So – how do we track and rank a Federal Reserve Board, a private non government institution chartered by an 80 page act of Congress transferring the constitutional restricted right to print currency to the USA Treasury – to criminal bankers who own the controlling shares of the private FED corporation – in secret – outside audit or review of any nature – now in charge of the money supply of nations. All their shareholders have paid billions for crimes more vast against the people of this nation ( not counting Fed crimes ) and – no one – NO ONE EVER – goes to jail for those crimes. ┬áHave you ever even thought about your central bank is a criminal gang doing more damage than Crips Bloods or MS 13. Have you ever thought about the economic box top rules ?

The cause of the 1907 world depression and World War I was the Federal Reserve Board policy failures enriching their banker shareholders exclusively.

The Cause of the 1929 Great Depression and World War II was the criminal’s in the Federal Reserve Board greed – which sunk the entire world while their shareholder banks profited from the war and slaughters. You can google it all.

The cause of the 2000 DOT.BOMB super crash in global markets was FED credit and policy failure.

The cause of the 2008 Super Crash and real estate global melt down was Fed Failed Policy while their members made fortunes.

Today we have ten years of zero interest and trillions paid out to bail out the criminal bank shareholders of the FED for bad bets they made off shore – all all the banks would be bankrupt. Nations can’t pay the Fed policy failure cost I a digital world.

The Risk of World War III is rising rapidly. This is due to failed Fed Policy in 2018.

We have advocated for five years that the FED and all central banks be merged back into their treasuries with full oversight. The process is simple:

1`. Emergency act of congress merges the Fed and all its processes back into US TREASURY.

2. Zero cost to print money from that date forward takes place as we no longer pay interest to print our own money. We return constitutional powers on monetary policy to the US Treasury fully accountable to the US Congress. Checks and Balances the FED has none. Zero.

3. The Fed processes – are all improved and maintained – regularly meetings, data reviews, biege book all of it.

4. The Fed back debt is paid now – by a 100 year SUPER BOND a new class of bond to finance sovereign debt – where the USA is in the black versus the red ink in 2019 – and stays in the black for the future.

5. The deficit entitlements for MEDICARE and SOCIAL SECURITY are fully funded by the same SUPER BOND including infrastructure investments – securing prosperity leadership for 300 years by a simple act of Congress.



First the Fed failed in issuing trillions upon trillions to bail out their shareholder controlling banks from bad bets they made and are still making today. The leverage of the side bets has risen to fifty to one margin digital trading in a AI software risk less risk theory model that is fatally flawed. The FED encourages this economic false bottom as their policy in 2018. They have little choice given the pile of debt now 265% globally of world GNP. Not sustainable folks – its just arithmetic far far worse than 1929 as we spiral to collapse.

The Fed in 2018 is using social data reporting to construe we have an A level economy that can and will withstand their rapid interest rate elevations. However the FED policy here is totally wrong.

The Real analytics define a B level economy that is fragile in global recovery and which with record corporate – record nation – record personal and individual DEBT – record levels total – record rations – record % – just such DEBT RISK in a DEBT SUPER BUBBLE the Fed failed policy on FREE MONEY for ten years engineered – now that defendant Debt – which can NOT BE REPAID FROM CURRENT ACCOUNT INCOME – corporate – national – or personal – must be refinanced and rolled over.

That was workable when interest was level at zero.

Now interest has risen 300% in one year.

That rate of growth the FED Plans to continue as if the world economy can afford that rate of increase – a normalization that should be fragile gradual and expressed over 25 years not 25 months. The failure in policy by the FED will plunge as it has in the past the world into system collapse, and world wars.

Such economically predictable results – outcomes – are not negotiable in the economics. Do the math.

The Fed errors. The Debt DRIVEN SUPER DEBT BUBBLE global economy – supported by phony wealth economics of values made possible by FREE MONEY and trillions now in manipulating stock price with STOCK BUY BACKS that are truly crimes in valuation. No regulatory agency is doing anything about these SUPER CRIMES. Follow the money. Who wins. Who loses?

Now consider the ratio of manipulated equity price and value to off set super debt refinancing.

My prediction – by 2020 we will see a SUPER DEBT JUNK BOND COLLAPSE. Record defaults in first the junk Bond Space than climbing to B and A level bonds than aaa level bonds will default.

The HOUSE OF CARDS is coming down.


Fed Failed Policy – seeking in greed to make profits for their larger bank shareholders at any cost in a theory of AI software risk less risk.

Higher interest rates too soon will make it NO LONGER ECONOMIC to refinance Super Debts. A trillion dollars of Debt will default as this Fed policy unfolds.

Fed Data is wrong. Dead wrong. ( Nothing new there ):

  1. The economic globally is fragile and a B level recover far from an A level stronger foundation.
  2. The B level recovery is made especially vulnerable to SUPER DEBT that must refinance itself from zero interest to 4 and 5 % interest and the debtor lacks economics to make marginal current account accommodate the new debt load. They default and a DEBT CASCADE begins.
  3. AI software exaggerates the DEBT DEFAULTING globally in time compressions never experienced in economics globally inter-linked – where liquidity evaporates.
  4. AI Software seeing the cascade wave growing in red ink move to sell orders and zero buy orders – LIQUIDITY EVAPORATION DAY – LED. Markets freeze and seize – trade stops and institutions collapse.
  5. Nations and economics super crash and debt defaults create a world war environment that always follows failed FED policy on the economics. All for their own bank greed because they are all in fact legally empowered criminals committing crimes against humanity.

UNLESS two events happen the final stage of communism an competitive capitalism’s decline always follows as set forth in 1-5 above – always. The two events are:

  1. Emergency act of Congress to merge central banks back into their respective treasuries – true for Kings as well.
  2. A G 100 three year ECONOMIC CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION to draft a new box top rule set for the digital world we reside in – creating fair and transparent trade rules where no nation is left behind – and all unwanted speculation is removed from the economic model.

