The EU sink holes of Greece and Italy are potentially EU Debt Killers to the EU itself having any form of viable future value based currency or economic model. The EU is drawing in Debt. The IMF warned this weekend without debt relief – meaning creditors loose untold billions – Greece can not sustain its rising mountain of debt within economics 101.

A nation the US has lost trillions in legal theft to Pakistan has lost 2/3rds of its currency reserves in just one year alone. Awash in debt to keep the economy of Pakistan sinking to potential collapse as a nuclear power – and in never ending contest with India – about to pass China as the # 2 global economy – China has lent Pakistan 5 billion this month to avoid catastrophic melt downs. China is investing over 50 billion ( all debt fueled investing ) to develop power grids roads and infrastructure cementing influence in Pakistan for Russia and China and diminishing USA influence in Pakistan as the USA alliance with India rises.

A run on China is taking place where manufacturing and jobs are moving by the millions from China with its red tape and IP theft to India where the English speaking rule based nation is soaring in its growth.

China is trapped in a debt trap to influence grow and fund its rising military ambition. All this occurs with a rising Mount Everest in the world of CHINESE UNSUSTAINABLE DEBT fueling its growth and economics – which can not end well. China is crashing economically its stock market crashed last week and will crash more this week – capital is running out of China – China is in quick sand economically and only DEBT STRATEGY is keeping China alive versus a major recession which IS in FACT coming. When that hits how will China manage debt defaulting? That becomes the global hot spot question. China is sinking into a recession it lacks tools and tactics to moderate or rise up out of. The sinking is massive in China and over just weeks and it is picking up speed. China debt defaults occur as the economy slows as sustaining the debt pay outs was impossible when massive debt bubbles created the Chain miracle – a miracle forged not on Communism economic success but upon Communism massive debt bubble to fuel growth – never a real economic.

China lacks capital to invest in Pakistan let alone a 5 billion dollar June Loan to keep Pakistan from default cascading in debt. The DEBT SUPER BUBBLE is a hair trigger from a default cascade within counter party agreements between Leander stake holders unlike any history chart or past to guide us. Or a 55 Billion Dollar infrastructure jobs based multi year debt driven investment scheme that also can not end well.  And thats just one nation China to Pakistan Рtrillions are being loaned by China as communism state policy to influence nations Рalliances Рdisrupt USA and western influence using Debt investing Рand to sustain minerals for China ahead of other national needs globally using debt as policy. This economic model is a death spiral and can never end well.

Economically digitally with AI controlling the circulation the economics of 2018 have now gone where no humanity has gone before. Outside any regulatory frame work in an AI casino capitalism driven by margin trading and fantastic leverage to which the market has no tools and tactics to even pull back as the tidal wave of debt rises to 1000 foot level than 2000 than 3000 until its sheer weight will topple the system into massive global digital debt default cascade…a new worse than contagion economic that will shock than systemically fail the entire system at core.

Which is our WHY to track and follow DEBT HOT SPOTS which remain obscure poorly reported and not the story of the day. However the story of the day is systemic failure and the cause and the failed Fed policy against this debt super bubble of raising interest way too soon way to high way too fast is the trigger – failed fed interest policy repeating now – that has created all system depressions failures and world wars. The Cause is failed Fed Policy and our blogs if you scroll tell you why with clear compelling videos data you can rely upon as the truth.

Financial ignorance and economic illiteracy is the weapon to move powers for economics from the people to elite insiders. Education and knowledge are we the people power.

Voting in candidates who take a position to merge the FED back into US treasury is the CORNERSTONE VOTER ISSUE in all nations for the informed voter. Everything else is sand thrown into the giants eyes – a distraction.

Pick and vote for candidates who take a position to merge the FED back into US treasury.

The Debt Super Bubble Clock is counting down and time folks is running short – we still have boom time left fueled by massive borrowing – and capital shifting around the globe – but increasingly AI punishes at whim and nations lack powers to moderate capital flows from the AI casino capitalists today.

Today the AI is all about profits by the hour at any cost to benefit its stake holders.

The future real economic would be a system obsessed on customer values rising while AI makes a profit long term.

Huge difference in philosophy.

One is a sustainable economic model.

The other is a speculation driven casino capitalism whose outcome is always Debt bomb explosions – debt cascading globally – and system failure leading to world war. Why? Greed that was not regulated and unmoderated.

In our opinion. There are plenty of dissenters who believe the new casino capitalism is AI sustainable. WE disagree as programers and investment banker economists.

We’ll see who is right.

We have time.

Protect yourself as you monitor DEBT hot Spots. The time to move all resources and assets into diversified insurance investment strategy with licensed experts guiding you is two to three years and your earlier than later choice to ACT is what will keep you relatively safe while others could lose more than everything on margin debt trading of their leveraged asset acquisitions.

When its too late.

It is way too damn late for YOU.

So action not consideration keeps you safe.

Nothing else does.

Decisions make you safe.

Lack of decisions elevates risk as the DEBT SUPER BUBBLE CLOCK ticks ever onward and the wave grows ever higher.

Think about it.



PS: Not yet reported well is the diving US deficit as millions go off state pay outs and pay in from jobs taxes – the revenue to the USA is soaring and many costs are dropping and the double edge reality is beating projections to reduce the US DEFICIT. Resetting trade will also assist as tax and tariff’s will now add trillions to the USA revenue model… fair trade swings back into the world.