The updated new model of statistics the USA releases for the economy fails to include the 30 million long term unemployed. If you include THEM as we did only a short decade ago – the REAL employed and available labor force is more like 7% now down from 16%. All good.

The labor wage growth is anemic and years late in coming.

There is aside from oil – now crashing downward:

  1. NO inflation
  2. NO pressure of the economy over heating
  3. The recovery is debt fueled and fragile with risk
  4. The big spiral in trade war escalations is risk on
  5. The tipping point of interest rising too fast is risk on

The wild card is enormous national corporate and personal debt loads never seen before in economics. Raising interest rates too fast too frequently by too much is repeating failed FED POLICY that created from the FED as CAUSE – the Depression of 1907 and WORLD WAR I to rebalance accounts – never really fixed systemically by world war.

The Depression of 1929 and World War II to rebalance Fed failure within distorted economics – where side bets in casino capitalism made possible by Fed FREE MONEY and regulatory failures to moderate the speculators – collapsed markets and WORLD WAR II was required to rebalance accounts.

The Fed impossibly conflicted in the conflict of interest to raise cost of money ( which is prints ) so that its shareholders who control the Fed – the banks and investment banks the Fed is supposed to regulate a a private Government contract Private Corporation – chartered by a 80 page of congress 100 years ago – itself a failed policy of Congress – has created more horror – poverty while protecting wealth consolidation of its elite shareholders.

Today 1% elites own more wealth than 99% like they did in the 1907 Depression and the 1929 Depression. These American disasters did not occur before the FED when the US treasury printed money and managed fiscal policy.

Which is why we advocate for an emergency Presidential order to merge the Federal Reserve Board back into the US Treasury as a constitutional required return of law. Or:

  1. The Fed will move in greed to reward it’s controlling shareholders – all in secret and never reporting to congress at all – never audited – no oversight at all – and lying – will raise interest rates as it did in 1907 and 1929 against a rising trade war which shattered economics entirely.
  2. Then the Fed members now so wealthy made fortunes on WORLD WAR as millions were slaughtered while they all had warm meals and a nice party in the Hamptons.
  3. Repeating that model precisely is a wake up call for anyone who can click read and research the truth from the lies.

Economically the world has suffered the worst melt down in economics since 1929 in 2008. This melt down was FED CREATED by Fed Failure to regulate its bank shareholders from a greed fest in mortgage speculations. In a global profit making shell game unlimited money moved into mortgages no one owned – sold and resold into mortgage pools – and super pools and then into super duper pools all rated TRIPLE AAA by bought and paid for credit rating agencies having zero regulatory oversight in today’s system. The result is the SUPER DUPER POOLS were CRAP and trillions of wealth went up in smoke due to the economic imbalances.

The FED is the cause ( always ). Their policies have failed since 1907.

The FED unblocked needs to merge into US Treasury. Instead they are repeating history to cause a global Super Crash and real World War III. Why? Their members globally have no way to pay off their bad debts. The way to avoid member ( bank and investment bank ) bankruptcy and bankruptcy of nations over topped with debt – is to crash the economics and move into WORLD WAR.

Fed cover up their own abuse liability problem – no one goes to jail – and their members make fortunes destroying old infrastructure then rebuilding entirely new updated infrastructure in a re-circulation that cost at the bottom line – a billion human lives. Fed accounting says its a right price to pay for the profit – as those billion are actually irrelevant. As a way of thinking we oppose.

It is all economics.

If criminals control the money how do we win?

If we fail to merge the FED ( criminals ) back into US TREASURY ( not criminals ) then the future is on US ALL.

Ignorance keeps us in wage slavery.

Education sets us economically free.

Today the economic growth is precious fragile and at high risk. The debt load of today requires decades to work out of – say 20 years. Raising interest rates should be far more gradual and far more extended as sane policy versus insane policy.

Against the risk of TRADE WARS and pressure on economic recovery inside a debt load the world has never known before the insulation is slow careful interest rate normalization over twenty years not twenty months.

The FED profiting from those fantastic interest rates shows no mercy to the sane policy over the insane GREED conflict of interest to absolve its member shareholder pressures to make profit from higher interest rates NOW.

Debt – refinancing of nations – institutions – individuals – at ever higher interest rates will sink home owners – consumer buying – everything. The Economy will reach a tipping point.

The SPRIAL of trade wars and interest rates is a DEPRESSION BIRTHING NURSERY economically. As with today’s debt load at historic never known before levels the RISK SPIRAL is fantastic and the Fed lacks accommodation for the data against its justification to profit and greed feed.

The old truth – if we fail to learn from past history we are doomed to repeat past history.

I fear for the failed FED POLICY of today within a digital casino capitalism with no silver bullets or shock absorbers remaining to right the DEBT DEFAULT CASCADE and LIQUIDITY EVAPORATION DAY that follows in digital seconds that tipping point.

If present policy continues the good news economically will sour quickly in the SPIRAL OF RISK rising without moderation from sane economic considerations of these given as presented here.


PS: Play in the Casino as you would in Vegas and be careful out there only the house ( the Fed ) wins in the end.