Happy Memorial Day to all our troops and all families with a lost loved one …from a proud father of an Iraq US Marine two tours with Purple Heart.

Happy Memorial Day son.

Today we remember ISIS is not defeated nor is  ISIS gone. ISIS has moved into the cave system of Afghanistan. We call that nation TERROR CITY.

Terror City has developed 9/11 and most global terror events since. The terror city is funded by the war between Saudi and Iran. The proxy war is in TERROR CITY.

ISIS has strategically moved its new head quarters and munitions and complex planning centers into TERROR CITY. Today the ISIS band of crazy brains, is funded by mining. That is right and you heard me. Mining.

Their troops sweep in and take over say TALC mines in Terror City. Yes you heard me right. The stuff you make baby powder out of. Every time you pamper a babies bottom you are paying for terror action in Paris Spain or Rome.

Raw materials, owned and run by ISIS is a funding agency for ISIS today They roar in. Take over defended mines. They Harden those under ground tunnels to defend that area inside multiple mines a necklace of terror very hard to dislodge.

By day they mine and sell mining raw products to fund weapons training and recruitment. By night they tech up and create infrastructure for moving billions in smuggled items from drugs to contraband into global markets including their raw products from the mines.

No one can wipe this out.

Not Rome 2000 year ago.

Not The Iranian Empire or rule of 1000 years.

Not the EU in World War I and World War II.

Not America in 2018.

The beat goes on. Terror is crazy brains alive and well. Although less crazy brains are joining up – as a million Crazy brains have died but crazy ISIS brains are out there in 7 billion brain space – and they gravitate or their own kind – crazy. Life IS short has new meaning for ISIS community as their average age is 36 months. Only crazy brains would opt in for that crazy longevity plan.

So on Memorial Day our amazing troops are hunting ISIS miners and closing down their mines – bombing them into the next century. 36 Months to live. Live proud live well because you are all of you walking crazy brains. The delete button is the sane who are coming for you.

The network of mines in TERROR CITY is possible because in TERROR CITY you pay and pay and everyone will let you stay and stay. The most corrupt nation on earth is TERROR CITY. So why do we invest billions into Terror City?

We make bad choices on who to back and support historically.

Does Afghanistan share our values and our ideals?

No they do not?

Does Afghanistan meet us 50% of the way to secure their own nation now over half slipped back into TERROR CRAZY BRAIN control following a decade of American investments ( one trillion dollars and rising ) and untold death on all sides. No they do not.

What does America have to show for its investment in blood and treasure? Oh the Afghanistan people respect the crazy brains and absolutely hate the idea of America in all its form. We are to them the GREAT SATAN the snake the serpent.

So why again did we invest one trillion of tax payer money in a way that has no ending?

Bin Laden must be laughing his sea buried ass off screaming SUCK AHS as his bones are beyond recovery on this journey.

Learning history. Culture. Outcome measurement. Assuring profit to investment is all worthy revisits. Iraq wants us out. Lets get out of Syria Iraq and Afghanistan. Why?

In the past three years we American’s have seen”

  • Cost and death
  • Loss of ground by 50% of the nation
  • Crazy brain victory over hearts and minds
  • No future remaining

Against this we what?

Invest more?

They just steal the money.

Die more. They don’t care.

For what return?

No return just legal theft.

Why are we doing it?


In 2018?


The North Korean talks are important.

The signal America is NEVER AN INVADER never stays – is the answer.

Take all our troops out of South Korea – 30,000 of them and their cost and return them to the USA – welcome home. Its not 1954 any more.

Take troops out of the Gulf – Iraq – Syria – Afghanistan – all Gulf Nations not any military left but the navy which is all we need in 2018 2019.

Then meet Iran and say – HEY WE ARE GONE – lets make a real deal for a lasting peace and stop going forward in fire walled prosperity to your peeps.

Syria – meet them and make a deal as you have to live with they won we lost – backed the wrong folks – again.

We don’t admit to any errors.

Because we are AMERICA.

But the world judges us by our acts not our rhetoric the world is tuned out of and no longer hears at all. SPINNEWS is not news and we all know it.

I picked a channel today and hear trump bashed to boned mirror. I changed the channel and saw Trump praised to the throne room. I changed the channel and it was in the middle some where. All spin. No news. Not really any more. I have to listen with new ears and always follow the money.

It is challenging to be or to remain informed in the age of SPINNEWS. Brain washing is digital and is a social storm of spin news, fake news, and saturation of spin news on desired points. Brains adapt the repetition as reality having lost their free thinking free standing capacity as free citizens to think for themselves.

Blog readers have stepped out o the convention and secure higher level perspective and data to make their own decisions about WHAT IS REALLY GONIG ON OUT THERE.

So today 100’s of millions in raw materials China and Asia are buying in never ending demand for RAW MATERIALS are coming from ISIS mines over the past three years until today a network of mines is supporting the ISIS NATION inside TERROR CITY as a state that we pay for that fosters and supports the worst terror on earth.


Why? Why policy of course. The POLICY OF THE United States OF AMERICA – you tell me what is that policy. What is the policy of the United States of America?

What is the cost and fiscal policy? Is it a blank check for the crazy brains we are sending the wealth of nation into legal theft upon? Is it unlimited budget for unlimited times with no goal or mission for a return on the trillion dollars already spent with the outflow at peak and not cutting back in any way in 2018 and 2019?

What is the cost in injured and dead and mental damage and to untold uncountable lives shattered by the policy of what? Do we send endless never ending support, people, military and surrounding military endlessly to the TERROR CITY with no gain, goal or outcome we just send them? For what? Why?

To support crazy brains against crazy brains. Crazy brains who hate us and use us but who fail to share our values and our culture and our process of thought itself. We do this endlessly in wealth transfer and people cost without limit for what policy – why – for what ?

Oh lets look at the score card:

  1. We lost in Iraq – they just elected the most anti American leadership possible in the election. You didn’t get the voice mail on that item this month?
  2. We lost in Afghanistan like the Russian’s lost and now the country is half in hands of CRAZY BRAINS – all our cost gave us nothing but the single most corrupt crazy brain nation upon the earth TERROR CITY planning to harm America. No change after all the cost only its worse now than when we started.
  3. Syria – Russia and Syria won the US and its team lost. If that is not clear while you eat Popcorn on Memorial Day – you fail to do the arithmetic and report the score – Syria 10 and the USA zero. We lost. We are not winners.

Three strikes and your out. Not US. Oh no. We endlessly bend over and allow the legal theft to suck us bone dry. Why?

WHY on Memorial Day? WHY?

What I think is going on OUT THERE is every single family on both sides – all families who have a loss or an injury – you deserve from America a WHY outside of any spin news. WHY/

You deserve – irrespective of our best intentions we failed and we are sorry and apologize to you all.

That is what is required on Memorial Day 2018. It is not going to happen because the greatest generation on earth is everywhere serving their country and doing their very best as they each and everyone inside their deepest heart are asking – WHY/

If honor and gratitude is what America is all about is the WHY of Memorial Day as a Holiday – perhaps we should salute our flag and vote in the Mid Year for those who go up and represent us – who can answer the question WHY to those named here on Memorial Day.



PS: We started Memorial Day at CEOSPACE having all Veterans come up front and then we all thanked them for their service. Today there was not one dry eye in the building – not even one. It was a WHY for me to start my own Holiday at VET SPACE on Friday. Know a VET today why not send this on to them or the URL. We treasure you each and everyone – all nations – on this weekend.