’s in their home space.

Most CEO’s in July 16th bring their families and that is world wide. Our Teen FEAST Program is relevant for CEO’s with teens in their family groups also # 1 ranked in the world for YEP the YOUNG ENTREPRENEUR PROGRAM. Younger than teens play in the five pools, nature walks, and amenities on the 900 acre 72 PGA Golf Resort at Innisbrook Palm Harbor – guard gates privacy for our CEO’s on site.

The mid year is ideal to set up the second half of 2018 when 78% of all spending occurs. As Super Change includes now policy on Debt for Greece Italy and other nations – North Korea Policy – Iran Policy – Pakistan Policy ( awash in unsustainable debt ) the EU awash in TRADE WARS unsustainable debt and soaring interest rates – Asia is the same with interest rates soaring and capital fleeing – as SUPER CHANGE is everywhere in policy and forward election year dynamos. Leaders are so fortified if they pause secure upgrades in tools and tactics – review their challenge lists with expert Fortune Grade Mentorships to the C suite – within team mentoring solution performance over a week Tuesday to Saturday – the outcome for now to December will only improve over what it would have been without the short retreat to resolve unresolved issues.

Every CEO benefits in the busy second half not to be missed inside the longest boom the highest boom ever record in historic record keeping – the boom cycle of our generations lifetime. Not to be missed in this second half for its full measure of options and opportunities. The LEADER KNOWS it is all about options and opportunities – many. unseen working under your box to the goal wall – versus stepping back ten feet and working on the box several times a year – to a more straight wake line to the goal wall – with new options and new opportunities you might have otherwise missed.

CEO’s appreciate if CEOSPACE fails to bring the leader more fully current in Super Change or fails to accelerate the second half of the year results with better plans – improved teams to execute and missing resources now acquired – CEOSPACE refunds the CEO’s lifetime membership before they depart the host hotel – removing all risk from the CEO schedule and decision consideration. The money back warranty is contractual and absolute.

No risk.

The decision is to accelerate and to assure you do not delay or wait to accelerate.

THAT is arriving Friday for a mini family vacation including free shuttle to Florida’s # 1 to # 5 bet beaches near your hotel suite door- plus 72 Golf holes plus Amusement parks – plus five designer pools with water slides – four gourmet restaurants – you you just pamper Friday to Monday and play with your family acknowledging them.

Then you all participate in CEOSPACE Tuesday to Saturday which is the most EVENT FUN you have experienced in your adult lifetime. Your highest outcome will be mentorship where you change the lives of others even as your own mentors elevate your performance with gratitude. You will simply love the PROCESS all developed by CEO’s like yourself – improved asa process by CEO’s continuously and always CEO grade of work you are comfortable inside of.

Make the EXPLORATION CALL as millions and more can be the outcome. Make the EXPLORATION CALL with your own customized agenda. Keep in mind when you see films at or on YOUTUBE if you search CEOSPACE you will SEE a big room with lots of CEO’s in that big room. Use Caution here as you are only in that big room three times during the week – as CEOSPACE is highly customized for CEOs’ – one on one – cross master minding and mentorship – and you are not in a seminar or workshop as process at all. CEOS” so appreciate the ladies and gentlemen nature of the club.

Most of the initial work occurs with Mentorship at meals in CEO to CEO master minding. Appointments follow up with appointment cards at the meals setting up private asset rewarding transactional events the entire week at CEO to CEO Grade exclusively. CEO”s make things happen. No time wasting. Everyone respects everyone else time.

The process at CEOSPACE is unlike any process you have ever participated in – and lets face it – you want just that.

CEOSPACE is a lot more fun than your anticipating and much of CEO loneliness and depletion is replenished inside CEOSPACE. CEO’s cell phone batteries are full green bars for the second half of the year. The majority of CEO’s can use a little replenishment from the constant depletion their C suite responsibilities demand of them.

Investors find superior projects at CEOSPACE.

CEO’s find resources in the worlds largest SUPER STORE for the CEO that CEO’s had no clue even existed globally. Access to any R&D or B to B is immediate and inside the CEO SPACE Giant market space. CEOSPACE is a market play ground for CEO’s .

The FUN factor is higher than you suspect and know it or not you can use that FUN FACTOR in the mid year to compile the second half – which is a YOU CAN NOT MISS THIS ONE event in market timing.

Super Change.

Its here.

Your Policy and Process is what comes next.

CEOSPACE is one low cost high value option you might circulate to your tribes and as our largest richest connections – our best instructed and resource rich Business GROWTH CONFERENCE since 2010 is July 16th – I of course as founder Chairman would welcome my readers acquiring the BETTER BIG ONE to propel their second half of 2018.

I know if YOU ONLY KNEW nothing would keep you from CEOSPACE July. Exploring is low cost in time and attention and can provide the details to make the best leadership informed choice on July 16th.

Why not run things virtually and get the better improved options for your game second half of 2018?

Explore – its a phone call with the most friendly experts who wish to serve you.

Berny Dohrmann – Chairman CEOSPACE INTERNATIONAL 1988 to today…..serving 146 nations and hopefully you as CEO next.