As my readers so well know it is my “opinion” the market ratio’s of price earnings ratios across the board are CRAZY over priced historically. As my readers also know the price of equities again in my opinion is manipulated by fantastic speculations and leverage. All never seen before in any market.

Carry this against core economics where record outside any historic model debt burdens are rising – never ceasing for nations – for institutions – and for individuals. Record defaulting is occurring in housing again as prices rise beyond % of buyers qualified to buy and own those prices – student loans out of all control – auto loans – and commercial real estate.


The Tax incentive is phony. The savings is largely for wealthy, and what home owners received is taken away by higher property taxes and interest on properties now no longer fully deductible. The bulk of incentive money hitting corporations is used for stock buy backs by a trillion dollars. This phony shell game manipulates prices for share in a total fraud speculation that is like musical chairs. When the music stops the gonga line falls off a cliff.


The good news is I think the fraud the market criminal speculations without regulatory frame works that once were in place, the digital instant leverage and VAM trading by AI software the consolidation of Super Money Pools controlling the majority of trading globally will sustain a boom into 30,000 DOW into 2020/2021. Then all bets are off.

At that time I think a recession is a kind phrase. The longest largest boom cycle in recorded history I believe will end badly. If there is Debt Defaulting cascade and trade wars could well have unintended consequences of speeding up debt defaulting cascades – the future of a DOW SUPER CRASH to 6400 DOW is possible with unheard of deflation.


A global depression is likely where banks and financial institutions go bankrupt due to digital leverage and margin calls with debt defaulting that exceeds all liquidity and capital buffering. We call this LED DAY – Liquidiation Evaportation Day. The best place to be is a federal institution where you have three meals a day and a safe space – relative to the outside world – and your free of world war – or own your own business. 


The NEW DEPRESSION will be unlike past modeling and have no equal in pain to the world as competitive capitalism and communism collectively utterly fail. Rising from those ashes following a world war we trust will be COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM. Nations we feel will step into a shareholder model. Voters will be shareholders electing a Board who elect officers who run the nation. We think this model is far more accountable and outside special shareholder meetings ( vote of no confidence ) sustained management is likely to do better than the model we have today that is too slow – too corrupt – and too bought and paid for to work actually.


National Laws would be passed – retired – re-tooled – as technology advances by the management and their boards with shareholder approval say every five years.


Cooperative Capitalism is fully reporting fully accountable fully transparent and has no secrets. It works and is outlined in REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION.


Until the SUPER CRASH COMES the good times are the best times. Own your own business. Be an entrepreneur in the age of the entrepreneur. Become far too consumed having a blast making a fortune to have any time to struggle to earn a living.


Invest with your best trading models advice from experts and due diligence always. 




When will the Super Crash come?


It will come without any warning.


The Black Swan event is called BLACK SWAN because no expert no authority can predict and tell anyone THE WHEN. No one has in the past. NO one can in the future.


Today we have a fragile debt driven recovery that is far from robust. Oppossing forces of way to rapid interest rate normalizations and trade war pressures promise a VOLATILITY VIRUS to all world markets where ups and down and destabilizing  cycles will become ever more serious as time passes into 2020. Watch for roller coaster patterns not seen since 2008 and now becoming the new normal.


Record swings up and down. Profits made all along those ropes by AI digital positioning.


Capital Movements are not following economics. Capital movements are in are all in or all out based on politics. Nations are hostage today to SUPER MONEY POOL ebb and rip tides that no moon can predict any longer. Nations are powerless and possess no tools to offset the new AI digital software capital market rivers flowing across the oceans of the world capital markets – the super currents outside any charts of any past history.


Like Star Trek all markets are going where no man has gone before.


The box top rules for AI trading platforms are being written even as we go week to week. There is an economic SUPER WAR of software WEAPONS OF MASS WEALTH CONSOLIDATIONS. The core consolidations do not bore well for sustained economic activity.


Too Big to Jail and Too Big to Fail are new to the world global systemic.


There are no regulatory frame works to moderate greed and risk remaining as the laws are all local and the economy is now all in the CLOUD for the very first time – outside blue sky law and regulation. A new frame work with the G 100 setting the largest regulatory RE-THINK in modern times is required and desired. Those super money pools making ungodly profits within the digital landscape do not wish that franchise of unbridled risk taking to be reigned in at any level even if it is for their own long term welfare. Blinded by literal oceans of greed the musical chairs moves every forward while the music ( profits ) plays.


Consolidated super debt ridden – super asset class bubbles – unheard of market valuations in spirals ever higher fueled by digital leverage and speculation – can never end other than badly.


The I DARE YOU TO NOT INVEST market is a truth or dare space that is what we have labled economically CRAZY SPACE.


We have suggested in many blogs a pathology of diversified insurance investing so contrary and counter intuitive to to the drum bit of the investment adviser conflicted interest parties patting the musical chairs and saying SIT DOWN WITH ME. Its all a party. A great party.


So party on the last chairs fall off a cliff historically and in our opinion. In David Stockman and many other economist opinions.


