A lot unfolds in just one day. For example:

  1. We have the first breakthrough agreement with North Korea since the War in the 1950’s. No one has made progress until now. Lots of work to do but the huge threat is reduced not elevated and that is GREAT not GOOD news for markets.
  2. Trump stated he next wants to make a real deal with IRAN. Seem impossible. Think North Korea. That IRAN next deal would propel prosperity forward for a lot of forward years.
  3. Tuesday we have all time record rise in business confidence.
  4. We have record consumer confidence.
  5. We have upward inflation first real rise in consumer prices as an inflation economy the Fed worked to assure and create appears to have arrived. Should you raise price? When? You have to discover the answer now not later?
  6. We have Weds Fed interest rate hikes already factored in. Interest is going to rise Weds.
  7. WE have first REAL WAGE GROWTH and strong numbers.
  8. We have robust numbers in all sectors rising exploding even.
  9. WE have record wealth effect in bond and equity wealth and appearing to steadily rise to 2020. Ditto in real estate wealth rising up and up and away in all market sectors.
  10. We have earnings just off the chart and rising in all sectors.

The main message we have for entrepreneurs today is to focus on summer elevations to the following:


  • invest to accelerate growth in the second half with 72% of all spending ahead of us all – in the biggest boom market of any generations life experience.
  • Create improved plans in the second half
  • Create improved teams in the second half
  • Create improved reassures to accelerate in the critical second half

The first investment is to grow your own business or practice.


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Chose your mentors. Chose your best process. If not CEOSPACE chose what you trust and believe in. BUT GET HELP and ACCELERATE and do not WAIT to Accelerate.

Thats todays message following the North Korea agreement as the boom is about to explode in the second half of 2018. You can just feel it can’t you?