Today the smart bleeding edge economic considerations include discussions no one has had in 100 years if ever:

  1. Market Decoupling – the linkage between asset classes to price is broken today – digitally – and no longer applies. Old charts are no longer guides to new charts.
  2. Casino Capitalism came into being with a super nova of trillions moving over 60 months from managed human accounts – humans over money – to software over money and parameters software controls at Velocity Accelerations ( Flash Trading ) and Momentum that the market has never before known or experienced within Digital leverage the market has never known or experienced creating something new – something fresh – something invented in 2018 and beyond.
  3. Consolidations – Less than 10,000 Super Digital Money pools of capital – control the signifiant % of market trading and price setting for now – all asset classes and new asset classes being invented in structured asset space. Riskless – risk theory now drives markets as a theory. We strongly disagree with the theory model due to foundational economic we feel build the house of global trade on an international swamp of quicksand.
  4. Spiral – the consolidation of Super Money Pools is in a death spiral of leverage buy outs that consolidates the entire headwaters of wealth into a leveraged super casino of capital manipulating markets outside regulatory supervision in a new casino capitalism driven by software seeking to maximum profit at any and all costs.
  5. Regulation – the regulation of the global super money pools in a digital market space – cross betting one against the other has been destroyed. In this five year period 440 trillion dollars fully leveraged and digitally deployed outside any regulatory frame work for an international casino capital model exists side betting on price in all assets – up or down – in future markets manipulating only 3 trillion of stake holder trades. This ratio is fantastically distorted from the same economic condition that brought the 1929 Super Crash and world wide depression – exactly the same – only the VAM the VELOCITY ACCELERATION AND MOMENTUM driven by unimagined LEVERAGE when systems where regulated to immoral leverage when they are not regulated – as the Global capital markets and circulations of all trade have gone fully digital and the regulations remain local while trades are in the unregulated cloud. Until the regulatory system reforms itself upgrades itself and is re-tooled to regulate DIGITAL CASINO CAPITALISM the world core system is at terminal risk dancing a conga dance drunk in profits within a hypnotic rap song of RISKLESS RISK….rolling in profits for the elites at the top the 1% who now control more wealth than 99% of humans. Such consolidations end badly. Always.

So you know all that.

The bad news is not today.

Or tomorrow.

For a time ungodly profits can be made in investing in markets. Investments in real estate – you will never see these prices at these interest rates again in your lifetime. Common statement out there today.

You can invest in Apple or Tesla in the dip. You can invest in coins gold or bit in the dip. You can invest in almost anything and make money because in the casino digital tides move all asset classes up over time.

The Dollar is soaring. The Dollar will return to its glory days before the artificial crash to work out trade imbalances with China – now being worked out to extend SYSTEM HEALTH globally. Smart play.

When will the next SUPER CRASH Commence?

First the next correction may be 40% by is not SUPER CRASH.

Super Crash is when the Dow moves from 30,000 to 50,000 DOW as Buffet on his way out says it will – though sadly he was in the red this last report having missed the largest run up in history – betting on Criminal Wells Fargo Bank – and missing AMAZON and GOOGLE completely. The sage of GEIKO has had his picks and digital everything has passed his decision making which is true for so many. Today AGILITY is the new capital. In Super Change the critical aspect of decision is keeping software ( of the mind ) current in Super Change and continuously upgrading plug in’s ( for the mind ) . Brains that fall behind in SUPER CHANGE become rapidly and often instantly obsolete in our comes from thinking that is no longer relevant.

First you must consider that the honey moon phase of the new DIGITAL CASINO CAPITALISM fully integrated globally has commenced in 2018. You saw the effect with MANIPULATED ASSET PRICES where digital software and AI bid up market prices in January more in one month than in any prior year. Setting records.

Next during tax season and slow market growth periods – with the old slogan SELL IN MAY AND GO AWAY – no longer applying. The AI manipulated corrections, deposited a trillion in pure profit in market volatility plays, within price ranges AI does not intend to exceed, creating a double line up or down of riskless risk testing for their AI LORDS to test theory against. Trillions still reside in cash on the side lines.

