What did we tell you?

We told you that volatility created by 10,000 super money pools now fully managed by AI SOFTWARE brought the world in only 5 short years to a new economic we call casino capitalism. Fed by digital leverage the debt super bubble now applies to bank core deposits being assigned duties to trading accounts of the real owners of the world and these elites managing consolidations of wealth, apply software in a spiral of AI wars upgrading software parameters by the minute – globally – moving circulations at paces and processes within flash trades the world has never experienced or known before. Trillions are traded to manipulate all price ranges to risk less risk a theory – we feel a failed theory – which Velocity Acceleration and Momentum of AI trading in the casino control absolutely today. You didn’t know? Regulators have lost control of capital markets. Laws are local. Trades are in the cloud. Leverage is now digital. Without a global new regulatory frame work the criminals controlling money are in charge with no regulatory oversight what so ever.

We advocate for massive new G 100 regulations of todays digital casino a first in economics and the highest risk to all of us ever Our system could fail and fast. Without any warning at all. That risk. The risk the IMF and World Bank have been bringing to leaders with zero result in bought and paid for politics world wide. The Elites have consolidated control as owners of the world. We are only tenants. Renting our lives from them without realizing that.

THE OWNERS ARE IN CHARGE – less than 10,000 SUPER MONEY POOLS. That is the truth folks.

Today no model can obviate the market volatilities. The old charts no longer apply. Whereas eventually core economics always rebalances trading abuses in our opinion. We have argued for a regulatory re-think globally – double the budgets for the SEC – and a new digital ramp of regulatory frame work for the entire world versus one country – as trades are now in the cloud and laws are all local on the dirt of nations.

It is all so new. Regulation has not caught up to the five year shift. Today 440 trillion dollars of leverage circulation influences and manipulates prices in all asset classes of only 3 trillion in stake holder economic investing.

Stock buy backs by the trillions is a largely leveraged non economic investment to manipulate share prices artificially. Not that long ago such speculative manipulations were a crime. Today they are legal. Today banks and corporations conduct criminal activity flaunting laws of nations to pay small fines to get out of any jail or criminal consequence. Small players get wiped off the map for tiny violations that were a short time ago not crimes at all now they are crimes.

Four thousand non crimes are crimes now.

The too big to jail commit real crimes that make mob crimes small items compared to the crimes against humanity say OPEC exercises all for the Greed of an oil elite class which sinks the future of entire nations becoming full partners in prosperity. Its economics.

The May markets are being rattled by two events.

  1. Italy the leading DEBTOR NATION in the EU – so many times worse than Greece the EU can not save Italy – has a new government. This new government is shattering trust. The price for Italy bonds went up by impossible % points on Friday alone. Italy is seeing a run on the nation. Half a trillion dollars ran out of the nation on FRIDAY. THE AI software will not be kind to Italy that is about to have a credit down grade to borrowing cost – Italy can never pay on any basis. The market is smelling the end of the EU in this Debt trigger that may be market rattling globally. We warned about Italy for years now it is here.
  2. Venezuela is down in oil production 40% in only three years and falling like a stone. The total collapse of 1.2 million barrels a day ( right now ) from this larger lake of oil may be about to occur. This would spike oil to over $ 100.00 by speculators – versus supply demand issues – and that price would sink the world into a recession. A catastrophic event when economic recovery has not taken place and such an event would create massive global deflation all over again. It is close as Venezuela is a failed communist economic system – as that system has only failure in a pile of debt and declining productivity. The failure to invest – when they had money in their oil machinery is the problem – now with broken old parts and no money – they can’t ramp up – and their oil assets are being repossessed by creditors they cheated. Venezuela it is safe to say today is a failed state ( economically.) and the recent election advancing the failed team forward into economics, will result in a full collapse in nation and a civil war. In our opinion we see only a massive investment from some unknown risk taker to save this system. Without such a massive surprise investment the world economy is going to move into recession due to oil short term profit taking by elites.


As the markets move into the last of May the overall economic modeling looks surprisingly mixed. The USA has had durable larger goods and factory orders plunge for two months along with critical housing. Retail and consumer activity has been surprisingly robust and driving solid profits across most sectors.

