Donald Trump was elected in overwhelming victory by no party at all but by American’s who voted for SERIOUS CHANGE to the status quo – the old way – the DEEP STATE money interest.

The Deep State has risen like a giant parting of the Red Sea in a process I’ve never seen in fifty political years before me. The entire might and wealth is focused on impeaching President Trump, stalling him, scandalizing him, and more. He pays no attention to the DEEP STATE and he attacks its major generals.

The REFORM STATE has risen up on the other side of this Red Sea supporting a man who earns over 800 million of ordinary annual income personally, and is advised by billionaire kids who earn tens of millions annually. Influencing or buying them is impossible and even his children are under deep state attack.

The Spin is obtuse. Lets review:

  1. He tells us he will reform taxes and he does and that is now bad.
  2. He tells us we must build a wall and why economically and they won’t fund it or protect the borders or manage new immigration policy when DEEP STATE old policy is broken for all to see. Trump is bad for trying on both.
  3. Trump installs fair trade – matching how they tax us – they reform or they are taxed precisely as they tax us. They all rally as billions in American subsidy is being challenged now. He is bad for ending the old America goes broke slowly model in place for 50 horrific trading years? HE works to stop the middle class disappearing and he is bad ?
  4. He deals with China better than any President and together they deal with the biggest world threat North Korea. Successfully. Together as never before.
  5. Trump goes jaw to jaw which is better than war to war says Obama adviser  Tony Blinken, The Deep State says America was weakened this week. How is that again on DEEP STATE SPIN?

Betrayed by Canada who set TRUMP up politically than gutted him with a service knife in his press conference – stab in the back more like gutted in front – and Trump immediately called it and left the Summit of DEEP STATE BUDDIES. Trumps line in the sand – is American products – say a car – selling for 50,000 in the US sells in the EU and Asia for 300,000 due to horrific unfair trade taxes. Now Trump will tax their cars like they tax us a Lexus will cost 1,000,000 dollars.

Trump wants zero taxes. But his red line is – reciprocity taxes is here to stay. Tax unto others as they tax unto you – the new 11th Commandment for the DEEP STATE. The sucking sound from America legal theft is being stopped for all time. Trump is bad for finally protecting AMERICA FIRST?

As an investment banker economist retired, I don’t get the spin frankly. How can the economy now with:

  1. Record all time high employment
  2. Record all time high business confidence index
  3. Record all time high consumer confidence
  4. Record Stock wealth effect
  5. Record Bond Wealth effect
  6. Record real estate wealth effect
  7. Record earnings soaring and GNP soaring
  8. Treasury income soaring and deficits are going to decline just wait
  9. Jobs and investment and off shore investment in the USA is soaring.
  10. Record make it at home is soaring all in 18 months?

Thats bad? Thats all bad? How is that bad ?? All bad ??? I submit the credit rating of the USA is about to raise to the level it was before it lowered under President Obama for the first time in decades. Watch for that higher credit rating and lower USA borrowing cost as AAA is restored. Thats bad and that’s TRUMP outcomes and results. Folks. Its late and I think credit rating agencies should act on this as a rightful rating bump its time.

Does anyone measure RESULTS and OUTCOMES. He just met North Korea and ratcheted down the BIGGEST GLOBAL THREAT OF MODERN TIMES.

He now seeks to deal with IRAN and Russia and ratchet in prosperity and peace to replace waste and war.

Just the war games in South Korea save the USA billions of dollars anyone thought of the COST and the peace dividend. That waste is what – bad?

America first means what?

ISIS is utterly defeated on Trump’s watch which he promised. He lets the GENERALS make the CALLS and he delegates.

What leader has done more for this nation economically politically and re-tooled the entire world order in 18 short months like this one leader who promised to make AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

Crime is going down. Even with unwanted violent overall violence is also down. Anyone charting this as we are. This is bad how?

You may hate Donald Trump and his style and his everything is new and a first time for the President. Hating Donald Trump you can not say he is not a LEADER. He may not be YOUR LEADER of choice but he is for sure in history today a GREAT LEADER on the board. One mights say the old leader today that matters at all. New in 18 months.

He said no one could predict him. He kept that promise and is hated for it. Is that bad?

If you love him you love his results and outcomes.

If your undecided and moving toward his results imagine this. No matter how you think or land I respect YOU and your opinion and vote. But think – Donald Trump be President for years and likely for four more years with these results and outcomes.

IMAGINE if Donald Trump had a Republican landslide in the mid year and American’s just gave him CONGRESS two get LAWS PASSED . Really make Congress function versus dysfunction. CAN YOU IMAGINE what might unfold if whoever is in the office of President we voters gave them congress to make it work – we just made THAT CHOICE. If a democrat is in office give congress to them if its republican give it to them. Make Government WORK AGAIN – for that idea would WORK if it ever reached voters.

MAKE CONGRESS GREAT AGAIN – vote in the party who has the Presidency – do that voters – and you have your country back in fact.

Today parties brain wash you. I think there are no more real parties in charge today. I think voters want outcomes and will vote for outcomes best for them. Party or no. Best person. But you know if we give Congress to the President – we win.

Think about that when you think about Kim Spin from all the Kings Horse and all the Kings men trying so hard to put the DEEP STATE back together again.

Berny Dohrmann – Economics should run politics in my opinion

PS: I predict the mid year elections will surprise us all…..