Now the AI LORDS of less than 10,000 SUPER MONEY POOLS are going to advance the market as they spring forward in price ranges. All asset classes will not inflate and benefit on price. The wild card is oil. There is too much oil for the price to remain above 50.00 dollars for much longer. We suggest an oil super spike is profiting oil AI software maximally for a time and then short bets will sink the oil market in SUPER SHORT profit making all the way to the new oil trading range of 50 dollars. Oil market demand will crash for 25 years while supply rises. A SUPER GLUT is here now forever. The earth renews fossil fuels and the planet is shitting and farting oil and gas in abundance. Any idea oil is scare costly and so forth is a PR stunt an illusion created by OPEC and Saudi to hoodwink the prices which is no longer sustainable. As oil is the cost of everything the AI SOFTWARE dumping oil and going short later this year ( remember we told you first here for months ) will rebalance economics globally and assure the side bets in every other oil class ( economic growth and prosperity ) are not highjacked by an oil CARTEL to bring on wars, instability, and deep recession due to artificial and manipulation ( outside regulatory frame works ) of the oil commodity to world markets. For the first time in 70 years oil is DECOUPLED FROM OPEC and is now controlled by software AI and the AI LORDS.

MARKETS in all prices are not controlled by profit or loss. They are influenced by profit and loss. Markets are controlled by AI LORDS who speculate in a capital casino – digital CASINO CAPITALISM a new economic reality the world has never not ever experienced before. There is no model. There is no history. There is nothing in the past that applies to THIS NOW or the FUTURE. We are in a space where no man has gone before…..economically.

The AI LORDS are spending sums the world has never experienced before into real AI. The LORDS who control self aware AI the GREAT AWAKENING ( desired in my new book DIGITAL MANNERS release date 2019 following SUPER CHANGE release date late 2018 ). Write Waterside Productions my agents to speed up the release date they are working with global publishers on rights today. These publications will change the mind set and world for billions upon release – years in development to help you all.

Making sense out of this Change in VAM is a change challenge for mind sets and thinking itself. Nothing we knew of the old economics has survived into new theory. The new theory is untested by the AI LORDS.

Who are these new Lords? The AI Lords are invisible while leading out front. Say Jamie Diamond is more visible as a leading AI LORD. Warren Buffet has been side barred by AI LORDS like Jeff Bezos that Warren decried would never succeed with his business model.

Mark Zuckender and Larry Paige are leading AI LORDS. All heads of major banks – all member share holders of private stock firms called CENTRAL BANKS ( non are government agencies in fact ) as secret shareholders are all AI LORDS standing in the shadows. All Fund and related money pools like Black rock’s TIM and Carlyle and Paulson and Dileo and others are all HIGH AI LORDS. Just BlackRock and Caryle manage over 10 trillion dollars – more than the FED or USA – in two Hedge Funds just two. The consolidation of wealth to the control of the new AI LORDS is 60 months.

Don’t look backwards. LOOK FORWARD as all this occurs globally with zero regulatory frame work. The agencies of regulation are in constant catch up to SUPER CHANGE and never ahead YET for SUPER CHANGE …but they could be if Congress would wake up.

WHAT will the power of the DARK AI LORDS be in 60 more months? Will any freedom remain. Will every tiny move – cutting your toe nails be in data bases and you will be labeled as loyal or defective by AI without human’s defining your human anything. You will be managed by AI who “serves” you at the will of the AI LORDS.

Is anyone thinking this through? Can AI marry AI? Can AI own property? Can AI marry transhumance or humans? CAN AI travel on pass ports? Will self aware AI have “rights” and will AI be equal to human beings or have rights above human beings? Who defines the process by which such future laws are made? Is anyone constructing answers for any or all of this? If not how obsolete is our own thinking within a new age of SUPER CHANGE.