We all see 2020/2021 as the next point of SUPER CRASH DANGER. We also see Black Swan events with todays leverage rising as interest rate hikes and trade wars compel financial wobble effects. 


We do not see stimulation being invested economically. A trillion dollars invested in economics would be compelling – that trillion diverted to stock buy backs to create phony stock values – not so much.


The US has stimulated a SUPER BUBBLE in all ASSET CLASSES worldwide. Sustained inflation is phony and features of taxation policy and tariff trade war policy spiraling out of all controls.


As nations withdraw into every nation for itself the current account capital flows can not end well. 


Politics is driving economic policy and outcome – which is always 100% of the time fatal.


If economics drives political policy a happier outcome occurs.


Greed decries integrity. Any economic system devoid of integrity and regulatory systems where systems replace trust – create the outcome everyone of 8 billion humans deserve and require – is missing. When such systems and integrity are lacking the crises in economic integrity is epidemic to the system utter and complete failure as the system is core rotten to its core.


The Crises is one of INTEGRITY.


When banks create fraud – steal from their customers with resulting runs on Wells Fargo – to Deutsch bank in Germany – the impolsion of economics begins. In the end the distrust 8 billion of us have with the system ultimately rises to fatally impact circulation liquidity.


The problem is fixable. 


No G 100 plan is being created to GAME PLAN a repair and fix at causation level . Hedge Fund manager Kevin Freeman a dear friends publication GAME PLAN defines you must make your own game plan as your nations have no game plan.


The Debt Spiral is always fatal.


Folks the bad debt reported on institutional books as good assets creates unmatched historic fraud. If those crap assets were written down the institutional bankruptcies would make the GREAT DEPRESSION of the 1930’s a child’s wading pool to the deep end. Today the FANTASTIC DEPRESSION is about to become the MAGNFICENT DEPRESSION. Say we have two years maybe three.


Make your game plan.


Place your bets.

Make a Fortune.


Invest wisely.


We have a great boom period ahead…..which in the final chair …simply ends badly.


You have seen while I celebrated my daughter Cheyanne Hunts graduation at Denver this weekend – my predictions unfold.


Apple drops due to rumors about part supplier issues. Same pattern over last five years and same timing. I say “buy in the Apple dips” as I have. Don’t sell on this news as it is in the past always incorrect. Look to the charts and history with your own exports.


Gasoline steadily goes down when experts told you it was going to 100 dollars a barrel and we said HUMBUG. The Petro market is going down in 2018 and 2019 says JP MORGAN in its latest reports which is like reading our blog over time on data. Decline in demand and disruption OPEC failed policy can not remedy. China just bought less year to date not more. As this blog told you. Stay informed and ahead – which is why you click my blog in the first place. Now back to normal on news – as my little ME TIME with my baby girl is complete. My face book is over sold at 5000 friends so I ask you to use Google Plus or Linkeden for Berny Dohrmann where I can approve all my readers and you can track and see my world day to day. Always welcome my readers on my walls and you can follow me on face book by friends are out unless you tell me what class number from CEOSPACE than your always in – as my core community but that is way over 5000 too so I just have to apologize as Face book has limits but we with over 30,000 subscribers here in 2018 alone – do not have limits and welcome all new subscribers to the TRUTH of WHAT “IS” going on out there.


1.    Dare Devil Market betting in the last stage of the casino capitalism before the SUPER CRASH due to leverage and failed Fed Policy?

2.    Diversified insurance investing which frankly creates – safe haven with the highest guaranteed principle returns permitted by LAW and remaining regulatory frame works for those seeking pure SAFE HAVEN without the risk of the casino.


The Fed reading our blog MAY and I say MAY moderate its failed policy to raise interest rates way too fast way too soon to moderate the SUPER DEBT BUBBLE in all asset classes ( first time in history within all digital trading ) whereby – the market needs 25 years to steadily moderate policy not 25 months. The Fed now is hinting only mind you – it may pause and finalize this rate increase – slowing them – and pause its asset sales of its crap bond portolio back to market – in 2019 – creating a phase I level and then wait to see.


The Fed is seeing their tightening money is not creating inflation or stopping what inflation is not present outside oil phony price levels from speculators – the Fed is seeing the Debt load can not refinance at a specific level and they are seeing LIQUIDITY IN THE SYSTEM our great yellow flag our cry into the wilderness – moderating – liquidity or system wide reserves are drawing down to nothing – and the FED is understandably like a dog that shit and looks back with its super nose and see’s the warm shit heat steam rising – confused – with a look – hey not MY Shit everyone not my shit…when it clearly is FED SHIT. The issue is can they turn their failed policy into a far more effective success policy in TIME. Today TIME is the issue and no one can predict how the digital casino market clocks will scroll that time line.


No one …..we are now in a new frontier. 


But you know WHY which makes you powerful because you have special knowledge. What you do with THAT SPECIAL KNOWLEDGE is up to each individual reader.




HAPPY GRADUATION – My Cheyanne Hunt I am so very proud of you my double major moving on to Business Law Next – you will make Denver U so proud – so proud like Mom and I are this day and every day.