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JUNE – 2018

Half the year is already gone. How are YOU doing? As well as you wished? Not as well? How can you do better in the critical second half of the year.

Apple is at record highs and institutions have been adjusting the trading peaks for apple to new high’s at 210 dollars. This blog told you when experts said – Apple was past history – Apple would only go down and to move out of Apple in the winter – to BUY APPLE in the DIP. We bought at 150’s did you? Thats 50 dollars of profit a share as it hits 200 dollars which is not the new forecast peak this summer – and we told you why – in 90 days? Did you take action?

We told you to avoid OIL when the experts told you oil was going to 100 dollars. We told you why? Today the storage of oil in America is over flowing ( again ) and the ships are lining up to store excess oil ( again ) and Saudi – that controls OPEC is about to relax pumping rules for members why? Because Members have had it with losing a trillion dollars on Saudi FAILED OIL POLICY reported here since 2014 – as OPEC literally breaks apart. Members are no longer adhering to the OPEC rules because they are killing themselves if they do inside a market that is growing in oil.

OPEC is a criminal cartel of oil producers that seeks to manipulate prices of oil outside market supply and demand. If Supply of Oil is fair market prices the producers give their product at the lowest possible price to make a profit while caring for their customer value maximally. Amazon brings prices down as they can and raise Prime cost as they must to increase service value to the consumer.

OPEC raises prices by artificially taking oil off the market  ( violating supply and demand ) to assure their own per barrel price is maximized for their greed disregarding their customer ( most of the world trying to catch up and develop and avoid starvation ). As oil is half a barrel transporting food – fertilizer for food- pesticides for food – upon which half the food crops of the world depend – artificially manipulating price is a crime against humanity cost poor developing nations ( most nations – untold 100’s of millions of deaths from starvation and lack of medicines which are based in oil products. These essentials for humanity are too costly in a FEW AGAINST THE MANY world of oil economics where a small group of GREEDY CRIMINALS execute a hidden tax for a commodity upon the world. All economies would flourish and boom with a lower cost of energy for OIL IS THE COST OF EVERYTHING ELSE. We reported on this blog OPEC was failing and would fall apart. We told you everything they say is a lie and flies against the economics of fair market supply demand outcomes for markets. CARTELS are illegal in the USA and OPEC is illegal in the USA and other nations. Why is OPEC not branded by nations a FINANCIAL TERRORIST ORGANIZATION  ? It should be.

The US should produce off shore oil itself at GOV pricing until the oil cartels are dissolved. FAIR MARKET PRICE FROM THE US NATIONAL OIL PRODUCTION CORPORATION where profits are used to retired the NATIONAL DEBT now there is an idea.

We told you OIL would go down. The experts told you oil would go up all Spring. Oil is going down steadily as our blog said. Did you take action ore get killed in that market?

We told you there would be a stock market correction in the SPRING. That correction is now history. The experts told you in Jan in the Winter when the market reached all time highs – trading a year pf profit gains one month alone – that the up boom would be on going. We told you get out it was at peak and would fall and be volatile thereafter. This blog was accurate precisely from data and you have seen that record bear out. If your holding us responsible.

We told you to BUY TESLA in the DIP and we told you why. The Experts predicated TESLA would crash in stock and require billions of dollars to keep going by the summer. Tesla stock has gone back up and is going up now and we say you have not seen anything yet. We told you why. Did you take action or did you buy in the DIP?

If you are keeping score the 100% track record is so rich we invite YOU to share this blog with your tribe who want to read news and then have another source to get a SECOND OPINION. This blog tells you WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON OUT THERE IF THAT IS IMPORTANT TO YOUR DECISION MAKING. Another source of data to weigh – throw out – or add in – to your own process. Just one more set of facts to consider.

You may agree with our teams.
You may disagree.

You can COMMENT we always answer and encourage dissent. Welcome your views as we present our own.

This blog is read by over 30,000 subscribers and untold 100,000’s of click readers who have yet to subscribe ( which helps our counts ). I encourage those using this free service to SUBSCRIBE to advance our counts world wide. This blog is read by a world wide audience of readers who increasingly enjoy the perspective of WHAT IS GOING ON OUT THERE.

This blog told you that we believe the summer will see overall gains. WE said into 2020 we see the market going up and down in volatility and we told you why. We told you without major third party events and they may well take place the market will rise to 30,000 DOW by 2020. We told you that the economic news would continue to be strong.

We have just had the best financial reporting, jobs reporting, overall wage growth and interest raises ( way too fast way too high way too soon by the other illegal cartel – central banks as private contract corporations with nations – the FED being our own – that controls our money without oversight – prints our money and charges us all interest ) for that service. The FED CRIMINAL CARTEL will keep raising interest soaring bank and financial profits for their membership quarter by quarter – soaring financial sector profits – leading the 30,000 DOW which they manipulate along the way. Equities are not falling into a bear market quiet yet. The longest EXPANSION UP BUBBLE IN RECORDED HISTORY hits us and sets records this August. The BOOM will go on despite trade war and Iran issues.

Volatility will be up and down and sometimes jar you all. Why? Because the 10000 SUPER MONEY POOL TRADERS are leaving for Summer Vacations. Their AI SOFTWARE will trade and trade – up and down with more think VELOCITY ACCELERATION AND MOMENTUM. The VAM will pick up this Fall – then we have to really see again.

Today the double lines of trading parameters will not grow sensational outcomes this summer but neither will values fall off any cliff as opposed to overall stability. Oh there may be huge DAY DECLINES and HUGE DAY RISES as never seen before as AI learns earns and returns. AI is learning. AI is not human and lacks our judgment capacity. AI must learn human judgment as it lacks such judgement today.