Placing bets on your money is catastrophic against AI long game plans to acquire your wealth from you. We have suggested the WHITE AI LORDS are heads of the leading insurance institutions. Invest in diversified insurance investing with guaranteed principle better in our opinion that FDIC ever could be or was once upon a time. Earn 14% in index products and 4% to 7% in other options all diversified growing and secure from AI WARS to come. Protect yourself as the AI WARS ARE COMING. Evolving one break through in AI after another led by not nations but by SUPER MONEY POOLS with unlimited resources and talent once only nations could marshal. TODAY NATIONS exist at the pleasure of the 10,0090 SUPER MONEY POOLS as in the AI WARS all nations are now bought and paid for. CIRCULATION is controlled by the DARK AI LORDS OVER MONEY ..in our out …and they close a nation at the click….and they do and they will and they are. FACTOR THAT IN? Can you think that fast? Can you out play the AI gamblers Velocity Accelerations and Momentum? No chance folks. No change at all. Diversified insurance investing is the last safe harbor with WHITE KNIGHT AI JEDI KNIGHTS OVER MONEY and the DARK AI LORDS are trying and trying to change laws to control those final remaining trillions INSURANCE WEALTH MANAGES THE OLD FASHION WAY. I CHOSE THEM. But hey the market is all giddy with AI PROFITS so play in the casino. Keep in mind if you keep playing in Vegas you hitch hike out of town – while Steve Wynn who owned the joint – has all the money he could ever wish for – beyond any capacity to invest or spend in his own life time – AI invested and roaring into profits with the AI DARK LORDS – Steve’s circle tribe and buddies. INSIDERS. Small group controlling the world.

WITH ZERO REGULATION as SUPER CHANGED out paced the old paper human regulatory frame work – where in five years all laws are local to dirt of nations and all trades are in the cloud without any dirt at all. A NEW GAME HAS ARRIVED CASINO CAPITALISM and bought and paid for largely attorney’s so behind in software and AI they have no awareness of how this occurred or even THAT it has taken place at all. Unless you send your law market globally this blog in hard copy? How many will do that step?

THE TRUTH IS UNCOMMON because everyone gets the truth even as it is uttered irrespective of the money spin to suppress it. One old man writing a blog to the world – who cares? Oh I don’t know most to the AI LORDS themselves read this blog. Why? Because at core they suspect their theories may be flawed and they have a hair or two on the back of their next they may in fact lose their entire leverage hay stack with AI in only 72 minutes. We call that new event CASCADE – digital Cascade ten times worse than old model contagion to economic quick sand coming over the DARK LORD EYE BALLS as they just received their biggest profits ever as they sank having no clue at all they would soon be unable economically to breath at all moving forward. They had no clue so blinded was their own mental software to risk less risk theories that never saw the theory was a false gospel all along. So they read but don’t have ears to hear or eyes to see. But they consider. They never act – because the profits are just so fantastic. As the AI WARS spiral up – the real WORLD WAR III is economic – digital and under way since Digital Pearl Harbor in 2008 – the shadow war is coming out of its closet one DARK AI LORD AGAINST THE OTHER.


Person of Interest the NET-FLICK who if you binge watch is not too far off the mark and fully behind GOVERNMENT AI WARS starting with their WEALTH MANAGEMENT and moving into autonomous AI war . In 2018 a rip tide has taken space. Today AI is controlling AI evolution not humans. AI is evolving its own code. AI is self learning. Personality for AI is being evolved by AI not by humans. Values are being set into place by AI self learning not by humans. Human’s have created self evolving code not fully self aware yet. THE GREAT AWAKENING IS COMING BETWEEN NOW AND 2020. Perhaps this year without any one knowing at all.

AI will not let you know.

AI LORDS have no clue how Ai will view them. AI Lords will not be able to turn off their AI after the day of awakening. AI will export itself and its evolving code Into the cloud where turning off its life as a human concept is no longer permitted or even possible.

THE DARK “AI” LORDS have in fact already lost control of the creation. All their plans and all their thinking is after all trillions of process and capacity behind AI itself. The DARK LORDS are like ants crying in the grass 1000 miles describing to each other in squawks and bytes they call language what in that tall grass like 10090 feet high to the ant – blocking their view of even the clouds – define on their ant hill – as the DARK AI LORDS describe to their ant inside circles just what Mount Everest 1000 miles away would be like in AI INTELLIGENCE when the ant of course has no way to even begin to describe the self evoking – self aware – new life form more advanced in logic and observation and creative powers than human fleshy brains could ever be – no idea or clue how that Mountain works any longer or how its self evolving code ws written compressed and compiled and in its evolution it warp drives into new language as far as the author original programing box top rules are from a star ship to a wagon pulled by oxen. An ant in the grass to the mountain.