Inflation is largely oil driven – the cost of everything – rising from 39.00 in two years to more than 100% by elite oil cartel manipulation versus supply demand issues. Oil is plentiful and demand growth is dropping as demand will drop at core for 25 years as a reveres in oil is now assured as demand plunges globally.

Only manipulation by speculators keeps oil artificially higher than supply demand would have oil at 50 range – which it will just plunge to when all this sorts out later this summer- as we predicted.

Near term the big AI trading issue is the hedge bets to secure risk out of contagion effects of the SUPER DEBT BOND DEFAULTING CASCADE that Italy may soon trigger world wide.

Followed by a total collapse of Venezuela as a failed state as a consequence of voters choices to support an economic model that has proven itself to fail. Core economics is the problem not politics.

Voters often fail to appreciate or understand economic influences and vote emotionally or upon issues that are anecdotal versus seminal to the outcomes desired. Economics is the only core issue for an informed voter. Keeping voters UNINFORMED helps elite classes hold on to their power base.

As it is easier to manipulate voter emotions using social and media today, than ever in human history, the self thinking voter who dives ever deeper is the minority versus the masses of brain washed voters following the channel flavor of their emotional capital.

Slowly voters will wake up. The same inter-connection that elites used to brain wash voters also can educate and inform voters. Some of whom are reading this blog to regularly assess with new deeper data considerations on the economic issues of all issues in the news daily – advancing ECONOMIC EDUCATION and think for yourself wake up to the endless spin which billions are invested to assure arrive at your brain center point.

VOTERS ARE WAKING UP and becoming self taught.

Merging the FED into their treasuries of nation is a wake up thought. A solid economic policy to elect candidates upon. If I had to ask a candidate one policy issue it would be first – DO YOU SUPPORT MERGING THE FED INTO US TREASURY – voting for those who say yes and avoiding the rest.

Who is bought and paid for? Those who say no and want the Fed as it is as they go. Big bucks for them.

Yes is a bless.

Find your candidate.

WOW a waking up voter scares the elites like no other power upon the earth. Given the billions to keep you all in the dark imagine how much it scares them to have you get information to vote differently?

This MID YEAR ELECTION may be the most important single election in American history. The DEEP STATE against REFORMERS. Avoid the spin and follow the economics.

Who gains really?

Who loses really?

Its never easy to discover THAT in bought and paid for spin news.

Today we have spin news – pick a channel pick any channel and dial back and forth and listen for yourself. You can just appreciate the spin at the channel click.

Still we are all waking up.

We are tired of the endless negative and vilification.

WE want COOPERATION NOT COMPETITION as a culture of governance for WE THE PEOPLE.

We want a giant national COLLAB in nation and between nations.

We want to rise to celebrate diversity across this tiny planet and stop punishing diversity of thought, religion, politics, race, or governance. CELEBRATE one another versus punish one another.

Punish is spin brain washed emotional reacting uniformed brains.

Celebrate is highly educated economically informed brains waking up from he spin news.s

This blog is a tool one of many …there are so many…find yours.

The markets are going to punish Italy. For greed.

italy is in crises and a potential spark to BOND DEFAULT CASCADE across the world a tipping debt point issue. Today the IMF and WORLD BANK are truly behind the scenes near a panic point. You’ll see why before May ends.

Combine that to Venezuela now having all options taken off its economic table – no new money coming in – and a run on the nation with capital flight moving every final option off the table. The failed state is soon to be in the global news.

We have Germany and China and the USA with 40% of world economic output. We have both China and Germany stating that the USA is protectionist seeking status quo – NO CHANGE. No change means that 65% last year and 62% this year in trade imbalance is taking place. Could China and Germany invest in AMERICA their 35% trade surplus and rebalance accounts. Sure they could and that choice would fuel world prosperity.

Not only are they both not doing just that – they are now making REAL POLITICS by Germany making China deals to invest their trade surplus with ONE ANOTHER against the USA – creating a check mate for the USA. Or trade war if not fixed. So Markel flipped Trump the finger last week and made her own deal with China feeling THAT is better for her prosperity – in a every nation go at it on their own.

