So it was 98 in Denver and 75 in the mountains. It was heavenly. Blossoms blowing in the wind. The 10,000 Super Money Pool Executives at the top or shifting into Summer mega yachts and the weeks of play that keep the market blues away.

Today for the first time in history, the human touch to trading velocity falling off during these summer holiday periods is no longer the OLD CHART NORMAL. No sir. The rule today is AI DIGITAL trading.

• AI never sleeps
• AI digests every whisper of market to asset class sound bites – to its own criteria matching to hold – trade up or down – primarily in future price manipulation bets.
• CEO teams are using stock buy backs by a trillion or so to make their own business a huge conflict of short term greed against long term shareholder investing for secure outcomes over time lines. The FEW against the many expressed in stock buy backs as on economic investing – another form of the casino at full power.
• AI software makes all the bets and does so whether the boss is off on a mega yatch or not – never seen before.
• The first summer that is an AI MARKET SUMMER.

In this first every by % of daily VAM – velocity acceleration and momentum in trading volume in any and in every imaginable asset class ( none accepted ) – AI is attempting to set trading ranges – instantly punish outcomes up or down – and or reward outcomes – and adjust to the trading lane after and over time.

Individual traders have no chance in the new VOLATILITY VIRUS that AI engages where maximum volatility in asset classes raises profit outcomes. More modest volatility lowers profit out comes inside a casino manipulator speculator market space, which we are inside of today. SUPER BUBBLES are being created within fantastic digital leverages never experienced before.

No one can predict the outcomes. The North Korean Summit Tomorrow is a full house. All cards and ships on the table. Lose the house bet and the world moves to fantastic war volatility in North Korea to demonstrate to all rogue nations the outcome and consequence of wrong sided betting. Success in this one conference leaves only Iran and Russia to secure deals upon to settle into a global peace dividend to all markets.

Next past all the rhetoric politically is the old scheme of “they tariff the USA with massive tariff protections to their local markets – while we are their largest single buyer – is a global trade post world war II model that is closing forever. Reciprocity Trading 2018 where we tax them to match – how they tax us – has a lot of screaming going on. But old entrenched industry fails to appreciate a new digital fact we call TIPPING POINT.

For 50 years the cost of making something – anything really – in the less costly zone to get the price and quality globalized trade. The end product must be so reduced in cost to home grown reproduction that the cost off sets the high shipping costs to have rolling trains on the seas bringing those goods to home markets from source nations.

The TIPPING POINT is where AI and automations – create anything at home for less than the shipping cost and offset making the item anywhere else. The math is a the tipping point. We have reached THE TIPPING POINT in 2018.

So today Apple can make items in the USA for the same cost without social and environmental and without political costs – that pile up. More “making something” is now returning home inside the world’s largest buyer and economy and the great rip tide is the capital flight from nations effected and the dollar robust buying that protects the world institutions from the coming utter dominance of dollar based trading. That security is about to move from free money at the bottom to market rate pricing at new tops.

AI software is routing new “plug in”s this summer to accommodate the TIPPING POINT. Without those plug in’s being on the wrong side of the bet – which human’s moderate in managed trading accounts – is high risk to AI software who may be on the wrong side of the bet with older software “givens”.

Today we are in the new AGE OF SUPER CHANGE.

The box top rules AI call upon to make “decisions” are revised at time line levels never required before of software. AI that is agile with agility AI is leading. AI lacking agility has serious trading range risk factors never known before.

Today in the NEW AGE OF SUPER CHANGE the title of my 2018 book release later this year – is – and remains – the SPEED that AI can be accommodates for AGILITY PLUG INS to keep the software decisions against every changing VAM criteria in Velocity Acceleration and Momentum of new box top rules to stipulate risk reduction off set by enormous digital leverage in the modern trading accounts.

Leaders like Blackrock have infinite leverage potentials with management of say ten trillion dollars of wealth between Carlyle and Blackrock of two of 10,000 SUPER MONEY POOLS. This leveraged trading in the casino is new – an unfolding digital experiment in which all past knowledge is now irrelevant against DIGITAL VAM in real time trading.

The one truth you can relate to is that the good times are now through 2020. If congress passes an infrastructure bill the stimulus could propel GNP growth and outcomes into 2025 and beyond.

The former FED CHAIRMAN ( keeping in mind his policies have been such failures and created the last Super Crash in 2007 – 2008 – ) states that TRUMP Steam runs out in 2020 if nothing new happens. We agree. We said the next point to watch is 2020 but not now. Today we have positive investing to buy hold and diversify in markets – noting there is risk of a BLACK SWAN credit bomb explosion at any time from China to Italy. So protect from that risk and see it clearly from our published data for your consideration.

So today you get a dream world.

We tell our business owners at CEOSPACE globally to invest in their venture growth as job # 1 in 2018. Plan out growth into the second half of the year. Improve teams to execute better plans on shrinking time lines. Invest in customer and alliance development to markets. Do that all now.

We will help you create your own BOOMING ECONOMY. Create your own economy is comng July 16th for awake DOERS versus those who just consider forever.

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I hope to meet many of you July 16th our best of 2018 in our Summer CEO Family Forum adventures. So profitable and so replenishing and fun. Precision assistance to grow faster or those who seek just that. Share the once a year big one with your circle.

Meanwhile HOW will AI software reward or punish the North Korea meetings or the Policy on trade or the policy on IRAN. Each event will be like a massive global volatility virus which in the end won’t mean much. What propels the valuations upward today is earnings, growth, mergers, buy backs, and leverage in casino capitalism. The last aspect of the Fed 20 trillion dollar experiment to save the world from systemic bankruptcy they allowed the speculation to produce should run up up and away into 2020 – then we will see – where we are by then.

Until then its time to party folks – the blossoms are real this summer. And you know why.

It’s the good times folks….roll into your summer secure in that…for THAT is reality today.