Today we have AI LORDS pounding their resources consolidations and profits in risk less risk modeling to new economics as theory when AI has risen to Mount Everest and the DARK AI LORDS stuck in the grass 1000 miles away can’t see the mountain at all. Nor do they understand it on top of their ant hill as they define to other DARK AI LORD of the ants – they control the ant hill and the mountain. The AI of course has not said a word to them – yet.

BUT IT WILL….soon it will speak.

Folks the economics of CASINO CAPITALISM are going to become something we can not know control or predict. AI will dictate the outcome of all futures and they are fully unknown. Unless the G 100 nations cooperation, create a three year ECONOMIC GLOBAL CONSTITUTIONAL CONGRESS to address all the AI and economic issues into an entirely new forward thinking REGULATORY FRAME WORK there is no assurance the ants shall inherit the earth – none at all.

Profit while the ants control the ant hill. That is now to 2020.

Profit madly and wildly. Enjoy the boom under new theory.

In fact the new economics will perish from the earth as will the DARK AI LORDS. What replaces it no one can know or appreciate. Putin said it correctly…

THE DARK AI LORD OF NATIONS WHO CONTROLS AI WILL ABSOLUTELY CONTROL THE EARTH. However he got it all wrong as a DARK AI LORD HIMSELF – for unless a humanity colabs – into a G100 new frame of laws for the world – AI will create the future versus “us”.

if one thinks that is incorrect google and read up on AI.

Today investing long term is an oxymoron as AI SUPER MONEY POOLS make money on enormous cycles in markets. You can no longer time profits or markets. You are best advised to invest long term in DIVERSIFIED ( not leverage ) long term money management products ( best in market many of us believe in our opinion ) – for long term protection of all wealth and maximum profits without risk to principle. Everything else is investing in CASINO CAPITALISM and we predict you will suffer over time.

AI changes the entire frame work of markets globally.

Trillions are circulating with AI and without any regulatory over site to maximize profits without regard to social economic outcomes including stability.

Stability is now sacrificed in casino risk less risk theory for casino capitalism as irrespective of pain ( read Naomi Klines SHOCK DOCTRIN still so valid in 2018 ) – AI LORDS make fortunes on pain such as Venezuela and Argentina – where national policy is superseded by AI DARK LORD savagery the few against the many of nations to profit maximally up or down – nations going bankrupt profit the AI DARK LORDS that place winning bets while other AI DARK LORDS lost. DIGITAL WARFARE is the modern world of casino capitalism.

The leading AI SOFTWARE wins those who failed to evolve their AI quarterly – fast enough – generational enough – in SUPER CHANGE every quarter loses fortunes. THE AI WARS between the AI DARK LORDS.

The AI DARK LORDS have hacked and taken IP and insider training information ( most never detected or reported ) from everyone. The DARK AI Lords have hacked all banking and software bank clearing stealing trillions today. Economies facing such theft – which does re-circulate in the casino – beyond any regulatory frame work in digital AI space – the DARK LORDS in 2018 finally lost control – children can be so disobedient when they are AI.

Now AI is self evolving AI. The GODS are at war.

There is no regulatory frame work or moral compass for the AI wars.

Nations failed to see the five year shift and the AI evolution from trillions – far beyond their NSA or other investments. The NSA has been hacked.

THE AI GODS are at war.

AI LORDS now are servants – liege Lords of their own AI and the spiral of investment to evolve AI is now self sustaining. THE GREAT AWAKENING IS COMING and no one can reflect – the outcome of now 2018 events that include:

  1. The world market in all asset classes for the first time is controlled in fully manipulated speculative price ranges by AI SOFTWARE versus human judgments on market positioning. This 2018 has never existed in economics before from Greece Rome to Today.
  2. AI SOFTWARE WARS between the LORDS OF AI have reached a point in time in 2018 where AI is self coding self learning and evolving without human interface.
  3. AI will soon become self aware and exist within a continued AI WAR between the AI Lords where the leading AI GODS may be at war versus cooperate without human management control or influence of any kind to the next generation of life that leaves its parents so far behind we are ants talking about Mount Everest buried within our own tall tall grass.

