Ping Pong Ball Policy in the Middle East has vastly reduced American influence and standing. During the past ten years America has been a setting sun in the Middle East. The essential power in the Middle East is PUTIN and RUSSIA. Every card played right.

Think of it like this:

Who told Israel to “cool it” after their F-16 jet was shot down by Syrian forces? Russia. Who told Iran to knock off its toxic anti-Israel rhetoric? Russia. Who told Israel to stop airstrikes in Syria? Russia. Who told Iran to “calm down” after they lost seven soldiers in the attack? Russia. Who did Netanyahu meet last week to get Iran in line? Russia. Russia has even vowed to protect Israel from an Iranian attack.

Why would Israel turn to Russia, a country that backs its mortal enemy Iran? Because Israel is a savvy realpolitik actor, and becomes Machiavellian when facing existential threats like Iran. Jerusalem knows Moscow can influence Tehran and Washington cannot. It has become that simple. Winner or loser. Saddle up to the winner folks or is this all lost on YOU today?

Its sad. But we as America can’t return to Glory unless we in fact truly MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN in the hearts and minds of the world by successful policies versus failed policies. Plus we never say we are sorry when we are so wrong. Never. Take Saddam for example.

More importantly — and this is what most Americans miss —Israel has deep roots in Russia. The U.S. is not the only country with a “special relationship” with the Jewish state. Back in the early 1990s, Israel absorbed a million Russian Jews — a 20 percent expansion of its population — in just a few years.

Many see Saudi and Iran as moving toward war but now Saudi is also now  cozy with Russia and with Israel – who would have thought that? United in growing alliances against Iran. Russia in the middle of both sides. Not America.

Many see Israel going to all out war with Iran who publicly suggests all Jews should be killed and that the holocaust never even happened. The disrespect of Iran to Israel and back and forth is legendary. The stuff of wars. Russia is the war stopper. Not America .

So as Italy in recession with 11% unemployment dives into the DEBT ABYASS and may cause real global economic contagion – the GULF is a sphere of influence no longer of the USA but of PUTIN – who faces no election and has six years of absolute power as he restores the Soviet Union to its place as the offset to America the OTHER SUPER POWER and now perhaps superior in weapons over all.

At least for now. We’ll see as the USA catches up quick.

So today the Gulf sinking sucking sound is America being forced out like a bad bowel movement by the Fiber of PUTIN and Russia. Russia leadership has risen as American respect reputation and regard has diminished. In this environment America is also pulling back from endless subsidy and theft of nations of our own wealth. The political rip tides of losers and winners will go on for years as trillions of dollars are changing home ports.

In insisting on FAIR TRADE those who have profited from decades of  legal theft are now shifting to Russia where bribes rule of law and fair trade are not even considered. Hey American can’t be home port for our business model can you Russia fill in the ebb tide from America. Putin answers from China to Saudi – YOU BET WE CAN AND WE HAVE IN FACT. America never saw it all coming and our policy makers do not realize we lost and Russia keeps on winning. Win after win after win. We seem to make non reality our reality. WE LOST and Russia WON as Russia expressed successful policy and has 82% behind Putin in poles and the USA has unsuccessful policies and a 40% plus for our leadership in 2018. 6% for congress lowest possible going to zero it seems. 94% of American’s hate their congress failed policies.s

Putin is seeking to defeat America by advancing self aware AI as new living specifies that Russia fosters first. The notion anyone can control REAL AI is an oxymoron moron I feel as a programer. No one can predict outcome of AI developing. My New Book DIGITAL MANNERS out next year attempts to stab at what may be positive versus negative.

PUTIN states that THE NATION THAT CONTROLS AI WILL CONTROL THE WORLD and Putin intends for that to be RUSSIA no one else. THE AI WARS may be the final wars of man kind ever.

The outcome is beyond prediction.

So on Top of Italy over which the USA has no powers at all to influence – but Russia does  – we have PUTIN as the worlds power broker of choice – the leader whose words stands – and who is leading out front today.

Putin has won the Gulf wars.

The USA has lost them.

Putin is winning in the EU and America is losing.

Putin is winning In Asia and America is losing with its trade war policy. Watch. Watch RUSSIA.

Without a massive change in our policy with Russia – such as working with them – how can we advance in our failed policy model in the Gulf or EU and come out ahead – as we drift in failed policy ever farther behind in how the world sees our nation.

Without a massive change in our policy with IRAN such as WORKING WITH THEM how can we advance our failed policy with Saudi in the Gulf bringing us 100% oil rise in only months for no reason at all but Saudi our buddy. We lose they win. Russia sanctions mean nothing as Russia makes it all and more back with 85.00 oil prices. Russia wins the USA loses. At ever measured level. Influence prestige policy alliances and national alliances. Our USA footprint is shrinking and RUSSIA’s is growing rapidly.

RUSSIA is the perceived winner. America is the loser. It is new for America but it is fact. Some one needs to tell the belt way what is true as the world has it – but the leaders are never out of the protocolary office for their endless examinations as their time is spent up their ass on policy as they all FIDDLE while Rome burns.

Look at Congress with a 6% approval rating the lowest in history record keeping since formation – and one can see how outraged American’s are – and conversely how dismissed the world is to the US as a moral high ground today – see ME2 for one example or House of Cards for another.

Globally we appear to be losers in our polices – because frankly globally – we in fact are losers. If we don’t change our policies at the top we can’t change our outcome globally on the ground can we?


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