A child of a famous father – retired World War II Commander in the US Navy – having every medal  but the Congressional medal of honor – a fact I didn’t even know until I was forty years of age.

A proud brother of multiple Military siblings from Vietnam and forward.

A proud father of a two time Sniper Team US Marine – two tours to Iraq – commendations and retired out as wounded warrior following multiple surgeries from war wounds in two tours in Iraq’s hell days –

A best friend of Khasan Survivor in Vietnam a US Marine who saw 97% casualty for his unit – still holding on to that hill when everyone one on it was already wounded – including him more than once –

Having every adult who has worn a uniform for the nation stand and come up front and be visually thanked than physically thanked by CEO’s from all over the world – saying as we started this Memorial Day Holiday at CEOSPACE in Florida –

….thank YOU for YOUR SERVICE and on ;this Memorial Day 2018 we have no forgotten your sacrifice …..

There as no a dry eye in that room on Friday as our Memorial Day weekend started for those Veterans’ symbolizing all veterans.

The children present for those families now KNOW that this holiday is about Arlington and the Vietnam Memorial Wall and not about hot dogs and mustard. This Holiday is about real freedom and its real cost and the everyday hero’s who walk amongst us.

They of course see only one hero – those who did not come back.

WE however see THEM as our thank you – for our every day gratitudes. Too many to count.

Memorial Day.

A holiday for every Veteran, every first responder every police uniform anyone in service to their nation in any country anywhere – one day – to say thank you – to recall – to display gratitude – real gratitude for rule of law – civilization – the sane versus the insane – and those who risk it all to make insanity have such limited real estate while our own is protected by who – by them.

First and always by that 1% who put on a uniform and serve.

Today we salute YOU not the other way around.


For many in that line up front at CEOSPACE – some prisoners of war – they never were thanked. No there were spit upon. Protested. As youngsters trying to do their best. This weekend was for many the first time – the only time – they ever experienced a citizen they served to protect – with tears look up into their eyes and on their holiday and say the words – I WANT TO THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE MAMME OR SIR – I REMEMBER AND THANK YOU TODAY.

If you saw THAT…..

If you felt THAT….

If you participated in THAT….

This Holiday carries new meaning in your soul….

if you were up front – you will never forget the experience because for you – that was holy an sacred ground that line up front at CEOSPACE.


This weekend is all about only THAT.

Just THAT.

I was forty sitting across my fathers desk asking him about his service as his men had been reporting my Dad to his son as I traveled – and I had no clue. None of his nine children had a clue.

The wise old wizard reached around his desk and moved an embroidered box that resided by his ship clock, there as my first memory from 1953 forward and never ever moved to my knowledge. A music box that played the Navy Theme song.

Over here Over there …….

As I lifted the top of that box – just as clear today as it was back then. Pushing my fingers past the varies medals from the US Navy from World War II. My dad the hero. Why DAD did you never tell me any of the stories?

He moved his glasses down his nose and said with his piercing blue eyes looking over at me…..

Son….the stories that go with each of those medals are none of them about your father. Each story is about a medal a great hero of this nation should be wearing who never came home from the war. Each medal is too painful to revisit as each medal is a frame work for hero’s for lives taken from an insanity you can simply never understand or know really.

And son that box contains some lessons for you.

The First lesson IS you son will never know or appreciate what it IS in reality to possess even one let alone a box of those symbols you just will never truly know.

The second lesson son…is you therefore can never know what it cost to give that box away as I am now giving it to you my oldest son. For your son.

He had my crying there and I was no kid by that time.

I Recall closing the music box and handing it back to my dad staring at me to see if I “got the lesson” when I said – Dad your right – I can’t know and so YOU KEEP THIS TREASURE in its private quiet space and when its right you chose which Grand Child is best to hold the lessons all the lessons for us all.

Then he took that box and was rubbing its engraved surface of jade as he said – Son the final lesson just happened. The lesson of the box of medals I had known would come.

For you see son in all my work to assure your fullest potential the greatness of my own oldest son in life, there is one thing I can never convey to you. It is the stuff of quiet sacred boxes best left unopened.

You see Son the one thing I always wished for you to possess I your father could never not ever convey or give to you. It is the stuff to this box.

Son that quality I can’t give to you for only you can opt to possesss it as so few do – is the quality Son of PURE HONOR – I could never MAKE you a man of HONOR SON. ( And here my famous father had some tears in his eyes as he conveyed the lesson home ).

For my precious B you have become and everyone knows it a MAN OF HONOR.

And son as man of HONOR no one – not nations – not anyone – ever – can take your HONOR FROM YOU.

There is nothing in this box that matters more son to your father who’s life is inside this box than the pride I have in knowing my SON IS A MAN OF TRUE HONOR. That is the only story you need to remember about this box and the day my oldest son opened it for the very first time.

He put the box back carefully by his ship clock.

He stood up and came around his home office desk and hugged his son and petted his head like he was little – and whispered – B I”M SO VERY PROUD OF YOU AS A FATHER SO PROUD.

Now that was Commander Dohrmann retired from the United States Navy a long time ago on that Memorial Day when I learned a lesson or do about a Holiday.

Berny Dohrmann – in Honor to our Vets world wide and to my son Ryan Dohrmann USMC Corporal Retired – I am so very proud of you Ryan – so proud just like THAT…..