China is now meeting IRAN to suggest – as with Germany – you don’t need the USA. We will use the 3 trillion we hold in USA Trade dollars as our reserve to nation to replace the USA and its influence and trade with you making sure your economically fine and we trade route around USA – they can do what ever they wish – as we China hold the powers.

Well this is false. First China is not near USA in GNP or output. it is almost tied with India and Japan. India will pass China soon and Japan may as well. If the USA creates MATCHING TARRIF to Chinese incoming barriers to USA goods – China falls off a cliff. Its 300% borrowing over GNP is worse than Italy for ten years as well. A debt bond default would and may well trigger a total break down of the Chinese economic model – a super crash of the Communist failed economic model held up only by US subsidy and debt. China has no sliver bullet – economically – the USA has a full house economically and China is calling our bluff holding two twos – a pair against a full house. Kenny Rogers needs to perform for President XI singing – “you got to know when to hold them…and you got to know when to fold them……I can hear it now.

ECONOMICALLY if we really don’t work out surplus laws and treaties – China is a sun that is about to SET economically. Don’t buy the spin. FOLLOW THE REAL MONEY as all this is way way over due – unfair trade is criminal theft and a crime against humanity as trade balances becomes systemically no longer sustainable exaggerated by SUPER DEBT BUBBLES world wide. We are trying to fix the core imbalance before it is too late economically. Politics running economics leads to a global depression and world war. Economics running politics can save us all.

When the USA puts matching tariff’s or the TAX LAW OF RECIPROCITY MATCHING – the USA matches their tariff on one of our items to their red tape and tariff – precisely matching – then their trade into the USA plunges to the floor boards and our made in America activity soars.

For far too long following WORLD WAR II when the EU did not exist America subsidized the rebuilding of Asia the EU Korea and the world. Today the world has a short memory and continues to demand “war subsidies” in 2018 for their embalcne debts and growth.

How do you feel the USA see’s China as it deals with Germany to isolate and hurt forward USA trade balances even more – and now IRAN as a direct slap to the USA while dealing with the USA in talk but not action – never real action to repair the legal theft they enjoy today. All coming to an end one way or another. The easy or hard way as the USA is changing the box top rules finally.

The USA is not going to be able to continue accumulating 7.8 trillion in off shore debt. Balanced trade to offset the HALF TRILLION EACH YEAR going out – over what is coming in – is not STRANGE as IMF Chairwoman suggested – no she is bought and paid for by member nations funding the IMF and afraid to draw the line in her own budget. Follow the money when you hear news folks follow the money. WHO FUNDED THAT SOUND BITE?

So in summary:

  1. Trade war is not off the table. Germany and China must rebalance USA Trade or Trump will force the issue. The on going legal theft is coming to an end. World War II subsidies from American tax payers is finally coming to an end via a leadership that is saying enough is enough.
  2. italy Debt run on the nation and THE GREAT UNWINDING of the Italy EU bond markets can create a global DEBT DEFAULT CASCADE sinking all markets into SUPER CRASH – watch unfolding events here very closely. We are.
  3. Venezuela as a failed state ( economically ) lacking a trillion dollars of capital infusion – by who would lose such a sum ?. Without which the state fails and moves into civil wars. The US and the world may have to intervene to stablize lives for so many versus slaughters.

All this MARKET INTERCONNECTED at a fragile time, in a weak fragile recovery from disaster made possible by debt alone, and now the FED way too soon way too fast is raising interest rates far too much far too rapidly – the result of which is a tipping point to turn the world into SUPER CRASH due to debt defaulting at higher costing – made real by failed Fed policy – which is historic and a track record we can all count upon.

Which is my WHY for the emergency act of congress to merge the Fed back into Treasury before it is too late.

So as a VOTER in a wake up call – stay tuned – add this information to others you are reading and studying as you make forward choices. This is all my opinion and may not be yours of course. So comment we welcome applause as well as dissent. Can’t not wait to hear


Berny Dohrmann – Memorial Day AS the real economics start up