The Summer markets will overall repair the SPRING correction. All GROW occurs in the SUMMER. Crop growth – and all growth.

Oil from Shale now can’t get enough workers. Record numbers of wells are at work. Half the oil patch was in ice storms and snow. Now everyone is fully back at it and record reserves are over flowing storage already and we have yet to hit the OIL VAM OF this SUMMER.

ALL growth happens in the summer.

As all eyes are on North Korea – we note – no President like him or hate him – has:

  1. REFORMED US TAXES so positively in such a short time
  2. REFORMED VET HEALTH care so massively in so short a time
  3. Has proposed needed Infrastructure legislation coming next as enormous 25 year America stimulation to growth
  4. Created more jobs in less time
  5. Created staggering economic stability math in such a short time
  6. Taken tensions with North Korea into peace talks ever
  7. Moving to reduce tensions with Russia in talks now planned
  8. Working with unfair trade in a market where the USA goes absolutely broke slowly – and stops it and reverses USA PROSPERITY TRADE world wide all at once – creating a world wide new trade model – in such a short time – first ever
  9. Massively empowers USA defense to step up into CYBER WAR and catch up and win finally – first time ever
  10. Works to bring American troops home from Syria – Gulf Nations and South Korea at levels that reposition defense budgets to upgrade global strategy while sending clear messages to China and others – the old appeasement model is over for good.

Like it or hate it – 18 months have changed the BOX TOP RULES.

We told you for three years FIVE STAR party would win in Italy as a populist new EU day in town – and they would EXIT THE EU. The experts all report they would never exit the EU. We tell you the EU is breaking apart ( economically and politically ) into its constituent nations – and Italy is at HIGH RISK to leave the EU. We told you to short the EU and go long on the US dollar. The experts said the dollar would only reach new lows in 2018.

The US DOLLAR is at new high points in 2018 and growing steadily. We reported. you an’t seen nothing yet and the US dollar would advance to become the strongest currency by far in the world as the EU implodes over time dying in a sink hole of bad debts.

We told you the SUPER DEBT BUBBLE was the risk to the entire world and that forward of 2020 RISK ON and DANGER mounted for this unresolved DEBT SUPER BOMB. WE told you Italy was the danger trigger in the EU while China was the Danger trigger for the entire world. We are growing economically in a spiral of whirl pools of super debt in the EU and Asia to which we see only SUPER BONDS as the solution or war as a reset device. We are lobbying with nations for SUPER BOND THEORY and we’ll see if we can influence or pull off a final solution outside war to rebalance economic accounts. Time will tell on this item.

Our Summer forecasting remains as it has been. We see the ON VACATION VAM constraints on trading as defaulting to AI on the large % of trades. The humans are going on vacation. VAM will level and decline now. Price points should rise on amazing economic news – up bubble GNP adjustments for America and other nations as winter is gone and SPRING EFFECTS are reported to market in the summer. We did good in Winter. We will do GREAT IN SPRING. WE all are springing forward financially. Wealth will recover from the EARLY SPRING CORRECTION we predicted precisely – accurately over three years 2015 – 2016 – 2017 and into 2018 if anyone is tracking our blog track record reported here.

We have said all year the summer would rise and grow back results lost to the correction and the BOOM would become the longest boom in history going into this fall and into 2020. We told you the market is a casino versus an economic model driven by 10,000 super money pools, AI trading, and manipulation via speculations in all asset classes where the VAM is 100% higher in price speculations in side betting as to which WAY A FORWARD PRICE WILL GO versus real stake holder trading. WE stated this model is not sustainable without a re-think of regulatory frame work within the G 100 cooperating as all trading is now in the cloud and all regulations are local only. Without a new frame work of regulation criminal speculation will imbalance market price ranges and multiples.

As it is and has. The two major risks to eventually rebalancing of the abuse of economics is:

  1. Massive speculation via SUPER DEBT BUBBLE world wide. National Debt institutional debt and personal debt.
  2. Market price manipulations via unregulated speculations within fantastic margin leverage and trading ( precisely like the 1929 run up to the last depression ) only using DIGITAL DEBT and AI SOFTWARE in a new economic system with AI SOFTWARE manipulating price ranges – such as the economies of the world have never known before.

This blog told you we are going where no man or economic system has traveled before. We are inside a new AI SOFTWARE ECONOMIC MODEL. We do not have any tools tactics or regulatory frame work to regulate this new model.

AI has not reached what we call THE GREAT AWAKENING YET where AI IS:

  • Fully self aware – a new being
  • Self programing and evolving – like our own brain
  • A billion times more advanced in thinking powers than a human brain and acceleration capacity beyond measurement
  • Self maintaining replicating and expanding globally


This Blog has advocated a policy for national security and defense to protect humanity from this GREAT AWAKENING following which all bets are off that:

  1. We create a MARS POLICY of mutually assured reconstruction – outlined in my book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION and in white papers we produce here.
  2. EMP weapon systems as failsafe to deconstruct AI outside AI influence to influence or manipulate as a KILL SWITCH we lack to this instant in planning a grave risk moving forward.

If you want a fictional AI example of what can occur and we are closer than the film – depicts – watch the NETLIK SERIES – PERSON OF INTEREST and WATCH IT TO THE VERY END. You will learn a lot and the points 1 and points 2 above will mean a great deal more to YOU than those lacking the data points.

This ends our summer summary and forecast.

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A far happier place to prosper one and all.

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