Today the FED has killed all economic hope by failing to regulate in the Digital world. I want you to THINK of the following as a FIRST TIME EVER – an economy going where no economy has gone before reality. Here it is:

  1. Five years ago the majority of economic transactions were human with human JUDGEMENT on trade accounts. Without regulatory oversight such modeling fails to greed – with greed moderation regulations things work better than worse.
  2. Five years ago the digital trading out paced the 1933 regulatory frame work for the entire world. We needed new box top regulatory rules but such rules never came. In 2018 the majority of all economic trade is AI digital software controlled by less than 10,000 elites in super money pools and that spiral is concentrating. 1% control more wealth circulation than 99% of us all – and that 1% has turned control over to SOFTWARE with no humans involved whatsoever.
  3. In 2018 440 trillion dollars – a money pool created by leveraging all banks and human capital at up to 50 to 1` ratio’s of debt to buy – speculation side bets – non economic gambling – as to which way a future asset may go – up or down – from currencies – to milk and sugar to oil and wheat to buildings or every asset class you can name on earth.
  4. AI SOFTWARE is in a Super Digital Debt spiral that seeks to consolidate all wealth even further, and manipulate price ranges using super digital instant leverage to set asset class ranges of value in a risk less risk theory AI software designers believe they have created in a new economic.
  5. In fact why is created it a final abuse of core economics – raising a tsunami of SUPER DEBT to drive economics in a new CASINO CAPITALISM in which side bets are controlling all circulations within shrinking super money pools controlling all the circulation. This will not and can not end well.

RE-BALANCING ECONOMIC ABSUE always will reset accounts. The longer the abuse, the higher the peaks of ratio wealth that are phony inside a casino betting machine – the more vast the correction SUPER CRASH and world wide depression.

For the first time a global SUPER DEBT CRASH can manifest a world wide depression greater than any ever known as all liquidity evaporates ( which no AI software has code to resolve ) and following LED Day – the scope o the depression and pressure to go to war to assure nation’s survival is over any prior top.

As all this march toward WORLD WAR III is preventable and the march itself is insane – controlled by Super Money Pool elites who like all in power – are blind to their own weakness and system flaws and simply proceed to KEEP THE STATUS QUO a great human thinking error.

Wealth always wishes to hold on to its franchise.

Leaders lack tools – tactics – education – and enough right data to trade in insanity ( the present normal that appears sane when it is far from sanity ) into new laws set forth there that SWITCH the insanity for sanity.

If 600 law makers in the USA are bought and paid for on forward economy policy – by the 100’s of trillions inside the 10,000 SUPER MONEY POOLs, how could laws to roll back the GREED of the “owners” – take place. If the OWNERS who have all the economic circulation under their controls – outside any modern regulatory frame work – riding free an wild in the casino capitalism of recent years – made possible by central bank free money over ten years of time – how would those law makers as the few become a champion for the many when the only many they care about is the many paying their bills by the millions to packs? The system is broken.

The leaders are too broken to fix the system.

The party we have to the cliff is the final dance.

Put your arms up.

Sing a song.

Drink fine liquor.

Smoke a big Cigar.

Have fun into the night.

Make money and party to the end.

When the SUPER CRASH COMES ( and its a ways off yet ) we’ll tell you what to do then. Ideally now to then you will:

  1. Own your own business.
  2. Grow your own enterprise.
  3. Develop alliances with three to five income sources in entrepreneur space the only insulation for what is to come.

If your on salary when it hits your deader than dead.

If your owning a business an you use this time to wipe our your debts and pile up your cash you will go through this period like a boat in safe harbor behind a safe sea wall from the economic storms coming.

Growing cooperative community helps. WE do THAT at CEOSPACE by keeping our entrepreneur’s in best possible information we know how to share with you all. Collectively your safe harbor is stronger than without larger community to trade within. GROW YOUR COMMUNITY if not with CEOSPACE July 16th ( our largest of the year ) with some method you chose – Tony Robbins BUSINESS MASTERY – Greg Reid’s sold out SECRET KNOCK and other great communities. Guerillia marketing is another A list.


As you can elect leaders who have integrity and who stand on merging the FED back into US TREASURY. Do that and there is hope. You have the power.

Idea – Party Doesn’t matter any more. Don’t be brain washed. There is only one party – AMERICA AND ALL OF US – and Merging the FED into US Treasury is the ONE an the only POLICY that matters.

World peace is assured from one out come.

World War III is assured from the status QUO.

The enemy is YOU. Your apathy and railing to get active and create VOTER COMMUNITIES in the one party that counts – THE AMERICAN COOPERATION PARTY – we all talk up an act into. One issue MERGE THE FED.

Now if our readers just shared the data in the blog files right here – everyone woke up from media brain washing ( bought and paid for media to brain wash your brain ) – and thought for themselves – we all leave the bought and paid for parties and join the AMERICAN COOPERATION PARTY.

If you get excited in growing community to a future for America and the world – hey I’ll form the party for you – but you chose who runs it. I stand for you being in charge. I provide economic facts you can use or discard. My opinion of the data.

I believe this is the ONE HOPE or America today. Everything else leads to bought and paid for STATUS QUO and the outcome of that is economic – historic and tragic. the Bible was wrong I think. It seems the CRIMINALS WILL INHERIT THE EARTH?


Because we in our ignorance having no clue to what is really going on economically – WE THE PEOPLE ALLOWED IT.

Now there is a concept for you.

Berny Dohrmann – Standing up for every life lost for FREEDOM on Memorial Day 2018