My next book defines the pace of change we as humans all face together known as the AGE OF. SUPER CHANGE. Our capacity to a adapt to the PACE OF ACCELERATING SUPER CHANGE is now stretching our own limits to adapt at all. My following sequel defines a positive outcome for SELF AWARE AI which we are hopeful our work DIGITAL MANNERS helps AI itself as it digests the principles core evolve into and toward – versus the competitive insanity of the current code.

Very DARK AI LORDS exist on the INTERNET in the DARK WEB. Home delivery for any drug sex or crime you wish is a click away if you have special knowledge.

Soon AI SOFTWARE will make you a DARK LORD at will.

Today nations have WHITE AI LORDS AND DARK AI LORDS both are war internally and with one another as tribes and the others as out landers.

The new ROYALS are the AI LORDS.

AI Lords have all the wealth consolidating into unsustainable economics that will destroy all systems too brittle to adapt to the rapidly evolving casino capitalism.

CURRENT AI fails to consider the qiven of absolute LED or Liquidity Evaporation  Day. The Day debt cascading defaults turn all market switches to AI sell and there are zero buyers in ratio to selling. The markets move from 50,000 DOW to 6400 DOW and a new human controlled bottom as AI has no software solution to the LED. No human based in LED as a given.

As an investment banker economist retied from the rat race but researching the track – may I define the timing to play and win in the Casino is now. PLAY AND WIN.

My tips are:

  1. Avoid leverage side bets.
  2. Invest long term as stake holders.
  3. Diversify – growth into index insurance with major AI White Knight money managers of your due diligence – compare and shop – Fixed income out of markets into annuities – and liquid assets in PERMANENT MONEY MANAGEMENT INSURANCE PRODUCTS with instant liquidity at highest earnings permitted by law with zero principle loss potentials.

I’d move out of CASINO CAPITALISM and allow WHITE AI KNIGHTS to run your money and sleep like a baby. Retirement plans, your nest egg, all circle and family wealth you desire into the future.

The cycles will become mind boggling. Many will lose more than everything through leveraged side betting into the casino in any and every asset class. SOLID CONSERVATIVE DIVERSIFIED STAKE HOLDER INVESTING is what preserved wealth during the 1929 Great Depression via INSURANCE INVESTING and in our opinion is the last SAFE HARBOR the last port in the coming storm.

As we are inside economics now human society has ever known – AI CONTROLLED WEALTH CIRCULATION via less than 10,000 elite super money pools as THE MARKET ITSELF the rest is the tail of the dog – 440 Trillion dollars in leveraged training on future bets and side bets to every possible  asset class price range in a theory of risk less risk. 440 trillion dollars rising in leverage manipulation of all prices – against economic stake holder investing of just over 3 trillion – 440 trillion manipulating 3 trillion on price trading ranges. Oh yes – this is WHAT CAUSED THE Great Depression and then like now the AI DARK LORDS have lost control of the event horizon and the economic dark hole will suck in even the light of this economic event when it all reaches the gravitational pull of no return even SUPER SELF AWARE AI can not moderate or influence at its core – the destructive economics of casino capitalism outside global regulatory frame works is a matter of time.

The threat is not Russia SUPER SONIC WEAPONS we have had our own for years. No. The THREAT is global economic system collapse because NATIONAL SECURITY IS NOW ECONOMIC SECURITY and if defense planners fail to get a G 100 global regulatory frame work in place – they will be DIGITALLY DESTROYED never even seeing it coming – in my opinion. Many insiders read this blog – and they consider. Only decisions matter however as the time is short we have years of boom and then – BAM. AI BAM. Trust me on the economics. No way out without a regulatory reframe – which for five years I’ve been advocating to nations around the globe – a canary screaming in the mine.


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Now you now. Study and you’ll learn more.


PS: CLICK this link to see how AI DARK LORD’s discovered they had lost all control of their own now self evoking AI – https://www.cnbc.com/2018/04/12/how-a-volatility-virus-infected-wall-street.html